94 - Let's give it to Qing Lan~
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94 - Let's give it to Qing Lan~

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China’s mystical arts had a long history, and there were countless large and small types. Compared with this long history, the establishment of China’s Practitioner's Association, Demon Management Bureau, and Special Service hadn't seen much. Therefore, although previous mysterious cases were also recorded in dossiers, there was no history of the mystical arts that was truly meticulous and uniformly recorded, let alone be useful as clues.

"Deng'yi from Beijing told me that you aren't a simple mountain god." Xiao Yao sat on Baiju's shoulders and let the dog carry him along the mountain road to Haiyin Fort, "but she didn't say anything else, I guess they don’t have too much information. That is to say, there are few clues about you that can be found in those files...if the other party is mainly targeting you, then the Practitioners Association will definitely ask you about yourself and the missing parts from their records. If that happens, your clues will be exposed together with the clues of the devil. I don't think it's a good idea."

"The devil thing is clear, they have indeed kept themselves hidden. We don't know how many wild gods are hidden in every corner of China. There are too many fish mixed with the dragons, and it's too difficult to trace them all." Xiao Yao touched Baiju's neck and sighed, "Baiju, do you know if there is a better way?"

Baiju shook his ears and hummed in his throat. His deep voice sounded in Xiao Yao's mind with a comforting tone, "Don't worry, although I don't have any clues at the moment, the boat will be straight when it arrives at the bridge. Sometimes the asking the records isn't as reliable as the demons and ghosts."

A devil required great power. Among them, some devils were impatient and cannibalised the power of their family or home, which would lead to many notable events, that were often discovered and the devils destroyed by practitioners before they were formed. For a devil who was a little patient and knew how to keep a low profile, it took quite a long time to form a body.
Obviously, it was the latter that Baiju and the others had encountered this time. Although clues were hard to find, once the timeline was established, something unusual would always emerge. Therefore, Baiju wasn't very worried.

Baiju's voice was calm and indifferent, so Xiao Yao nodded silently, feeling a little more stable.

"Let's work hard at both ends...the connections in the human practicing world don't need to be in vain. I'll try my best to integrate information without exposing you, Bai'ge, and Qu Lang will also help." Xiao Yao squeezed Baiju and moved to pat his big ears, "Bai'ge, try to find clues in the Demon Realm, and tell me what magical artifacts or other help you need."

Baiju tilted his head and let out a low smile, "Okay, good."
In fact, he felt that his Yao Yao was too worried. As a demon king, although he didn't rule anything and he usually just dealt with the odds and ends of prayers, this didn't mean that his connections were poor, or his overall planning ability and leadership were insufficient.

Xiao Yao was accustomed to the position of director of the Demon Administration Bureau. Whenever he encountered things, he always unconsciously took the lead and arranged the overall situation from the commanding position. This was also a way for Xiao Yao to seek a sense of security——he very rarely entrusted things to others.
Only by doing it himself could he get a sense of steadfastness, which in Baiju's view wasn't good; to put it bluntly, Xiao Yao was too solitary.

Such an independent character was a good thing for a leader, but it was even more pitiful in the heart of the old dog, and it made him feel distressed.
He must slowly let Xiao Yao know that he could rely on others...just like now, Xiao Yao could accept without any hesitation that he didn't need to wear his glasses next to Baiju.

But now...
He wasn't in a hurry. Baiju looked up at the moon in the sky, at least he didn't mind accepting Xiao Yao's arrangement, and would become Xiao Yao's best teammate...In this way, subconsciously, he could always slowly let Xiao Yao know what it was like to rely on him.

"Bai'ge, what are you thinking about?" Xiao Yao pondered for a while, and when he recovered, he realised Baiju hadn't said a word for a long time.

Baiju thought for a while, then said a half-truth, "I'm thinking, when will you be able to act like a baby with me every day, the kind I have to feed with my mouth."

As if he had already imagined such a scene, Baiju smiled happily, "It doesn't seem so bad, I kind of want to raise a Yao Yao who can stretch out his hands for food and open his mouth."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao imagined the scene Baiju described, his ears were red with embarrassment, and he felt unable to accept it, "If I'm so lazy, I'd hate myself."

