72 - Miss My Boyfriend~
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72 - Miss My Boyfriend~

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Baiju and Xiao Yao’s vacation basically ended on Friday night.

As the group drove out of Haiyin Fort, Qu Lang went to Shao Simiao’s residence first, and sent him off. After all, this was the third day after Shao Simiao had entered the Taoist road. According to usual calculations, Shao Simiao’s yin and yang eyes should close naturally tonight, so there was no need for him to stay with Qu Lang for courage.
As for whether Shao Simiao accepted this judgment, let it be known that most of the time his imagination was a little more scary than anything he actually saw. Not to mention that a certain host also explored the thriller train and the vampire castle during the day.

Baiju and Xiao Yao returned to the villa, taking a rest and preparing to work afterwards.
This group of tourists on the island would leave from Saturday evening to Sunday morning, while the next group of tourists would be coming in from Sunday evening to Monday afternoon. This season was peak tourist season for Guihe Island, and there were more flights and ships, with many tourists coming and going on the island.

The whole of Saturday was basically the peak shopping time on the island. Many shops and restaurants would also launch promotional activities and there was an increase in outdoor activities for the tourists. This lively scene would continue into Saturday night, and Sunday would be a day of rest for the entire of Guihe Island, even the staff on the island would also take this time to rest.
In general, Sunday was also the most suitable time for Baiju and the others to take action; and the Saturday could be used to mobilise personnel.

"You can't do this." Baiju stood in the small courtyard with his arms folded, frowning at the red fox curled up in front of him, "Your fighting power is too weak, don’t even mention helping, it’s really difficult to even protect yourself like this, you’re just going to be a hindrance.."

Qiu Ziran’s eyes burned and he stood in a daze, "White King, do I really need to practice like this?"

Baiju scratched his chin, sat down cross-legged on the spot, and gave Qiu Ziran a meditation technique so that he could recover, “Tell me first, what did you practice in mountain temples before, did your parents teach you? What has been passed to you."

Xiao Yao was currently holding a video conference with the senior management of the Demon Management Bureau in the study, roughly dividing the affairs for the next two days. Also by the way, he arranged a group of cultivators and little demons to practice on Guihe Island, which could be regarded as the first official liaison with the old dog. Baiju naturally was idle. In order to determine the difficulty of the training, he had to find a test subject. So Qiu Ziran, the red fox who just happened to be brought to Guihe Island by Captain Qu, became the first little soldier in the hands of the old dog.

One could say that Baiju didn’t act too ruthlessly. According to the red fox's cultivation base, he gave Qiu Ziran a mirrored illusion, allowing Qiu Ziran to fight against an illusion of his own cultivation level. He thought that even if he could not win, the red fox could still battle evenly. Unexpectedly, after a while, the red fox was beaten down by the mirror image.

Slaughtered, completely abused, nothing compared.

The old white dog didn't quite understand.
If you compared this matchup to a game, Qiu Ziran should be a player who knew his opponent’s exact skills, and fully understood the weaknesses of his abilities, so he should find a breakthrough point in the illusion before the match even began. Baiju fabricated the illusion as nothing more than a machine with skills. It didn’t have much ability to think or adapt, it only knew an output in order, and it was easy to defeat no matter how you looked at it.

Qiu Ziran cried secretly in his heart. He probably also knew what Baiju meant, so he stood up and shook his hair. Then the red fox sat down in front of Baiju again and said, "White King, I know my own abilities...they’re not as deep as you think. "

Baiju was surprised, "How come? Isn't this the same as eating and drinking, isn’t it instinct?"

Qiu Ziran smiled bitterly, "Instinct can also degenerate."

Old white dog, "......"
Old white dog suspected his own health for a moment.

Although Qiu Ziran felt a bit embarrassed, he cleared his throat and explained it carefully to Baiju. A long and winding commentary that, to sum it up briefly, he was extremely lacking in opportunities of application.

He knew what he should know, but those abilities were completely useless in his life. So gradually, he had become completely unclear about their power and how to control them.
For example, Qiu Ziran knew how his foxfire could produce sparks to light a gas stove, but he didn't know how to accurately use foxfire to bypass obstacles or burn off a bunch of hair around the old white dog's ears.

Baiju figured it out. He stood up neatly and patted his pants, "In short, you just lack practice."
In this way, since there was nothing wrong with his own ability, what Qiu Ziran needed was adaptive practice; after this, they could move onto targeted training related to specific skills.

The old dog white had Qiu Ziran's ability extracted from the illusion in his mind. After thinking about it, he asked, "As far as you know, are the conditions of other little demons similar to yours?"

The red fox hesitated, his tail swayed, and he thought, "They’re not all the same...maybe thirty percent of the little demons are about the same as me. They are young, have little experience, and have no actual combat experience at all. Rather than fighting, they’re better at moving bricks on site or putting pen to paper."
"The other 70% may live longer and at least be able to use their abilities flexibly, but since they were later taken to the Demon Management Bureau, they gradually use their abilities in their positions and rarely use them to fight."

