71 - I want to be bonded to you
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71 - I want to be bonded to you

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There were three vampire inheritances in Haiyin Fort, one under the fountain in the vestibule, one on the roof of the main fort, and one under the horse farm in the backyard.

Baiju followed Xiao Yao and circled the boundaries of inheritances and graveyard.
"These have stayed in Haiyin Fort, I’m afraid they’ve absorbed a lot of power." Baiju pondered, "This isn’t a good place to gather yin, but these heritage sites are very stable and there’s basically no spillage near the opening. The energy shows that the preservation of the inheritance itself is more powerful than inheritance."

Xiao Yao hadn't actually come into contact with the inheritance of demons many times, and his understanding of this aspect was basically limited to theory. So he became curious, and went to chat with the old white dog, "Bai’ge, have you been exposed to similar inheritances before? Tell me about it."

Baiju flexed his neck and scratched his chin, "Similar...I think. When I was a mountain god, some demons would come to my mountain and use the mountain to suppress their inheritance and ensure that the strength didn’t diminish. In fact, it was almost the same in principle."

"A wild mountain god like me can also stir up the inheritance of ordinary demons. If it’s some kind of divine beast and the like, demons with a background won’t come to borrow my power, because I can't suppress them." Baiju was quite calm when talking about his weakness. "The mountain itself is a kind of suppressing thing in China, and the cultivators have always used the method of borrowing mountains and towns. My own territory was just an ordinary mountain, although it was large in scope, it wasn’t as good as the five sacred mountains, which could hold down a country..."

"If I were so capable, I might have escaped into the earth and became the prisoner of the Temple of Yama." Baiju smiled, after all, many of the ghosts and immortals in the underworld were bordered by the mountains of Yang.

When Xiao Yao heard him say this, he was a little bit emotional, but also a little awkward.
He was emotional because the old white dog was so good that he was a mountain god, but his fortune was uneven, and he had fallen to the present point. When he slept, his territory became a scenic spot, his believers disappeared, and even the other gods were gone. He felt awkward because of the old white dog’s perception of going from heaven to earth and of living souls, ghosts and immortals all being commonplace, but in his perception of Xiao Yao, he always resisted the step of death that one must go through to become a ghost or immortal.

Just imagining the death of the old white dog, it felt unacceptable.

He seemed to have missed something in the middle. Xiao Yao frowned slightly, and subconsciously turned his head to look at the old white dog.

...ah, yes. As a half-heavenly mountain god, there was no such thing as divine beasts now. The self-confidence and strength displayed by the old dog seem to be far beyond common sense. Although the old white dog always said that his strength wasn’t amazing, it seemed that this evaluation was inline with his actual strength. There was no comparison.
It didn't match the number in the Demon Management Bureau's records, nor did it match the previous status of the old white dog.

Perhaps it was because Xiao Yao's gaze stayed for a long time, Baiju slightly tilted his head uncomfortably, "...Yao Yao?"

"Bai’ge." Xiao Yao blinked, retracted his gaze, and asked deliberately, "Are you stronger now than when you were a mountain god?"

Baiju: "..."
Baiju replied vaguely, "Probably so."

Baiju didn’t really want to talk about this topic, but Baiju didn’t want to refuse Xiao Yao’s questioning, so after the two were silent for a while, Baiju sighed slightly, moved the horse closer, and raised his hand and pressed Xiao Yao’s head, "Yao Yao...although the process is not very pleasant, the result is fine, I’m stronger."
I survived, survived and met you.

Xiao Yao lowered his head and pursed his lips, not knowing what to say.
Just like what the old white dog said before, all suffering was a treasure; a light and fluttering sentence from an honest person like the old white dog. Heaven knows how much his personal experience was hidden.

"...Bai’ge, when would you be willing to tell me?" Xiao Yao rubbed Baiju's palm, then raised his hand and took the palm on his head off and held it. "I don't know what you have experienced at all..."

Baiju was slightly hot when Xiao Yao said that, and opened his mouth. In fact, he wanted to tell Xiao Yao all of his experiences.

Tell his little boyfriend that he had actually been injured, suffered unreasonable disasters, almost been destroyed, and had lived stubbornly until the present.
But he was afraid.

It was hard to remember the painful times.
Some pain would fade away in time, some did not.

The old white dog could be called a very open-minded dog, but he still feared that he would be dominated by his memories and fall into hatred. Therefore, he was quite unwilling to release the accumulated negative emotions, fearing that too many emotions would get out of his control.
Baiju was just a mountain dog demon, even if he became a small wild god, he was still half-hearted; since his father and mother passed away, no one had restrained him, and even the wild ways he walked could not restrain him.

The rein around his neck was tied up by himself, and he had been holding it firmly so far, but now he had to learn to loosen the rein slowly and hand it over to Xiao Yao to lead him.

"Sorry, Yao Yao..." Baiju took a breath, "I'm not brave enough."
"I...I don't trust myself." Baiju's voice was low and mute. He swallowed, "Yao Yao, you should have noticed this long ago."

