80 - Share your circle of friends
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80 - Share your circle of friends

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Who was Qing Lan? A flying corpse, a high-level variant among zombies. Not the kind that could be formed after 40 or 50 years of refining blood. He could be used as a family heirloom for a whole generation of practitioners.

Who was the owner of Qing Lan?
Didn’t know, didn’t remember, didn’t understand.

No one knew whether he had ever known his master, the name of the master, whether they were still alive, and where they were if they were alive.

Due to the particularity of the undead, they couldn’t simply be defined as demons or artifacts. Although they were loyal, they didn’t necessarily recognise only one owner from beginning to end. Sometimes a few extremely powerful zombies were made before the owner died. This passively terminated the blood contract, and transferred it to the next generation to re-identify a master, and gradually became a family heirloom of the creator’s family.

In the process of constantly transferring blood contracts and passing them down from generation to generation, undead were in contact with more and more souls, experiencing more and more things, and the essence and blood used to strengthen them became more and more complicated. Gradually, they would depart from the state of "loyal puppet", form its own character and its own thoughts. At the same time, its status would be upgraded from a tool to a partner, partner to family member, and then even the elders of the clan would grant it certain decision-making powers.

Qing Lan's state was very embarrassing. He wasn’t like an old zombie who had experienced too much, but he was obviously not the kind of primitive puppet who could only listen to orders. If you had to describe it, he seemed to be a rare defect in a contract transfer. He was neither bound by the previous generation of masters nor taken over by the next generation of masters. Fortunately, he’d retained his own "life" when the blood contract was broken. Although, even this consciousness was probably damaged a little, and he’d somehow developed an obsession of "finding a master" in his mind.

——The Demon Management Bureau and the Practitioners Association in Xiangcheng tend to explain it like this: Qing Lan himself was confused when referring to a "master", and hadn’t been able to cooperate with the Demon Management Bureau to clarify the situation.

Now, ten years had passed since Qing Lan was taken in by the Demon Management Bureau. The members of the Xiangcheng bureau had habitually used the sentence "you’re better off accompanying Qing Lan to find a master" as a joke, to say something was impossible to do, so it would be more interesting to accompany Qing Lan to find a master to kill time.

And now this task had fallen to the old white dog inexplicably.

Baiju looked at Qing Lan, who was standing in the courtyard, wielding a sword obediently. Chopping and swinging back and forth, with a big head.
He did have a technique suitable for the undead to practice alone, but for better or worse he told Qing Lan, "it's easier to find the owner when you’re strong" and other seemingly reasonable remarks. Yet it always made him feel that his conscience had been swallowed back.

By the same regard, when the Falcon was deceived, the old dog didn’t feel guilty at all.
Recalling his conversation with Lei Wo just now, Baiju felt that this Falcon needed more brainpower than practice.

At first, Lei Wo, who was very vigilant and taciturn, lowered his head and raised his eyes to stare at Baiju, his body slightly turned away, "You can really make me stronger?"

Baiju frowned, a little offended, "Really."

Lei Wo still pointed his gun straight, "What if you’re lying to me? What is the price?"

The old white dog was a little amused, remembering the introduction Xiao Yao had given before, and he casually said, "A roast leg of lamb?" He remembered that this was a common food in Mengdu.

As a result, Lei Wo's attitude became visibly gentler and respectful, "You’re such a good person."

Baiju, “......???”

Then Lei Wo followed Baiju's request and went to the bay to hunt with Chujiu. As a falcon, his hunting experience in the Mengdu grasslands was quite rich, but this time the mission would most likely lead the battle to the sea. The aerial combat power of Lei Wo was still very strong, provided that he could adapt to fighting over the sea.
In this regard, Chujiu had some experience from watching Baiju and Xiao Yao on the sea. The little spirit couldn’t do much, but it was still possible for him to restore the memories of the scene and provide Lei Wo some reference.

Therefore, in Baiju and Xiao Yao’s courtyard, two yellow godbeasts who worshipped the moon and the flying corpse Qing Lan who practiced the sword were left to their own devices.
In the study, Xiao Yao met with people from various branches of the Demon Management Bureau, and roughly summarised the management progress of Baiju, and the old white dog watched at the three little demons working hard for a while. He then took out the little guy he had made before and placed it on the gate of the courtyard to supervise, while he sat cross-legged on the sofa in the living room, and collected his own collection library.

Like many big demons, Baiju naturally had his own small vault, but his belongings had been scattered in the past period of hunting, fighting, and travelling. The treasures that were left were all the knowledge of cultivation hidden in his brain

In fact, based on this alone, it was obvious that the old white dog’s brain was quite good, and his current level of black hole in liberal arts was perhaps because he didn’t know much about modern words, or perhaps because his talent points were all spent on cultivation. In short, the old white dog had an excellent memory and deep understanding of the exercises, and was very sorry for his unpassable grades in modern Chinese.
The old white dog who had deeply experienced what it meant to be guilty of a crime had destroyed many precious techniques in order to save his own life, but before destroying them, the old dog consciously remembered them all in his mind.

