69 - The Master of Haiyin Fort
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69 - The Master of Haiyin Fort

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Early the next morning, when Baiju showed up outside Haiyin Fort with Xiao Yao, Qu Lang and Shao Simiao, the butler Saric didn't seem too surprised.

In fact, although the invitation cards for Haiyin Fort weren’t often sent out, the tourists who drew the cards often came to visit within the same week. They usually spent a day in the beautiful Haiyin Fort on a Friday or Saturday, enjoying the service here, which was also a pretty good choice.

The door of Haiyin Fort opened, and the scene inside was unobstructed.
The Rose Garden, which seemed mysterious at night, was now full of life. The delicate flowers and plants in the gardens of Haiyin Fort reflected each other, revealing the kind of special care and reservedness of the aristocracy.

"I wonder if our esteemed guests require breakfast?" Mr. Butler smiled and gestured for Baiju and the others to go to the dining room. "Black tea and buttered toast, with smoked bacon, or a Chinese style meal."

Baiju waved his hand, smiled gently, and said, "Don't bother."
After a pause, Baiju hooked his finger directly behind him, closed the door with a gust of air, and then nodded to the slightly surprised butler, saying, "Apologies to our host here, but could I ask you some questions. We aren’t malicious, but there are some issues we want to discuss"

"Please wait a moment." The butler didn't say much, but just led them to sit down in the living room, and then bowed and said, "The master is still dormant, I’ll invite them to come."
After speaking, he straightened up and nodded to the staff dressed as two maids standing beside him, "Take care of the guests."

The two maids bowed and went to make black tea and fetch fresh refreshments. They knew that they were all practitioners, so they didn’t cover up their unspeakable movements. They even summoned a phantom and left it with Baiju to spread the tablecloth on the coffee table in front of him, cut fresh flowers outside and put them in a glass vase, and quickly set up a dessert tower.

Xiao Yao and Qu Lang were accustomed to such things, and they didn’t think it was too special when they saw this scene. As for Baiju, this guy originally came from an ancient era, and used to have many waiters and maids who took care of his daily life, so this was not at all unfamiliar to him. It was Shao Simiao, who was walking with the big guys and suffering. On the one hand, he felt that he should be politely afraid, and on the other hand, he felt that being served by a demon would be enough for him to be fulfilled for a year.

Qu Lang picked up his teacup and smelled the aroma of black tea. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Shao Simiao shifting his arse uncomfortably, and couldn't help but smile, "What's the matter? You look like you can't sit still."

Shao Simiao touched his trouser pockets, and moved towards Qu Lang, "Qu’ge, are we allowed to take pictures here?"
Qu Lang had also only been invited here for the first time, so hearing this, he turned his inquiring gaze to the maid who was pouring tea on the side.

The two maids were twins, almost identical to each other in appearance. They put down their teapots and stood with their hands folded, then they nodded with a smile, and said in unison, "You can take pictures, sir. If necessary, we can help you take them. "

Shao Simiao scratched his cheek, opened his mouth. He wanted them to pose holding up the teapot, but he paused slightly, and then cautiously said, "If I take the picture, will you actually appear in the photo?"
If in the photo he took, there was only a teapot floating in the air, let alone sharing the photo, he would be too frightened to look at it himself.

The two maids couldn't help covering their lips and laughing, "Don't worry, sir, we’re just like ordinary people in photos."

Shao Simiao scratched his head awkwardly, then he quietly requested the twin maids hold a teapot and dessert, and carefully took out his phone and posed them for a photo. No doubt it would wind up on Weibo to provide his fans with a few wallpapers——of course, he specifically asked the maids if they would permit him to do so.

Baiju and Xiao Yao on the side were talking in a low voice. The old white dog didn't know much about vampires. At this moment, he saw the two maids and was a little bit curious, "They seem to be weaker than the twelfth generation."
The twelfth generation of vampires included the princess in their melodrama yesterday. Although Baiju couldn’t distinguish other details, he still had the intuitive perception of the strength of these vampires.

Xiao Yao glanced at the vampire maid twice, then he made a soundproof area and explained to the old white dog, "These two aren’t first generation vampires. They haven’t had the first embrace, they were just bitten. It is said that the vampires who have had the first embrace are regular offspring, and these two maids are just infected. They have limited abilities and can be used as slaves and tools of vampires, but they are not qualified to be their offspring."

Baiju was a little puzzled, "How could they be willing?"

Xiao Yao smiled and said, "Only too willing...retain your youth, long life, powerful power, everything is a temptation. Under these conditions, as long as the vampire is willing to give people the opportunity to accept the infection, then there are not many people who would categorically refuse——of course, it’s not ruled out that they are willing to make the sacrifice in order to fulfill an unfinished wish."

Baiju nodded thoughtfully, watching Shao Simiao gradually relax while posing the photo, and sniffed the smell in the air, "Yao Yao, do these two maids drink blood?"

