62 - Be a mountain god for you again
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62 - Be a mountain god for you again

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In terms of monastic knowledge, Xiao Yao and Baiju were completely incomparable, so Xiao Yao didn't question the ideas proposed by Baiju.

Most of the time, the possibility itself was a huge temptation.
The current world of cultivators and demons was no better off than before. Due to the decline of animism, the life span of cultivators was also shortening, and their horizons were getting narrower. Few people could understand the vastness of Taoism, and as a result, most practitioners were attracted by the idea of a longer life and more wealth. But the goal was unknown, and gradually they were getting farther and farther from the Dao.

The reason why vampires tried to emigrate was the opposite of that of demons from the mainland. It was through the current information channels that they learned that there were more possibilities to find a way out for themselves. As the opportunities were growing fewer the remaining demands were much younger and to a certain extent, the Demon world was also really going downhill.

"Bai'ge, if you really can solve this matter, the Chinese Practitioners Association may have to accept your kindness." Xiao Yao sighed lightly, "Animism has fallen, and the most severely damaged is the Warlock Association. Without the dragon lines shining, it's extremely difficult for us to cultivate and advance, and there is too little room for improvement. The mainland needs cultivators, and the demand for serious talents has long been in short supply.

"If you can really bind vampires and practitioners to practice and improve together, then those bound warlocks can basically make up our numbers, and there will be more room for improvement, and the stability of the Association could increase exponentially. You would become a great hero of the Practitioners Association.” Xiao Yao almost habitually began to analyse the situation, “The Demon Administration is always inclined to support you. The Special Service appears to be more serious, but they respect you the most...After all, they are all talented and geeks in their elements, so their acceptance of you, a Demon King, is still very high.

"In other words, Bai'ge, the biggest obstacle to your tripartite meeting is the Practitioners Association.

"The Practitioners Association usually prefers to maintain stability, suppress demons, and eliminate evil in the country and even around the world. It is also a face of China, and is a special military weapon in a sense. How strong the Association is is how much organised non-natural force China can use. Therefore, the Association must ensure the collective stability of the entire organisation. Even if their respective opinions may differ, the entire association’s attitude towards the outside world will be quite unified and stubborn...that is to say, if the Practitioners Association does not make a statement, you will never pass the assessment; on the contrary, as long as they let go, you can get more than 80% of the votes and get the approval of the three parties."

As Xiao Yao spoke, he gradually straightened out the relationship between everything. For a moment, his eyes brightened, and he turned his head a little excitedly and said, "Bai’ge, this is a lot!"

Baiju watched his little boyfriend’s eyes, and his own eyes went soft under the slightly drooping eyelashes, "Yao Yao, you’re too kind to me."

Xiao Yao was taken aback and didn't think there was anything special about his calculations, then, Baiju gently pinched his earlobe, and his low and soft voice came along with the light floral fragrance, "Really special okay...you’re always thinking about me."

The happiness in Baiju's heart almost overflowed.
When he met Xiao Yao, he seemed to have received a gift from heaven. During the process of getting along with Xiao Yao, he discovered that this gift box could never be fully opened. Every time he opened one layer, he would find a new surprise.

The love and care only got deeper and deeper.

"From every part of you, I find that you love me..." Baiju couldn't help but lean over to kiss Xiao Yao's forehead, "I'm so happy."

"It's like I’m dreaming, and I don't want to wake up." Baiju encircled Xiao Yao. They had already walked along the path to the deepest part of the garden, beside the rose flower wall and iron fence, there was a gazebo with a climbing rose covered in flowering branches.

Xiao Yao pressed the back of his hand to his cheek, embarrassed and unexpectedly found that the temperature on his face was so high that he could fry eggs.

"You always interrupt when I'm talking about business..." Xiao Yao whispered, then arrogantly reached out and put his arms around Baiju's back, burying his face in front of his chest, and comforted him, "It’s all real, not a dream."
Even before he met the old white dog, he knew that dreams could never be this sweet——so all of this was true.

Baiju rubbed Xiao Yao's head and squeezed Xiao Yao's neck with his palm along the back of his head.
His little boyfriend showed a rare moment of fragility. The action of leaning in his arms made Xiao Yao's shoulder blades slightly protrude, and the slender young man actually appeared thin. His shoulders were not wide, but he seemed to bear a mountain-like burden.

It was a pity that Baiju only had the ability to move mountains and fill the sea, but couldn't unload and remove the burdens from Xiao Yao's shoulders. He could only accompany him and hold him, and slowly spot the stars of the emperor's fate.

After humming a few untuned words through his nose, Baiju hugged Xiao Yao and coaxed him, then slowly said, "Yao Yao, don't worry, I will do it."

Xiao Yao didn't know what Baiju was going to do, but he was really worried, "It's too difficult to manage... Vampires are mostly willing to cooperate and try. Modern vampires are not as haughty as they were before, so they should be able to find a partner to practice together. It’s just that such a partner would naturally have to have a special physique that is in harmony with a vampire’s, and there are very few who have enough power and talent to become a light source..."

The plan was generally feasible, but the people were missing.

Baiju wasn’t worried. After all, this was an era when a new emperor star could be born. At most, the capable people would hide in the crowd, but the number of them could never be small. He said, "Everything will fall into place, I believe the talents we need will appear one after another."

Xiao Yao sighed. He didn’t know where Baiju's confidence came from, so he just nodded.

Seeing that Xiao Yao hadn't questioned him sincerely, Baiju felt uneasy in his heart.
His Yao Yao had to endure a lot of trauma because of his emperor's fate, he should have a lot of questions but with the current state of the Chinese cultivating world, most of them would have never gotten an answer. Now Baiju had appeared in Xiao Yao’s life and he knew what was going on, but because of the potential backlash, he couldn’t take the initiative to explain to Xiao Yao...

