83 - The family of dogs are very happy
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83 - The family of dogs are very happy

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After tidying up the things in the study room, Xiao Yao was going to go out and buy some ingredients to make some delicious food, which could be regarded as entertaining the little demons.

Baiju wasn't very happy. He blocked him at the entrance of the study and asked for a kiss, and then reluctantly emphasised, "No more than three times a month, all other times you can only cook for me."
From "not allowed" to "three times a month," the old white dog divided the land and indemnified his property, and felt that he was losing money.

Xiao Yao smiled and touched the head of the dog, pushing some hair behind the ears of the old dog, "I'll make you a separate meal later, okay?"
In fact, Xiao Yao didn't have many opportunities to cook for anyone on weekdays. Before meeting the old dog, he was so busy that he was too lazy to cook even if someone visited him. The reason why the conditions were negotiated like this was only because he liked the way that old white dog was wronged and allowed him to push and push on the bottom line.

How could Baiju know that his little boyfriend was just teasing him, he half lowered his head and rubbed his hand. He raised his eyelids when he heard Xiao Yao speak and wanted to order a full table to show his status, but he felt sorry for his little boyfriend and was reluctant to tire him, so he hummed and said, "Fry two extra fish and use the ingredients from the last hunt. Only we can eat it, not for them."

Xiao Yao kissed him, amused, "Okay."
Among the fish they hunted, there was only one fish with no bones that was most suitable for frying. The fish was round and thick, and the meat and fat were inlaid layer by layer. The red jade-like fish flesh contained flames, and its spiritual power was a not-so-mild spiritual food, which wasn't suitable for these little demons to eat.

The dog's eyes were so easy to understand.
Xiao Yao thought for a while and suggested, "Would you like to go shopping with me?"

Baiju was a little moved, then looked in the direction of the courtyard, hesitatingly shook his head and refused, "Forget it, next time... I have to watch the cultivation of these little demons."
Otherwise, if the mini Baiju discovered something wrong, he would have to rush back from the outside. Even a moment of hesitation could result in unpleasant consequences...especially for those who were just beginning to come into contact with new exercises like Qing Lan, it was even easier for things vto go wrong.

The two talked and walked. As soon as they walked to the edge of the living room, Qing Lan, who was practising with a sword outside, stopped and stood outside the glass door hesitating to enter the room.

When Baiju noticed him, he took the initiative to ask, "Did you finish?"

Qing Lan nodded, and said slowly, "Yes, I'm done, according to what you taught, 1,200 hits."

Baiju nodded and pointed to the sofa, "Go into that room, sit and adjust your breath for a while, then take the next step in half an hour."

Qing Lan stepped into the room obediently, but hesitantly stopped at Xiao Yao, looking a little nervously.

The tall flying corpse had clear eyes and was not aggressive. Xiao Yao didn't think it was offensive but he was a little puzzled, "What's the matter?"

Holding the sword, Qing Lan said awkwardly, "Cur— Curator Xiao is injured, there are tooth marks on your neck."
Qing Lan was afraid that the two big men wouldn't know the importance of the problem, and solemnly emphasised, "I've been bitten before. It is very dangerous. You need medicine."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao's face flashed red, he coughed and touched his neck uncomfortably, then turned and walked to the bedroom, "...I'm going to get medicine."

Baiju gave him a dumbfounded laugh, raised his hand and nodded his neck, a chill passed, and the red mark became much lighter.
The old white dog leaned into Xiao Yao's ear, "Don't use any strange medicine…they'll disappear in a few minutes." He didn't suck hard, and the mark left by the bite didn't bruise, it would fade soon.

Xiao Yao wanted to say something, but he heard the old white dog had already seriously explained to Qing Lan, "They're all my bites. He isn't wounded, it is not dangerous, no medicine is needed."

Qing Lan glanced at him again, and saw that the tooth mark on Xiao Yao's neck was indeed fading, and then reluctantly nodded and accepted Baiju's statement.

Xiao Yao went out again normally, there were many tourists on Guihe Island, and many of them wandered out with hickey marks on their bodies. The tooth marks on his neck were also normal looking, so he didn't hide them anymore.

The old white dog staying in the room closed the door, turned around, and heard the voice of Qing Lan again.

The tall flying corpse was obviously not good at talking. He stuttered a little when speaking, and used short sentences, "White, White King."

"Director Xiao is a good guy...you don't need to eat him, okay?" Qing Lan worked nervously to give Xiao Yao a chance to survive, "You, if you are hungry, what you want to eat, Qing Lan will help, help you hunt."
Qing Lan was a demon under the care of the Demon Management Bureau, and Xiao Yao was the director of the Demon Management Bureau. The flying corpse with a stick identified Curator Xiao as his own. On the other hand, the demon king Baiju was half of the same kind and Qing Lan didn't dare to offend a boss, so he could only use his not-so-smart brain to try to deal with it.

Balancing it all was quite hard.

Baiju had a headache.
Did he look like the kind of demon that devours people if they didn't agree?

The old white dog didn't expect this flying corpse to understand anything like desire. This guy didn't even have a heartbeat. If he wanted to have any kind of physical reaction, he would have to cultivate several more levels.
After considering it, Baiju decided to explain it to Qing Lan in a simpler way, "I don't want to eat him, just leave a mark to prove that he is my human being."

