92 - Go to die
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92 - Go to die

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There was light rain in the evening, and the air was moist. The main road outside the airport was covered with anti-skid mats, all red, and very eye-catching.

Baiju found a hidden corner and turned back into a human, then put on a pair of sunglasses and stood by the side of the exit with Xiao Yao to observe.

"Sun Daiyang hasn't been too popular. This time he ran out by himself again so he won't take the VIP exit." Xiao Yao pointed to the exit of the airport where people came and went. There was a road leading to the foot of the mountain, and the shopping mall was about one kilometer away.
"He's in a hurry. There is no booking for his accommodation or anything. There is a quick check-in point at the mall. He should go there."

Baiju looked in the direction that Xiao Yao pointed.
When the two of them came before because they had a lottery ticket, Xiao Yao had arranged a lot of things in advance, so Baiju didn't understand these trivial things.

Baiju remembered Sun Daiyang's smell quite firmly, and he probably hadn't come out of the airport yet.
Baiju took Xiao Yao and hid him behind him. After the two waited quietly for a while, they caught a man wearing a peaked cap and dragging a yellow suitcase in a crowd who came out. It was Sun Daiyang.

Baiju frowned, put a soundproof restraint on himself and Xiao Yao, and then said, "He’s lost a lot of weight."

Xiao Yao nodded and added, "He’s dying and he’ll die soon."
This Sun Daiyang's life was ordinary but rough. It stood to reason that he was the type that could be saved with a little effort, and not become a victim of a young death, so at that moment, there should have been no aura of death on his body.

"The person who asked Sun Daiyang to cause the accident before wanted to kill people." Baiju left it alone, "According to their timeline, he should die in a week." By then, he would be on a return flight. If the other party didn't want to leave any evidence behind, the most convenient excuse would be an "aircraft crash", using a group of people to cover up one person's abnormality.

Xiao Yao's face wasn’t very good.
He originally thought that the person behind it all was a bit self-conscious, focusing on the inheritance of Guihe Island, and relying on accidents so as not to increase his sense of existence. Now he found that it wasn't right, and things had already started to happen.

If the other party really took action on Sun Daiyang, there would be passengers on the plane that would be buried with him.

If they hadn't come to Guihe Island in advance——

Xiao Yao took a deep breath, feeling a little physiological nausea. In the eyes of some people...life was really the lightest thing.

"Lets go." Baiju took Xiao Yao's arm, and the two followed Sun Daiyang quietly.

"There was no sign of death before. When we contacted him last time, he hadn't been planted with the source of death." Baiju analyzed, "During this period of time, he should have had contact with those people. Maybe in China or even on that plane."

"It's not necessarily a person who marked him for death. I suspect that it was a puppet, or an object arranged in a certain way in advance. As long as the person uses it in order and touches it, they can be cursed." Baiju sniffed the air, "Sun Daiyang doesn't play a role worthy of such a large cost, but he could be used as a fuse for large-scale bloodshed."

"He still has some hallucinogens on his body. It's a pill, not a common poison. It should not be detected by ordinary means...but his mental state is definitely not right." Baiju's gaze was on Sun Daiyang, passing over the back of the hand holding the suitcase, where he saw the abnormally bulging meridians and bones, and could almost hear the sounds of the joints of his hands strain.

Xiao Yao pursed his lips and looked in the same direction as the old white dog. He really found that Sun Daiyang's palm was clenched. It wasn't so much too much force, as it was that there was not much power left in his body.

Although this person was disgusting and had done terrible things, in the end, he would be handed over to the law for sanctions if he did something wrong. It was not yet the turn of the filth behind him to choose his death on his behalf.

The road covered with protective pads at the airport wasn't long. After walking out for a while, he went to the side of the main road and stretched out his hand to a group of taxis that were parked.
Sun Daiyang bent over and explained the location to the driver in a dumb voice. He walked around the back of the car and put the suitcase in the trunk, pulled the door, and got into the car with a bow.

