84 - Yao Yao's kitchen
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84 - Yao Yao's kitchen

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Baiju didn’t wait too long. When Qing Lan finished adjusting his breath and began to practise more exercises, Xiao Yao had bought the vegetables and returned. Carrying three large plastic bags in one hand, and holding a net bag full of yellow and red fruits of various sizes.

Baiju quickly took the bag of fruits and moved them to the kitchen, and asked in surprise, "Where did these fruits come from?"
He knew Xiao Yao’s habit of buying fruits. When time permitted, this harsh Curator Xiao would pick out fruit one by one. The fruit he picked might not look good, but they were definitely delicious. Xiao Yao also paid attention to the bagging, putting the hard ones down the bottom, and the fragile ones on top. He sorted and packed them so they would never be messed up.

Xiao Yao's sleeves were rolled to his elbows. He put three sturdy bags on the kitchen table, his forearms stretched beautifully and sharply, and the scene was all captured by the old dog.
Baiju stepped forward and pressed Xiao Yao's wrist, asking from behind his head, "Was it heavy? I'll go shopping with you next time."

Xiao Yao smiled and waved his hand. There was a slight white mark on his palm, but it wasn't red, "I used some magic to be lazy. It's not heavy. It's just a guise for when I was walking back."
As he spoke Xiao Yao lifted his chin toward the bag of fruits, "These fruits were delivered by the street market. Today, there was a promotion, and the farms were trading their fruit."

The street market was crowded with people. Xiao Yao hadn't intended to take advantage for this little bargain, he'd even planned to make a detour, but an acquaintance put a bag in his hand.

It was Jing Xia.
Jing Xia's fair face still carried a little baby fat. Two fingers pinched Xiao Yao's bag, and his expression was hesitant, "Curator Xiao."

Xiao Yao stopped halfway and waited patiently for him before asking, "Did you encounter any difficulties?"
The old white dog had already told him about the shark A'Song and Xiao Yao had guessed what news Jing Xia should have received. Perhaps he was in conflict with the shark, so he was subconsciously asking for help.

However, the child Jing Xia had a stubborn temper, and Xiao Yao was mentally prepared not to pry his mouth open, but it was okay to take the opportunity to cultivate some trust.

"If you don't have any plans, accompany me to shop for a while." Seeing that Jing Xia didn't say anything for a long time, Xiao Yao gave up the original plan and took him shopping.

Jing Xia followed him a few steps, and asked in a low voice, "Curator Xiao, do you feel in danger when you're with the White King?"

Xiao Yao glanced at him from the corner of his eye, and withdrew his gaze calmly, "No, I trust him."

Jing Xia hesitated and stood there for two seconds, "...What if the White King concealed the instability in him? You trust the White King, but what if the White King can't control himself?"

Xiao Yao knew that Jing Xia was actually talking about A'Song, but when he heard this question, he still remembered the scar on the old dog's face.
Slightly stunned, Xiao Yao cocked his mouth and gave the answer again, "I still trust him."

"Jing Xia, do you know what it means to trust?
"To have someone, even if you're in Shura's hell, with swords flying indiscriminately, that you can stand up close to him, believing that all his minions will obediently fall in line before you.

"I trust in the White King." Xiao Yao twitched, "It's a simple thing."

Jing Xia's head was hanging down, his teeth pressed against his lips, turning his thin lips white.
After a two-second pause, Jing Xia raised his head, "Thank you, Curator Xiao."

The rest of their time passed uneventfully. Jing Xia's soul probably just returned to his body, and he followed Xiao Yao two steps behind, and then asked him for the trading voucher.

"I'm familiar with this area. I know the most cost-effective exchange at each booth."
So Jing Xia held a stack of trading vouchers, and nimbly shuttled between the stalls like a fish, and brought back the big bulging net bag full of fruit.

Baiju washed a fragrant pear, snapped a bite, and bulged out his cheeks "Jing Xia, this little guy has big ideas, I'm afraid that the little shark will suffer."

Xiao Yao nodded in agreement, and flipped out a large piece of frozen meat from the bag. Then while using a spell to change the air temperature, he adjusted the heat intensity to quickly defrost the frozen food.

After a while, the kitchen was full of paper people, holding knives and cutting vegetables, moving the ingredients, and standing on the edge of the pot and holding a spoon to stir evenly, they were the familiar "Yao Yao Kitchen".

Xiao Yao’s cooking skill had always been good. The dishes made by the little paper men were regular stir-fried dishes and stews. The focus was on large quantities and deliciousness, but there were no fancy tricks. Baiju had ordered fish steaks, but had requested Xiao Yao put on an apron and pick up a knife to do it himself.

The old white dog wasn't as obedient as before, staying at the door of the kitchen to watch Xiao Yao cooking. The old white dog, who had been promoted to be a family member, sallied forth with his clingy nature, and within a few seconds the whole dog was stuck behind Xiao Yao.

Xiao Yao helds a knife to make cuts as thin as a cicada wing in his palm, with a little orange-red fire glowing above it. At first glance, one could tell it was a rare artifact. Now this artifact was used by Xiao Yao to cut fish, which was quite extravagant.

