67 - Touch
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67 - Touch

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Xiao Yao didn't expect that the self-sustaining old white dog would suddenly come on to him.

To be honest, he thought that the old white dog would stay at the level of kissing and touching. He probably didn't even know how two men connected deeply, let alone have practiced it.

His fingers interspersed in Baiju’s hair involuntarily, and his wet chest felt strange. Xiao Yao strongly endured the desire to dodge but he couldn’t accept the fact that he was being played with, "Bai’ge...where did you learn this?"

Baiju gave a sullen laugh, let go of the little thing dangling between his teeth, raised his head and kissed Xiao Yao on the neck, "Should I not know?"

Xiao Yao flewed his tight instep, raised his head and gasped for breath, "Well since, you haven't done it before..."

Baiju rubbed Xiao Yao's hair and let him relax, "Yao Yao, I know of many exercises, including yang suppression and dual cultivation."

"So..." Baiju slowly leaned to Xiao Yao's ear, and kissed him bitterly, "So, of course I know when and how to use them."

Xiao Yao thought this was simply unscientific, "Obviously before this, you’ve never shown such obvious desire..."

"Yao Yao," Baiju arched over him, telling him seriously, "When I want to spend my life with you, what I think of are things like the way you fall asleep every morning, or enjoying watching you cook for me...in short, my first reaction is being with you, not how you will be possessed by me."

"It's not that I don't have desire, but it's just not that important." Baiju's eyes were silent, but the temperature of his body was clearly rising, and the deep desire in his eyes was also rampant, although it couldn’t overcome the tenderness engraved in his bones.

Xiao Yao was locked by Baiju's deep black pupils, and slowly came over.

Seeing that he had calmed down, Baiju leaned over to ask for advice, "Can I kiss you?"

Xiao Yao raised his head and held Baiju's lower lip, and said vaguely, "Do whatever you want."

Although, feeling Baiju’s palms on his waist and hips, Xiao Yao thought of another important question. He quickly reached out and held Baiju’s wrists, avoiding Baiju’s kiss, and confirmed, "I don’t need to hold back today?"

Baiju didn't realise what Xiao Yao was thinking, so he just replied with what he knew, "Well, before you danced today, you had already returned to your original state...you have absorbed it, so you don't need to hold back."

Xiao Yao secretly breathed a sigh of relief, then let go of his hand, allowing Baiju's breath to wrap around him.
...it wasn’t really that he suspected the old white dog,  but if he needed to be physically restrained, he thought that old white dog might really pinch his little Yao Yao to stop shooting when he couldn't stand it.

Baiju, who didn't know what he had missed, touched the top of his little boyfriend's hair, gently moved the person into his arms, and kissed him meticulously inch by inch.

The intimate contact between lovers was indulged in a gentle atmosphere. It was Xiao Yao who was indulgent enough, and the old dog who was gentle enough.

Baiju cherished his little boyfriend very much. After all, he was touching him for the first time and he was worried that he didn't know the strength of his own hands, so he couldn't help asking for advice. Xiao Yao blocked his voice with a kiss, and in this way the old white dog’s concerns were blocked two or three times, and he finally understood, it probably meant he was very comfortable.

His little boyfriend was so cute.
Holding Xiao Yao’s jade red ears, Baiju embraced Xiao Yao, who was beginning to become shy. With his left hand gently moving, his right hand copied the movement beneath him, and he gently pressed against Xiao Yao’s lips, "Hey...don’t bite yourself."

Xiao Yao was hot all over, and a thin layer of sweat came out from under his cold white skin, that was now dyed a light pink.

He bit the finger that Baiju handed to his mouth as if venting his anger. Xiao Yao's uncontrollable whimper in his throat had nowhere to hide, it was thin, stuffy, and trembling, and he felt ashamed from hearing it.

Baiju liked Xiao Yao's moans very much. His slender fingers pried open his little boyfriend’s teeth and gently touched the soft tip of his tongue, just as he forced Xiao Yao's cries out again and again.

The night was beautiful. A long-term struggle would inevitably consume too much physical strength, so when Baiju felt that Xiao Yao's muscles were getting tighter, he did whatever he wanted and ended this attempt.

Holding Xiao Yao with a blank mind, Baiju's nose moved slightly, smelling the scent in the air, and couldn't help taking a deep breath.
...Yao Yao hadn't received his protection yet, and the old dog had to endure.