Baiju was sure that he could see the shape of his bones through his clothes.

"It's been at least three days." Xiao Yao suddenly came up with a conclusion, "The dead aura has entered for at least three days. It's impossible to cause such a big impact in one day."

From the inside to the outside, from the psychological line of defense to the physical line of defense, it couldn't collapse so fast...
"So not on this plane." Xiao Yao jumped up and hung on Baiju, "The dead thing is not on the plane, and its influence on others can be preliminarily ruled out...go, let's follow."

Baiju supported Xiao Yao's butt, then his figure flashed slightly, disappearing into the air.

There was not much divergence from Xiao Yao’s speculation. Sun Daiyang did go to the check-in agent in the mall first. Since most tourists on Guihe Island had made reservations, there weren't many people like him who checked in after landing on the island, so it didn’t take much time.  After the taxi stopped on the side of the road for a while, Sun Daiyang, who had gone through the formalities, returned to the car and headed to the accommodation.

Baiju squatted on the trunk, with Xiao Yao standing beside him. The two of them rode the car against the wind, and methodically took the opportunity to solve some trivial matters.

"How about the little fox?" After Baiju saw Sun Daiyang, he finally remembered that there was a little fox on the island who had not acted with them. "Sun Daiyang is here, did Qiu Ziran return to the mainland?"

"He didn't go back. Originally, Qu Lang wanted to arrange for him to go with Shao Simiao." Xiao Yao touched his nose and found that he had also forgotten Qiu Ziran. "But we still don't know whether it was the person behind him, or if it was Sun Daiyang's personal wish. So after thinking about it, we decided to have him stay with us."
After a pause, Xiao Yao looked at the scrawny Sun Daiyang through the rear window, "... Yesterday, the stand-in for the little fox staying outside received an announcement. Xiong He informed him to prepare a new song, so he stayed in the house for a day to compose. Writing lyrics is also very hard."

On the other hand, Sun Daiyang clearly got on the first train out of the talent show. Although he wasn't outstanding, he was not without the possibility and space for improvement. After tossing and turning, he became the way he was now.

Baiju flexed his neck and scratched his chin, "The way he walked out...it's not always possible to find someone to get his life back."

Xiao Yao sighed and kicked Baiju's foot instead, "Sun Daiyang is too far gone, but his appearance is still normal, what are you going to do? Do you want to further control his actions?"
Although Sun Daiyang wasn't right in his mind, he was cowardly in nature. He dared to stick out his neck for Qiu Ziran to cause a bloodshed, but he didn't dare to kill by himself. His actual threat wasn't too great. They also guessed that he had also found there was something wrong with himself. Whether it was clothes or behavior, he tried his best to conceal his abnormally thin body and complexion, and he didn't scare the driver who was driving at night.

Baiju glanced at the car window glass, "Follow him to the house, confirm where he is settled, then pull out the dead aura and lure him to sleep, and then take the opportunity to see if the remaining hallucinogens in his body can also be removed."

Xiao Yao smiled, "It's kind, but it's a pity that he won't appreciate it."

Baiju nodded dully.
In fact, both of them know that this wasn't a question of good or bad intentions. After all, allowing a person with an abnormal state to exist on Guihe Island would increase the risk to some extent. And after all, it was a life, even if it was damned, he shouldn't die this way.

Sun Daiyang’s chosen accommodation wasn't far from the shopping mall, and was only a ten-minute drive away. It was a motel, the cheapest kind on Guiqi Island. The only advantage was that it had a good view, allowing you to observe more than 20% of the west coast.

In the end, the dying body didn't look like a normal person. Sun Daiyang kept his appearance normal until entered the room and immediately relieved his strength and collapsed on the floor.

"Damn... if it wasn't for the fake talisman..." Sun Daiyang threw his sunglasses aside, with his palm blocking the light. Squeezing a few words from the gap between his teeth, the resentment in his head was concentrated on Jing Xia who had "sold fake talismans".

