68 - The thirteenth clue
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68 - The thirteenth clue

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"Thirteenth time?" Baiju thought this number was a bit strange, but couldn't understand, "What's special about it?"

A’Song subconsciously looked at Haiyin Fort in the distance, and his tail under the water swayed involuntarily, "...it will explode."

“In Western culture, the number thirteen represents disaster, betrayal, misfortune, and darkness.” A’Song explained, “So for Western demons that are contrary to Western religion, the thirteenth instance is the most powerful one. A means of possible breakthrough and reversal."

Baiju roughly understood, similar things also existed in China. It was nothing more than a symbol that had been given meaning and divinity, and had become a natural artifact or something.
Following the words of A’Song, Baiju asked, "In other words, the thirteenth inheritance of the vampires may burst out with unprecedented power?"

A’Song nodded, "White King, I think you also know how vampires multiply and inherit. This method will make them weaker and weaker. The thirteenth inheritance is an opportunity for a reversal. It’s possible for the descendants of this inheritance to be able to obtain the same level of power as their masters."

"The vampires who first settled in Haiyin Fort and left their power behind were the fifth generation, now the tenth to twelfth generations live here," A’Song said, "the twelfth generation is the weakest generation of vampires, generally speaking they cannot bear such a powerful inheritance, but vampires within about eight generations are more confident. Therefore, in order to protect this inheritance, Haiyin Fort has a high probability of inviting a new demon king to settle in, accept the inheritance and lead the battle to shelter them."

That was it. Baiju suddenly relaxed in his heart, he’d finally found the key to this matter.

If the inheritance of Haiyin Fort had been kept there for many years, it would have always been a temptation, but previously onlookers would probably have been discouraged by the power of the members of Haiyin Fort. Now, this fruit was ripe for the picking, and the benefits overwhelmed the risks, and those who wanted it would naturally start to act.

He just didn't know if the person who opened the thirteenth inheritance would be the one they were looking for.

Baiju narrowed his eyes slightly, condensed his thoughts, and then confirmed, "Are you sure, they will be willing to accept a foreign demon king?"

A’Song smiled bitterly and nodded, "I'm sure... our race has seen this kind of thing in the past. The seventh time the inheritance was opened, there was a small outburst. At that time, the predecessors of the scorpion tribe tried to steal from them. Two were killed by an outside vampire and four were seriously injured. That vampire was the eighth-generation vampire who had left 20 years ago and had just returned to China to study medicine; before that, he had been here for more than two hundred years."

Baiju was secretly speechless. The world was so big and he didn't understand the relationships between vampires, but he himself would not be willing to endure a strange demon king occupying his treasure and robbing his territory.

After the interrogation, Baiju didn't embarrass the little shark anymore, just lowered his head and said softly, "I can help you differentiate into a male."

A’Song, "!"
A’Song couldn't help but swish their tail, and eagerly stuck out their entire upper body, "White King, really?!"

Baiju nodded and said, “The Demon Management Bureau is short of people presently."

A’Song knew that Baiju was negotiating terms. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to join the Demon Administration Bureau, they opened their mouth and wanted to agree, but Baiju reached out and stopped them.

"You’re still a short while away from differentiation," Baiju said, "Don't rush to make a decision now.
"You should also discuss it with Jing Xia, but the crux of the problem lies with you. Sharks hunt humans by nature, and male sharks are more fierce. They have always had the habit of hunting humans to show their strength."

The tip of Baiju's lips shimmered under the cold moonlight, and his words were so straightforward, "Your power is valuable, but you are not worthy of our trust."

A’Song's mouth fell open, and after all the excitement had rushed to his head, he seemed to have been slammed into a basin of cold water.

Baiju was right.
It was in their nature. To tell the truth, although They wouldn’t hunt and kill humans now, they were still hungry for human flesh and blood. Occasionally when there was a shipwreck, they would sneak out to swim a few laps around the humans in the sea, not daring to open their mouth, for fear that they couldn't help but bite the humans.

They didn't know what they would do to humans after differentiating into a male——but always believed that after so many years enduring it, after the differentiation they shouldn’t be controlled by appetite.

"Hiding the most important thing about the most important person...there is still a chance." Baiju's voice was a little low, and was blown away by the sea breeze, seemingly into nothing but sinking into A’Song's heart, "Jing Xia is a good kid, but as a cultivator that you can rely on, he is not the only one."

"...thank you for the warning, White King." The shark slowly lowered their head and looked at the surface of the water. Their thoughts were a little confused, "I...I will consider this matter carefully. Jing Xia is the human that I raised, and I don’t want..." I don't want to pierce Jing Xia's body with sharp teeth at the most violent moment after the split.

"I can see that you are not bad-hearted, but you lack experience." Baiju slowed down, "I’ve seen many people and many things. Before becoming an addict, one will think they will not be controlled by a drug."

"Differentiation is risky, whether it's to you or to Jing Xia." Baiju raised his head, looking at the direction Xiao Yao was in, his expression softened slightly, "What choice you make, I have no right to decide for you, but Jing Xia has the right to know."

"I see." A’Song nodded, biting their lip, "I...I will find a way to tell him."

"Yeah." Baiju waved his hand and removed the surrounding restrictions, "Take a rest, just think about what you should think about."


The tide rose and fell on the sea, and the shark A’Song drifted quietly in the remote bay for a long time, then raised their hand, and looked at their weak fingers.

I have to be more powerful...
Taking a deep breath, looking at the dark sea rolling in the night, their slightly immature face slowly tightened, and a pair of clear eyes were filled with pride and stubborn flames.


