95 - Give you the starry sky
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95 - Give you the starry sky

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The speaker had no intentions and the listener had the heart. Qing Lan simply expressed the effect of different death qi on him, but Baiju and Xiao Yao found a breakthrough in this simple sentence.

In fact, both the old white dog and Xiao Yao were obviously not professionals in the methods of flying corpse cultivation. Even if Baiju knew many weird techniques, none of them mentioned the difference in effectiveness between death qis. It was really because death qi was so special that it could only appear on the dying or the dead. If it appeared on the living and the lifespan of the person didn’t match the death qi status, it revealed that the person was in an abnormal state and had been abused. However, it was necessary to remove the death qi quickly, which had caused most practitioners and demons to broadly divide death qi into "normal" and "abnormal".

However, for a demon like Qing Lan that used death qi as its main training resource, each had their own preferences. Simply put, the higher the degree of overlap between the nature of the death qi and the nature of their cultivation, the better its effect.

As an advanced flying corpse, Qing Lan should be a master of death qi appraisal.

In other words, Qing Lan could obtain more information from death qi than they do.

Baiju and Xiao Yao glanced at each other tacitly, then the old white dog simply stepped forward and asked, "Qing Lan, can you find any clues from this dead air?"

Qing Lan didn't quite understand, "Clue..."

Baiju explained, "This thing was artificially implanted into a living person's body. Can you identify how it was put there or the operator?"

Qing Lan frowned, holding the bundle of death qi, as if analysing its authenticity, "The death qi was planted in the living, not, not good."
The flying corpse Qing Lan's moral standing was quite correct. After figuring out what Baiju and Xiao Yao needed him to do, he nodded and said solemnly, "Qing Lan will try his best, might find clues, but people, not necessarily."

Baiju tried to translate what Qing Lan wanted to express, "You mean, you could find some related information, but you can't directly find the person behind it?"

Qing Lan nodded, "Yes...Yes."
After a pause, Qing Lan added, "Strangers, there are too many auras, I don't know them, so I can't tell them apart."

Xiao Yao immediately asked, "What if the person who did it was right in front of you? Could you tell?"

Qing Lan pursed his lips, glanced into Baiju's eyes with some bewilderment, and nodded slowly, "Yes, I can."

Baiju stretched out his hand and pressed Qing Lan's head, "Okay, remember the death qi and it’s characteristics and absorb it. If the culprit appears in front of you next time, you have to tell me as soon as possible. Or Curator Xiao, do you understand?"

Qing Lan only nodded, and after a while he responded with "OK".

This guy was too nervous.
Baiju and Xiao Yao kept asking questions one after another, which suddenly created a great deal of pressure for Qing Lan, making him nervous for a while.

They needed to leave some space for him.
Baiju took Xiao Yao's hand, then turned around and motioned to his upper back, "Come up, Yao Yao. I’ll take you down."

Xiao Yao had done this a few times now, so he put his arms around Baiju's neck in a familiar way and was lifted up easily.

Baiju supported Xiao Yao's butt, reminded him to "stay down", and then carried him down the hillside.

"Not going back to Haiyin Fort?" Xiao Yao lay on the back of the old dog, raising his eyebrows in doubt.

"I'll go to Haiyin Fort later." Baiju shuttled among the branches of the trees, "We still have time now, I'll take you to find the fireflies."

Xiao Yao was stumped by the old white dog's thoughts, and he was silent for a while before remembering. When he and Baiju had just landed on the island, they went to watch the float parade, and the old white dog pretended to make fireflies by using magic tricks, and was teased by himself.

He couldn't help but poke Baiju's cheek with his finger, Xiao Yao smiled and said, "You've been thinking about it?"

Baiju curled up his mouth, "Mm, the ones from the magic spells aren't real after all... There were too many people when we were watching the floats, you haven't seen the most beautiful fireflies."

Xiao Yao was easily coaxed into exhilaration by the old white dog. It was obviously the romance of a little girl. When Baiju appeared in front of him, he felt that his heart was full of pink bubbles.

In an effort to suppress the excitement, Xiao Yao deliberately retorted, "When I was a child, I spent a while in the mountains as a teacher to learn monasticism, I've seen fireflies."