Xiao Yao raised his eyebrows, "Your nose is really good."
Then he explained, “The really powerful vampires don’t have a high degree of thirst for blood, and their own power can be restored through moonlight and dormancy. Under normal circumstances, high-level vampires are thirsty only when they lose a lot of blood. Their thirst for blood is inversely proportional to their strength. The weaker the vampire, the more difficult it is to regain power from consumption alone, so the demand for blood will be greater. This is especially true for the vampire maids. These days, the vampires who suck blood the most and are most easily tracked by the Western church are these kinds of servant vampires."

Baiju glanced sympathetically at Shao Simiao, who was playing paper scissor rock with the vampire maid, and muttered, "...then let's spread knowledge with him in the future."

Xiao Yao smiled and shook his head, "It’s only you who wouldn’t know it."

Baiju took a sip of tea and didn't feel embarrassed at all, "But I have the ability to make independent judgments."

The topic came to an end, Xiao Yao removed the barrier around the two of them, and within a few seconds, there was a light knock on the door of the living room, "Dear guests."

The door of the living room was slowly pushed open. At the door stood seven vampires from Haiyin Fort. Of the tenth generation vampires there were the lord of the castle, Marne Hein, and the wife of the lord, Elsa Hein. Then there were three eleventh generation vampires, and two twelfth generation vampires, a total of four men and three women.
The handsome vampire lord and the elegant vampire lady, dressed in low-key formal attire, stood there facing the sun, appearing in a wave of beauty.

"Guests, you’ve been waiting for a long time. We were putting on some sunscreen and it took a while." The fort lord’s platinum hair was stiff and combed to the back of his head, revealing his handsome three-dimensional face, "I’m Marne Hein, I’m the host here, you can call me Marne." He spoke fairly standard Mandarin.

Baiju and the others stood up and walked in front of them. The old white dog, as the strongest of the four, stepped forward slightly, and shook hands with Marne courteously, "Well met, we’ve disturbed you. "

"Not at all." Marne laughed, seeming to be quite friendly, and then introduced the members of Haiyin Fort behind him, and then he gestured to everyone to sit down together.

"I’m still unclear of your purpose in visiting, do you have any questions you want to ask?" Marne clasped his hands together, his elbows supported the armrest of the seat, and he habitually rubbed the ring on his right thumb. “I’ll be honest, your appearance at Haiyin Fort last night also frightened our staff a bit. We don’t want anything to make you unhappy.”

Hearing Marne's meaning, Shao Simiao glanced at Captain Qu next to him subconsciously.
He wasn't sure if robbing the knight's sword, knocking off the earl’s hat, or cutting the lady's skirt counts as a fright.

"Oh... this lovely boy," Marne keenly saw Shao Simiao's gaze, then smiled kindly at him, and calmly said, "It's not your little trouble caused by your knight. The clothes of the upper ghost are just like the clouds in the sky, and won’t be damaged by the flying birds passing by."

Shao Simiao opened his mouth and rubbed the goose bumps on his arm, "......"

No, why did you say "Lovely Boy" and "Your Knight"? It sounds weird, okay! And Captain Qu, why didn't he react at all?

Qu Lang grabbed his eyes and took a sip of tea. The vampire's garish words would only affect the extraction of the main information. He hadn't noticed the problem of such names at all; therefore, he was aware of Shao Simiao's sight, but at the time, he just gave him a blank look, and then continued to pay attention to the conversation between Marne and Baiju.

Baiju knew what Marne meant. After all, when the tenth-generation vampire was speaking, there was always an insignificant vigilance and alert in his eyes.

Obviously, this group of vampires were aware of his power, or that he and Xiao Yao, Qu Lang and others had experienced the power of cultivation and killing, and were afraid that they would target the members of Haiyin Fort. At last night’s banquet, these vampires also guarded against them vigilantly in the dark. As for the invitation card that the white old dog received, unfortunately it was just the luck of the heavens

"We aren’t malicious." Baiju gently put the teacup in his hand back on the table, and raised his eyes to meet Marne's light blue eyes. “It’s the inheritance."

"I don't know where you got the news from," Marne said, his pupils shrunk slightly and cautiously said, "The inheritance of Haiyin Fort cannot be taken away. Only our kind are powerful enough to have the ability to obtain it."

"Then what if," Baiju's slender fingers lightly tapped the coffee table, "someone was trying to use your kind?"

"Use?" Marne moved the ring on his thumb and rubbed the dark red gemstone inlaid on it, slowly raising his eyebrows. "Dear guest, I don't know if you can speak more in detail. Forgive me for being uninformed. As far as I know, there is no black magic or other suitable means that can extract complete power from a powerful vampire body."

"I don't know what your black magic can do." Baiju didn't leave any hope for Marne, his thin lips opened and closed slightly, and the words he spit out seemed to be a silver cross on the chest of a vampire, "but from what I know, China has countless spells that can strip your power from such a body."

"Or even, use your identity as a vampire to directly strip you of your heritage."

Baiju's dark eyes seem to hide the eternal night of a vampire, "Marne, if you want me to prove that, I can strip your power off you right now."

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