75 - Bai'ge, Calm Down
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75 - Bai'ge, Calm Down

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Soon time flickered to Saturday. Baiju woke up early, sat up lightly, leaned against the head of the bed, patted Xiao Yao's shoulder comfortably with one hand, and took out a small object under the pillow with one hand. It was the mini Baiju that he’d made casually last night.

Without the old white dog's conscious control, the little thing was lying on his palm curled up sideways, the plush fur rising and falling with his breath, it looked like he was asleep.
Holding the little man tossing in his sleep, the old white dog admitted that, as long as the fluffy thing was mostly a small cub, it was cuter.

And the fluffy ones were easier to like than those without fluff.
The old white dog looked down at Xiao Yao, and then secretly added in his heart, human beings are the exception.

As he mentioned to Xiao Yao before, the human body was actually the most suitable for cultivation and the easiest to enlighten. Therefore, human beings had an existence that all demons yearned for. As a result, many cross-racial demons that didn’t have a unified aesthetic surprisingly returned to their aesthetic tastes when they saw humans. Although there were differences in personal aesthetics, they could at least distinguish beauty and ugliness.

The soft skin was also cute.
The old white dog wondered, his thoughts running to his boyfriend and unable to turn back. Human skin was much more delicate than demon’s. Soft and delicate, and easy to break. It could be easily cut if he wasn’t careful, unlike his own. Running a blade along his skin would leave a few white marks at most.

It was only a body like this that could store the most powerful force on earth.

Baiju thought for a while, tucked the little man in his hand under the pillow, then raised his arm, and tried to make himself fluffy——he remembered that his Yao Yao liked the fluffy white hair of Samoyeds very much.

The slender fingers became slender claws, covered with a layer of soft white hair, but they didn’t seem cute. The sharp claws were close together, even if he lightly stepped on the floor, they would inadvertently mark out a piece of broken wood. Danger was written all over his paws.

The old white dog was depressed. Wasn't he still a breed of dog? He was obviously white-haired, so why was he so much worse than a Samoyed?
No wonder Samoyeds were more popular than him as a wild dog.

Puffing his cheeks in anger, the old white dog inexplicably competed with his own Samoyed-like self, and also competed with the little guy under the pillow, and he was determined to find out where he was cuter than these two things.

Paws? Not cute. Teeth? Not cute. His slim and slender body wasn’t as cute as his chubby and fluffy one. The only thing that won seemed to be his long hair was softer and more beautiful than a Samoyeds, but he can't just grow his hair, wouldn’t he become a mop?

The old white dog rustled around, moving his fingers for a while, then touching his belly for a while, then poking his feet out of the bed to count his toes.

Xiao Yao who slept relatively lightly in the morning, "..."
What is this old dog doing?

Baiju became fascinated, until the little boyfriend in his arms mumbled and put a hand on him.
Baiju's whole dog froze, "...Yao Yao, are you awake?"

Xiao Yao put his arm on Baiju's waist and hugged him, closing his eyes, his voice was a little numb, "Mm, I'm awake."

Baiju was miffed, and secretly stuffed the little guy under the pillow a little tighter.

They went to bed late yesterday, and it was only 5 o'clock in the morning, so Xiao Yao was a little sleepy, and yawned a little, "Bai’ge, what are you doing?"

Baiju moved his fingers in a daze, wondering if he should tell the truth or not. For a while, the magnanimous dog thought about the kind of bizarre problem he was struggling with, and felt a little embarrassed for a while.
After a pause, Baiju felt that he couldn't find a breakthrough point, so he was a little stirred and thoughtfully asked, "Um... Yao Yao, which one do you think is cuter, me like this or the Samoyed?"

Xiao Yao's second yawn was halfway through, and he froze there for an instant, then he ran out of breath for the following laughter.
Which was cuter out of the old dog and a Samoyed? Xiao Yao, whose boyfriend filter was 800 metres thick, thought, of course the old dog was cuter.

Baiju didn't wait for the answer. He only heard Xiao Yao's laughter and for a while, his ears burned, "Yao Yao, you don't need to answer."

Xiao Yao hugged the old white dog's waist and smiled, "Shall I tell the truth?"

Baiju nodded dumbly.

Xiao Yao was succinct and clear, "The Samoyed is cute, but I prefer you."

Baiju froze for a moment, a little embarrassed but very informed, pursed his lips shyly, and tried to suppress the curvature of the corners of his mouth, "...really."
After a while, Baiju said cautiously, "Do you like me even though I’m not fluffy?"

Xiao Yao smiled and didn't answer. He reached into the hem of the old dog's coat, his palm covered the old dog's abdominal muscles, "What do you think?"

Old white dog, "..."
The old white dog flexed his belly hard, and the already obvious abdominal muscle lines immediately became clearer. The flexible skin gripped the firm muscles, and it felt great under his hand.

Xiao Yao laughed, and simply raised his hand to lift Baiju's clothes up, drilling underneath, then he rolled over and pressed up, kissing Baiju's abdominal muscles.
The soft lips rubbed against his skin, and after a while, he sucked hard, picking up the thin skin and grazing his teeth, sucking and licking hard, and then letting go, leaving a slight red mark on the old white dog’s abdomen. On his ivory white skin, it was very conspicuous.

Satisfiedly patting the white old dog's belly, Xiao Yao got up a little bit and kissed the old white dog's neck:, "I left a mark, your abs belong to me."

Baiju raised his neck and snorted a little uncomfortably.

Xiao Yao was taken aback for a moment. He was pressing on half of Baiju's body, but he shouldn't be crushing the old dog...wait.
Xiao Yao sat up and lifted the quilt. Sure enough, he saw a white dog with a strong sense of existence standing in his trousers trying to drill out, pushing the waistband of his trousers into a visible seam.

