79 - Little demons
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79 - Little demons

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The Flying Corpse and Falcon arrived with Qilin and the remaining dispatched personnel of Peregrine Falcon to Guihe Island.

When the group appeared on the pier, it attracted the attention of many tourists. After all, the temperament that these people showed was really different.
Regardless of the geeks in the Special Service, they were all aliens in the crowd. All gathered together, they were each as incompatible with each other as they were with their surroundings. With two covert little demons in black clothes and black masks on a hot day, and with hoods covering most of their faces, they looked like a group of criminals.

When Baiju and Xiao Yao went to the dock to meet them, the two yellow godbeasts had already started to practice under Baiju’s guidance. Their talents were already good and the old white dog Baiju summoned them a round moon in the yard, so he followed Xiao Yao to deal with other things first.

A'Heng from the Peregrine Falcon team was an old acquaintance. He stretched out his arm to say hello when he saw Baiju and Xiao Yao coming from a distance. A'Heng, who stayed in the computer room all the year round taping away on keyboards, rarely dressed for warm weather and his arms were so white they reflected the sunlight and successfully caught Xiao Yao's attention.

Baiju had immediately noticed the two little demons in the crowd, but Xiao Yao suddenly poked his waist, and his whole body was tickled, and he couldn't help dodging, "Yao Yao?"

"A'Heng is over there." Xiao Yao raised his chin and motioned Baiju to look over. Baiju raised his eyes, a smile curled up at the corner of his mouth, "Yeah, I saw...the two little demons are quite conspicuous."

Xiao Yao smiled, knowing that the old white dog was very capable of finding the aura of the little demons, but he had to slowly let the old white dog get used to contact with ordinary humans and not look for the little demons or him as his first reaction.
Although this old dog had been a mountain god before, after entering modern society, he still had too little contact with ordinary people.  Although A'Heng was a member of the Peregrine Falcon team, he wasn't a practitioner himself. He was just a talented human being with a high level of IT skills.

The old white dog wasn't very clear about Xiao Yao's thoughts, but he still turned his attention to A'Heng according to his will. By the way, he also noticed the people around A'Heng who tried to pretend to be ordinary people, but they were all Secret Service team members with the word "incompatible" written all over them.

He couldn't help but approach Xiao Yao slightly and ask in a low voice, "Yao Yao, like that, won't they be easily distinguished when they are on a mission?"

Xiao Yao took a look at the old white dog. He really didn't expect that Baiju would think of this. He paused and replied, "No, after all, they are also trained. Pretending is a basic skill. It's just this isn't an ordinary task, it involves direct contact with cultivators. Whether they behave special or not has little effect on the task, so they're a little bit careless."

The old dog white nodded as he understood. He wasn't very good at disguising himself, so he couldn't understand what acting was like, let alone how someone could easily adjust their state.

As they talked the two had passed through the flow of people at the pier and walked straight to A'Heng. Baiju slightly nodded at A'Heng and asked, "Are you all here?"

A'Heng pushed his glasses and replied with a smile, "Reporting to the White King, we're all here."

As he spoke, A'Heng stretched out his hand and pointed to the team members next to him in turn, and introduced them to Baiju, "This big blonde beauty is Peregrine Falcon's Li Qiuhan. We all call her Han'jie, the White King can call her Xiao'Han. Han'jie is our sniper and is very good at all kinds of firearms."

Baiju's gaze followed A'Heng's fingers, calmly facing the eyes of a tall woman next to him. The woman changed her casual stance, dressed in a revealing summer dress, with her feet close together and nodding towards him. A vague military salute was given.

A'Heng touched his nose. Everyone in the Peregrine Falcon team knew that the White King was their older brother's eldest brother. They would naturally not be perfunctory. He gave priority to introducing the members of his team in order to clarify their position in front of team Qilin.
Han'jie’s example went well, A'Heng paused for a while, then continued to introduce the others.

In addition to A'Heng and Han'jie, the Peregrine Falcon team also came with a small boy with a baby face. He looked like a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy, but his actual age was twenty-seven. He was wearing a Pikachu hooded vest and matching accessories, yellow shorts and sandals, with a Pokeball backpack on his back. He was named Ji Yun, nicknamed Baby Chick. He was the best member of Peregrine Falcon at mysticism theory. Not a warlock, so he could only provide guidance, but was especially good in the area of formations.

The other two were from the Beijing Qilin team. One was the sorcerer A'Liang who was good at linguistic spells, a tall, thin and silent man. The other was an ordinary person, Lu Lu who was good at detection and information capture, and was a white and tender eighteen or nineteen-year-old girl.

"Lu Lu and I were from the same pre-selection team," A'Heng said. "The two of us can work together well, so you can just play freely, and don't have to worry about keeping evidence. As long as you leave a certain amount of time and space in the process, we can track whatever you want."

Ji Yun, who had been listening next to him, couldn’t help taking a step forward, and raised his head to recommend himself, “Also, I can help analyze the information they capture. White King, you can teach me any theoretical knowledge, I promise to maximize their value."

Baiju couldn't help but smile. Even without him saying it, the one he could talk about most among these people was Ji Yun. An old man with a stomach full of pressure and a dry sponge that urgently needed to absorb water. If the old dog really sat Ji Yun down download a good explanation, the strength of the entire Peregrine Falcon team may be improved to a terrifying degree.

