85 - What's wrong with looking at your face
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85 - What's wrong with looking at your face

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Heyin Fort that night was still as elegant and mysterious as ever. Compared to its appearance during the day, Heyin Fort was more attractive at night.
The fragrant flowers, the cool sea breeze, and the shadows of the swaying branches were the favorite things of vampires.

When Baiju and Xiao Yao brought a group of little demons to rendezvous with the two secret service teams, they weren't surprised to see Lord Marne and the butler, Saric, standing outside the carved iron gate of Haiyin Fort.

The tall and elegant vampire, leaning on a cane, apparently stood at the gate for a while. Seeing a few people coming down the mountain road, he walked two steps forward and greeted them with restrained enthusiasm.

Baiju raised his eyebrows and turned his eyes on the castle behind Marne.
Unlike before, Baiju could now distinguish the aura of vampires very keenly. Although he still didn't know as much about non-Chinese demons, he could at least distinguish the hiding places of those vampires in the dark.

Marne Haiyin noticed Baiju's gaze, his smile deepened, and his voice softened, seemingly kindly, as he swallowed his words of welcome and instead said, "Great White King, my children are inside but due to our etiquette, cannot come to greet you too publicly, I hope you can forgive them. They have been waiting in Haiyin Fort for a long time, and they all hope to receive your mercy and a little guidance."

Baiju frowned faintly——mercy? Why did he sound like those Demon Kings who used to try to send him little demons as concubines?
The wording and etiquette of these vampires was really a bit baffling...

In China, the younger generations often presented with enthusiasm and respect for the older generations, for both their upbringing and education. In the eyes of this group of vampires, the younger generation was like the ladies in the boudoir, with a different kind of reservedness and an obviously weaker position, as if the elder had come out instead lest they disrespect the distinguished guests.
The old white dog wasn't sure if Western etiquette was just like this, but he could see that the vampire hierarchy was really extremely strict.

As for the wording, it might also have something to do with this hierarchy. Baiju pondered for a while, and didn’t quickly answer Marne Haiyin's words. He looked unpredictable and matched the image he had played before.

Marne Haiyin was still a little bit offended by Baiju’s abilities and attitude. When he saw the situation, he tried to converge a little, and his words changed from mere formalities to dispensable greetings in an attempt to ease the atmosphere on the way to the castle.

Baiju silently followed Marne's side. He had already begun to feel the formation made by Qu Lang and the others on the cliff, and for a while he didn’t speak, showing that he was listening in courtesy.
The words of these vampires were too complicated, and the content expressed in a large paragraph may not be substantive. The old white dog wasn’t very good at reading and comprehension, so he just listened to them superficially. All the meaningless words were automatically filtered out by him. Either way, his Yao Yao was listening to him, and the old white dog walked without pressure.

The vampire wasn't familiar with Baiju. He kept staring at Baiju who remained polite and observing, and could only bite the bullet and search for various topics.
On the contrary, Qu Lang knew more about Baiju. When he saw this, he stabbed Xiao Yao with his elbow and said, "What is the White King thinking?"

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju's distant expression and his eyes filled with a smile. He pointed to the distant mountain wall with his finger, and mouthed, "Check your formation."

Qu Lang scratched his head, feeling that single dogs couldn't understand this tacit understanding.

Fortunately, the road from the iron gate to Haiyin Fort wasn't too long. Passing through an open avenue, bypassing a fountain that concealed some of their inheritance, and then passing through an open garden lawn, which held the steps of Haiyin Fort.

There were no tourist activities in Haiyin Fort today. The decorations of the tables and chairs visited during the previous dinner were all cleaned up, which made the entire space appear bigger. In Baiju's eyes there was a subtle difference between the two days.

Perhaps the array arranged by Qu Lang and Ling Yun also had some effect, and the once insignificant inheritance fluctuations revealed some clues.

His right eye caught something slightly swollen. Baiju lowered his eyes, stepping on the steps of Haiyin Fort, and vaguely saw some swollen black threads flowing along the central axis of the entire building.

Standing at the entrance of Haiyan Fort, Baiju raised his head and looked towards the roof. Although it was hidden by the building, he could still vaguely feel a little strangeness in his right eye.

...no wonder.
All of Haiyin Fort’s thriller games were in the castle, and it was no wonder that the people behind them would try to concentrate the three inherited powers in this part of the castle. There was soul residue that had accumulated over the years, and even if they were inert, things would still become more mysterious as the residue accumulated.