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao silently covered the old white dog with the quilt, "...Bai’ge, calm down."

Baiju raised his hand to cover half of his face, his canine teeth pressed against his lips, and his low-pitched voice dropped another octave, numbly, "Mm...I'll calm down."

Xiao Yao lay back to his position with slightly stiff hands and feet, looking up at the ceiling. It was still difficult to get rid of the aggressive appearance of the little white dog from his mind.

Although he still had his pants...the battle was still a bit...
He couldn't help but tighten his arse. Xiao Yao had to start thinking hard, if he was getting done it’d be hard to squeeze in something bigger than two sticks in size.

......how to practice riding this horse.
He couldn't just split the little white dog in half, just use half the first time, and the other half once he’d had some experience.

As for a counterattack...
To be honest, Xiao Yao wanted to see the old white dog running wild on him rather than pressing the old white dog under him.

Baiju didn’t know his little boyfriend’s thoughts had gone so far. He was rarely provoked into any display of desire and had no experience in suppressing it. He only knew how to quietly recite the heart mantra, and move his qi around his body round after round, the effect was slow.
It was probably because of the fact that they had eaten too much spiritual food recently, and his internal qi was too abundant, so this problem was prone to occur. He also had the characteristics of a demonic cultivation, which generally didn't advocate a pure heart or a lack of desire.

Well, it was impossible to mess around.
Baiju covered his eyes and reflected, trying to divert his attention. When he came back round, Xiao Yao next to him was already a bit sleepy again.

After eating supper last night, they checked with a few high-level officials and sorted out the list of additional personnel and their arrival time. It was already almost two o'clock in the morning when they actually lay down. Xiao Yao wasn’t like the old white dog who barely needed even three hours of sleep, and was still a little tired.

Baiju lifted his trousers and saw Xiao Yao dozing off in a daze, so he lay down a little bit and fished him into his arms, "Yao Yao, sleep a little longer."
Probably because of habit, Baiju found that Xiao Yao was already very dependent on his embrace, and his quality of sleep would be poor without him.

Xiao Yao was half-dreaming and half-awake, still thinking about the little white dog with its teeth and claws in a daze. When Baiju hugged him, he was knocked out of his stupor and struggled to open his eyelids to confirm the sentiment, "...is it gone?"

Baiju touched Xiao Yao's head and put his arm under his neck, "Yeah, it's down...I won't force you until the time is right."

"No reluctance." Xiao Yao turned his head, moved his position to find the most comfortable angle, and closed his eyes and thought vaguely, he was so ignorant that he wouldn't be able to get it in.

Baiju kissed the top of his hair and accompanied him to take a nap with his eyes closed.
The old white dog, who was finally sure that he didn't need to compete with the mini Baiju, nor the Samoyed, felt compassionate to the little guy under the pillow, and pulled the mini Baiju out by the pillow.

Objectively speaking, the little guy he made yesterday was quite useful, and he only disliked it a little.


After returning to sleep, they slept for almost three hours, and got up just as the day was reaching eight o'clock.

The two little demons from the capital were dispatched overnight last night, and they would arrive in a while. Baiju and Xiao Yao were going to meet them on the sea.

After washing up, they ate a small breakfast and tidied things up. There were 15 minutes left before the meeting time, so Xiao Yao took advantage of Baiju to hang himself directly on Baiju’s back. Baiju shrank the distance to an inch, and they were at the previously marked contact point in an instant.

In order for Baiju to move more freely, all his clothes were changed by himself. A white racer vest and a pair of white overalls. His skills weren’t good, and he still had bare feet. Carrying Xiao Yao on his back and standing on the surface of his feet, the smooth ripples spread, and the sea surface undulating with the wind instantly calmed down.

The old white dog and Xiao Yao determined the latitude and longitude, and found they were in the right place, so they summoned a light blue flame and drew a circle around a radius of one kilometer around the surrounding area, then set a prohibition, activated the illusion, and blocked out ordinary vision and satellite image detection.

Xiao Yao had been carried on the back of the old dog a few times, and had gradually become less uncomfortable. His legs hooked the old dog’s waist, and Xiao Yao didn’t intend to go down. The demons were the two yellow godbeasts introduced by Deng Ju.

Strictly speaking, the yellow godbeasts were a bit above ordinary demons. Similar to the wild god Baiju, they were actually a kind of wild god. They couldn’t compare with the power of a mountain god, as generally speaking, their abilities were limited to protecting the safety of their family. Still the yellow godbeasts had been around for a long time, and for those with advanced qualifications, it wasn’t impossible for them to protect a village, but most of them needed a small group, and a single one wouldn’t be enough.

"I also know the two mentioned by Deng’yi. They are two little girls who used to live in a village on the outskirts of the capital. Seven or eight years ago their family met a dozen yellow godbeasts while poaching wild deer in the mountains. I wanted to stop them, but my abilities were limited and when I got to the nest, there were only two of them left." Xiao Yao sighed, "In the end, they were just little demons against human bullets."

Baiju twisted his eyebrows, "Where are those poachers?"

Xiao Yao lowered his eyes and gave a soft sigh, "After going through the legal channels, the things they handled weren’t clean and were intended to be smuggled. After a fight they were shot dead." This matter was handled by the Special Service and the Demon Administration Bureau. Yellow godbeasts weren’t easy to cultivate, after all, and their ancestors had guarded the village for generations. They were more than worthy of a human life.

Baiju snorted and muttered, "If they die, leave them to the underworld, they won't have a good life."

Xiao Yao nodded, changed the subject, and spoke of other things to Baiju. After ten minutes, they saw a white wave on the sea in the distance.

It was the people from Beijing who had arrived.

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