81 - I wanted to kiss here just now
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81 - I wanted to kiss here just now

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Baiju was a little dazed by the efforts of the directors to promote themselves. He subconsciously looked at his mobile phone screen. The friend request he sent to Qu Lang had been accepted in seconds, and an event called "Guihe Fort BBQ" with the chatroom "Group" appeared, with a dozen chat messages unread. The number in the red circle was still rising rapidly.
At first glance, it didn't look like a serious work group.

With a strange warmth in his heart, Baiju held the phone in his fingers tightly, and couldn't help but glance at the computer screen again.

Director Deng looked like she was smiling across the screen. She obviously couldn't see Baiju's face, but she guessed by his little movements accurately, raised her chin and smiled, "White King, how about it? A gift...do you want to?"

What gift...Baiju swallowed his saliva, his Adam's apple rolled, and the heart in his chest was beating more enthusiastically than usual.

With a dumb throat, Baiju moved his lips and let out a chuckle after a while, "...thank you."
After a pause, Baiju continued, "Yao Yao has a family like you, it's great."

Director Deng's eyes dimmed slightly.
Family...Family like them, even though they were close to Xiao Yao, they couldn't fill the missing pieces in Xiao Yao. After all, the goods were wrong, no matter how close their relationship was, how could acquired family members be as special as innate ones.

So the White King, the guy who jumped into the positioning of his lover, could hopefully fill in the missing piece of the puzzle.

Director Deng's slightly stagnant smile turned up again perfectly, and her voice was a little lazy, a different tone from what she used at work, "What can we say...we dare not greet the White King and have him call someone auntie, but I want to put be closer to you, and we will all be a family from now on."

Baiju smiled, and didn't deny that "dare".
After all, he was a demon king, and his relationship with Xiao Yao had gradually evolved into what it was now. He didn't care about the issue of generations, but this was a special case after all, even if he was willing to bow his head to be a junior in front of these people for Xiao Yao, in fact he couldn't really carelessly disregard the facts, at best he could bear the embassament.

Director Deng saw the matter clearly and spoke the truth. It not only narrowed the relationship, but also just stepped on Baiju's bottom line.

Xiao Yao naturally wouldn't have any special requirements in this regard. In fact, if Baiju took the initiative to lower his head and call her aunt, he would feel uncomfortable. Baiju was still proud in his bones, and he didn't intend to use his identity as a lover to lower Baiju's head.

"Yao Yao, help me add them." Baiju handed the phone to Xiao Yao, staring at the short hair behind his ear, "I want to receive a red envelope."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Obviously it was himself who came up with the initiative, but when he heard Baiju's righteous "I want to receive a red envelope", he was still a little embarrassed.

Trying to ignore the heat on his face, Xiao Yao took Baiju's mobile phone, distracting Baiju's attention, "Don't just look at me, show your face, let Director Deng and the others see you."

Baiju responded in a low voice, "Okay."
Then he bent down neatly, lowered his head close to Xiao Yao's head, and his entire face entered the view of the camera.

He lowered his eyes, his gaze stuck between the hair behind Xiao Yao's ear, seeing that the white jade-like earlobe had turned into a beautiful red jade, he couldn't help pursing his lips and let out a chuckle.
Anyone with a discerning eye could see it, and he wanted to touch it.

But in front of him were all Xiao Yao's family members, so such actions full of subtle hints besides intimacy weren't suitable.
Baiju took another look with restraint, before raising his eyes and looking into the camera, his pitch-black pupils were deep and peaceful, "Nice to meet you."

Three inhalation sounds came out simultaneously on the other side of the screen.

The silence lasted for two or three seconds. Just when Baiju became a little uncomfortable, Director Deng gave a response. Her eyes scanned Baiju's face twice, and she coughed slightly, "Well... it looks like Curator Xiao is not unreasonable to like you."
He was so damn eye-catching, she was happy to give a red envelope to such a dog.

There was a trace of pure doubt in Baiju's eyes, and he could see his own face in the small window of the screen. Raising his hand to touch the lines at the corner of his eye, he smiled, looked down at Xiao Yao, and his tone softened involuntarily, "Thanks to Yao Yao's love...this scar is still a little scary after all."

"Ah ha ha ha ha…...Not scary not scary!" Director Liu from Xiangcheng choked on his saliva, his old face flushed from coughing, and he waved his hands and said loudly, "It looks good! Young people would especially like it!"