This also explained why the inheritance's ward was extremely strong and didn't decay at all, even when it was targeted as a "ripe fruit". Now three times the power was gathered in one place, it was absolutely possible to break the ward. As long as there was external guidance provided before the forces rushed out, it wouldn't be difficult to take it all out in an orderly manner.

It also required accurate calculations.

Knowing this, the person behind the scenes was definitely not someone who had only come to Haiyin Fort once or twice. They had likely changed their appearance several times, even after the last pass...

Baiju pondered, many clues quickly forming in his mind.

It was someone who had lived a long time.
Not necessarily a person, nor was it necessarily a single person. It may be some other "thing", or it may be a group of people who had planned for this from generation to generation.

The vampire inheritance of Haiyin Fort was wholly Yin, it was a rare pure power, and the carrier was flesh and blood, it wasn't a common Chinese demon cultivation.
But this kind of inheritance wasn't uncommon on the Chinese mainland. The only notable thing was that they were basically concentrated in a few special places.  However, after the decline of animism and the rise in population density, these places became difficult to find.

The natural-born yin apex, the yin abyss. There were also the graveyard of the scourge, the ghost market, the riverside of the Huangquan...all were similar yin lands, and they were all places where this kind of power converged.

A faint light flashed across Baiju's eyes.
He hoped he didn't think wrong...It wasn't clear whether this whole thing was going to Xiao Yao, or to him Baiju, or both. But if his conjectures were all right, he thought maybe this matter could be dealt with on his own.

After all, the place where his parents were buried was one of those special places, the Tomb of Tianqi Mountain.

...if all went as he thought, and if the person behind it all really went after his parents for the same reason, the old white dog could turn into a mad dog in a matter of minutes.

Calmly stretching out a hand to Xiao Yao, Baiju signaled to Marne that he needed to check the surrounding area, and then turned his head to the side, "Yao Yao, come with me."
Xiao Yao naturally responded, but felt that Baiju's palm, which had always been warmer, was a little cold, and his heart jumped.

Looking at Baiju's soothing gaze, Xiao Yao paused, and then gestured for Ji Yun to come over, "You sort out today's formation test data and conclusions, and I'll check and discuss it with you in a while.  "

Baiju nodded and added, "I've also prepared a cultivation of living corpses. I'll give you a text version later. You can study it and if you don't understand, just ask me."

Ji Yun's eyes lit up, and he nodded hurriedly, "Yes White King! I'm going to prepare today's formation summary."
Now finally someone could discuss the theory of cultivation with him. He hadn’t found anyone who could understand his analysis before, so he could only simply list his conclusions and probability data for other people’s reference, and luckily as the geek of the Secret Service they trusted him, otherwise he would really be useless.

There was a hint of approval on Baiju's face. A talented person like Ji Yun would actually have been the best candidate to serve as a national teacher in the past. He could not only use his wisdom to watch the heavens, but also not be backlashed because of his own power and change his fate. On the contrary, it was often possible to live a hundred years old through wisdom alone. In the past, ordinary humans like Ji Yun had lived to three hundred years old, basically keeping up with the lifespan of an ordinary little demon.
If you considered this, it seemed to explain where this guy's small baby face came from. It might not just be a genetic problem.

Although it was a bit late to start studying now, judging from the appearance of Ji Yun, at least he got started right.

He couldn't help but look at Xiao Yao. Baiju thought, his Yao Yao deserved to be the emperor star.
In the era of a new Emperor Star, there would be rare talents coming together. Baiju was 80% sure of Xiao Yao's identity before,  but now he had to raise it to 90%, or even 100%.

Even without any other reason...there were too many "phoenix feathers" next to Xiao Yao.

Xiao Yao said a few more words to Ji Yun, roughly about the arrangement of other members of the Secret Service Team, but as he was speaking, his voice gradually eased.

...Baiju was watching him. His line of sight was very direct, obvious, and hard to ignore, but he didn't know what he was looking at.

Xiao Yao couldn't stand it anymore.
He finished the explanation with a few hurried words. He didn't look up at Baiju, but pulled the old dog by the arm and pulled him out, "Let's go, Bai'ge."

Baiju regained his senses a little, "Hm."
Baiju gave a light cough, followed Xiao Yao's pull and walked out, while lowering his head and whispering to him, "Yao Yao, that was a bit..."

Xiao Yao, who was inexplicably embarrassed by the old white dog, just wanted to escape everyone's sight as soon as possible, "..."
Xiao Yao's ears were red, and he squeezed out a few words from his teeth, "...don't stare at me."

Baiju, "???"
How can his little boyfriend not let him look. He's seen him all over, what's wrong with looking at his face.

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