90 - Exercise
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90 - Exercise

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When the whole plan was about to start, the group on Guihe Island didn't feel any tension.

This was also a manifestation of the old white dog's skill. Originally, when everyone was in the meeting to discuss emergency measures and evacuation channels, they also set aside a part of the time to explore the most suitable auxiliary formations, runes, and evacuation artifacts on Guihe Island. However, as soon as the mountain god Baiju arrived, he immediately set the location of all the devices, saving a lot of effort.

As a result, the work that had been packed into the day suddenly had a lot of free space. Even Xiao Yao's magic astrolabe was only used for two or three repetitions, which didn't consume much of Xiao Yao's energy at all.

In the end, the time spared by the Secret Service team was used to wander around and familiarize themselves with the environment, and what was left was a serious "drill."

They called it a drill, but there was actually no fixed charter.
The methods of the mysterious world were endless, and no one knew what the people who were coming to the island tonight or tomorrow would do. In addition to the several accident possibilities deduced by the magic astrolabe, the biggest variable left was the delivery from the various Demon Management Bureaus, the four little demons.

Xiao Yao and their original plan had more than 3 viable versions, and the ones with little demons involved were all alternate versions.  After all, when the Demon Management Bureaus sent them to help, it wasn't certain whether Baiju was capable of controlling them. This power was placed outside their conservative estimate. Conversely, in the previous versions, they also considered the disturbance of the little demons making trouble.

Now Baiju managed to get all the little demons under his command, but because there was too little time, they still had little use on the battlefield.

As a result, the content of today's exercise had become a simulated training for the Special Service team and the little demons to work in cooperation.

The space on Guihe Island was limited, and Baiju was worried about their opponent who was about to land on the island. He didn't conduct training in the bay with fanfare, and after many considerations, everyone unanimously decided to conduct the training in Xiao Yao and Baiju's courtyard.

Xiao Yao’s magic astrolabe was a ready-made magic weapon, but the astrolabe alone couldn't create an illusion that could be used by everyone. Coincidentally, there was something that had become enlightened and condensed the spirit, the Shixiang Evil Suppressing Plate.

The first batch of Sixiang Evil Suppressing Plate, in addition to their high volume of qi, could also summon the totem patterns of the four divine beasts, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Fire Bird, and Basalt Turtle. It could become a separate forbidden space with a round sky and a climate of its own.

Little Chujiu, who had just condensed a spirit, didn't have this ability, but his ability to summon the four phases was much more reliable than other plates in the same batch. Combined with the ability of Xiao Yao's magical astrolabe, it wasn't impossible for him to create an illusion that could be used by everyone.

In the "empty" courtyard, following a subtle wave, everyone was shuttled into a space, and inside was a simulated Guihe Island.

Standing on the sea, Baiju looked at the former "Guihe Island" from a distance, and raised his arm. The falcon Lei Wo hovering above him let out a long cry, and when his wings converged, he cut through the sky and moved towards the black gas that suddenly emerged from the top of Guihe Island and rushed away.

His trajectory could be a bit more streamlined.

Baiju frowned slightly, and assessed Lei Wo's combat status. He felt that he had made progress, so he turned to the flying corpse Qing Lan behind him, "The first style of the Blood Puppet sword arts, try it."

Qing Lan nodded, drew his sword in silence, and stepped out. As the dark blade slashed across the air in an instant, three black skeletons struggled up from the sea in front of Qing Lan, with a piercing howl in their mouths, like a ghost crying.

With a glimpse of approval in his eyes, Baiju saw Qing Lan retract the sword into its sheath, and run silently on the surface of the sea. Segments of rotten bones appeared and disappeared in the places where he stepped, as Qing Lan built up a bridge over the sea as he ran.

He looked pretty reliable.

After all, it was only the beginning of their training, and he could only summon three skeletons, without flesh or blood, so ugly... If Qing Lan stood on the surface of the sea and swung a knife in the future, hundreds of them would drill out of the sea for ten miles, all as vague intimations of Qing Lan.

The two yellow godbeasts followed Qu Lang directly.
Liu Wangshu and Liu Yingxing, as guardians of a family, didn’t have too many offensive capabilities in the first place. Although they weren’t low in combat power, they had many weaknesses, and if they acted alone, they might suffer a loss. They could, however, attach to the Special Service team, at the right time, on the members they could cooperate with them to attack.

The illusion created by Xiao Yao’s astrolabe and Chujiu could only simulate the situation of an evil outbreak, and at most, the evacuation of tourists. It couldn’t predict their opponents, so Baiju only observed from the sidelines and apart from that, he had to control the sullen forces that rushed in from left and right to cause trouble.
In this way, a few more simulations could almost determine the minimum number of people required for stability and evacuation during the battle.

The old white dog considered the situation and estimated that the other party wasn't a benevolent person. Since the previous operation tried to cause large-scale bloodshed, it was quite possible they would use the crowd to divert their power this time. Guihe Island was a tourist attraction, and if the flights were canceled urgently, it would startle the snake. Therefore, after many discussions, the core of their task this time was to extract clues as much as possible under the premise of ensuring that there were no casualties.