Baiju bowed his head apologetically, pressed Xiao Yao's head against his neck, and whispered, "Yao Yao...everything you have experienced, and everything you need to pursue in the future is for a reason."

Xiao Yao blinked, not knowing where Baiju’s heavy guilt and distress suddenly appeared from. But after spending so long with Baiju, he also knew some of his habits, so he understood slightly and guessed, "Bai’ge, do you know something?"

Baiju replied dully, "Mm, I know something, but I can't tell you, at least not now."

Xiao Yao smiled, "Then needless to say. Bai’ge, I believe you, whenever you choose to tell me, then I’ll listen to you."

Baiju paused.
What Xiao Yao didn't say was very special, but it made his eyes hot.

"Yao Yao," Baiju raised his hand and rubbed his nose, grinning, "If you believe in me so much, then I’ll have to be a serious mountain god for you again."

Xiao Yao withdrew from Baiju's arms, a little bit dumbfounded, "Aren't you always a mountain god?"

Baiju curled up his mouth and smiled a little mysteriously, "That's different."
In the end, Baiju didn't give Xiao Yao time to think carefully, he took him out of the garden and followed the map of Haiyin Fort to find the small stables behind the castle.

"What kind of horses do you want to see in the middle of the night." Xiao Yao shook his head, but he didn't have the joy of being able to sweep away Baiju, so he went to the stables as he wanted.

It was largely there for the Western aristocrats’ love of horses. Although the stables in Haiyin Fort wasn’t large, it was very meticulously managed. The modern stables occupied a row of houses on the side of the paddocks, and there were five or six horses kept there. The horses of different colours each had metal plates nailed to the door of each stall, and the name of the horse was engraved on it.

Baiju was still accustomed to an era of riding horses. At this moment, he was very interested in seeing the horse ring, and he took Xiao Yao to have a look.

Haiyin Fort’s stables wasn’t as famous as the building itself, but  the horses were of good quality and were well-known in circles of horse lovers. Therefore, although the main visitors of the stables came during the day, there were also some events during the party. Some people came to spend money on horseback riding or to take pictures and pose with the horses, especially the young people who came dressed as knights.

Baiju wasn’t interested in squeezing in with the other tourists, so he bypassed the two horses that were still working, and walked straight to the gate of the stables.

"Lihuo...look at it. It's a red horse." Xiao Yao looked at the nameplate of the first stall, and then turned to look at the horse behind the gate, immediately interested. He raised his eyebrows, "This style of naming is quite Chinese."

Baiju wasn’t very familiar with the names that ordinary Westerners would give to horses. He only knew that the common names from the past were usually similar to words that described fast things, such as wind and thunder, or they would name a horse after a god horse that was famous at the time.

Xiao Yao just said a word, then looked at the nameplates of the two stalls behind him, and then stopped at the door of the third with a subtle expression.

Baiju was still looking at the red horse. The horse was one of the more delicious ones in his previous diet. Now when he saw a beautiful horse, Baiju couldn’t help but look at it a few more times. When Xiao Yao's eyes were smiling but not smiling and the old white dog was confused for a moment, "Yao Yao, what's the matter?"

Xiao Yao raised his finger to the nameplate in front of him, and said with a smile, "This horse is called Baiju."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju coughed awkwardly, touched his nose, and whispered, "Ah...this name is quite common."

Xiao Yao looked back and forth at Baiju and the white-haired red-maned horse in the stable, his face couldn't suppress its smile, "Bai’ge...hahahaha, what's the matter with your name?"

Xiao Yao smiled so widely that the muscles on his face were a little sore, he raised his hand and rubbed his cheek, remembering something interesting, and couldn't help but say, "Speaking of which, the record left by the old cultivators also specifically marked whether the Demon King Baiju was a dog and not a horse." He was accustomed to it and had ignored this point, but it immediately seemed strange when he remembered it.

Baiju smiled and walked to Xiao Yao's side. He also leaned over to look at the white horse inside. He explained in a slightly embarrassed voice, "Ah, this has to be told from the perspective of my parents...the era when they were born wasn’t the same era as I was from. They didn’t have much cultural awareness and were too embarrassed to call me Baigou when I was born, so they changed the radical from dog and called me Baiju. It was also a wish for my body to be as handsome as a horse."

Baiju was biased towards his parents, so he continued to emphasise, "The name is really good, it's also a name that they racked their brains to come up with... Except that there is a chance of others having the same name and also my species identification is often mistaken. Apart from that, there is really nothing bad about it."

"It's not bad, hahahaha," Xiao Yao couldn't help but stretch out his hand to rub the dog's head, "My Bai’ge is good everywhere."

Baiju and the Baiju in the stall stared at each other with big eyes, and finally he looked away angrily, and took Xiao Yao to look at the other horses.

There was still a horse in the fourth stall, but the horses in the remaining two weren’t inside at that moment, but in the paddock outside. One was snowy white and the other was pure black, which were especially suitable for taking pictures with the tourists.

Baiju looked around at the other end of the racecourse, and said softly, "Yao Yao, can you see Captain Qu on the back of that black horse?"

Xiao Yao looked up when he heard the words and was slightly surprised, "Really, Shao Simiao is also there...Let's go over and see, the horror game event isn’t over yet, why did they come out to take pictures?"

The author has something to say:
Char Siew Bao: You may not believe it, but the horror game was messed up by Captain Qu [Report.jpg]

If you forgot, Baiju's name means White Colt.

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