Hearing this, the old white dog wasn't shocked in the slightest. He snorted softly, and said with a little gratification, "That's different, you didn't have me by your side at that time."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Damn it makes sense.

Seeing that Xiao Yao didn't reply, Baiju knew that this guy was just being tsundere, and in fact, he was looking forward to watching the fireflies with him.

Fortunately, the ridge in the center of Guihe Island was untouched because of its steep terrain and poor development. Except for some residents of Guihe Island who went up the mountain to pick treasures and flowers who occasionally entered the mountain, this ridge had basically not been affected by human presence. The climate on Guihe Island was stable, and the four seasons weren't distinct. The fireflies that Baiju was looking for could be found all year round, but they were more frequent in summer and more sporadic in winter.

At this moment, Guihe Island was in early summer, and when Baiju walked deep into the woods along a stream in the small valley, a little green shimmer gradually began to appear around him.

Xiao Yao raised his head and looked at the top. There was no human interference on this mountain all year round. Many trees were old. They obviously hadn't gone too far, and the entangled branches covered most of the sky.
The moonlight was filtered by the branches and leaves, the light in the woods gradually dimmed, and the gleam of the fireflies became more conspicuous.

Baiju was right, the most beautiful fireflies were indeed in the dark night, with two people.
The old white dog said that he was taking him to watch fireflies, but this old dog was a demon king after all. How could he honestly let him watch the fireflies in a natural scene. So Xiao Yao was looking at the sky, but after a while he saw a black cloud quietly cover the gaps between the branches and leaves.

After blinking, Xiao Yao couldn't laugh or cry; the legendary black demon clouds were used to block light by the old dog.

Baiju’s eyesight wasn't affected by the darkness. He lowered his head to find some roots protruding from the ground, and walked gently toward the stream. Within a few steps, he found a large smooth rock and flicked the handmade Taoist Whisk to clean it up.

He lowered his body to place Xiao Yao on the rock and sat, Baiju's long legs bent, and he also sat beside Xiao Yao.

The fireflies were flying near the water. Baiju himself was a demon king, he usually stayed in the mountains like a living repellent. No snakes, scorpions, or ants would harass him. Likewise, the fireflies didn't take the initiative to approach.

Xiao Yao sat on the cold rock, stretched out his hands and took off his shoes, and put his feet on the surface of the stream. It was so cold that he hissed.

Baiju bent over and smiled while holding Xiao Yao's ankle and pulling it up, "Don't soak in the water. This stream flows from an underground spring. The temperature is a little lower than that of ordinary streams."
As he spoke, Baiju pointed to a little light on the surface of the water, "Look, there is a fish from the underground spring. Its body is basically transparent, and it also glows."

Xiao Yao sat on the stone, holding a knee, playing with the long grass leaves on the water, "There is a fresh water spring on this island."

Baiju hummed, then said, "It may be from the bones......Guihe Island may be the water's origin."

Xiao Yao tilted his body and leaned against Baiju, raising his eyes to see the fireflies rising and falling by the stream. Star-like fluorescent lights dotted among the grasses by the stream, in large numbers, in groups, and collectively rather bright. The shallow stream was clear, and the flowing water reflected the light of the fireflies, pulling them into a trembling stream of light.

Beautiful like a quiet dream.

It was a gentle scene. By the side were two people, the sky was cool. Xiao Yao even wanted to stay with Baiju and sleep well.

Baiju kissed him in the extravagance of the affair, and whispered, "Do you want to watch the show?"

Xiao Yao looked up, intrigued, "What is the show?"

Baiju smiled, stretched out a hand arounf Xiao Yao's shoulders, pulled him into his arms, lended forward, and looked up at the fireflies along the coast. "Come."

For a moment, the firefly population was slightly shocked, the countless lights in the grass leaves detached from their hiding places, passing low above the creek and fluttering towards Baiju.

The small valley lit up.

Xiao Yao widened his eyes slightly. He had already predicted Baiju's tactic, but at that moment, he was still shocked by the scene in front of him...he didn't underestimate Baiju, but underestimated nature.

When countless fireflies swarmed, he unexpectedly gave birth to some nervous emotions. His fingers unconsciously grasped the corners of Baiju's clothes and Xiao Yao opened his mouth, "Bai'ge..."

