78 - Yellow godbeasts
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78 - Yellow godbeasts

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Xiao Yao was a little surprised when he heard Baiju say that there were Rui Beasts.

Rui beasts were connected to the divine way in China, but now China's divine way had declined, they had gradually disappeared. Occasionally, there were one or two who were still active,but their tempers were high. They were Rui beasts, although they didn't kill people without blinking, they still treated them as ants and weren't  willing to respect and communicate with ordinary people, let alone maintain the stability of the demon world——this was also a reason why the Demon Administration didn't seek out a Rui Beast, and why they found the old white dog.

"If you can find a Rui beast willing to take action, naturally that would be the best." Xiao Yao nodded, and said curiously, "Bai'ge, can you really find Rui beast?"

Baiju nodded, laced his fingers, and considered for a moment, "There are traces, but I've been awake for half a year without visiting to confirm. The two forest spirits I had staying outside the retreat cave had left for the outside world. In recent years, the divine way has fallen, and those of my friends also fell or became wounded, and a few died. There aren't many who are still alive...I'm not sure if they are willing to reappear."

"I can probably find a river dragon king." Baiju said, "We knew each other when he was a little koi. He was almost turned into a grilled fish when he jumped over the dragon gate and undertook his thunder tribulation. I happened to be nearby, so I led away his thunder and helped him to barely jump over the dragon gate, so he is indebted to me...if I ask him to take action now, even if he can't get his domain out of the mountain, at least I can get a little help."

Xiao Yao was taken aback, "Is he actually a Dragon King? We don't seem to have such a record."

Baiju touched his chin, "It's not unusual that there is no record. After all, he wasn't born a dragon. Since he achieved his wish, he has been living his own little life at the bottom of the river, and hasn't been in the sky. One could say that he has basically never appeared in front of people."

Xiao Yao laughed. The style of this old dog’s friend was the same as that of Baiju, “I thought that the koi leaping over the dragon gate became a god. After all, once a dragon form is achieved, they are the image of heaven."

Baiju shook his head, poured two cups of tea, and handed one to Xiao Yao, "This is a misunderstanding in your circles about me... In fact, many demons do not practice to become immortals or gods; for some cultivation and evolution is almost an instinct, and is just an ordinary way of progress. It could even be said to be inevitable."

"Like koi, snakes, and lizards will all aim to evolve into a dragon. We use one of the most obvious principles to look at this matter. It's just because dragons live longer than their original firms." Baiju's fingertips rubbed the rim of the cup, his voice lowered, "However, at the same time, it is undeniable that any evolutionary direction implies greater power. This power itself is very fascinating."

The topic ended there.

Both Baiju and Xiao Yao knew that if they continued this line of thought, what they would have uncovered was only some irreconcilable conflicts between demons and practitioners. Even if these contradictions didn't affect the current management system, they were more or less a blemish on their history and it wasn't a pleasant thing to talk about.

Xiao Yao drank two sips of the tea that the old white dog handed him, and raised his wrist to check the time, "There are still ten minutes or so before these two little guys should wake up."

Baiju looked sideways at the two yellow godbeasts lying curled up beside him, stretched out his fingers and scratched their backs gently against the fur, "What are their names?"

Xiao Yao glanced over his head and took the palm of Baiju's hand. He wrote in the palm of his hand and introduced, "The big one is called Liu Wangshu, and the young one is called Liu Yingxing. They used to be named Huang, but later experienced that tragedy... They left the village and asked the Liu family, whom they had sheltered for generations, to borrow their surname, which was considered a show of respect."

Baiju held Xiao Yao's fingers and pinched his boyfriend's fingertips to play with, "The name is pretty good."

Yellow godbeasts worshipped the moon and practiced. These two names were obviously aspirational. It was a pity that the elders of their family died, if they were still there, they would have been more useful than these two cubs.

Baiju's eyelashes dropped. As a demon, he was no longer a small wild god with a priesthood, but perhaps because of habit, or because he had concerns in the human world, through all the power conflicts and imbalances he couldn't help but stay close to humans and safeguard human interests.

This was also a benefit...At least he stood on the light side and took the initiative to protect the interests of mankind, so that he wouldn’t inexplicably be a target of public criticism as before.

The old white dog was still thinking about living a good life with his little boyfriend in the future, so naturally all the difficulties in front of him must be solved properly.

After a few more conversations with Xiao Yao, Baiju had a general understanding of the two yellow godbeasts.

As guardians of families, the weasels generally required the sheltered family to provide some poultry on a regular basis, and they would assist the family in all aspects, regardless of the details.

Whether the person offering the poultry was sincere or not would affect the amount of power that their guardian demons could gain. The poultry offered wasn't so much food as a means of prayer, and the refuge that insincere people could obtain was naturally very little. On the contrary, people who sincerely prayed wouldn't have everything go well, but at least they rarely encountered situations such as disaster and disease.

In this way, guardian demons gave people the impression that they sometimes weren't working, but if they really investigated it, then person concerned must have a little bit of doubt in their heart.

