70 - Negotiation
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70 - Negotiation

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The atmosphere in the living room stagnated for a while.
There was a trace of bright red blood in Marne Hein's glass bead-like eyes, which was obviously stimulated by Baiju; but he was not so much provoked, as he felt the threat intuitively from Baiju.

With his lips pressed into a line, Marne stared into Baiju's eyes tightly, not giving way.
He was the master of Haiyin Fort and the leader of all members here. Although he could not compete with Baiju and others in strength, his position could not be shaken in the slightest.

"...honourable guest." Marne said slowly, with a deep and elegant voice, "I don't doubt your strength, but we can't completely trust you."

"As you can see, as a vampire, I'm a cunning demon living in the dark corners amongst human beings." Marne said plainly with those degrading and disgusting words, "and in fact, we are greedy and evil. Loyal to desires and disdain to give away our loyalty; we surrender to the absolute blood, and we are always ready to inherit and conquer. If you want to gain our trust, this is fundamentally impossible to accomplish."

"The limited obedience of our vampires is based on nature and instinct, based on coercion, not trust." Marne hooked his lips, "Of course, when I say this to you, I don’t want you to bring a holy sword to intimidate us and have us be your prisoners."

"If you can keep our treasure from the thief you speak of, the one who covets our inheritance, then we will surrender to you without hesitation." Marne said very sincerely, "Trust me, Haiyin Fort will not be a hindrance to you."

Baiju tilted his head slightly and lowered his eyes, his dark eyes swallowing the light. Western demons like vampires had a terribly verbose and redundant speech habit.

What is "will not be a hindrance"...
Baiju then tapped on the table, "Similarly, you also refuse to provide clues, don't you?"

Marne felt the air around him sink slightly, and it was difficult to move his ring for a while.
But he still clarified, "You’re very wise."

He meant that if they were looking at the inheritance, he would let them go and take it. If they came to suppress them with their own power, he would surrender. But if they wanted to use them for information, they would get nothing.

On Baiju's fingertips, the light blue flame rolled over the black tea, bringing the temperature back up a little, "Okay, we don't need your cooperation."
He secretly shook Xiao Yao's hand as Baiju continued, "The thirteenth inheritance, the power of the fifth generation vampire...I can eat it."

Marne, "!"

Baiju picked up the tea cup and took a sip, "Thank you for your hospitality. As a gift, we will give you three invitation letters. You can use them for a long-term trip to inland China. Maybe you will find some Chinese cultivation techniques suitable for you."

Marne, "!!!"

Baiju stood up, Xiao Yao and Qu Lang also drank the black tea in their cups and got up. Qu Lang then smoothly pulled up Shao Simiao who was not yet conditioned.

"So, we’ll be taking our leave, goodbye."

"Wait!" Marne Hein couldn't help standing up, eagerly taking two steps forward to block their way, "You mean, invitation letters to China?"

Baiju looked down. The master of Haiyin Fort was about the same height as Xiao Yao, and was still slightly shorter than him.

Marne's throat was a little dry, "What if we cooperate with you?"

Baiju raised his eyebrows, "Sorry, we don't need your cooperation. Heyin Fort is not enough of an obstacle."

Marne was choked, knowing that it would be unwise to stay on this topic at this time.
Taking a deep breath, Marne swallowed his pride and ignored Baiju’s refusal, "Dear guest, today you are here with an invitation to Heyin Fort. We’re obliged to provide you with a whole day of service, including food and drink, rest, entertainment and even courses... If you are willing to forgive me for not waiting, we hope you can stay your footsteps in this humble land and let us bring you beautiful enjoyment."

This was what they wanted.
During the day, these vampires would rack their brains to please them and test the limits of the benefits they could provide. In order to obtain information, the cautious and cunning vampires would be willing to take risks and would interfere with their actions as little as possible.

——In fact, the "no intervention" from the vampires was the best kind of cooperation for them.
With the presence of Xiao Yao and Qu Lang, Baiju wasn’t worried about finding any clues but not being able to identify them. Haiyin Fort’s “no intervention” would give them enough space to explore the clues, then if they were suspicious, now at best they would make the residents think they were a bit careless.

The whole process was basically within the plans of Baiju and Xiao Yao.
Except that the vampire's enthusiasm for emigrating to China was a bit beyond their imaginations.

As they had learned before, the gap between the parent and the offspring of a bloodline was like a mountain. The obedience brought by the bloodline was an insurmountable instinctive limit for them; therefore, when Marne Hein and his wife cautiously signaled that Baiju and the others were free to move around, their offspring couldn't disobey.