Baiju returned to the house through the window, turned to close the window and drew the curtains, then he withdrew the spell, and the set of clothing that was temporarily on his body changed back to the light blue pajamas printed with Samoyeds and dog paw prints.

When Xiao Yao heard the movement, he put down his phone and looked over. He saw Baiju standing on the balcony, his clothes and trousers hanging softly, and the whole old dog looked terribly well-behaved.

"Bai’ge," Xiao Yao patted his side, "sleep?"

Baiju used magic to drive away the coolness from his body, then seeing Xiao Yao’s gesture, he couldn't help but bend his eyes, "Yeah, coming."

Moving around to Xiao Yao's side neatly, Baiju pushed his little boyfriend inward and lay on the outside, then he stretched his arm and turned off the bedside lamp.

The indoor light was dim, and Xiao Yao couldn't see for a while. He was held by Baiju and following his spine, he blinked and slowly recognised Baiju's outline.

They were both under the same blanket, their heads close together, and their voices became smaller tacitly, almost like the sound of breathing.
Xiao Yao's voice wasn’t very rough to begin with, but now it was a little soft when it was lowered, "How was your talk with the little shark?"

Baiju was tickled by Xiao Yao's voice, he couldn't help but shake his body and move closer, "Ah... it was okay, I found out some key information."

"There are three vampire inheritances in Haiyin Fort, and at least one of them is about to be opened for the thirteenth time." Baiju briefly explained the situation. He felt that Xiao Yao must know more about Western demons than him, "The people behind Sun Daiyang may have been honing in on this inheritance."
Sure enough, Xiao Yao keenly caught the message when he heard this number, and slightly furrowed his eyebrows, "No wonder...I was just wondering how Haiyin Fort would be targeted."

"No, Sun Daiyang probably wasn’t just after Jing Xia's talismans this time, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten a ticket to come and settle the account." Xiao Yao thought of the suspicious areas and quickly raised his arm from Baiju's arms, then stretched his arm over Baiju to grab his phone off the bedside table, "He might know some news about the people behind Jing Xia——"

Helplessly, the old white dog lay under him, making it so Xiao Yao couldn't reach the phone, so he lay back and pushed Baiju's shoulder, "Bai’ge, help me get my phone. I'll send a message to Qu Lang."

Baiju curled up the corners of his lips, rubbed Xiao Yao's head, and said domineeringly, "Then kiss Bai’ge."

Xiao Yao, "..."
When others play domineering, they are super loud, you act like a boss when you speak quietly.

Xiao Yao couldn't help but laugh, then pulled Baiju's shirt closer to kiss the corner of his mouth, softening his voice and saying, "Bai’ge, is that enough?"

Baiju hummed and turned his head, pinched Xiao Yao's chin, personally approved the place where he established his prestige, then hooked his finger and fetched Xiao Yao's mobile phone from the air.

The palm of his hand gently enveloped Xiao Yao's eyes, then Baiju mumbled and pressed the night light on the bedside, "Don't turn on the phone too fast, the light is too bright...."

Xiao Yao found that this dog was getting more and more caring.
He himself was more of a care-taker character, but in the end, living alone, his life was inevitably rougher, and he didn't pay attention to many details. Now he was taken care of by Baiju——but it was a wonder that this old dog was always eager to take care of him, considering that he had taken care of Baiju for so long, and still took advantage of Baiju's unfamiliarity with modern times.

Eyelashes swept across Baiju's palm, Xiao Yao closed his eyes, took off the hand of the old dog, and adjusted to the light through his eyelids. Then he opened his eyes and opened the phone, and leaned on Baiju’s arms to send Qu Lang a message.

Due to the nature of the work, Qu Lang's cell phone was on all year round, and the ring tone was never turned off. Two seconds after Xiao Yao's message was sent, he received Qu Lang's reply.

Qu Lang on the other end jumped up from the bed when he received the message. He picked up his mobile phone and wanted to call Xiao Yao, but then he calmed down when he thought of Xiao Yao, who he estimated had the beautifully warm dog by his side, and chose to send a text message instead, "Xiao’ge, is this info reliable?"

"Bai’ge can listen to people’s hearts, the words of the shark are true." Xiao Yao looked down at the message, "Sun Daiyang rushed over in such a hurry, it means that the people behind it may be there next week, and they will start with the inheritance of Haiyin Fort.”

"You submit an application to the bureau. It’ll be better to send a small team to Haiyin Fort with Sun Daiyang."
"Bai’ge and I are here, we can basically guarantee that we won't lose out in the battle, but if we need to gather clues and evacuate tourists when necessary to maintain safety, we are definitely not enough as is."

Qu Lang slowly lay back on the bed holding the phone, looked at the screen and breathed a sigh of relief, and typed, "Xiao’ge, I think, since you have been with Bai’ge, your good luck streak has never been broken." Every clue that  might have taken great effort or even sacrifice to find out was simply picked up by the old white dog.

"Treasure the fate of your being together." Qu Lang pressed the send button, feeling a lot more relaxed; then, even in the middle of the night, he picked up the phone and dialed Director Xia's line:

"Old Uncle Xia!! Let me tell you, I have a clue!"
Then Director Xia, who had a stable schedule and was awakened in the middle of the night, cursed his bloody head off over the phone line.

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Char Siew Bao, who was still scared to sleep by the mysterious voicces in the middle of the night, was hiding under the quilt next door, shivering, and beginning to consider whether to grab a pillow and go to Captain Qu’s place to sleep[×]

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