"It isn’t that you aren’t good enough, nor that you aren’t worthy of my trust. The problem is with myself, and I’ll still--"
Baiju was anxiously trying to express his thoughts, but suddenly the rest of the words were gently blocked by Xiao Yao’s lips.

His eyes widened involuntarily, and the old white dog, who was still being intimidating in front of the vampires, showed a completely stupefied face at this moment. He paused in a daze on the spot, not knowing what to do.

Xiao Yao regretted it, kissed the old dog, and apologised, "It's me who’s no good, I'm too impatient."

Baiju opened his mouth to comfort him, but Xiao Yao didn't let it go. He sat up straight on his horseback, speaking seriously, "Bai’ge, you don't have to force yourself because of any of my requirements, really."

Baiju slowly adjusted his breathing.
After adjusting for several seconds, the old white dog was unable to speak again. After clearing his throat, Baiju adjusted his sitting posture and stretched out his hand towards Xiao Yao, "Yao Yao, come here."

Xiao Yao handed him his hand subconsciously, "What's the matter?"

Baiju squeezed Xiao Yao's palm, kissed his fingertips, and then changed his hand to hold Xiao Yao's wrist, freeing Xiao Yao's arm to embrace his boyfriend's waist.
He lifted the man on his horse, placed him in front of him and they rode together.

Baiju circled Xiao Yao's waist from behind, loosely holding the reins with both hands, and lowered his head to kiss Xiao Yao on the back of his neck, "I won't let you wait too long."

Xiao Yao was a little obsessed with the old white dog's close breath and the body temperature that came up against him. He leaned back slightly and touched the dog's head, "Okay."


The day in Haiyin Fort did not go quickly.

They watched all three places of inheritance. Shao Simiao also entered the thriller train and secret room on the grounds of experiencing the game, and indeed collected a lot of information.

Before leaving Haiyin Fort, Baiju negotiated with Lord Marne again, and finally, under the vampires' soft and hard bubbling, he reluctantly "relaxed" and said that if successful, they were willing to apply for some more invitation letters for these vampires. Of course, the premise was that the vampires would secretly hand over useful information to them.

"I’ve discovered that the White King has the potential to be a profiteer." Qu Lang played with the USB flash drive in his hand and sat in the driver's seat of the rented car in a good mood. "Today, a promise of Chinese immigration was not given, nor was the blood puppet technique exposed, and Jing Xia also hasn’t been revealed yet, and there are quite a few more trump cards in your hands that can still be used."

Baiju and Xiao Yao sat down in the back seat one step later and closed the car door. When the old dog heard Qu Lang's words, his brows were softened, and he said honestly, "It's not my credit, it was Yao Yao's idea. I just played it out."

Qu Lang got the clue, and the whole person was incensed, "Hahaha, what's the difference? My Xiao’ge is married to you."

Xiao Yao, "..." You don't destroy my house for a day, then Captain Qu says this.
Baiju was taken aback for a moment, "...it doesn't seem appropriate to call it marriage. There will be no such thing as a marriage when the Great Deed of Heaven and Earth is concluded in the future."

Qu Lang swallowed his saliva, and had no time to take care of the old white dog's serious answer as he saw the death glare in the rearview mirror, "Uh, Xiao’ge."

Xiao Yao lazily narrowed his eyes, but spoke cruelly, "Old man Xia wanted to send your disciplinary list to your father a while ago, but I stopped him."

Qu Lang suddenly became listless, "Xiao’ge, please be forgiving."

Xiao’ge, "I’ll give you a chance to rethink your words."

Qu Lang spoke solemnly and clearly, "Xiao’ge and the White King are of the same mind!"

Xiao Yao was satisfied and waved his hand, "Drive."

Qu Lang was resurrected with blood, "Yes!"

Unconsciously, Shao Simiao in the co-pilot's seat had lost some impression of him.

Baiju couldn't help but hold Xiao Yao, who was very fierce just now, on his lap and ruffle him.
His little boyfriend was obviously cold-faced. At this moment, probably because everything was going well, he showed his rare lazy appearance. So soft, like a cat with its claws retracted.

"Want to be on top?" Baiju quietly asked Xiao Yao's ears, "Want to marry me?"

The low smiling voice poured directly into his eardrums and Xiao Yao's ears felt crisp, his waist was a little weak. The aura that had been softened was now even more deadly.
"Let go..." Xiao Yao struggled in a low voice, turning his head to save his ears, "Speak properly."

Baiju smiled, chased after him and kissed the skin behind Xiao Yao's ears, and immediately closed in to hold him better, "Everyones in the car, I won't bother you."

Xiao Yao breathed a sigh of relief, but in the next second he heard the sticky voice of the old white dog resounding in his mind, "Yao Yao."

Xiao Yao suddenly felt that his breath was stuck in his throat, his heart almost stopped beating, and he gritted his teeth quietly, "Didn't you tell me you wouldn’t bother me?"

The old white dog felt that he wasn’t making trouble at all, so he smiled and said, "I want to make a bond with you."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao quietly became a shrimp, "Oh."

Xiao Yao: Are you proposing to me? Right? 【perturbed.jpg】
Old white dog: Regardless of marriage! =▽=

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