93 - Devil
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93 - Devil

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Facing the unpalatable ball of death, the old white dog looked disgusted and didn't know how to put it. Holding the ball with his fingers in the air, he looked like he couldn't wait to raise his pinky finger.

Xiao Yao looked at the old white dog with a smile, "If it tastes bad, then just deal with it." there wasn’t just one way to deal with it.

The old dog white frowned, "But it's a waste. The energy contained in the death qi is quite a lot." After all, it was something that could destroy life abnormally. Death qi was a type of power with high energy.

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao rubbed his forehead, "... put it away and leave it for Qing Lan."

Baiju's eyes lit up when he heard the words, and immediately put away the death qi dumpling that had disgusted him, "Good idea."

Xiao Yao raised his hand and rubbed the dog's head.

The two people withdrew the concealment restrictions on their bodies and stepped forward a little bit, and they saw Sun Daiyang lying on the floor in a twisted posture, looking like the scene of a sudden death by poison.

Xiao Yao lowered his head and glanced at him, "You don't need to specifically put him to sleep. If he's like this, he won't wake up all day or night."

Baiju nodded and squatted down, tapping his slender fingertips across Sun Daiyang's wrist, leaving a few silk threads as he checked his pulse.
There were hallucinogens in his system, but their efficacy wasn't very strong, he was afraid there would only be very special triggers.

"It's a bit difficult." Baiju retracted his hand, frowning, "It's okay to get rid of the death qi, but these were left on his body after he broke contact with the person behind him. The hallucinogenic pill may be controlled and the triggers should be in our opponent's control. If I remove it directly, and they're cautious enough, they might simply run away."
If this was the case, their opponent wouldn't go to Haiyin Fort or trigger the array and detection device, and the effective clues they had would be reduced drastically.

Xiao Yao folded his arms, pondered for a moment, and suggested, "Then don't get rid of it yet."
"Sun Daiyang was arranged to cause trouble in Haiyin Fort, and the information our enemy has is still limited, we can assume the trigger doesn't involve either of us or the Secret Service. Inferring from the purpose, the trigger is most likely related to Jing Xia or Haiyin Fort, or possibly related to Qiu Ziran."

Hearing this, Baiju understood, "We can just directly control his actions."
A little magic could restrict Sun Daiyang to a certain range of actions. In this case, once Baiju and the others figured out the trigger and detonated it in advance, or isolated it completely, they wouldn't be completely exposed.

"Jing Xia can trouble Qu Lang to arrange something." Xiao Yao said, "After all, he is a resident of the island and has a high degree of freedom. Arranging him to go out to sea can explain why Sun Daiyang can't find anyone."

"In the case of Haiyin Fort, it's enough to restrict Sun Daiyang's range of movement. This isn't a difficult task; the biggest problem now is that we aren't sure if that trigger is time based."

A specific time and a specific place were often the triggers for such hallucinogenic drugs. Now that their opponent was about to be on Guihe Island, it could be speculated that this time and place was special enough to be used as a trigger.

Baiju agreed with Xiao Yao. After thinking about it, he stretched out his hand and pressed Xiao Yao’s head, pulling him closer, and whispered lowly, “You don’t need to be anxious, we're just trying to avoid extra trouble. If the drugs on Sun Daiyang's body are triggered according to a set time and place, it proves that the other party has already taken action, and there's no longer a problem of us exposing ourselves."

"I'll leave something by Sun Daiyang's side so that I can stop him from acting early and make him lose his ability to move. It will be enough."
After all, Sun Daiyang was an ordinary human being. Although he had some obsessions, he didn't have much power. Aside from creating some chaos and minor bloodshed, he couldn't do anything bigger.

The two finalised their plan, and instead of staying by Sun Daiyang's side, they confined him to the room until nine o'clock, then searched his backpack and suitcase and found something useful.

Baiju held a small black wooden sculpture in his hand, his face a little heavy.

As soon as Xiao Yao talked to Qu Lang, he took his cell phone and turned around, and he saw Baiju standing under the street lamp with an unreadable expression.

"Bai'ge, what's wrong with the wood carving?" Xiao Yao frowned, "Isn't it an ordinary devil?"

As we all know, things like "wild gods" weren't uncommon in the world of cultivators. Some of them had chosen a mountain or village to be a god or protector, like Baiju, to cultivate their virtues. But more were just demons with a little talent who claimed to be a wild god, but actually used mediums similar to a god to create belief and power by prayer for himself. These wild gods were generally called "devils" in the cultivation world.

The small wooden statue found from Sun Daiyang's luggage looked like such devil statue.

The devils were called devils because of their improper technique.
In order to achieve the wish for the wisher, Baiju would go to the trouble to find the root of the problem, entrust dreams, pray for blessings, secretly reach out to help, guide, and subtly change a person's destiny. This was a qualification of a wild god. On the other hand, devils would use all means to plunder wealth, life, luck, etc. from others to satisfy the "employer"'s wishes, and from the "employer" they would take more power of belief than ordinary gods, asking the other party to use specific things to pay tribute to oneself, and even gradually intensify their demands, until all the luck of the wisher was wiped out.

The so-called wishes were easy to send to wild gods, but it was unclear if the receiver were some kind of devil. Once a devil was invited into a home, if you wanted to send it away, most of it would cost a heavy price. You might be okay if it was discovered early, but on the other hand, if the devil had been cultivated into a home,  it may never be sent away, and you could only find a way to destroy it.

Baiju pursed his lips and wiped the evil smile on the little idol's face with his thumb, shattering it's shell in an instant.

Xiao Yao was taken aback for a moment, and frowned, "Fake?"

The little idol in Baiju's hand now looked like an ordinary wood carving, completely without the aura of a devil.
"It's not fake, it's real." Baiju's teeth were sharpened, as if recalling something bad. "I have seen this method...it was not too difficult in the past. If a devil has already taken shape, after they have enough self-awareness, they can easily change their carrier and medium. After all, they aren't real gods or wild gods, and they don’t have much dependence on their own idols. They can withdraw and leave at any time. Sun Daiyang likely had one of these such idols."

Sun Daiyang probably had probably made wishes to this devil before, and even when he came to Guihe Island today, he didn’t forget to bring it with him, but unexpectedly, this devil had given up on him a long time ago, just covering the outside of the statue in a shell, the inner body and consciousness had already withdrawn.

Xiao Yao reacted and realised that things weren't good, "...that is to say, there is at least one devil with a more complete consciousness and relatively flexible movements in China now?"

Baiju turned the invalid wood carving into dregs, and nodded, "Yes."

Xiao Yao took a breath.
The devils were said to be taken care of, and were indeed destroyed. Under normal circumstances, the devils could be cleaned up or suppressed by adjusting the feng shui and adding a talisman to suppress it, but obviously, this level of devil wasn't ordinary.

"It doesn't matter, it's a clue anyway, we've at least gained something." Xiao Yao twitched, "At least there is a more obvious direction of investigation than spiritual power and puppets."

If I went back, I maybe would have called Baiju a dog 'spirit' who became a mountain 'deity' and may one day ascend to godhood. "Devils" felt right in the context of Baiju being a "demon" but overall "devils" and "demons" doesn't feel quite right. The Chinese used for the devils is literally evil god or chaos god.

In other news I've recently figured out how to buy stuff off Taobao, browsing the app is very addictive....I pray for my bank account.

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