73 - Meeting and Phone Call
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73 - Meeting and Phone Call

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They could swear by their own heads in the Demon Management Bureau, that they had never seen Curator Xiao smile like that in eight hundred years. The expression on his face had never changed that much, but the soft laugh sounded like golden honey.

The person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Demon Administration Bureau was a perpetually unsmiling lady, whose surname was Deng and who was considered Xiao Yao’s elder. When she heard such a laugh through the screen, the corners of her mouth raised slightly, and the thin crows feet curled into teasing arcs, "Curator Xiao, something you want to say?"

Xiao Yao, "..."
He swore when he saw those branch directors and deputy curators on the screen, he moved his buttocks forward quietly, trying to listen to gossip with a stern face.

"Deng’yi, when I return to Beijing let me invite you to dinner...for now, the meeting." Xiao Yao withheld his smile and skipped the topic directly. "Let’s talk about what the capital can mobilise."
Naturally, Curator Deng wouldn’t persist with this topic, so she nodded slightly, and opened the leather notebook in her hand, "Yes, there are two who can get tickets here, twins, Huang and Daxian. They have a strong desire to practice, good abilities, not bad minds, a little clever and a little greedy, in general, they should be pretty easy to manage, as long as they are convinced. It will be best to keep them on their toes."

Listening to Deng Ju’s introduction, Xiao Yao raised his cup and looked down and drank some water. He quietly pointed his finger to his side, outside the view of the camera. The little old white dog slipped off the desk tacitly, grabbed Xiao Yao’s trouser leg and climbed up.

The old white dog was still sitting cross-legged outside the door, with a slight smile on his face. Then he closed his eyes and focused his spirit on the little paper man.

The little man pulled Xiao Yao's trouser legs with both hands, climbed up after a few strokes, and then spread his legs and sat on Xiao Yao's thigh.

Underneath the thin cloth under his buttocks was Xiao Yao's strong and flexible texture. The old white dog got comfortable in his current state, and while Xiao Yao was distracted listening to the meeting, he couldn't help but stretch out his hand and press the leg underneath him.

The old white dog pressed his big palm on his leg, but to Xiao Yao it was like being pricked by someone’s finger, and it was a bit ticklish. Xiao Yao quietly put his hand under the table, closed his hand, and held the mini Baiju in his entire palm.

The old white dog who was caught off guard by the sudden darkness, "..."
It seemed he had to adapt to not only this short perspective, but also to the soft skeleton of the hair puppet.

Mini Baiju struggled out of the tiger's mouth in the palm of Xiao Yao's hand, patted Xiao Yao's palm, and then poked his head out as Xiao Yao slightly let go.

Xiao Yao was tickled in his heart by the furry and soft touch in the palm of his hand. It felt like he had caught a compliant little hamster, and he couldn't help but knead his thumb against the fur of the mini old white dog.

The old white dog opened his mouth, and then rubbed his cheek against the fingertip of his little boyfriend, and the sound that had threatened to come out was stuffed back down again.
The old white dog could neither laugh nor cry. Should he remind Xiao Yao, although this wasn’t his actual body, Xiao Yao's touch to him with completely connected perception was the same as being touched all over his body.

However, Xiao Yao didn't realize what he had done to the old white dog at this moment. While carefully playing with the mini white old dog in his palm, he was still listening to the reports from several high-level officials on the other side of the screen.

"...I don't have many living here for the time being. There are usually more in the summer when they are less sleepy, they are basically dormant now." The bald Xiangcheng branch director touched the top of his shiny head, "Counting that there is only one flying corpse that has been active. It can’t find its master in Xiangcheng, and wants to run around all day long. It’s combat power is quite strong, but its personality is a bit dull and a little stubborn, not easy to get angry, but not easy to manage."
"We tend to give it this opportunity to come out, but it may need to take up some resources to ensure that it will be obedient and not cause any accidents."

Xiao Yao nodded slightly, and touched the desktop with his other free hand, "A flying corpse is fine, please bring them here."
Flying corpses could be considered the Chinese demons that were the closest to vampires in physique, and may have an interesting reaction when brought along. It may also have a method of cultivation useful for vampires. Either way, there was the old white dog here, so they didn’t need to worry about a flying corpse getting out of control or something... After all, flying corpses were poisonous, which wasn’t only not bad for the old dog, but was also a tonic.

