88 - Friendship Boat
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88 - Friendship Boat

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The old white dog didn't know what to do, and his brain exploded into a paste.

He seemed to have said something wrong and made his little boyfriend cry.

How should he fix this bug?

However, Xiao Yao was suddenly enveloped by the emotions that came up, and his speech was a little incoherent. His trembling voice breathed "what to do" for a while, and then "hurt" again. He didn't know if he was talking about his own pain or whether he was saying the old white dog hurt.

Baiju had no place to put his hands and feet. It was good that Xiao Yao held one hand, as the other hand and two feet couldn't wait to travel the earth and sky to see if he could dig out some secret treasure to make Xiao Yao happy.

'Hands dancing' for two or three seconds, the old white dog, bless his soul, leaned over and stretched out his arm, and directly hugged the person into his lap to sit.

"Yao Yao, don’t cry, it’s all over..." the old white dog's lips pressed against the corner of Xiao Yao’s eyes, and his words were dry. "I, I, I’m okay, I’m okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore, okay?"

Xiao Yao grasped Baiju's clothes in his hands, and immersed himself in his neck to breathe.
There was a lump in his chest, as if he was about to scream, but he couldn't make a sound. His brain was hypoxic, dizzy, and he couldn't stop his tears and nose. His always clean face became messy.

Baiju comforted him a few words, then stopped talking to hug Xiao Yao and smooth his back.

He could actually understand Xiao Yao's state at the moment...
When his parents left, he himself lived like this. The huge sadness was like a monster about to break his bones, struggling in his body endlessly, and there was no way to vent it.

Because there was nothing that could be done.
No matter what he did, people couldn't come back from death, and he could never give his father and mother the experience of spending their old age in peace. And now Xiao Yao had no way to go back to the past to comfort the Baiju that was bruised all over his body. Even if it wasn't that it was too long ago, the culprit had already died, he couldn't find a trace of a sinner to question or avenge, nor could he find a wound from that time on Baiju's smooth and intact skin. Even if he wanted to help apply medicine or blow it twice, he couldn't do it.

But people couldn't always look back at the past, the road was going forward, and people always had to look forward. Frustration hardening them like sand on a shell, until they were finally polished into pearls and reborn, the sharp and ugly edges and corners could never be kept forever.

It was just...unbearable pain.
The cycle went round and round, and there was no answer.

Baiju had seen all kinds of people, and although he always stayed out of things and didn't follow them closely, he still had a set of principles. He paused for a while, seeing the person in his arms gradually steady, he kissed Xiao Yao's ear tip, and whispered, "Yao Yao...I didn't deliberately lie to you."

"Do you remember when I told you that you love me so I'm very happy?"

Xiao Yao nodded dully. He remembered what the old white dog had said. He was obviously an old dog lacking love, and a little bit of sweetness could satisfy him.

The loveless old dog smiled softly and sighed helplessly, "But...when you feel bad, I will feel bad for you."

People in love were mostly the same. They would behave differently in front of their lover, act like a baby, be subdued, and strive for a little bit of care and small benefits. But if you really made their eyes red, you would want to kick yourself.

Baiju, a silly dog, could read minds. But he was stubborn and willful and didn't like to use this ability. So he self-defeatingly said the wrong thing, but it caused waves of emotions in his boyfriend.
After reflecting on himself deeply, the old white dog wanted to explain again. This time it wasn't that he really made any mistakes. It was just that he had to tell his history to Xiao Yao sooner or later. According to Yao Yao’s sympathy towards him, there would no doubt be one or two times he would cry.

Xiao Yao wiped his face, a bit disgusted, and cast a spell to take care of himself and Baiju.

Baiju spread his fingers and combed Xiao Yao's messy hair, leaning over him, "Hm? Have you stopped crying?"

Xiao Yao felt a little tired, and withdrew his strength and let go softly, "...I stopped crying." Crying can't solve anything.

Poking the muscles on Baiju's chest with his fingers, Xiao Yao insured himself, "Bai'ge, tell me honestly, do you have any worse experience to hide from me?"
The events recorded in the cultivators' archives were very vague, but when applied to Baiju, he could still guess the general idea. Xiao Yao didn't plan to go into it for the time being, he just wanted to know if Baiju had experienced anything else.

Baiju thought about it carefully, "If you want me to say yes, there are probably some things, but I personally feel that they weren't bad things...Anyway, it's all over."

Xiao Yao sighed, "You want to spoil me."

Baiju smiled and said, "Will you spoil me in the future? Doubly spoil me back."

Xiao Yao breathed quietly, and said after a moment of silence, "I'm sure to spoil you...but you're still unwilling."

The old white dog hugged him, "I'm not like you yet. I'm not reconciled when I think of what you went through when I didn't know you."

"When there is nothing you can do, try to move forward."


When they returned to Haiyin Fort, Qu Lang and others had already gathered.

Seeing Baiju and Xiao Yao coming in from the gate, the group of people who were talking stopped and greeted them instead. Qu Lang smiled so hard that you couldn't see his teeth, "Baiju! Great, you suppressed the formation so easily."

