82 - Me and Mini-me are beautiful
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82 - Me and Mini-me are beautiful

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It wasn’t the first time that Xiao Yao had been kissed by the old white dog on his earlobe.
Perhaps it was because of Baiju's instincts. He alway liked to talk close to Xiao Yao's ear, and he whispered and kissed the tip of his ear a lot...

But this time, Xiao Yao couldn't help thinking, just now in front of Deng’yi and the others, the old white dog’s thoughts were actually full of his earlobe...
Suddenly, Xiao Yao felt as if he had been punished in public.

In retrospect, it seemed that the long-past request to not be called "Yao Yao" publicly had also failed.
The old white dog always forgot when he barked, and Xiao Yao himself gradually accepted this special and favoured title. Apart from being a little embarrassed occasionally, it seemed that he didn’t find it too awkward to accept this title in front of a group of people.

In just a few seconds, Xiao Yao's thoughts changed a lot, but they were quickly thrown away with Baiju's kiss.
This old dog was really a dog. When others kissed, they paid attention to sucking. This guy wasn’t like that. He loved to bite.

The sharp canine teeth biting on his soft skin. His grinding method was changed, and after a few bites, he would leave deep and shallow red marks on Xiao Yao’s cold white skin, but he wouldn’t break the skin. Too much would make people feel a little numb and itchy, and even want to be bitten again.

Warm breath came out from the gap between his upper and lower teeth, and his skin was touched lips, teeth, and breath of different temperatures. The subtle temperature difference penetrated into his flesh, and from his scalp to his limbs he couldn't stop the feeling of growing numb.
Baiju licked and bit his earlobe. He could see the fine hairs on Xiao Yao's cheek when he lowered his eyes. There was also an inconspicuous light brown mole on his cheek close to his jawbone. It looked a little cute, as if it was deliberately hiding.

Unable to move to kiss the mole, Baiju bit the corner of Xiao Yao's jaw again, and then went down the line of his neck.

Xiao Yao tilted his head slightly towards the ground, and stretched the line from his neck to his shoulder. The flexible texture was very appropriate for grasping with his mouth.
Unable to raise his hand, Xiao Yao's five fingers were inserted between Baiju's hair. He had to say that he always felt surprisingly at ease and calm when he was bitten by Baiju like this, even if his vitals were in the dog’s mouth——as the Demon King, Baiju, as long as he was in the mood, he could send him to the west with one bite.

Baiju gnawed nostalgically for a while, and finally kissed Xiao Yao on the side of his collarbone, and then raised his hand to wipe the side of Xiao Yao's neck, and couldn't help laughing, "It's all wet."

Xiao Yao leaned his head to hang his neck, and snorted softly after hearing the words, "So you know."

Baiju leaned over and pecked at his lips, and whispered in a begging voice, "I'm going to get a towel, okay?"

"Go go." Xiao Yao waved his hand, "Remember to go over and pick it up, don't be lazy with tricks."

"Okay." With a smile in Baiju's eyes, he cooperated with his boyfriend to complete this small punishment.

Xiao Yao listened to the sound of the study door being gently closed, his palms were loosely clenched against his lips, and he pressed the corners of his upturned mouth.
What of the drool on his neck, he didn’t say anything when he was licked and bitten by an old white dog...it was nothing more than the intimacy between lovers. Anyone would want to leave a mark on the other person, the old white dog may be a dog by nature, but he didn’t believe that he was without intention.

The damp towel made the saliva wipe off, but he couldn't wipe off the red marks on his neck.
If he could make the old white dog happy like this when he comes out of the closet, then he didn't mind it happening a few more times. Xiao Yao felt his chin and thought this, without realising that his cabinet door had been long removed and cleared away.

On the other end, Baiju went to the bathroom and dampened the towel with warm water, always feeling that the touch of his boyfriend's skin still remained on the tips of his teeth.
Flexible, warm, with youthful and vigorous elasticity.

Licking the tip of his teeth, Baiju looked up to look at himself in the mirror, baring his teeth to observe his canines.
What he said before wasn't a lie. The traits retained by demons after their transformation were their weapons. If one was not careful, it would be easy to injure others, and even the unconscious touch of others could end in injury from these natural weapons.

But he never hurt Xiao Yao once with his teeth, not to mention a big wound, he had never even broken his skin.

Had it not been for the test of his teeth when hunting behind the fake dragon gate two days ago, the old white dog would have thought that his teeth had become blunt.
He really was an old dog. Baiju's thoughts meandered and suddenly a sense of crisis arose.

He was actually...not...very old, right?
Only four thousand years old, maybe five thousand years old, it seemed that he couldn't remember how old he was. In short, it should be less than nine thousand...or was that in dog years?

The old white dog was silent suddenly, and the towel in his hand fell into the sink.
The thought was a bit painful. The average dog demon died at the age of two thousand. Although his parents had lived to be more than 2300 years before reaching old age, they'd died at the ages of 2500 and 2600. Even if so many things didn't happen afterwards, the two of them were dead. He also would have lived to be two thousand eight hundred or nine hundred years old.