Baiju never told anyone about this in detail, including Xiao Yao who thought he had hidden his techniques in some portable storage tool, let alone those practitioners and demons who had tried to hunt him down in the past——that was to say, when the old white dog dies then these treasures could be preserved, but if the old white dog had died at that time, then the people who had hunted him would not know what they had destroyed.

The wild mountain god Baiju was the living technique library they were looking for.

Calmly, Baiju's eyes narrowed slightly, and a blank jade slip appeared in his palm when he squeezed his hand.
His spiritual power turned into silk threads and sharp blades and drilled into the jade slip, engraving a few exercises that he had tested, and then collected on the jade slip. His movements were very fast, as those techniques that were so familiar to him weren’t difficult to engrave. Two of them had even been improved by himself, to be more suitable for demon cultivation than for human beings.

In just a few breaths, the jade slip in Baiju's palm had been replaced by a dozen of them. After engraving the useful ones, he picked up a few interesting scraps, and a few useless bad exercises to confuse any observer and in the end a total of more than forty techniques were gathered together, and the five real ones were mixed in so they weren’t so conspicuous.

After Baiju finished carving the exercises, he lowered his eyes and calculated for a while, then let out a long breath.
He didn't have any grand plans, his Yao Yao was his greatest support, but in the end, there were many other people who weren’t his own, and weren’t worthy of his full trust. Therefore, basic precautions were still necessary. He had screened more than forty exercises. Although the number was quite terrifying, the useless, partial, and incomplete exercises accounted for half of them, and the exercises that were suitable for humans but not suitable for demons accounted for another third. It really wouldn't be too amazing to take out all of them, almost just stepping on the pride of human practitioners.

"I hope these things...don't arouse too much greed." Baiju drew in his power and sighed.

Standing up, Baiju rubbed his forehead, his temples hurt a little.
Xiao Yao’s cell phone was placed on the coffee table and Baiju saw that the light was on. Presumably someone was looking for Xiao Yao, so he took the cell phone and walked to the study.

Gently knocking the half-closed door of the study, Baiju paused, then stretched out his hand to push it open.
Xiao Yao heard the knock on the door, but he was still talking, so he didn't respond. When he noticed Baiju coming in, he involuntarily bent his lips and tilted his head to look over, nodding towards Baiju.

There were three people on the video call, namely Director Deng in Beijing, Director Liu in Xiangcheng, and Director Sang in Mengdu.
Baiju entered the study and walked to the computer desk, glanced at the screen, and knew in his heart that these were the people who sent the little demons over. On the one hand, those little demons meet the requirements, and on the other hand, it was probably because these people had a closer relationship with Xiao Yao, so they were relatively more trustworthy.

"Understanding this, Baiju didn’t deliberately avoid the scope of the lens. Either way, the camera could only capture below his chest. Standing behind Xiao Yao's chair, Baiju raised his hand and handed the phone to him with a slightly lowered voice, "There’s a message, I don't know who from."

"Okay," Xiao Yao just finished explaining and took a sip from his water glass. Then, without picking up the phone, he unlocked the screen in Baiju's hand, and opened WeChat with his eyes down, and said casually, "Don't you have the password? "

Baiju's palm steadily held the mobile phone for him, and his other hand simply bent at his elbow to lean on the back of his chair, supporting his cheek, with a slight ambiguity in his mouth, "I won’t check all your messages."
After a short pause, Baiju realised that the video call hadn't ended. Xiao Yao made it clear that getting close to him was like declaring sovereignty, so he couldn't help but smile and add, "...I know you’ll tell me."

Director Deng hissed from the toothache on the other side of the screen.

"Deng’yi, smoke less and eat less sugar. Remember to brush your teeth at night and wash your teeth regularly." Xiao Yao didn't plan to pay attention to the pit of jealousy on the other end of the screen. Hearing Director Deng's gasp at the tip of his ears, his eyes were raised without looking up as he cocked the corner of his mouth and joked.

Director Deng leaned back on her boss chair, folded her arms and turned the pen in her hand, then said with a smile, "Why, are you planning to invite your auntie for wedding candy?"

Xiao Yao flipped through his WeChat messages, and after reading the news accumulated from Qu Lang and Ling Yun’s barbecue, he leaned back and raised his head to Baiju and said, "Qu Lang wants to pull you into the Group, but doesn’t have your WeChat."

Baiju was stunned. There was only Xiao Yao in his WeChat address book, and he had never considered establishing social interaction through WeChat before.

Xiao Yao poked the screen and sent Qu Lang's contact to Baiju, then patted Baiju's hand, "You add him."

Baiju didn't react a little bit, then dumbly leaned over and put Xiao Yao's phone on his desk. Only then did he touch his trouser pocket to grab his phone. He was going to... share a circle of friends with Xiao Yao?

On the other side of the screen, three sub-directors were completely ignored, and they cleared their throats at the same time.

Mengdu’s Director Sang was a tall and strong man. He raised his hand and knocked on the table, then he held his face solemnly and said after a while, "...can we also add the White King's WeChat?"

Director Liu from Xiangcheng touched his head, and awkwardly agreed with him, "Ah, yes, yes, we still lack a little friend to help like."

Director Deng laughed, bit her pen like a cigarette and said, "Add auntie's WeChat, auntie will give you a red envelope."

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