They should go back and take Xiao Yao to meet his father and mother's bones.
He made up his mind with a dark jab, Baiju's eyes drooped, and he held Xiao Yao's chin with one hand, then lowered his head, turned his face slightly, and opened his mouth to bite the skin on the back of Xiao Yao's neck.

Leave a tooth mark, this is my person.
The primitive instinct in his bones made Baiju feel extremely satisfied with this action.

After pressing slightly harder, Baiju let go, and smoothly pulled all his hair behind his head, got up and hugged Xiao Yao to his arms. Then he got out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

With ivory feet on the ground, Baiju turned around and threw a spell behind him. The messy, stained sheets and quilts instantly became clean and tidy, leaving only a trace of the ambiguous smell in the air. Wandering without land.

Xiao Yao still hadn’t reacted for a while as he was naturally hugged like a princess by the old dog. By the time he’d come round, he had to pull the corner of his mouth and lazily put his arm around the old dog's neck.

He had no face in front of this old dog anyway.

Baiju simply rinsed his little boyfriend, then dried the water on Xiao Yao's body casually, wrapped him in the soft nightgown, and picked him up again.

After all, Xiao Yao was a cultivator with considerable honing and strength. The weakness in his legs had disappeared a long time ago. After re-rinsing, he only felt the comfort of contentment and laziness remaining on his body, making him unconsciously softer than usual.

The old white dog moved the person in his arms back to the bed with ease, touched the soft forehead of the young man with his fingers, and couldn't help but bow his head to kiss it.

Xiao Yao squinted and tugged Baiju's collar, "Don't you want to rest? Where are you going?"

Baiju sat on the side of the bed but didn’t intend to lie down. He just grabbed Xiao Yao's fingers and played with them, "I'm going to find the shark...just to ask some things, maybe he knows some of Haiyin Fort's secrets."

Xiao Yao lay down and nodded, "Fine, how long will you be?"

Baiju said definitively, "I won't be long, half an hour will be enough."

"Then go and come back soon." Xiao Yao kissed him and let go, "I’ll wait for you to come back to sleep."

Baiju raised the corners of his lips, stretched out his hand and gently squeezed Xiao Yao's cheek, "If you’re sleepy, go to sleep first."

Xiao Yao was noncommittal and waved his hand to send Baiju off.

The white old dog gave him a soothing look, then got up and walked to the bedroom balcony. He opened the window, stepped on the window frame slightly and jumped into the night lightly, leaving a little fluff on the window sill behind him, who gently closed the window again.

Xiao Yao let out a sigh, propped himself up and sat against the head of the bed, fetching out his mobile phone and browsing the internet.
It wasn’t that he didn't want to go out, he just understood the concerns of the old dog.

Although they had decided to go to Haiyin Fort tomorrow to ask about what had happened, aside from having their positions in the Special Service and the Demon Management Bureau, they didn’t know any more about Haiyin Fort than any ordinary practitioner. If this level of understanding could shake the Haiyin Fort residents, then they would have long been recruited to work with the Practitioners Association, the Demon Management Bureau, and the Secret Service.

Although they were in a hurry, Xiao Yao and Baiju didn't want to use the blood puppet technique as the only card in Baiju’s hand. Knowing themselves that the enemy wasn’t dead, if Haiyin Fort didn't want to cooperate with the investigation tomorrow, then they would have to find some benefits or handles that could be obtained to be a little sure.

Xiao Yao rubbed the lock screen of his mobile phone with the old white dog standing on the sea in front of the fake dragon gate, his expression slightly warm.
Unexpectedly, he hadn't discussed the matter with the old white dog and the dog had already keenly found a breakthrough point——A’Song, the shark.

The sharks were a kind of gregarious monster. They would establish tribes in a bay with rich resources and a stable climate. Once rooted, the tribe would become long-term residents. The tribe may change hands due to the struggle between the tribes, but it was extremely rare for any tibre to completely disband, which also meant that the historical records handed down by the shark population wouldn’t be destroyed for generations.

The bay near Guihe Island was a good choice for the shark people to establish their tribes. Since little shark people could appear here in this era, it meant that a powerful enough shark tribe had formed here. As for Haiyin Fort, the people who knew the most about it, except for the residents of Haiyin Fort, were probably those who set up their tribes here.