But Baiju wasn't at ease.
The clues obtained from Haiyin Fort indicated that the other party had been preparing for a long time, and no one knew how many nails they had planted on the Chinese mainland, and whether they would take the opportunity to set off a storm. Therefore, the goal the old dog  gave himself was to protect everyone and at the same time, deal a heavy blow to the other side.

Not to mention shortening their lifespan, whatever the result they would have no spare time to make trouble again.

He slightly narrowed his eyes. Baiju wasn’t sure how much strength his opponent had, nor how tolerant the Chinese cultivators were to his own strength, but he couldn't let Xiao Yao be in such an obscure situation.
With everything as it was. Baiju let out a sigh of relief slowly, he had always had a feeling that it was a pity that he had fallen asleep with his old bones for so many years, and it was a pity he hadn’t been around.

The drills were repeated over and over again. Baiju and Xiao Yao weren’t often in the same place as their combat methods were more individual, and without the cooperation of Qu Lang and their Special Service team, in actual operation, it was better for them to play to their strengths.

In the continuous deduction process, Xiao Yao was still the commander-in-chief for the first time or two. Then the command power was gradually transferred to the old white dog.

Through several repeated exercises, Baiju had gradually figured out the abilities and advantages of each individual. As the most knowledgeable one in the team, he was obviously more suitable for command and more flexible than Xiao Yao.
In this way, it also brought the Special Service team and the four little demons closer to Baiju.

A little bit of time passed. Xiao Yao's magic astrolabe could appropriately change the flow of time in the illusion, so when they finished more than ten or twenty rehearsals and summarised them, it was only four o'clock in the afternoon.

The earliest flight to Guihe Island would arrive on the island at 8:30 that night. They still had about four hours of free time. When new tourists came to the island, they had to be ready to start fighting.

"I was thinking, Xiao’ge, will they really not notice in advance?" Qu Lang ate a bowl of seafood noodles produced by Xiao Yao without raising his head, chewing, and asked, "Although we took action quickly, everything was concentrated on two or three days. It’s possible they haven’t noticed, but I’m still a little worried."

Xiao Yao held Baiju's eyes and mouthed, "Three times a month."

Baiju curled his lips, "...You've already done this twice."

Qu Lang paused for a while not hearing an answer, then raised his head and saw that the two lovebirds in front of him were expressing emotions again.
"I'm full..." Qu Lang put down the bowl whispering, and even poured out the soup.

Xiao Yao now had time to respond to Qu Lang’s concerns. He and Baiju were sitting on the sofa behind the coffee table. Tapping the back of the sofa twice, he said, "Actually, it’s okay even if we were in a hurry, they also would not have had enough time."

"Let's put it this way, based on their movements, we can assume that part of their target is the treasures on Baiju." Xiao Yao knocked his chin on Baiju’s shoulder, he’d manipulated the magic astrolabe for so long he was a little bit tired, "However, it hasn't been long since Bai’ge joined the Demon Management Bureau, but two or three small city scale incidents have occurred, each of which raising the White King's threat level."

"They want to use the suspicion of the human world towards Bai’ge to hinder him." Xiao Yao hooked a strand of hair on the side of Baiju's cheek and smiled, "Bai’ge, don't you agree?"

Baiju nodded and added, "Yao Yao is right. Judging from their deployment on Guihe Island, it is not difficult to see that they have been fishing for big fish with a long line. It stands to reason that a force that has kept their powers and has been keeping time for so long, so why did they suddenly start to cause trouble? It should be because they saw that I was in contact with the cultivation world, and became a little anxious, so they immediately started to act to stop me."

"In the six months since I’ve been awake and before I came down the mountain, nothing happened to target me. It’s likely that they didn't want to startle me in the first place."
The mountain where Baiju slept was on the edge of Luocheng. Except for the area within his enchantment, everywhere else had become tourist destinations. Although there were differences between peak and off-season throughout the year, there were always a lot of people. To put it bluntly, if they’d wanted to create chaos, it was actually more appropriate for the other party to have taken advantage of him when he was on the mountain.

After all, at that time, didn't he say that he was severely separated from the times, and that he didn't know his own strength level at all. If they had caused trouble, he could easily have taken the blame.

As Baiju spoke, he changed the tone, and rubbed Xiao Yao's hair again, "But from the point of view of Sun Daiyang, even if they weren’t against me, they would still come here in the near future. Their target would also be Yao Yao.” ——After all, they had been planning for so long, it would have been a slow process to guide Sun Daiyang's thoughts step by step, and they picked the red fox as their target, that was to say, the opponent had a purpose for Xiao Yao from the very beginning.

"As for me, I may have been their original goal." Baiju said, "The most reasonable speculation is that they wanted to start with Yao Yao first, and after they got enough power, they would build up the ability, and then start going after me."

Either way, it relied on the assumption that the old white dog did not appear. For as soon as he appeared, he was bound to Xiao Yao, the human boss, and became a two for one deal.

"I bet they don't have any extra energy to solve the clues we left.
"They can't wait for the inheritance of Haiyin Fort, that was within their grasp." Baiju lowered his eyes, "We are only responsible for making them break their teeth when they bite down."

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