76 - Docking
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76 - Docking

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A motorboat drove over from the sea in the distance.

The sea surface was cut open and the white foam rolled along the trajectory of the motorboat. A white arrow was drawn on the blue background, pointing to the place where Baiju and Xiao Yao were.

After a while, the motorboat approached, Xiao Yao got off Baiju, landed on the sea, and raised his hand to look at his watch. They were right on time.

The man driving the motorboat was a dark-skinned man wearing a camouflage vest and a pair of big brown pants, and carrying a black cat carrier. The hair was slightly longer than average, the roots stood upright, and the sea breeze blew it back a little.
"Ling Yun, the vice-captain of the unicorn team. I’m honoured to meet Curator Xiao." He raised his hand and took off the windshield. The visitor grinned with big white teeth, and raised a salute to his brow bone. He smiled and said hello, "This is the White King? Well met!"

Baiju nodded slightly, "Well met."

Ling Yun got up from the motorboat, put two talismans on his feet, then turned and stepped onto the sea, "I brought the two little guys over. They are a little seasick, so I used a spell to make them sleep for a while. They’ll wake up in about an hour."

Ling Yun said, took off the cat carrier and handed it to Xiao Yao, "You can check."

Xiao Yao took the carrier, but directly handed it to Baiju, and said directly, "In the future, you can directly connect with the White King for matters related to these demons, without passing through my hands."

Ling Yun was taken aback, raised his hand and scratched his head, and his gaze shifted between the two of them, "...oh——yes, I made a mistake. This should indeed be directly handed to the White King."

Baiju took the cat carrier and opened it to see two yellow, fluffy little guys curled up together sleeping soundly. He reached in and touched them, and got a rough understanding of their bases, then the old dog closed the bag back up and nodded to Ling Yun again, "Thanks for your hard work, the two little demons are in good condition, just leave them to me."

Ling Yun stood up straight, kept his military posture, and saluted Baiju before he responded, "Fortunately, they won’t let you down, White King."
After that, Ling Yun shook his collar again, looked towards Guihe Island, and asked, "Speaking of which, I heard that the Peregrine Falcon team is also here?"

Xiao Yao nodded. Ling Yun was a member of the Special Service, in charge of a squad in the capital, named Qilin. While Qu Lang's squad was more mobile, not fixed in which area it stayed, so it’s name was Peregrine Falcon. Ling Yun was escorting the little demons from the Demon Administration Bureau. He wasn’t only the escort of the little demons, but also additional manpower sent by the Special Service.

"Qu Lang is on the island. Contact him later when you get on land." Xiao Yao paused and asked, "Are you the only one from the capital?"

Ling Yun grinned, "I'm not the only one, there are two other members. They’ll meet A’Heng from Peregrine Falcon first. In the afternoon, they’ll bring the flying corpse from Xiangcheng and the falcon from Mengdu."

Xiao Yao nodded to express his understanding.
The number of additional personnel assigned by the Special Service wasn’t stated last night. After all, most of the Special Service members were in small teams, and each team rarely had any time. It was impossible to decide who could manage it for a while, and they could only play it by ear.

The three met smoothly without any additional circumstances, so they talked briefly about the deployment, then Baiju took Xiao Yao back to the island first, while Ling Yun rode a motorboat to rendezvous with Qu Lang.

Qu Lang went to Haiyin Fort earlier. After the day before, the vampires didn’t stop him at all, allowing Qu Lang to set up "traps" around Haiyin Fort.

So when Ling Yun found Qu Lang, what he saw was a certain Peregrine Falcon captain who was not wearing half of his protective gear and was standing on the cliff behind Haiyin Fprt like a gecko.

"Rock climbing in the early morning?" Ling Yun showed his credentials to Saric, the housekeeper who was guarding the door, and he entered the door smoothly. When he stood at the door and looked up, he saw a familiar figure scratching his back on the cliff. His sweat reflected brightly.

Qu Lang's ears moved slightly, and when he heard Ling Yun's voice, he casually made a hole in the cliff, clasped his five fingers, turned around halfway, and accurately found Ling Yun's position.

Raising his eyebrows, Qu Lang ignored Ling Yun's words and asked, "Is Qilin coming?"

"Not yet, I'm the first one on the front line." Ling Yun also grumbled back, and felt that this dialogue was too stupid, so he cleared his throat and raised his hand to whisper, "Qilin and Peregrine have already met up and will arrive in the afternoon. "

Qu Lang struggled to follow Ling Yun's gestures. He nodded after reading his lips, and was too lazy to whisper to Ling Yun, waving his hand and still shouting, "When did you come? Come up and help!"

Ling Yun, "..."
Ling Yun really didn’t want to follow Qu Lang to be a gecko, especially since this gecko didn’t need any protective gear himself, and would think that the others didn’t need protective gear either. His qilin were down-to-earth, not as keen on heights as the peregrine team.

After moving his joints a little bit, Ling Yun resigned to slapping a talisman on his foot. Then he took a short run-up, rose up on his toes, then leaped lightly, stepping on the roof of Haiyin Fort to reach Qu Lang. Then he threw down a knife, and also made an anchor to fix himself on the cliff.

"Which step are you at?" Ling Yun stretched his neck to look at the half-painted cinnabar charms on Qu Lang's hand. "How many?"