As a result, just when Baiju and others were in the tea room discussing the means of inheritance and separation, the eleventh and twelfth generations of vampires eagerly came in several times, sending tea, snacks, and flowers. After their deliveries, the vampire princess holding a box of precious jewels ran over, trying to exchange the gift for an invitation to the mainland.

Baiju looked at the accessories that were completely unsuitable for Xiao Yao, "..."
The old white dog sighed, not wanting to bully the little girl who was only just over 300 years old as a vampire, so he refused these gifts and said, "We want to go to the farm and ride the horses."

The twelfth generation vampires, "Q口Q"

No way, now the sun was outside. A few vampires could move around freely if they wore sunscreen indoors, but if they went outdoors at this time, even holding an umbrella would not be enough.


Baiju rode on Baiju's back, while next to him was Xiao Yao, who was riding a red horse.
Qu Lang and Shao Simiao were at the other end of the racecourse, and at that moment, Captain Qu was providing Shao Simiao a "common sense" crash course.

"This went well," Baiju trimmed the mane on the horse's neck, looked at Qu Lang and the others, and said quietly, "I was worried that they would be violent, and attack Shao Simiao, who looks weaker."

Xiao Yao nodded, "This time we were also more cautious. If Jing Xia also came today, we would be easily restrained."

The old white dog took a second glance and then withdrew his gaze. In fact, when he and Xiao Yao were planning their actions last night, the worry for Shao Simiao was not that he would be injured, but that he would be frightened.
With a pure yang body, Shao Simiao’s blood was the most rigid to the yang. It was a great tonic for many Chinese demons and even practitioners, but for vampires, who themselves were a source of yin, this blood was a weapon of destruction.

If a vampire really bit Shao Simiao, then this vampire would be first scalded with mouth ulcers. In other words, Shao Simiao would be frightened a little bit at most, and he wouldn't really be hurt by the vampires.

"Will he really consider joining the Secret Service?" Xiao Yao's gaze stayed on Shao Simiao for a while, but he couldn't help kicking Baiju's calf to ask.

"Look at him," Baiju chuckled and raised his chin in the direction of Qu Lang and Shao Simiao. "Shao Simiao already trusts Qu Lang unknowingly. Even if he obviously knows that we are both stronger than Qu Lang, he still feels more secure next to Qu Lang."

Baiju sighed softly, "Furthermore, this kid has very wise ideas, and his vision is not small. It may have something to do with how he was raised. Joining an organization like the Secret Service is obviously a good place to accumulate achievements and even military merits. If he wants to take care of his family as a practitioner, the status of the Secret Service in the political world cannot be underestimated, and it will help him best."

Xiao Yao thought he was quite reasonable and couldn’t help but nod in agreement, "Furthermore, Qu Lang is patient with newcomers...He used to bring in newcomers, and basically did their first training. After training, he would pull them out in the middle of the night to activate their yin and yang eyes, so that their vision was stuffed with ghosts. They basically wouldn’t get scared after the first night."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju hesitated to speak but stopped.

Xiao Yao was a little confused when he saw this, so he leaned over and asked, "What's the matter?"

Baiju hesitated, then cautiously spoke in a low voice, and asked, "Have there been any problems with this training method?"

Xiao Yao was taken aback for a moment, "...no. Objectively speaking, the effect seems to be very good."

The old dog white breathed a sigh of relief, "I usually trained my little brothers this way, it's almost the same as how I’d discipline little demons in the future... If there was a problem, I should change the plan. If there is no problem, I’ll just go with what I know."

Xiao Yao suddenly choked, feeling that he should have just said that there was a problem.
There were indeed many little demons in the Demon Management Bureau who were not obedient to discipline, but after all, these little demons had grown up in a civilised society and had only received the most stringent military training. If the old white dog showed up with an "I want to teach you survival training" appearance, to be honest, Xiao Yao was a little worried that the little demons wouldn’t be able to bear it.

But Baiju was still planning enthusiastically, "Qiu Ziran, the red fox, isn’t bad. Afterwards, if there is anything he has to do here, we could also call him over to train. If he doesn't practice while we have this opportunity, it would be a pity..."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Bureau Head Xiao felt distressed for the little demons under his protection. In order to prevent the old white dog from paying too much attention to them, he changed the subject and said, "Speaking of which, Bai’ge, do you really have a way to strip away the power of vampires?"

"There are many ways." Baiju whispered, "I can just eat a vampire directly. It takes a lot of trouble to extract it."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Okay, the residents of Haiyin Fort were a restaurant for this old dog.

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