Three thousand was a landmark number, and nine thousand was another. Demons that didn't have the blood of beasts and those that did, had a life span of less than three thousand years, and only those noble beasts had to consider the hurdle of living to nine thousand.
As a result, he was in a mixed state, because before he'd matured, he'd slumped his head and embarked on the road of being a mountain god, and he surpassed the 3,000-year-old hurdle through the divine light...

If nothing happened, the next hurdle would be nine thousand years.
If he were to count it like that, he should still be young, right? If nine thousand years counted as an eighty year old, he would have passed five-ninths...no, right, forty-four years old was still almost enough to be Yao Yao's father.

Calculated on the basis of a sixty year lifespan, he'd be thirty-three years old, barely acceptable. This way, after another seven or eight years, Yao Yao would be his peer.

Baiju nodded secretly.
Then his eyes fluttered, and he found that the basin underneath him was full, and the extra water trickled out along the edge of the counter, but fortunately, it didn't overflow.

Baiju quickly turned off the tap, pressed the drain at the bottom of the basin, wrung the towel and walked towards Xiao Yao's study.

The question about age was too direct to the soul. The old white dog absently wiped Xiao Yao's neck, standing by and watching Xiao Yao slowly buttoning the buttons on the collar of his shirt, his eyes drifted, and he didn't rush forward to help as usual.

"Bai'ge, what's wrong?" Xiao Yao felt that the old dog's eyes were out of focus, and he was a little dazed. He couldn't help but shake his fingers in front of the old dog and raise his voice slightly, "What are you thinking?"

The old white dog was roused, recovered, touched his nose, and said vaguely, "...It's nothing."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao said with earnest heart, "Bai'ge, you look into my eyes and speak."

The old white dog slowly turned his eyes up and blinked.

Xiao Yao leaned on the back of the chair, slightly raised his head and looked at the old white dog's eyes calmly, "What were you thinking about? So absorbed."

The corner of Baiju's mouth moved slightly, trying to find an excuse, and then he thought of his clumsy acting skills.
So he resigned himself to his fate and said the truth, "I was thinking before, would you despise me for being old. After all, I have lived for thousands of years... Although I am still wearing a young body, and my physical condition is indeed in the prime of life. But I just can't help but think about it."

"I have lived so long before I met you, and your life was bound to me at it's beginning. Would you feel it's unfair." Baiju slowly organised his language, fearing that he couldn't express himself well. "The world is wonderful, and I’m afraid after a while I won’t be able to attract you."

It was the first time that the white dog had been concerned about gains and losses, and Xiao Yao took two seconds to realise what the old white dog was trying to express.
Daring to love someone had suddenly given birth to some emotions similar to a mid-life crisis, and he was worrying about his own charm.

Something flashed in his mind and Xiao Yao grasped the glimmer of light, opened his mouth and said, "Before that, you were moving around in the quilt in the morning. I asked what you were doing, and you asked me if a samoyed or you were more cute?"

Baiju, "..."
The old white dog who competed with samoyeds and his own puppets, "............"

The old white dog looked at Xiao Yao's eyes bitterly, and took a breath, "Yao Yao, let me ask you another question. I didn't finish asking it last time."
"Am I cuter or is that mini me cuter?"

Xiao Yao was happy, and leaned forward to hug the old white dog's waist. The answer remained the same, "It's cuter, but I like you."

The old white dog vaguely felt that the answer was a bit familiar and perfunctory, but he couldn't help but flutter in his heart. The corners of his mouth were turned up, and his voice was two degrees sweeter, "Really..."

"Really...and don't you think it would be more exciting for two people to watch the wonderful world together?" Xiao Yao hugged the old dog again, comforting him, and planning to adjust his way of getting along with the old dog.

The old white dog could have such a sense of crisis, and Xiao Yao felt  that he wasn't without responsibility.
First of all, the old white dog didn't know his history for the time being and thought that his 20 plus years of experience didn't have much content. Secondly, he was now very dependent on the old dog, but he still rarely asked the old dog to do anything for him.  This may have made the old white dog feel that he wasn't needed, and at a loss, and must rely on being cute to maintain his attractive appearance...

How could this old dog know that when he stood in front of Xiao Yao, his bones overflowed with elements that attracted him.

Xiao Yao thought, he would find someone as soon as possible to talk to the old white dog.
The old white dog who was being hugged didn't quite honestly think that he should take his Yao Yao across the bright road and press his to a bed as soon as possible to reach an ulterior relationship earlier. Yao Yao belongs to him.

Xiao Yao hugged the hot old white dog, and his chrysanthemum felt cold for some reason.

The author has something to say:
The old white dog: I heard that the author wanted to talk about the crisis of old age, but I think I should be middle-aged...

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