Nodding in response to this small request, Baiju naturally wouldn't brush off the other party’s intentions, so he turned his gaze calmly to the two behind the five people who were similar in style. The little demons.

"The Flying Corpse and the Falcon?" Baiju asked.

A'Heng nodded, "Yes, but I don't know them. Curator Xiao should know a lot."

Xiao Yao took over the conversation and briefly introduced the two in black clothes and black trousers at the back.
The tall man on the left with a hood and a well-groomed posture was the flying corpse from Xiangcheng, named Qing Lan. His personality was a bit dull and stubborn, repeatedly jumping between extremely awkward and extremely disobedient. Most of the time one needed to use a bit of skill to coax him into being obedient.

The one on the right with a vigilant posture, his head down and his shoulders squeezed, was a Falcon from Mengdu, named Lei Wo. He was a bit fierce and easy to rile up, but unexpectedly easy to coax and deceive. He seemed vigilant but most of it was all show, just two casual sentences could easily deceive him. He was similar to a husky to some extent, easily got along with strange people. This also made him Mengdu's Demon Management Bureau headache.

Following Xiao Yao’s unsubtle introduction, Qinglan glanced over ignorantly, without realising that he was being teased. Meanwhile the Falcon, Revo...was beet red from the top of his head to the root of his neck, like he was being cooked, and if you tortured him for a few more seconds, you would be afraid he was going to be fried.

With a smile in Baiju's eyes, he somewhat regained the feeling of being a Demon King.
The little demons under his command at the beginning were the same as these two, each with their own strengths. Perhaps none of their personalities could be considered pure, but they were all good children.

"The two little demons can follow me," Baiju looked at Haiyin Fort on the cliff in the distance, and arranged, "Qu Lang and Ling Yun are both at Haiyin Fort. Your team can go and meet them first. At night, I'll bring the little demons over to find you again.
"This time the incident happened suddenly. Although they identified the clues early, time was still tight and it was still a bit difficult for these little demons to participate in the mission. They had to hurry up.

The Flying Corpse Qing Lan reacted a little at this moment, and whispered to confirm, "I'll follow the White King...will the White King help me find a master?"

A'Heng had obviously been tortured by this problem all the way over, but he wasn't too proficient in coaxing, "Yes, you will, and the White King will find you a suitable master for you."

Qing Lan opened his mouth, then stopped talking.
Taking another look at the old white dog, Qing Lan whispered, "Thank you, White King."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju felt guilty inexplicably, and looked at Xiao Yao for help.

Xiao Yao narrowed his eyes with a smile, pursed his lips and said nothing, making it clear that he wanted the old dog to solve this problem by himself.

Baiju sighed, "... don't thank me."
The old white dog accepted this glorious and arduous task resignedly, "I'll help you find a master."


The concept of "master" in Qinglan's mind was very vague.
It stood to reason that flying corpses were a type of undead and were a common combat partner for practitioners. Under normal circumstances, whoever refined the undead was the owner. Unless the owner had died, there would be no need to find the undead a master.

And most of the time, undead, such a small demon that protected it’s owner, would walk in front of the owner. Even if the owner was dead, the demon had a secret method to sacrifice themselves for the owner to continue his life.
Qing Lan's hard look was much like the kind of orthodox zombie that would strangle his owner. As a result, he couldn't find his owner and he didn't even know who his owner was or whether they would accept him.

At the beginning, several members of the mainland’s Demon Management Bureau went to a local barren mountain to investigate some "frequent earthquakes" that were suspected of being haunted by ghosts. They were small earthquakes below magnitude 3 with little tremors that occurred frequently in that mountain, and the epicenter was concentrated in a mountain col. According to the geological data, it didn’t belong to an earthquake zone at all.

After rigorously planning for two or three days, the Demon Administration Bureau, the Secret Service, and the Practitioners Association sent a total of twelve people to investigate this matter, and found the flying corpse Qing Lan in that col.

On a sunny afternoon, at that time, a hanging flying corpse Qing Lan, with a waist-to-hip, black hair that was as messy as weeds, jumped off the cliff on the edge of the mountain, and slammed into a flat place in the mountain col, a pothole was violently knocked out.

Xiangcheng dispatched a team to look at the area and saw Qing Lan squatting at the bottom of the pit, scratching the gravel and soil with both hands, and then splitting the rock layer. The groundwater under the rock strata instantly swelled high, and all of a sudden, Qing Lan was shot up.
Taking a closer look, in this col, more than a dozen pits had been dug out by the human-shaped well drill Qing Lan.

"..." A Xiangcheng practitioner tentatively stepped forward and asked in dialect, "What are you doing?"

The wet Qing Lan raised his head blankly, speaking a little stiffly, but his voice was still clear, "...looking for the master. Qing Lan is looking for the master."

The practitioner paused and then asked, "Tell me about your master. Who is he and where is he?"

When the tall flying corpse heard the words, his whole breath sank, and he squatted on the bottom of the pit and hugged his knees, his expression seemed to crying, "Qing Lan doesn't know."

The twelve people in the Xiangcheng party: "..."
I don't know why, but I suddenly feel defeated.

Just realised I forgot to do the name thing I usually do for the yellow weasel twins, which should actually explain why their names are 'aspirational', here they are now: Liu Wangshu and Liu Yingxing

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