Baiju was confused, "That's different. I don't mean not bothering to do it yourself. It's clearly working but just wanting to call on someone else... I really want you to call me and give you a bite of a meal."

Xiao Yao, "..." Come on, why do I need to make a play, why don't you just give me a bite of a meal?

Xiao Yao, who didn't dare to upgrade his welfare for the time being, stuffed his bellyful of play back and rubbed the dog's head sympathetically.
The old dog's hardware was too extraordinary, he wasn't ready yet, and put a seal on the door of that new world for the time being.

Baiju’s ability to accept new things wasn’t bad, and he knew what two men did together, and had even learned a lot of strange postures in certain exercises, but for the euphemisms of young people now he wasn't very clear. This had caused him and Xiao Yao to have many serious mismatches in the controlling the speed of the car. The old white dog was still thinking about the next small three-wheeled vehicle while Xiao Yao had already driven the roller coaster into the sky.

The two had their own thoughts along the way, so they didn't make any plans and arrangements, and they reached the outside of Haiyin Fort in silence.

The two teams led by Qu Lang and Ling Yun acted separately and didn't gather together. Qu Lang went to find Jing Xia. He was originally squatting at Jing Xia's side to guard Sun Daiyang, but in this short period of time he received Xiao Yao’s call twice. After learning about Sun Daiyang's situation and whereabouts, he took Jing Xia to the East Bay, preparing to have A'Song, the little shark, take Jing Xia out to sea for a while.

Jing Xia's going to sea could be faked, but in the end, the real person was still at risk on the island so it would be better to hand him over to A'Song, for his own safety.

At this moment, Jing Xia and A'Song seemed to have some conflict and the atmosphere between the two was weird. Qu Lang stayed in the East Bay for a while, carefully observing their situation. If this plan didn't work, he could only change back to their original plan and have Jing Xia stay on the island while he arranged for a stand-in to go out to sea overnight on the cargo ship.

As for Ling Yun, he was personally stationed in Haiyin Fort, and the rest of his troops were scattered around the mountains of Guihe Island with Haiyin Fort as their radiating centre.

Vice Captain Ling was staying in Haiyin Fort, very empty, lonely and cold, when he saw the big white dog outside. Like seeing his relatives for the first time in eight lifetimes, his eyes were bright.

"White King, Curator Xiao, you come." Ling Yun had been sitting on the roof and had a pain in his buttocks. Seeing Baiju carrying Xiao Yao over, he turned over and landed, bypassing the fountain to meet them, "Was there anything on the plane?"

Xiao Yao waved his hand, "No, only Sun Daiyang was found."

"I heard Captain Qu say something about death qi," Ling Yun touched his chin, "Was it all resolved?"

Baiju nodded and asked, "Where is Qing Lan?"

Ling Yun raised his eyebrows, "The White King wants to give Qing Lan the death qi?"

Baiju glanced at him unknowingly, "Is there a problem?"

Ling Yun smiled and said, "No, no, no problem. The cost of training is quite high. I'm a little envious. Why doesn't no one spend this time training me."

Xiao Yao couldn't help rolling his eyes. This guy’s base nature was as a gossip. To a certain extent, his intuition was stronger than that of the profiler Qu Lang, so in the eyes of many people, this guy was quite suspicious...the direct result of this was, Ling Yun's popularity among passers-by was very poor. He was the type of person who, when asking someone for directions when he was lost, could ask ten random people and have ten people refused to answer.

Too lazy to talk nonsense with him, Xiao Yao casually twisted his fingers, threw him a small spell, and noted, "Okay, don't talk nonsense, where is Qing Lan? Where is he stationed?"

"On the top of the cliff, watching the formation." Ling Yun shrugged, expressing his envy again, "This flying corpse of your Demon Administration Bureau is really too obedient. He's much cuter than the rascals in my hands."

Xiao Yao grinned at him, "Envy all you like, you can't have him."

Ling Yun, "..."
Suddenly he felt that it was not without reason that he owed Qu Lang a beating. The apple didn't fall far from the tree, and Xiao Ju, the father, wasn't too likable.