Qing Lan seemed to understand but not understand.
After thinking about it carefully, it suddenly dawned on him, "Qing Lan will leave a mark on the master when he recognises the master."

Baiju, "..." Okay, it's almost the same.

The flying corpse who was finally relieved, breathed a sigh of relief, and nodded at Baiju very obediently, "White King, Qing Lan will go to adjust his breath."

Baiju looked at the time, "Go, I will time you for half an hour."
After a short pause, Baiju asked again, "Why do you always call your own name?" As far as he knew, only little babies who didn't know how to distinguish between themselves and others would use the names commonly used by adults.

Qing Lan put the sword beside him and curled his five fingers, "...if I don't say it, I will, I will forget it."
He hung his head, rustling. It wasn't difficult to imagine the appearance of him being soaked in cold water when he was found, it was probably not much different from how he was now, "Qing Lan can't find the master, and if he doesn't have the master's name, they will forget him."

After always saying his own name he was quite used to it, even if a lot of people called his name after being taken in by the Demon Management Bureau, he didn't change his habits.

Baiju choked and waved his hand to let him adjust his breath.
He didn't know whether the flying corpse had a strange talent. It was obviously a simple conversation, but it made people feel guilty without a word.

The old white dog was still a soft-hearted old dog. Qing Lan's appearance was really piercing. He stood aside watching Qing Lan adjust his breath, and sometimes guided and corrected him with a few words, wondering how to find a master for him.

Hmm...first he should think of a way to confirm whether he could recognise his master at the moment.

After returning from Guihe Island, he must first go to the River Dragon; the Dragon Kings were masters of Feng Shui. Flying corpse refining, and the process of finding a matter was also extremely feng shui. In case Qing Lan had recognised a master, but couldn't find them then maybe that little dragon king would know what to do.

Adding it all up, there seemed to be a lot of things to do.
First was to find the person who was refining puppets and trying to create bloodshed on Guihe Island, and also Sun Daiyang, and Jing Xia’s first contact. Then, they had to return to Luocheng and ask Xiao Yao to speak with the Practitioners Association while he continued to picket the affairs on Guihe Island. He also had to find the River Dragon King and convince him to join the Practitioners Association or the Demon Management Bureau, so that he could teach the little demons well.

After that, he might be able to have time to take Yao Yao to the bones of his father and mother, draw their souls and pray, and make a great bond between the two of them. Then their relationship would be clearly defined... Only then could he completely stay with Xiao Yao and leave his mark.

Baiju thought about it, frowning.
This cycle was too long. As soon as he had said that they should be back and see his parents, many things had come up one by one. He always felt that the plan to see his parents was being forced to move back and forth... He still remembered Xiao Yao saying that he would ask someone to tell the old white dog about his history. If this matter wasn't arranged, then Xiao Yao would probably still have a knot in his heart and wouldn't be in the right state for the oath.

Baiju rubbed his forehead and pulled his thoughts back a little, paying attention to Qing Lan's situation as a distraction.
This flying corpse could diverge from the category of ordinary undead. After all, he also had some real skills, and his talent for cultivation was really good. He just flicked a few words in the air, and he couldn't help but control the spiritual power. Now ten minutes had passed and this silly one had basically mastered the flow of spiritual power, and seeing that he was still becoming more and more stable, Baiju basically didn't need to worry about him.

As for the contract with Xiao Yao, it should not be delayed for too long.
The old white dog originally felt that he didn't feel too lonely after being single for thousands of years. Don't mention even a month or two, even if he waited ten or twenty years before the oath was made, he should have enough patience——but now he found everything was wrong.

One or two months?  He didn't want to wait for one or two days.
...he had to think of a way.

After meeting this person and realising the feelings between them, the old white dog had a plan for his future life, a plan for two people.

It was no longer the free life of a bachelor, nor did he want to pick up and put down the free and easy life like before. Everything came with its own worries and constraints, but it was this feeling that made the old white dog feel surprisingly satisfied and excited.

No wonder he used to visit other demon kings, and always met so many guys who were silly and laughed stupidly by their wives' ears. They grinned while laughing, as if they were very happy to be controlled by their own wives. It was just like that.

Baiju didn't quite understand it at that time.
His parents were always quiet and met with tacit understanding. His mother never bared her teeth to his father. Two old dogs loved to lie at the foot of the mountain on a sunny afternoon in winter. You next to me and I next to you. With snowflakes on the tips of their noses, they closed their eyes and basked in the cold winter sun.

At that time, many demons would be hibernating, or hoarding food and nesting in caves to live on their own. No one would disturb his father and mother in the sun.

So he always thought that it should be like this between lovers. I am gentle with you, and you are considerate to me. No noise, no discipline nor punishment.

Thinking about it now, in fact, his father and mother should have had a honeymoon stage when they were young. They might have quarreled or even fought in places he couldn't see, but the reason for everything was their indelible love, so no matter what everything eventually became beautiful.

For example... the old white dog now felt that if Xiao Yao pulled his ears and was disappointed or punished him, what he should pay most attention to was to not let his tail wag too happily.

The author has something to say:
Yao Yao: ?  ?  ? Bai'ge, what are you like?
The old white dog has a dog's temper hhhhhhh
The dog I used to raise in my family trained me to be too softhearted, holding the dog’s face, pulling his ears gently, lowering my voice, or gnashing my teeth, the dog’s tail wagged until it became a windmill ==

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