Baiju beckoned, a large group of fireflies rushed towards him and surrounded him, approaching their eyes then instantly dispersing, and in a blink of an eye, they merged behind the two people. It was as if a sea of ​​stars shattered head-on against them, so beautiful and dazzling.

"Is it dazzling?" Baiju's smiling voice sounded in Xiao Yao's ear, along with his was breath. He grabbed Xiao Yao's ear tip, and then said, "Since I came back, I found many pictures of the stars on the Internet."

As Baiju spoke, his fingers moved slightly to arrange the lights in the air according to the shape of the nebula. As expected, the fireflies flew according to his directions and formed the nebula designed by Baiju.

Xiao Yao didn't know what to say. He raised his hand and held Baiju's palm on his shoulder, and opened his eyes as he watched the fireflies follow Baiju's spiritual power to transform into a cloud of nebula.  Thrse childish methods coaxed him to be moved.

He couldn't wait to kiss a white old dog.

The old white dog still thought it was a little regretful, while the fireflies could be directed, he also thought, "Unfortunately they can't change colour, I remember the colours of the nebula are beautiful, better than such monotonous fireflies."

Xiao Yao, "..."
I don't know if I should continue to be moved.

"Bai'ge, why would you think of making fireflies become nebulae?" Xiao Yao rubbed against Baiju's neck and asked quietly.
He thought that Baiju wouldn't give any kind of notable answer and was purely playing it for romance, but didn't think that the old white dog would really give an answer.

"...well, because I've been looking for you in the sky." Baiju thought, smiled, hooked his finger and simply replaced the nebula with Xiao Yao's magic star map, "Yao Yao, do you remember, I said you were my god?"

Xiao Yao's ears were numb, and he was a little embarrassed, "I remember...remember."

Baiju put his arms around his boyfriend and explained, "Your fate has not yet fully matured. I'm not sure which star in the sky will be given new life by you...thinking of this, I subconsciously searched for it in the sky.
"I want to find the fullest, brightest, and best-looking star, and give it to you, but I don't have the ability." Baiju said, "So I thought again, then I have to take all of the sky and write down the stars so that no matter which one you light up in the future, I will be the first to find it."

"But there are too many stars in the sky." Baiju twitched his lips in a daze, "In the past, our demon stargazing was always better than your human beings with your naked eyes. Even human cultivators rarely had eyesight that exceeded ours."

"But now, your human 'eyes' are much stronger than us demons'. Through technology you have photographed nebulae that I can't distinguish with my eyes, and photographed far and unknown places."

"Too many stars...I'm afraid I can't find you."

Xiao Yao was choked by Baiju, and held the hand of the old white dog for a long time before slowly regaining his thoughts, "...then, Bai'ge, do you remember a lot of star maps?"
Obviously they had only been together for a few days, when did Baiju have time to look up the stars? Had this old dog not slept much in the past two nights?

Baiju sighed and touched Xiao Yao's head, "Ah, I found some star maps, but I didn't spend much time looking. After all, it doesn't matter if the stars can't be found, as long as you are by my side, it's enough."
"It's just, I'm just thinking, I have to let you know how brilliant you are." Baiju pointed to the imaginary star map, "If I don't know which star you are, then I will place the whole starry sky in front of your eyes."

Xiao Yao really didn't know that the old white dog had so much thought in his back. For a while, he felt a little guilty. He'd always felt that he didn't care enough for Baiju. His heart was full of emotions, but he didn't know how to say it.

The old white dog saw through his little guilt, bowed his head and kissed him, then whispered, "Yao Yao, I think so much just as a consideration between lovers, don't feel any burden from it. I may not have the right knowledge to find a job, but if I know more than you in certain areas, I will think more than you. It's normal."

"We don't have to argue over who has paid too much. Sincerity is enough." Baiju leaned on Xiao Yao, "I'll still rely on you to earn money to support me, okay?"

Xiao Yao was tickled by the old white dog and smiled lightly. After a while, he hugged Baiju, "Bai'ge, thank you."

Baiju asked him for a kiss, "Don't thank me, I'm just doing what I should."

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