86 - There is nothing in the world that you need to be afraid of
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86 - There is nothing in the world that you need to be afraid of

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Leaving the brightly lit room, Xiao Yao felt a little more at ease, and the heat in his eartips faded slightly.
Walking a certain distance, the light dimmed, Xiao Yao finally slowed his steps, touched his earlobe, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Baiju understood now that his boyfriend was embarrassed by him observing him in full view.
Leaning forward slightly, Baiju pecked Xiao Yao's ear with a smile, "Yao Yao, so shy."

Xiao Yao tilted his head, his ears were a little itchy, and muttered, "Next time don't stare at me for so long."

The corners of Baiju's lips curled up, and he apologised graciously, "Sorry, I'll pay attention next time...I'll look at you secretly."

Xiao Yao, "......"
Xiao Yao glared at him unhappily, isn't looking secretly still looking? This guy's sight, especially condensed on oneself, should not be too easy for their practitioners to discover.

Baiju rubbed Xiao Yao's head and stopped teasing him. Instead, he explained in a serious manner, "I didn't mean to stare at you for so long, but just thought of something."
Baiju was a dog who knew how to take care of people. His sly behaviour was reserved for when the two were alone, and he wouldn't deliberately stare at Xiao Yao in front of everyone. Xiao Yao also knew this in his heart, he restrained the desire to lock antlers with him, calmed down, shook Baiju's hand, and asked, "Did you find any clues?"

Baiju nodded, "Yeah, I found a few, but it's very fragmentary, and there are some things that I can't be sure about."

Xiao Yao frowned, "Does it have something to do with me? Is it directed at me?"

Baiju shook his hand and walked towards the stable like he was going for a stroll with Xiao Yao. He lowered his eyes and said warmly, "It's more likely to be directed at me. Their next step might be to look at my parents' grave...…but I guess it has something to do with you. The situation around you is too special, maybe there are things they want."
Baiju knew what he kept in his body was to those who were interested. If the other party focused on his power and Xiao Yao's fate, it wouldn't be difficult to explain everything as  killing two birds with one stone, as it all had a vague link to both of them.

Xiao Yao didn't quite understand it.
The other party had a target on him and Baiju, which wasn't difficult to conclude, but what was special about him that made Baiju stare for so long?

Thinking this way, Xiao Yao asked the same.

Baiju thought for a moment, and simply said, "There are too many talents around you. I think it's necessary to personally contact the other teams of the Secret Service, as well as the Practitioners Association...in addition, other people related to you, the closer their relationship is, the more you should inform them."

Xiao Yao's heartbeat was a little faster, and he swallowed, "...Anyone close to me?"
Although he didn't remember his past clearly, Xiao Yao clearly knew one thing, he had suppressed his dearest relatives——this wasn't something that was difficult to understand, he himself was a practitioner, how could he not know the strength of his "name".

Naming was a matter of learning, but for most ordinary people it wouldn't have much influence on them even if they chose inappropriate names. Practitioners like them must be especially careful in naming, because the stronger the practitioner, the more powerful the name was, and the powers they gave to each other was also stronger.
If it wasn't necessary... his master wouldn't have given him such a fierce name.

In Xiao Yao's subconsciousness, where he tried to escape. All "closeness", especially those with blood ties, were marked with bright red characters, dangerous.

Baiju suddenly mentioned this matter, and Xiao Yao vaguely felt a nightmare returning. His heart contracted uncontrollably, his throat quickly became dry, and his breathing became lighter and more rapid.
Fortunately, he was still very awake, and Baiju's sudden mention of such a thing only triggered a physiological response of some conditioned reflexes. His brain's thinking wasn't disturbed much. After a slight delay, he found his voice, "What is my status, that people around me that would be affected by me?"

Baiju had been paying attention to Xiao Yao's state, and naturally didn't miss the series of physical reactions he had just experienced.
His slender fingertips were quietly resting on Xiao Yao's wrist. Feeling the pulse of the beating fingertips becoming stable, Baiju secretly relieved, and couldn't help but feel proud and distressed for his little boyfriend.
He was proud of Xiao Yao's strength, calmness, and determination, and distressed at how well he handled himself.

Blinking to hide the emotions under his eyes, Baiju raised his hand and stroked Xiao Yao's hair, rubbing his scalp with his fingers, conveying his reassuring strength and temperature, "...Yes, the people around you, are affected by your fate."