The thin white wrist worked steadily, Xiao Yao pondered slices, and was about to cut again when a warm body was pasted behind him. Separated by two thin layers of clothing, the muscles on Baiju's chest and abdomen were difficult to ignore.

Baiju used his chin and rubbed the hair near Xiao Yao's ear, as he naturally hung himself on Xiao Yao. His tall body was slightly lowered, his arms folded on Xiao Yao's waist, and his chin rested on Xiao Yao's shoulders. The tip of his nose moved slightly, and the old white dog licked his lips, "It smells so good."

Xiao Yao paused. For a while, he didn’t know if Baiju was talking about the fish fragrance or about his fragrance. After thinking a little bit, Xiao Yao pretended to be calm, "The fire spirit on the knife has already seared the surface of the fish while I’m cutting the fish. So the juice is locked inside."

Sure enough, Baiju was talking about the fragrance of fish, and he observed the cut surface of the fish as if he had just understood, "No wonder it smells like grilled fish."

Xiao Yao chuckled lightly, shook his head impenetrably, and continued to cut fish, "Bai’ge, I find that your words can easily cause misunderstandings."

Baiju blinked blankly, rested his chin on Xiao Yao's shoulder and didn't move, but tilted his head slightly, "What's the misunderstanding?"

Xiao Yao cut up six fish steaks, five for the old white dog, and one for himself; then put down the knife, washed his hands, and poke Baiju's cheek, "Do I smell good or does the fish smell good?"

Baiju subconsciously put the tip of his nose against the skin of Xiao Yao's neck and took two breaths before he realised what Xiao Yao was saying, "...Yao Yao smells better."
Baiju couldn't help but laugh, his voice was low and sweet, "I like Yao Yao's taste the best."

Xiao Yao gave a light cough. Although it was him who brought it up, he was somewhat shy when he heard the old dog confess this way.

With a smile, Baiju pecked at his ear, and stopped talking wittily. He just tightened his arms slightly, and cleverly became a large pendant on Xiao Yao’s back.


During the meal, the falcon Lei Wo from Mengdu also returned from the sea with Chujiu of the month, and the training time of the two yellow godbeasts had also hit it’s upper limit. The flying corpse Qing Lan who had adjusted his breath also successfully completed one of the new exercises.

"Wow, so much to eat?" Qu Lang heard that Xiao Yao had set up a small banquet for the little demons, and hurriedly asked to turn on video, yelling through the screen, "It feels delicious just looking at it."

Baiju showed the dining table to Qu Lang with his mobile phone, Xiao Yao brought out a large pot of roast chicken from the kitchen and placed it on the dining table.
Looking at the phone in Baiju's hand, Xiao Yao smiled, "What, do you still want to come and eat?"

Qu Lang touched his stomach and said regretfully, "Next time, we’ve all eaten today."
On the other side of the screen, a total of seven people from the Kirin Team and the Peregrine Team sat on the long table in Haiyin Fort. They had received almost abnormal hospitality from the vampires, the food was exquisite and varied, and they took good care of their stomachs.

Baiju said coldly, "There is no next time, Yao Yao will not cook for you."

Qu Lang, "..."
Qu Lang coughed at the right time. He felt that the dog food that the two of them force fed him was just enough.

Deciding not to suffer the harm of dog food anymore, but wanting to take a breath of the fragrance of the food, Qu Lang insisted on looking at every dish before hanging up the video.
Baiju glanced at Xiao Yao, and while the others weren’t paying attention, he secretly put his mobile phone into his pocket, and decided to openly ignore the meaningless news of these people like Qu Lang.

Xiao Yao couldn't help laughing secretly when he noticed Baiju’s movements from the corner of his eyes.
Qu Lang was a special family member to him, but he also knew that Baiju would be jealous of Qu Lang, and he should really pay more attention to it. When two people were falling in love the sense of security couldn't only be given by one person, he also had to give Baiju a sense of stability.

Without realising what he had been thinking, the old white dog had ran to serve up the fish steaks, and greet the little demons, "You have good food, you can eat what Curator Xiao has personally cooked."

The table was full of all kinds of dishes, including tailored dishes.
Xiao Yao knew the tastes of each little demon and had cooked a large pot of roast chicken for two yellow godbeasts, a piece of stinky mandarin fish separately for the flying corpse Qing Lan, and lamb and stewed beef brisket for the falcon Lei Wo.

The evil-repelling plate flew between the living room and the kitchen, and the translucent spiritual doll was crying, looking enviously at the food in front of the demons and drooling.
It was a pity that it couldn't eat.

Baiju beckoned towards the Chujiu, and the evil-repelling plate obediently flew in front of him.
Gently poking the little spirit's body on the cheek, Baiju smiled and coaxed him, "Keep practicing and do good deeds, and you’ll be able to eat these things in the future."

The little Chujiu nodded eagerly. He still couldn't speak much, so he could only make gestures with his hands and feet, expressing the appearance of "Chujiu will work hard".

"Run along." Baiju rubbed the edge of the plate, and gently pushed with his finger, "Go back to the attic and sort out today's harvest."

The little spirit nodded and floated to the attic carefully and obediently.

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