Baiju, "..."
As far as he knew, there were quite a few people who don't accept tattoos in the open on the Internet. For the most part, a lot of people hated the scars on the face that were too ostentatious.

But he didn't know that there was a creature called a dog slave with no bottom line, and he didn't even know that he had acted as the treasure of the town hall in the live broadcast room of the straight male anchor Char Siew Bao, although he was faintly overthrown by the Captain Qu two days ago.

Mengdu’s Director Sang's mouth opened and closed without voicing any words. In an instant, Director Deng and Director Liu had robbed all the lines, so he could only sum up dryly as he coughed, "You (ahem) very good, we wish you both well."

Baiju loved to hear these words.
With a finger squeezed Xiao Yao's arm in a place that the camera couldn't see, Baiju promised with a solemn taste, "We will be fine."

The few people talked for a while without saying much, and the three people on the opposite side successively passed Baiju's friend application, and hurriedly asked Baiju to join their circle of friends.

The old white dog was quite honest at that moment, so when he was told to like things, he bowed his head to flip through his phone. He seriously praised the dynamics of several Demon Management Bureau branches active in the circle. Then from a square dance video to a life-hack video, he saw some tutorials on fast-handmade dishes, and awkwardly reposted a few, and within two seconds received Qu Lang's like.

Then on Xiao Yao's side, Qu Lang's dialog box flickered frantically:
——Xiao’ge! The big guy is not good!
——Is the username White King fake? Or was he hacked?

Xiao Yao, "..."
You would know a hammer.

With his palm supporting his forehead, Xiao Yao endured it for a while, but couldn't help but laugh.
With a soft and sweet warm light in his eyes, Xiao Yao sent Qu Lang a hammer emoticon, and then typed and explained, "Go and look through Deng’yi's circle of friends."

Qu Lang was quiet for ten seconds.
Then sent a series of ellipsis, and finally ended with a Buddhist emoji package.

Raising his head and saying a few words to the other side of the screen to stay in touch, Xiao Yao and Baiju terminated the video conference together.

Baiju had already given a month's worth of likes to the circle of friends of the sub-directors, and was about to put away his phone, but a floating window popped out at the top of the screen.

It was Ji Yun's friend request.
Baiju remembered that this human being's theoretical research on cultivations was superior to that of many practitioners, so he raised his eyebrows, clicked through, and at the same time opened his mouth to report to Xiao Yao, "Ji Yun added me."

Xiao Yao naturally knew this person's abilities, and nodded in response, "His research on cultivation is quite interesting. Bai’ge should remember to chat with him more in the future, maybe it will be good for you."

Baiju responded with a "hm", thought about it, and sent a message to Ji Yun, telling him they should study and learn two exercises when they met in the evening. After making the appointment, he turned off the phone screen.

After putting the phone into his pocket, Baiju stretched out his hand and squeezed Xiao Yao's neck, massaged his sedentary boyfriend a few times, and then bowed his head and called out, "Yao Yao."

Xiao Yao narrowed his eyes, took off his gold-rimmed glasses and put them on the table. He had lowered his head and was enjoying himself, so he hummed in response to Baiju's voice and asked relaxedly, "What's the matter?"

Baiju's palm moved to Xiao Yao's shoulder, his head lowered, and the tip of his nose rubbed against Xiao Yao's back, and his voice was vague, "I want to kiss you."

Then, before Xiao Yao could react, he tilted his head and gently held the earlobe on Xiao Yao's right side, along with a few pieces of black hair behind his ear.
The tip of his tongue licked the tip of the hair, then Baiju lightly bit, and his soft lips brought the scorching temperature in his mouth, and sent a slight sigh into Xiao Yao's eardrum, "...I just wanted to kiss here."

Xiao Yao only felt that with a thud in his head, his whole body was softened.

The author has something to say:
Old white dog, kiss and kiss, say something shameless.

Sorry if anything Deng'yi says starts to get confusing. For whatever reason, the way her dialogue is written is so hard for me to Englishify and if I just leave it word for word then it makes no sense...
I think the gift is the red envelopes, which I guess are a wedding present but also...an everything present...and the 'call me auntie' thing should be obvious, I hope; she wants them to be close, but is aware that asking a 1000+ year old demon king to call her auntie is a little tasteless.

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