Qu Lang took out a box of cinnabar from the small cloth bag hanging on his hip and handed it to Ling Yun, "This is the thirty-seventh, and I’m twelve short."

Ling Yun took the cinnabar and broke off a piece into his pocket. He couldn't help but be speechless, "You’re really fast."

Qu Lang twitched the corners of his mouth and didn’t speak, motioning him to look at the half of the rune array that had been laid out on the cliff wall in order to confirm the remaining positions to be arranged.
Ling Yun and Qu Lang entered the Special Service Preliminary Division at the same time. At that time, Ling Yun, who was two years older than Qu Lang, said that he wanted to look out for Qu Lang. He didn’t expect that Qu Lang would overtake him in everything. In the end, both entered the Secret Service, but were assigned to two different teams, and now one had become a captain and the other had become a deputy.

Most of the talisman formation on the cliff had been laid out, and the remaining points were planned out. Ling Yun chose the closest point to Qu Lang, and recounted the past with an old friend who he hadn’t seen for a long time while drawing, "Captain Qu, how've you been recently?"

"Same old, I’m good." Qu Lang held the hilt of a knife in his mouth, and his speech was a bit vague.

Ling Yun lowered his voice, "Is Curator Xiao's new fling good-looking? Your goal from your adolescence to now seems to have been taken away."

Qu Lang paused slightly, turning his head to the side and said helplessly, "Are you high? Don't gossip about me. You know that Xiao’ge is like my own brother. Why are you always making it sound weird."

Ling Yun shut his mouth, still a little bit confused about Qu Lang, "I wouldn't do this much even for my own brother... Hey, you really mean nothing to Curator Xiao?"

Qu Lang exhaled from between his teeth, "That's because you have no conscience, and you haven't been saved... Sometimes when you owe someone else, it’ll take a few lifetimes before you can break even. Have you ever heard of reborn parents? I treat Xiao’ge about the same as a Dad."

Ling Yun shrugged noncommittally, moved down the cliff, and went to draw the remaining half of the talisman, muttering, "I think the White King is quite dangerous."

Qu Lang glanced at Ling Yun from the corner of his eye and warned, "Xiao’ge likes him, so he’s fine, don't get confused."

Ling Yun curled his lips, still a little unconvinced, so he put a sound-proof barrier up and spoke again, "You won’t even let me talk…...don’t tell me you didn’t know, this guy isn’t a simple mountain god at all, nor is he an ordinary Demon King. He’s so powerful that he can keep up with the Vermillion Bird bones collected by Lao’Nie. There’s also the scar on his face, which is definitely of an evil nature."

Qu Lang felt a little depressed when he heard this.
When Baiju first met them, the aura on his body was far less exposed than it was now. Even if it was a bit strange, it was covered by his aura of merits. NOw that he thought about it, the old dog should have deliberately concealed his aura at that time.

The results seemed okay for now. Xiao’ge had been taken into the doghouse and the old dog was frank, less mysterious, and any practitioner who had reached a certain level of cultivation could clearly feel the difference in Baiju, let alone Xiao Yao.
But Xiao’ge didn't say anything, as if it didn’t matter at all if the small firecracker lying beside him was to become an atomic bomb.

What could Qu Lang do, he could only pretend to be blind around Xiao Yao. Fortunately, the white old dog was still very upstanding and had never shown any problems in front of outsiders. The cover removed from his body wasn’t so much a deterrent, but more of an explanation to those around Xiao Yao.

He felt a little frustrated. It was going to rain, and my father was going to marry. Qu Lang sighed and felt that his impressions were false.

The gossip Ling Yun saw that Qu Lang didn't reply, and he was still quite self-aware, so he didn't intend to continue discussing this topic.
To put it bluntly, Qu Lang, Xiao Yao, and the old dog who was suspected of abducting Curator Xiao were family. It was okay for him to be an outsider who cared about them, but it wasn’t good to get involved too much.

After the lonely Deputy Ling drew a talisman, Qu Lang had already changed locations to draw the next one. Ling Yun shook his finger and couldn’t help but find another point close to Qu Lang, climbing over to inquire about the news, "Hey, Captain Qu, I heard that you also found a newcomer on the island?"

Qu Lang, "..."
Why is this old thief Ling so well informed? Isn't it a waste of talent not to become a paparazzi?

Qu Lang guarded vigilantly the only good seed who might be sucked into the Special Service with a hard tone, "How did you know? Let me say it now, if he enters the Service, I’m making a reservation for him in Peregrine Falcon."

Deputy Ling's eyes fluttered and he touched his nose, accidentally smearing some cinnabar, then he quickly rubbed it with the root of his palm, and a nasal sound affected his voice, "Ah...well, the newcomer you are looking at isn’t from Beijing. When the old man Xia asked to check his background, Qilin dealt with it..."

Qu Lang, "..." He miscalculated.
After gritting his teeth, Jing Xia and A’Song, whom he fancied, were still more practically arranged for entering the Demon Administration Bureau. He couldn’t dispute this. But Shao Simiao had a pure Yang body, and was a good seed to enter the Special Service. He was unwilling to give him up.

Wouldn't it have been a waste of him to sell his body for two nights to give him the courage to sleep in the town house?

The author has something to say:
Qu Lang: Win Char Siu Bao for the Peregrin Falcon team!

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