Baiju didn’t know that Xiao Yao had considered “how to fill up his stomach while resolving the crisis” for him. At this moment, because Xiao Yao was focused on the meeting, Baiju’s movements became more casual. He held up half of his body out of the palm of Xiao Yao’s hand, hugged Xiao Yao's index finger and nibbled curiously.
Leaving a few teeth marks gently.

Xiao Yao didn't pay much attention to it at first, but after finalising a few little demons that could be dispatched, he felt that the touch on his fingers was not right.
Looking down, he found that the mini old white dog was entangled, holding his fingers with his hands and feet, licking and biting like it was a bone and making his fingertips wet. The white tooth tips were itchy and numbing.

He felt a little funny in his heart. Xiao Yao let Baiju gnaw quietly, and continued the meeting. After discussing the rest of the topics, another ten minutes had passed.

At the end of the video conference, Xiao Yao just turned off the camera when the phone on the desk vibrated. The contact displayed on the screen was Ms. Deng from the Beijing branch.

"Deng’yi," Xiao Yao raised his eyebrows slightly, then answered the phone, "Long time no see."

The woman on the other end smiled lightly, her voice was much softer than the official tone she’d used during the meeting, "Xiao Xiao, I heard Old Man Xia say you’re on Guihe Island?"

"Yeah, on vacation." Xiao Yao leaned back in his chair relaxedly and joked, "Deng’yi, I swear I didn’t deliberately increase your workload."

"Did I say so?" Deng Ju smiled. "It's you. It's rare for you to take a vacation and take the initiative to take care of the work. You should be tired."

"It's okay," Xiao Yao looked down at the ignorant white dog who was addicted to chewing his fingers, his tone softened, "I’ve been on vacation for a few days, and I feel that I have made up for everything I had previously overdrawn."
With the old white dog by his side, the experience of the past few days was fulfilling and romantic, and it made him feel as if he were in a dream.

Deng Ju was very keen, she had taught Qu Lang half his profiling skills. Therefore, she didn’t conceal her curiosity or discoveries, and she tentatively asked, "Who are you vacationing with?"

Xiao Yao laughed, "I knew you wanted to ask."
After a pause, he bent his fingers to tease mini Baiju, whispering, "The new Demon King Baiju, didn't you know I took him?"

"...it seems that you are very receptive to him?" The woman on the other end of the phone leaned tiredly on her chair, lowered her head and picked up a thin cigarette, opened a drawer and took out a lighter, which clicked in her hand, "You vouched for him during the first two meetings, and your attitude was a bit too hard. Several people from the city council had some opinions on you."

"It's okay, he deserves our support in the first place." Xiao Yao said indifferently, and then said, "Deng’yi, you should smoke less."

"Don't worry, I’m taking care of myself, I'm just smelling it." Deng Ju hesitated, and threw the lighter back into the drawer. "By the way, the old man Xia sent his baby Captain to you two days ago. Isn't it a bit too urgent to dispatch three parties like this?"

"It's a little bit." Xiao Yao told the truth, "It's not that I'm worried about the lack of combat power. The main reason is that Guiqi Island is currently at its peak of the tourist season. I’m afraid of collateral. People aren’t easy to handle and we should be mindful in case of an evacuation."

"Indeed, it's good you’re thinking of everything.
"And that... about the White King," Deng Ju took the cigarette from her mouth, twisted the cigarette holder, and hesitated. “Please pay attention, we have found some records here, which are not necessarily true, but this Demon King, he has a reason to be an enemy of all mankind.
"The only people who know this at the moment are me, Old Man Xia and your master. You have your own ability to judge, so we won’t interfere too much, this is just a reminder."

Although Baiju was addicted to gnawing his fingers, what Xiao Yao said and the voice from the other end of the phone were easily heard by him.
After a slight pause, the mini white old dog held Xiao Yao’s fingers, licked his lips and raised his head. He saw his boyfriend’s beautifully-lined jaw move, and his clear voice was very determined, "I know, thank you Deng’yi for your concern ——I still believe that he is worthy of our trust."

After another farewell, he hung up the phone and Xiao Yao rubbed the head of the mini Baiju with a light smile, "Did you hear?"

Old white dog, "..."
The old white dog licked his lips, then the body outside the door and the mini figure on Xiao Yao's thigh instantly switched places, and he decided to continue biting Xiao Yao without hesitation.

Xiao Yao, "..."
Old white dog, do you not know how much you weigh?

Took a brief break to read something high tension for a change, ending was terrible, I regret it. Hahahaha.

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