65 - Oath
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65 - Oath

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Obviously, Qu Lang's botched topic-shifting skills did not succeed in shaking their gazes.

The atmosphere stagnated slightly, Qu Lang condensed the expression on his face, pondered a little, and said frankly, "I can't tell you everything, I can only say that it was to get in touch with a front-line intelligence system and track down some past thing, so I just entered the Special Service."

Hearing his answer, Xiao Yao moved his eyes away slightly, his palms tightened, and he held Baiju's wrist, his expression in a trance.

Baiju glanced at Xiao Yao worriedly, moved up a bit, and asked, "It had something to do with you?"

Xiao Yao nodded very slightly, turned over Baiju's palm, and wrote, "Nine in ten."

Baiju twisted his eyebrows, held Xiao Yao's fingers with his flexed fingers, and squeezed them comfortingly, "Don't worry too much...Qu Lang must have his own ideas. Let's just look out for him, with me here we have enough to protect him."

Xiao Yao moved his butt to Baiju's side, leaned against him a little, and released his own strength to support himself.
The reason why Qu Lang joined the Special Service was part of his missing memory.  He only knew that Qu Lang joined the Special Services to investigate something he had encountered, but he couldn't remember what Qu Lang was investigating.

At the beginning, he dragged his luggage and joined the Special Service’s Preliminary Department without saying a word. The youngest on the team, Qu Lang, was only fifteen or sixteen years old. He was still growing and his height was just beginning to shoot up. He stood among a group of tall and sturdy soldiers like stubborn and big-headed bean sprout.

God knows how much effort this guy had put in to grow from that appearance to where he was now.
However, he didn't remember anything.

Every time Xiao Yao thought of this, he felt flustered.
Not only because of Qu Lang's dedication, but also a faint sense of frustration similar to "his son has grown up to be disobedient".

Naturally, Baiju didn’t know what happened between these two in the past, and even if he did know everything, with the emotional intelligence of the old dog, it would be difficult for him to comprehend all the emotions between them. Therefore, when Xiao Yao approached, Baiju didn't say anything more, just pulled out his hand and pressed Xiao Yao's head to make him more comfortable.

Shao Simiao was still thinking about his future seriously, and barely noticed the movements of the two big guys next to him. On the contrary, Qu Lang looked at Xiao Yao's movements and couldn't help blinking.
Hey, hey, his Xiao’ge is becoming more and more proficient in acting coquettish, and the White King seems to be used to it.

While everyone was alert, Shao Simiao was still thinking hard in a daze, holding his forehead and surrendering, "Can, can you give me more time to think? I can't think of—"

Xiao Yao smiled upon hearing him, "It's okay, I won't force you to make a choice tonight. After all, this is a major decision in your life and will affect your future. It is right to be more cautious."

Shao Simiao scratched his hair in distress.
It might have been because Qu Lang took him for granted. He subconsciously thought joining Qu Lang’s organisation would be his first choice when he first came into contact with the new world. One could even say that if Xiao Yao hadn’t asked him these questions, he would have already joined the dire Special Services in a daze.

Now that all the options were listed in front of him, Shao Simiao recognised the status quo, but at the same time he didn’t know how to make his choice. Unlike everything he had encountered in the past, he had no idea what to choose for this question.

"Qu’ge, I'm sorry..." Shao Simiao hung his head and clasped his fingers helplessly. As if to sort out his own thoughts, his voice was very light, but he started to talk quickly, “I, I only know now, I shouldn't return to how I was before..."

"From the information you gave me before, I can guess that the world of cultivation in China is not very stable. I’ve stepped into this field, so I must pay a price if I want to get out. With his help, I could become an ordinary person who didn't know anything, but if I’m still followed by other insiders...I’m afraid that I would involve my family without knowing it."

"I’ve seen through the veil, I guess, the practitioners can investigate the matter of my awakening on Guihe Island, so erasing my memories will at most make me blind. I need to join you, but I don’t know how to do it, or which one to join."

Shao Simiao couldn't help burying his face in his hands, and his voice was trembling low, "It's really...difficult."
The straight male streamer Char Siew Bao, who had always been like a little sun, had completely lost his pretentious relaxed attitude.

Qu Lang slowly leaned against the pillar of the pavilion.
He was silent for a while, not knowing what to say.

Baiju gathered Xiao Yao's shoulders, looked at Shao Simiao for two seconds, then tilted his head and kissed Xiao Yao's head.
Before his little boyfriend raised his head, Baiju obediently leaned against Xiao Yao's neck according to Xiao Yao's intentions, and nudged him to coax softly, "It's okay, don't worry."

Xiao Yao was startled, a sour feeling in his heart stirred, causing him to bend his eyes.
The old white dog's brain circuit was still quite simple, feeling that he was worried before and wanted to comfort him. Xiao Yao, who did not remember what he had experienced, still found it very useful, although it may have also had something to do with his heavy filter of affection.

Silence spread in the pavilion, and for a while, they could only hear Shao Simiao's trembling breathing.