The red fox was honest, and not ignorant of current affairs. Seeing Baiju understood, he continued, "The other little demons, the White King may not be familiar with, but you can refer to Xiong’ge for the status of that 70%."

Mr. Xiong He, the agent who managed the three demon artists of Hanhai Entertainment, belonged to the latter.
Able to fight and had strong combat power. Although he may not have learnt any secret techniques, he had a certain degree of control over his abilities. The speed of his combat training would be much faster than the former, and he could quickly enter a fight and develop his skills and potential.

But relatively speaking, this group of demons were more prone to disobedience. Only half-trained, a little talented, a little powerful, and a little thoughtful characters, who were often prickly.

After understanding the general situation, Baiju had roughly figured out a training plan in his heart. He waved his hand and sent Qiu Ziran back to a pocket dimension, and created an illusion that only possessed half of the red fox’s power, and said, “As practice, I will arrange some things for you, rest when you are tired. The goal of today’s practice is to kill the illusion in three min...ten minutes."

The old white dog handed Qiu Ziran a few talismans, "The illusion here will last for at least forty minutes, and then you can go back. Some ordinary illusions have been engraved in these talismans. You can come back and use them yourself, then come over for me to check on your progress tomorrow afternoon."
After a pause, Baiju again urged, "Don't be too hasty, it doesn't matter if you don’t succeed, it's more important to practice consistently."

Qiu Ziran took the talisman and bowed his head obediently, "Thank you, White King."

Baiju smiled, "No need to thank me."
This was his duty. Also, if the little demons of the Demon Management Bureau could unite, then Xiao Yao's future environment would be safer.

The old white dog left the courtyard, leaving the space for Qiu Ziran to train, and then went back to the house.
He thought this kind of training was actually a little bit tricky. Qiu Ziran, the red fox, was willing to cooperate, but other little demons wouldn’t necessarily. As the demon king, he must have deterrent power, but he also couldn’t really hurt these little demons, otherwise it would inevitably make things difficult for Xiao Yao to handle.

He may need to find some cultivators to help.

After calculating how many training tricks he had up his sleeves, the old white dog calmed down a bit and walked to Xiao Yao's study.
Then he put his ear on the seam of the door.

The young man's indifferent voice briefly and quickly explained some affairs, and occasionally dropped a few faint sounds, quickly deciding as if he could not be refuted.
To Baiju, the sound was more beautiful and more attractive than the chiming of fine pearls.

After taking a vacation with Xiao Yao for so many days, it seemed that he had experienced a lot of things. It was obvious that the two of them had been alone for less than a week, but it felt like it was quite long. Every minute and every second could be recalled frame by frame...
He almost forgot, the first time he saw Xiao Yao, his aura was like a cold spring.

He was so cold.
Baiju touched the door panel soothingly, turned around, and rested his back on the door to relax, with one leg straight and one half bent, feeling the cool temperature on his back, thinking about various things.

The training plan for the red fox, the concealment and pursuit of the little shark, the surrender and nature of the vampires.
Scattered incidents circulated one after another, but none of them could evoke his sympathy. Baiju's eyelashes lowered, thinking that he probably missed his boyfriend.

His little boyfriend who hadn’t seen him for almost an hour and was across this door. His little boyfriend who had a faint lemon scent and a body temperature that made him feel obsessed.

But his little boyfriend was in a meeting.
Baiju touched his pocket but didn't pull out the talisman paper. He pursed his lips, touched the top of his head again, and pulled out five hairs.

His ivory white fingers were slender and flexible, and the swift spirit power shuttled in the air like a fish. After a few clicks, the five hairs were tied into a small bundle. Baiju pulled them together, and they exploded in five directions. His five hairs changed their appearance, and soon white light spread around the hair, turning this "skeleton" into a white figure.

A face with long curly hair was wrapped in chubby white fur, with two thin legs poking out underneath, like a miniature paper Baiju.

The old white dog squatted down holding the figure and stuffed it into the gap under the door.

The mini-man slid into Xiao Yao’s study, stood up with great effort, patted the spot of dust on his body with great effort, and then spread out his two small thin legs, quietly, and rushed to Curator Xiao's desk.

His big boyfriend was so good-looking.
Through the eyes of the paper man, Baiju stood in front of the desk, looked up and admired his cool boyfriend for a while, then he rolled up his sleeves and climbed up the leg of the table.

Hiding behind the computer...success.
The dog poked out half of his head from the edge of the display screen.

Xiao Yao's gaze swept over immediately, as if he was carrying a knife; then he was stunned.

The little old white dog bent his eyes, slipped past the edge of the display screen with his thin arms and legs, pouted and blew a kiss.
A small light blue electric arc silently spelled out four words in the air, "I miss my boyfriend."

Usually the head of the bureau was cold, but he suddenly changed face in the video conference. The palm of his hand was loosely clenched to his lips, and a low laugh through the microphone sounded in the ears of all the senior officials of the Demon Management Bureau.

...filling the conference room with countless goose bumps.

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