The members of Liu family on the outskirts of the capital belonged to a lineage who had been sincere for generations. The Liu Family Ancestral Hall was located in the back hill of the village. The yellow godbeasts' tribute would also be sent to the ancestral hall along with the Liu family’s ancestors. In this way, the godbeasts were actually placed in a very high position by the Liu family, and would follow the Liu family’s ancestors. Naturally, they were more effective than ordinary guardian demons.

Of course, this practice was actually very risky. In order to please the yellow godbeasts by paying tribute in this way, one could easily provoke the sleeping ancestors in the ancestral hall.

The sisters Liu Wangshu and Liu Yingxing hadn’t eaten the incense of the Liu Family's Ancestral Hall in good faith, as the guardians who really bore the Liu family's prayers were their parents and grandparents.

Fortunately, it was in this situation that the two little guys were able to leave Liu family after the incident and were directly taken and managed by the Demon Management Bureau, otherwise they would have to stay in the village for ten or twenty years in gratitude.

"They’re going to wake up." Baiju had been rubbing his fingertips on the backs of the two little guys for a while and he felt their heart beat slightly faster and his body temperature rose in the small body under his hands.

The two yellow godbeasts' fur shook slightly, their black bean-like eyes blinked and opened, and they looked in the direction of Baiju in confusion.

"Cute, aren't they?" Xiao Yao's smiling voice sounded in his ears, and Baiju softly responded, moving his fingertips, scratching the fur behind one of their ears and unexpectedly causing the little weasel's ears to tremble.

"Very cute." Baiju has always liked little brats. His expression was soft and he turned his head to look at Xiao Yao as if thinking of something, "You aren’t allowed to pet them, you have me."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao coughed softly, and was shocked by the line from the old dog that suddenly declared sovereignty. He looked away a little uncomfortably, "...Okay, I’ll only touch your fluff."

Baiju tilted his head, thinking that it was actually impossible.

His little boyfriend liked fluff, and when he saw cute cats and dogs, he would feed and touch them. It was basically a conditioned reflex and seemed to be too uncomfortable to endure every time.

"Well...you can touch other floofs." Baiju blinked, "but every time you have to keep track, and then compensate me."

Xiao Yao was a little confused. He felt that the old white dog’s rank was too high, if he touched others, he would change their lives for the better——so he leaned forward to test his kiss Baiju's chin, and asked in a low voice, "...…how should I compensate?"

Old white dog, "..."
He vaguely thought that there should be benefits to be had here, but the problem was that he didn't know what kind of benefits he could get, so he was uncertain, "Ah...if you touch them, just touch me twice?"

Xiao Yao smiled perfectly, in a manner that could only be simple and neat, "Okay."

The old white dog suddenly had a bad premonition.
But before he could consider the implications, the two small guys became active under his hands and drew his attention back.

His hand was slightly loose and Baiju gently shook the two little guys to signal them to go to the ground. In a blink of an eye, two faint ocher lights passed, and there were two little girls in the open space in front of them.

Their light brown hair was cut short by their ears, and the two of them placed a light blue bow hairpin in the left and right of their hair respectively. They looked very sweet.

The two little girls were only eight or nine years old and were still in elementary school. The clothes they wore was a yellow dress with white floral prints, which made them look like two little sunflowers.

"Little demons Liu Wangshu and Liu Yingxing, we’re honoured to meet the White King and Curator Xiao." The two little demons greeted them, wanting to give a decent salute, but they really didn’t know how to kneel or worship, or whether it was better to bow or shake hands. Finally glanced at each other, straightened up their chests, raised their arms, and performed a standard Scouts team salute.

Baiju was still very kind to the little demons. He didn't laugh at them when he saw the display. Instead, he slightly nodded, looked at their eyes with respect, and said warmly, "Well, hello."

Immediately, the expressions of the two little demons visibly brightened.
Unlike humans like Ling Yun, when the two little demons judged who they should greet out of Baiju and Xiao Yao first, they instinctively chose the demon king Baiju instead of Xiao Yao, the director of the Demon Administration Bureau.

Baiju's tolerance and recognition was the biggest praise for these two little demons. The Beijing Director Deng mentioned "to convince them, it’s better to be a little afraid" for a face-to-face meeting with Baiju.

Xiao Yao on the side was also happy to see the result.
In the afternoon, the falcon from Mengdu and the flying corpse from Xiangcheng were coming over. Those two weren’t as good as yellow godbeasts. Liu Wangshu and Liu Yingxing were able to obey the old dog from the beginning, which saved them a lot of trouble.

Baiju saw Xiao Yao’s reaction from the corner of his eyes, knowing that he had given the initiative to himself completely, the old white dog didn’t hesitate anymore. After confirming that the one on the left was the older sister and the one on the right was the younger sister, he began to chat with them. After a few questions and answers, the old white dog began to explain to the two little girls about the cultivation of demons with a few extra topics on the side.

Xiao Yao sat on the sofa next to Baiju, with his chin in one hand, and watched the profile of the old white dog entranced.

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