Attempting to calm down a bit, Shao Simiao sucked in his nose, let go of his hand, and drooped his head and said dully, "Qu’ge, although I’m still not sure whether to join the Special Service, but... but after I return to Beijing, can you still help me explain things to my family?"

Qu Lang was a little distracted. He turned his head to the side and smiled tolerantly. He stretched out his hand and pressed Shao Simiao’s head, “Don’t feel bullied like this; just call me whenever and I’ll help you explain, okay?"

"Thank you." Shao Simiao narrowed his mouth, rubbed his eyes awkwardly, and stood up, "Let's go, the Haiyin Fort party is almost over."

Qu Lang also got up and stretched his waist, "Okay, there are too many people here today, and we can't do anything——go, go and call Jing Xia, let's go back and rest well, and if there is something to be done tomorrow, we will solve it then."

With that, Qu Lang patted Shao Simiao on the back, and joked,"Do you still need your Qu’ge to sleep with you today?"

Shao Simiao, "..."
Shao Simiao blushed suddenly, wishing to drag out his past self that had dragged Captain Qu to stay with him overnight.

"No, no need," Shao Simiao took a deep breath and squeezed his fists to cheer himself up, "Sooner or later, sooner or later, I’ll have to adapt. I, I’m a man, I, I, I can!"

Qu Lang, "..." Don't stammer so much big man.
Turning his head and stepping out of the pavilion, Qu Lang waved his hand behind him to signal the others to follow, "You can probably do better than that, little boy."

"It's getting late. I don't want to leave Captain Qu. I have to stay with you all night."


After leaving the pavilion, Baiju and Xiao Yao were two steps behind. Halfway through, they asked Qu Lang and Shao Simiao to find Jing Xia and the red fox by themselves and they  separated from the team and acted alone.

Baiju had accumulated some small questions while listening to Xiao Yao, so they simply left Haiyin Fort, strolling down the mountain with Xiao Yao, and talking in bits and pieces.

"...that's probably the case. Most of what I forgot were not pleasant memories. Qu Lang kept hiding them from me." Xiao Yao smiled and took Baiju's hand and walked slowly. "He joined the Special Intelligence Bureau to investigate my past. From this point of inference, I think someone tried to harm me... but I don’t know if that person succeeded. Given that I’m alive and well, and I don’t have any injuries, my only guess is either that the other party may have failed at the beginning, or something went wrong and it failed to completely destroy me."

Baiju was ready to listen to Xiao Yao's past, but when he heard this, he couldn't help but clenched his fist.

His Yao Yao was so good, but he was still conspired against by others..the imperial fate was too harsh. He spoke of them as simple experiences, but which of them weren't a risk of death.

"If you have any clues, please remember to tell me, you can use me for anything." Baiju couldn't help but say, "I missed the first 20 years of your life, and I couldn't meet you earlier...…Yao Yao, I even thought, if I had woken up when you first came into this world, you would still have been raised by me, and every bit of your life would have me in it—"
Then he definitely wouldn't have let Xiao Yao suffer too much, and he could have bore all the punishments for violating the emperor's order.

"But...but that way, you wouldn't have grown up the way you are now." Baiju knew those cruel laws, "All suffering is also a treasure; it is the past that you have that has refined your soul. It polished it to look like something I would love."

Baiju kissed Xiao Yao's hair and said quietly, "Yao Yao, will you share your sufferings with me in the future?"
"I won't stop you from going through any suffering, but I hope I can bear it with you in the future."

Xiao Yao tilted his head and met Baiju's serious gaze, his heart softened.
This old dog...obviously he still concealed a lot of his history to prevent him from worrying, but now he was so distressed he was wracking his brain to make up for the past. How could he be so stupid and so warm.

He raised his head and bit on Baiju's slightly whitish lips. Xiao Yao's eyes were soft, and he followed Baiju's thoughts, "I promise, all my sweetness and misery in the future will be shared with you."

Baiju licked the corner of his mouth, and suddenly curled his lips slyly, a hidden golden light flashed across his deep eyes. He smiled and whispered, "Okay, the pact is sealed."

"!" Xiao Yao only felt a warm current flowing from his heart, and then he felt a subtle connection established between himself and Baiju, as if it were a secret contract.

"Bai’ge, you... you made a pact with me?" Xiao Yao touched his heart in surprise, he had never seen such a thing.

Baiju happily stretched out his arms and fished Xiao Yao on his back, "Yep, this is a dog demon technique."

The old white dog wagged his tail and carried his little boyfriend home, "We dog’s disposition is loyalty. Therefore, our talents basically fall under the power of oaths. Everything we promise will be blessed. It’s similar to Daoist bindings. My parents were very accomplished in this area. They taught me to develop this talent.

"Whether it’s me to others or others to me, as long as an oath based on trust is established, I can obtain that binding force.

"Now you can't run away."

The author has something to say:
Old white dog: Surprise!
Hahaha, as I wrote, I found that Captain Qu and Char Siew Bao might really have a play~ [Rub hands.jpg]

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