On the premise of avoiding divulging the emperor's life, Baiju looked down and explained to Xiao Yao earnestly, "I probably know why I'm coveted, and you... also have extremely rare treasures."

"It will make the greedy and sinister people covet the treasure, and claim possession at all costs." Baiju said, pushing Xiao Yao's fringe back with his fingers, leaning in and kissing his forehead, "Yao Yao, only by knowing enough about you can I know how I should protect you."

"I'm still out of touch with modern life. Even if I have a job and power, I can't help you financially or otherwise, because you're good enough to support our small family on your own. But in other respects, everything related to heaven and earth, destiny, and future... leave it to me."

"Don't be afraid, there is nothing you need to be afraid of." Baiju's voice was low, and the reassuring power invaded along the touch on his scalp and forehead, like a cup of warm tea in the winter, permeating his lungs and his bones.

Xiao Yao closed his eyes involuntarily, twitched his five fingers, then took his hand off from Baiju's palm, and grabbed the front of his chest.
Raising his head slightly, Xiao Yao's eyes were full of complex emotions, but there was only one thought in his mind——he wanted to kiss.

About love, about protection, about dependence and touch.
He wanted Baiju's kiss.

Baiju's eyes moved slightly, his palms let go of Xiao Yao's hair, he touched the back of his head, and then he wrapped his shoulders.
The black hair on his forehead was rubbed into a mess. When Baiju let go, some obediently fell to Xiao Yao's forehead, and some remained tilted, gently scratching Baiju's forehead.

They hugged and kissed between the whirling light and shadow of the rose garden.

The kiss didn't last long, nor was there any intense entanglement, but it seemed to be their deepest moment since they got together.

Kneading the nape of Xiao Yao's neck, Baiju slowly let go of him, his voice slightly muted, "Yao Yao."
"You have to tell me everything." The dark pupils reflected the light in the distance, "History and the future, pain and happiness, tell me everything."

The slender fingers gently rubbed Xiao Yao's lips, and Baiju leaned forward and gave him another kiss, "... everything, say it, instead of letting me hear about it."
"I'll give you enough time and space. You can choose to tell me later or later, later at the end of life, or later in reincarnation...as long as you haven't told me, you must remember that I am waiting for you to say it." Baiju's words were a little overbearing and shameless, but they sounded like a disguised assurance.

Xiao Yao knew that Baiju had seen through his fear.
When Baiju mentioned his fate, and Xiao Yao knew what Baiju meant.

This kind of fate was very mysterious. As long as he was alive, all things that he had experienced may have occurred before in history.

Baiju was worried that he would shut himself up because of fear, and also worried that he would commit himself to a lost cause for the sake of his close relatives, and thus commit suicide.
If there were some obstacles that couldn't be overcome the first time, the second time he would still have the courage to cross.  But people always become tired, if the same difficulty must be overcome again and again, maybe there will be a time when they will tire and give up the long future, close their eyes and lie down into the abyss.

Therefore, Baiju promised the future and even "holding" Xiao Yao to this "future".

How could Xiao Yao not appreciate it.
The old dog's thoughts were well understood, and were sincerely placed in front of him.

"Don't worry." Xiao Yao hugged Baiju and whispered softly, "I'm not that stupid yet... to give up a future with infinite possibilities."
"It didn't happen before, but now with you, even more so."

Baiju twitched the corners of his mouth, as if he wanted to laugh, but his expression was still a bit somber.

The two calmed down a bit, Xiao Yao returned to rationality and began to digest the information he had received from Baiju.

Both of them were being watched. The old white dog knew why he was coveted, so presumably the old dog had protected himself. This aspect of the problem could be considered dealt with and Xiao Yao didn't need to give it too much thought.
As for why Xiao Yao was coveted, Baiju already had some ideas, most of which were related to his fate, and needed further confirmation.

As for the problems before them, one was to improve the layout of Haiyin Fort, which could be completed that night. The second was to confirm Baiju's conjecture——
Would their enemy's next goal be the burial place of Baiju's parents, Tianqi Mountain Grave?

Xiao Yao's eyes were slightly cold.
If they really were... then even if he called all the allies of the Practitioners Association, he would also crush such a vicious-minded person into Shura’s Hell to become food for the suffering souls.

The author has something to say:
Old white dog: There is nothing in the world that you need to be afraid of.
Yao Yao: No, the size of the little white dog scares me a lot.

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