Xiao Yao, who wasn't likable, and the old white dog abandoned the lonely Ling Yun, and went to the top of Guihe Island first.

As mentioned before, the whole shape of Guihe Island was like the remains of half a tortoise shell and half a skeleton. In the middle, a mountain line similar to the dividing line of the Tai Chi Yin and Yang divided the entire island into two completely different islands. The undulating peaks looked, from far up, like a section of connected spine bones.
The place where Qing Lan was located was the mountain arched in the centre of this spine.

Ling Yun was right, Qing Lan was indeed good-hearted. When Baiju and Xiao Yao saw him, he was sitting on the mountain with his legs hanging on the edge of the cliff, his posture looked down over the edge sharply.  There was no fear on the cliff face that went down vertically, only an expression full of seriousness and a little curiosity.

Baiju stepped on the air and came to Qing Lan's side, put Xiao Yao down on the ground, then his body turned into a human form with a flash of white light, and he said hello to Qing Lan, "Qing Lan."

Qing Lan got up and stood up straight, and nodded obediently at Baiju, "White King."
He also nodded towards Xiao Yao, "Curator Xiao."

Baiju responded, and searched his small pocket dimension with a twist of his fingers. Soon a light blue light flashed across his palm, and a ball of gray-black dead qi appeared in Baiju's hand.

"This is for you, you can see if you can use it." Baiju handed the death qi dumpling to Qing Lan, "Remember that the exercises given to you can refine this, but I don't know if your physique can adapt to this death qi."

Qing Lan's expressionless face lit up all at once.
The corners of his eyebrows and eyes leaped, Qing Lan pressed his lips and smiled. There was a small dimple on his cheek, but only on the left side. He tried his best to restrain the smile on his face, as Qing Lan took the dumpling from Baiju. Then immediately bowed solemnly in place to thank Baiju, "Many thanks, thank you, White King...death qi, a lot, Qing Lan can, evolve, evolve to the next level."

"Evole?" Baiju was a little surprised. A flying corpse couldn't evolve on its own, unless it was a flying corpse with a master. The exercises he had given him did involve autonomous evolution, but Qing Lan obviously hadn't learnt this trick yet.

Qing Lan nodded, still a little bowed, "Qing, Qing Lan used to be more advanced than he is now."
After a pause, fearing that he couldn't understand enough, Qing Lan awkwardly pointed to his hands and feet, "Yes, so much, strength, skin temperature, and knew hot and cold."

Baiju was really surprised now.
Qing Lan still didn't understand his own past, but he had just provided some useful information.

He used to be stronger.
In this case, it was basically certain that he had a master before and had been well trained. This would have consumed a lot of resources, and the secret method for refining him was extremely rare. Otherwise, once he fell a rank, a flying corpse would basically be destroyed. It rotted and decayed until it disappeared after a short time.

In this case...it wasn't difficult to explain why Qing Lan suffered huge damage, causing him to not remember everything related to his master, so he only remembered to look for his master.

Unfortunately, in order to prevent his demise while he dropped his rank, his former master spent a huge amount of effort to maintain his integrity and let him "live".

Qing Lan shook the death qi ball in his hand, his mood fluctuated particularly sharply, his dark eyes were covered with mist, and his voice became dumb, "After evolving, Qing Lan will be able to remember more, and can go find his master."

Baiju was put under great pressure by this guy. He really didn't expect that the lifeless dumpling that he and Xiao Yao had accidentally taken from Sun Daiyang was so useful.

Xiao Yao also thought it was a little bit magical. After all, after the Demon Management Bureau watched over Qing Lan, it wasn't that he didn't provide him with training resources. He had absorbed many various things, but none of them had such an effect.

Thinking about this, Xiao Yao also asked, "You have absorbed death qi before, why didn't it have such an effect?"

Qing Lan was taken aback, thinking hard, blinking, and blinking away the tears in his eyes, "This, death qi...it's  living person, on his body."
"Qing Lan, is a flying corpse, somewhere between life and death. The death qi of the dead is not effective."

The author has something to say:
Qing Lan: The goal of cultivation is the living dead~=▽=

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