Baiju subconsciously glanced at Xiao Yao next to him. This was the first time that Qu Lang didn't greet Xiao Yao first.

Xiao Yao wore a slight smile. If it wasn't for the redness at the end of his eyes, one couldn't tell that he was crying before. Seeing Baiju looking over, Xiao Yao raised his eyebrows, "Why are you looking at me? You did it."

Baiju blinked, and took a while to respond. He didn't deny that he was good, but sincerely praised, "Your formation is also good, it exceeded my expectations."

Qu Lang hissed with toothache, "Unexpectedly, the White King will also blow up each other's work."

Baiju didn't understand, "???"

The two Special Service squads had gathered together. Seeing that Baiju's face was blank for a moment, they laughed lively, and babblingly invited Baiju to drink and celebrate.

Baiju was shocked by the sudden burst of enthusiasm of these people, and was somewhat helpless as he transmitted to Xiao Yao, "Yao Yao, what's the matter with them?"
Excited as if they were on something.

Xiao Yao smiled and bent his eyes, and patted Baiju's arm comfortingly, "It's nothing, it's just that you successfully rose to become their comrade-in-arms."

These people in the Special Service squads were different from ordinary practitioners. They were all people who had been in the pre-selection team.
The atmosphere of the barracks was like a drug, which was absorbed in their flesh and blood, and gradually made the word "comrade-in-arms" a kind of recognition engraved in the bones.

The old white dog was only their partner before, but in just over an hour he gave them a huge surprise.

First, Ji Yun’s painstaking research results had become reality, and before today he'd laid the foundation for communication with the vampires. As a result, when this crowd of people came out to work, even if the vampires were idiots, they understood that they were simply the "official" people from China. Don't mention invitation letters, if they cooperated with them, they could really win the opportunity to immigrate to China.

The Secret Service, the Demon Administration, and the Practitioners Association didn't object to their immigration. The only problem was that vampires weren't easy to discipline. Part of the information given to Ji Yun by the white dog was the list of techniques that vampires could use to practice Daoism. Although they couldn't be as obedient as the flying corpse Qing Lan, it would require them to rely on human cultivators to exist, and they would discourage resistance.

——Who said the classes of vampires were distinct? The servility hidden underneath was the same.

As a result, when these people inspected the interior of Heyin Fort, they only had a few "inadvertent" conversations and deduced the vampires' strength in numbers, including many ghosts. The negotiation didn't take long, the members of Heyin Fort eagerly expressed their willingness to cooperate fully with the Special Service, and were willing to exchange freedom and loyalty for the opportunity of immigration.

A matter that should have been difficult was solved with ease, and the old white dog was indispensable.

Ling Yun leaned over with a grin and gave Baiju a thumbs up, "White King, I was wrong before, but if you have any instructions in the future, please contact me. Our Beijing Qilin team is here to help!"

Qu Lang was still telling people whether to drink red and white or beer. Hearing this sentence on the tip of his ears, he walked the distance in two steps, raised a long leg and kicked Ling Yun’s arse, "Fuck off. Your Qilin will guard the capital, and all maneuvers will belong to our Peregrine Falcon!"

Ling Yun's posture looked rather awkward, and a little shoe print was still visible on his pants. He immediately patted his pants and turned back to settle the account, "Bah, are we not Earthly Qilin, and I belong to the Qilin team!"

"City-defending qilin don't go to heaven, what are they if not earthly qilin!" Qu Lang's words were cheap, and he sincerely brimmed with taunting skills when he was angry, "Captain Ling, you must look at yourself clearly."

"Yes, Peregrine Falcon's Captain Qu is old, he's going blind," Ling Yun smiled, and pointed at Qu Lang with his finger, "How long is the list of penalties this year, enough to go to heaven?"

Qu Lang chuckled, "Look at your praise, our Peregrine Falcon has the ability to take you to heaven every day."

Ling Yun choked, "..."
He recalled his lines for a moment, and almost felt a sense of a hole in the picture.

The old white dog only saw that the person who was just proclaiming loyalty to him turn around to fight with Qu Lang, and the content was becoming more and more pornographic.

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju's dazed expression, and for a moment wanted to laugh.
Fortunately, the people in the Special Service had such a style of communicating. Now they had accepted this old dog, they would surround him with a warm aura. The temperature of the fireworks was scorching, and his name appeared in the mouths of various members.

"What kind of red wine? I think the White King should drink white...White King, you choose!"

"For what misfortune are we drinking white, barbecue and beer is more suitable!"

"Bah, you guys have low alcohol tolerance, don't delay our establishment of revolutionary friendship with the White King."


The author has something to say:
The old white dog: It feels like I'm back to the days when I took on little brothers as the Demon King...

The trouble with shitty mtlers is innuendo and puns can really get lost. Qu Lang and Ling Yun are probably having a much cleverer conversation than I can give you. They seem to be making puns on heaven and earth, but I think I missed something, it doesn't make a lot of sense...

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