Baiju was a demon king. Although he was with the humans, he was still a trustworthy individual for the shark, A’Song. While the shark A’Song was fond of man-eating by nature, they could accept Jing Xia who possessed a spirit body. However they may not be able to accept other humans, this was why Xiao Yao didn’t go with Baiju.

Trust could only be established based on the respect of both parties. Even if Baiju didn't mention it, he’d planned to discuss it with the old white dog and have him take the trip tomorrow morning.

Xiao Yao was thinking in a daze. After a while, he lifted the phone, looked down and saw his reflection on the screen, and couldn't help but pause slightly.

He...was smiling.
Xiao Yao raised his hand and touched the corners of his mouth, and suddenly realised that during the time he’d spent with the old dog, he smiled more times than he had in the past two decades.


After staying in the house for a long time, Guihe Island had basically gone to sleep, and only a few tourists and some cargo ships were still operating.

A few runes were drawn across Baiju's body, concealing his figure and aura. He was like a ghost, stepping on the roofs, lighting branches and rocks, and gently surpassing the boundary mountains of Guihe Island, before he came to a narrow and unremarkable bay in the east of the island.

"Song, come out." Baiju landed on the sea. In an instant, the high-tide water in the bay became extremely calm and smooth as a mirror, only shaking tremblingly where Baiju stepped.

There was some of Jing Xia’s aura on A’Song, and Jing Xia had been tracked by Baiju since he was in the float parade, so it wasn’t difficult for Baiju to find his resting place.

Soon, a ripple appeared on the sea not far away, and the little shark A’Song swam silently under the water. It wasn’t until Baiju was in front of him that he broke through the water, treading water and keeping his upper body above the surface. Looking up at Baije he said, "This little shark greets the White King."

Baiju stretched out his hand and pressed it down, the surface of the water sank slightly, and the little shark was keenly aware that the air here was now isolated from the surroundings, and his pupils shrank slightly.

"Don't be nervous, it's only a barrier of sound insulation and concealment." Baiju lowered his eyes slightly, under his thick eyelashes, his dark eyes looked down coldly, seemingly compassionate, but also a heartless god. He said don't be nervous, but there was not the slightest warmth that he had in front of Xiao Yao in his eyes.

A’Song just glanced at Baiju for a while, then involuntarily moved his gaze away, bit the bullet and asked, "I wonder why the White King is looking for me?"

Baiju narrowed his uncomfortable eyes a little, and turned his head to look at the rolling sea in the distance, "To ask you some questions. You are a resident in this area. I want to know, in the past, was there a shark tribe here?"

A’Song breathed a sigh of relief, he felt that the scales on his tail were all out of order, "Yes, there was a tribe of shark people here, but the others have moved out in recent years, and now I’m the only one left."

"Do you have a mission?" Baiju raised an eyebrow, "Why not leave here with others."

"This..." A’Song hesitated, he pursed his lips, and tried his best to consider his words, "The tribe didn't leave me a mission, it's because I’m eyeing Haiyin Fort's inheritance."

"Does Jing Xia know?" Baiju frowned.

"He knows." After all, A’Song didn't want to involve Jing Xia. Seeing Baiju asking him now, he relaxed and simply explained, "Among the newest generation of sharks in our tribe, I’m the strongest one, but I alone cannot guarantee that I will differentiate into a male. In order to ensure that the next generation will have a leader, I have to find ways to absorb more strength."

"There are three generations of vampire inheritance in Haiyin Fort. Their power is darkness, which is suitable for us to absorb. Every time their inheritance altar is opened, a part of their power will overflow. We in the shark tribe have secretly built a small formation, drawing part of the overflowing energy from Haiyin Fort, which is the greatest power that I can absorb after decades of searching everywhere."

A’Song was telling the truth, Baiju closed his eyes and could hear his heart speak basically the same as what he said.

"You didn't try to deceive me, you’re very good." Baiju twitched the corner of his mouth, praised the little shark, and then condensed his expression, following this clue, "Then the inheritance of Haiyin Fort, is there anything special about the place and time for the next time that it will open?"

A’Song was stunned when he heard the words, and then shook his head, "There should be nothing special about the time and place, mainly someone needs to activate it...but there are also special requirements. Of these three magic circles, at least one will be opened for the thirteenth time."

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