Baiju was silent.
When he and Xiao Yao had learnt that Sun Daiyang had bought talismans, they thought that Jing Xia was with the people behind him, so there was no pressure to shake the pot. As a result, when they came to Guihe Island, they met Jing Xia and discovered that Jing Xia was just an oblivious middleman.

Obviously, Sun Daiyang didn't understand the situation, only that he had been fooled by Jing Xia, and learnt from other sources that the person selling the charms was on Guihe Island, so he came to ask for an explanation.

Baiju lowered his head and spoke into Xiao Yao's ear, "I guess, the person behind this treated Jing Xia the same way he treated Sun Daiyang...Sun Daiyang had no use, so they planted a curse on Sun Daiyang; and Jing Xia's talismans were also the same. They first sold the information on Jing Xia to Sun Daiyang, and if the talisman had the effect they expected, they would continue to cooperate. Conversely, if they messed up like they have, they would attract the half-dead Sun Daiyang to make trouble."

"Jing Xia is a beginner cultivator, but he hasn't registered with the Practitioners Association; once something goes wrong on Guihe Island, then there is no need for them to face Jing Xia, the Chinese Practitioners Association would suppress and control Jing Xia for them...a good calculation. If they really followed this plan, they would be able to blackmail Jing Xia, so that Jing Xia had to continue to cooperate with them."

Xiao Yao didn't expect that the old white dog could understand these matters. He glanced at him in surprise, and nodded in agreement, "It almost went according to their plans. It's just that they didn't expect we would appear straight from the beginning and disrupt Sun Daiyang's actions, and come to Guihe Island before Sun Daiyang, and find Jingxia directly with your sense of smell."

Considering that it was basically all missed hits and accidental collisions, it just so happened that all the cards involved forced their hand.

Baiju didn't feel lucky as a dog, but he sighed and said, "It's annoying to calculate so much."

During the conversation between the two, Sun Daiyang had already climbed up from the floor. He had bought some food when he checked in before, and sat directly on the floor of the room, unpacked and began to gobble up food.
He knew that his state was wrong, and the speed at which his body was exhausted terrified him. Although he was useless, he had a strong desire to survive. Even if the mental disorder makes him physiologically bereft, he must desperately force himself to eat and replenish his energy.

Xiao Yao looked at him twice, it wasn't difficult to see where this fierce energy came from.
Although he had seen many cruel people, Xiao Yao couldn't help thinking when he saw Sun Daiyang's appearance, how good of a future Sun Daiyang could give himself if he could use his energy on the right path.

Many people in the world weren't really bad, but put too much energy on hatred, jealousy, delusion, etc.

His Bai'ge wasn't like that.
Xiao Yao thought, the old white dog sometimes liked to be stupid, but he lived more honestly than anyone else——

Thinking of this, Xiao Yao saw Baiju at his side stretching out his hand without hesitation. With a sudden grasp from the air, the deathly energy entwined in Sun Daiyang's body was like a group of struggling snakes rushing up, twisting and converging from his limbs and spine, and then forced out.

The battle was a bit violent.
Sun Daiyang's whole body twitched suddenly, pinching the bread in his hand, opening his mouth, his eyes rolled up and he fainted. His chest was tightened and deflated, and he couldn't even scream out.

Xiao Yao, "..." Isn't this too rough for ordinary people? Even when the old white dog pulled out his own mental power, the scene was a bit scary, but the movements were elegant and detailed.

The old white dog didn't realise this, holding a gray-black lifeless ball in his hand, his expression was a bit disgusted, "This thing..."

Xiao Yao glanced at it, "Um...what's the matter with the death qi?"

Baiju looked disgusted as he seemed to remember something, and he spat out the problem, "...it's so unpalatable, I feel a little sick when I see it."

Xiao Yao: "..."
No, have you eaten death qi before? Why are you thinking about it like that?

The author has something to say:
Old white dog: It's really unpalatable. I can't figure out why ghosts like to eat this food.
Yao Yao: Wake up, how could you, a good living creature, like to eat death!

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