96 - Splitting up
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96 - Splitting up

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When the two returned to Haiyin Fort again, Xiao Yao had a dangling straw lantern in his hand. The lantern wasn't very densely woven, but it contained more than a dozen fireflies obediently, looking like the make of the demon king Baiju.

Xiao Yao still remembered that Baiju said before that he couldn't weave grass, grasshoppers and other things used to coax children. Baiju didn't know how to do it.
Originally, he was still very puzzled that with such flexible fingers, the old white dog could logically knit anything at his fingertips; as a result, he was extremely puzzled tonight.

The small straw lantern woven by the old white dog was according to a DIY instructional video.

Beside the stone surrounded by fireflies, the old white dog watched the video seriously, and tried to follow along with the grass leaves in his hand to make a little rough and crooked lantern, and then cheated by arranging a dozen fireflies to obediently go inside.

After making up the little lantern, the old dog noted the look on Xiao Yao’s face before explaining, "This is actually not difficult to learn, but I couldn’t find anyone to teach me...besides, for those children who came looking for me for comfort, most of the time I don’t take such small things into my heart, and I don’t even have the motivation to learn."

To put it bluntly, the double-labeled old white dog was over people.
But Xiao Yao was very motivating.

At the gate of Haiyin Fort, Vice Captain Yun circled the two with a strange expression, and said with emotion, "I can't see it, the White King is very good at coaxing people."

Xiao Yao slipped the straw lantern and raised his eyebrows, "Excuse me, he only coaxes me."

Ling Yun, "......Uh."

Baiju held back his laugh, bending his eyes, and then asked, "Is there anything happening here in Haiyin Fort?"

When it came to business, Ling Yun returned to his dignified appearance, his waist straightened up and his whole aura became a lot more reliable, "There has been no movement at present. Marne Haiyin is very cooperative with us. As long as someone contacts them, they will notify us as soon as possible. Obviously no one has been contacting them."
"At present, all the tourists on the first wave of flights have been settled, and there are no new arrivals in the East Bay. For the time being, the other party is not in a hurry to come to Haiyin Fort."

Baiju let out a "hm", knowing that this is the role played by Ji Yun's intelligence network. It had more uses than usual surveillance, and could roughly determine whether a person on the island was a practitioner or a demon.
After thinking about it, Baiju said, "Surveillance still needs to be done, let Lei Wo also pay attention to patrols; he must pay attention to objects that the surveillance system can't judge."

"The other thing is, although we moved fast and the other party does not have the power to deal with the others we have deployed on the mainland, we cannot underestimate their intelligence network. In case they're already onto us, they may avoid contacting Haiyin Fort and make a surprise attack, so someone must be on guard here too." Baiju snapped his fingers, and a soft mini Baiju fell into his palm, "If you can’t find someone to hold the Fort, just leave this."

Ling Yun looked at the little doll in Baiju's hand, "..."

The mini Baiju who had just received a ray of spiritual knowledge and rubbed his eyes and got up, "???"

Ling Yun solemnly nodded towards the mini Baiju, "It's time to work."

Mini Baiju smiled, then between both hands a small crackling electric arc formed three words in the air, "You're welcome."

Xiao Yao on the side couldn't help but hold his fist against his lips. He remembered the first time Baiju used this villain, and those four words.
I miss my boyfriend.

The discriminatory old white dog glanced sideways at Xiao Yao. Although he didn't know what his little boyfriend was laughing at, it didn't prevent his mood from going up by one or two degrees because of it. So he stretched out his hand and rubbed Xiao Yao's head. Baiju then explained to Ling Yun, "Take care of everyone. With this little thing here, it will watch and warn for you. I will also get its feedback simultaneously. You can rest a bit."

Ling Yun cautiously stretched out his hand to pinch the soft little man and lifted it up. He glanced at Baiju hesitantly, "How long can it... last?"
It was small and soft, and it felt too weak. Wasn't it a time-sensitive item?

Baiju's brain circuit couldn't match Ling Yun's and he was stunned, "If I don't withdraw my consciousness, it will be fine for one hundred and eighty years, probably... it's not something that will easily break."  His fur was also considered a natural magic weapon, and the special weaving method added spiritual power. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was invulnerable.

Ling Yun, "...oh." This is the feeling of being covered by the boss.

Xiao Yao could guess Ling Yun's thoughts, but he didn't want to say anything. He just played with the straw lantern in his hand and watched Baiju.

After the old white dog gave Ling Yun's his orders, he took Xiao Yao and walked outside Haiyin Fort, "Let's go, elsewhere."

Xiao Yao was a little curious, "Where are we going?"
The deployment on the island was basically complete. When the characters from the incident appeared, the two of them would act separately. There were no other plans, so Xiao Yao didn't know what Baiju wanted to do.

Baiju leaned over and whispered into Xiao Yao's ear, "Let's go to the East Bay and find the little shark."

Xiao Yao didn't understand, "???" Isn't the shark person not in the plan? He's probably already taking Jing Xia out to sea by now, right?

Baiju raised the corner of his mouth, and shared with Xiao Yao, "I never thought of this idea before...I just thought of it when we went to find the fireflies and saw the stream. If Guihe Island was originally water, then the energy system of this island itself is partially yin. In other words, if we can find the power centre of this island, we can find pure yin energy. The power of Guihe Island itself is quite stable and gentle, otherwise it would be impossible for this island to be calm all year round, and it is impossible for it to produce edible flowers with spiritual power stably."

"The Sharks have used an array to steal the inheritance power of Haiyin Fort for generations. They are now damaged, but they should be able to use Gyihe's power directly if they improve it."

"By stealing the inheritance power using the method of the shark people, and then filling it with the power of Guihe itself, we can completely avoid the excessive power fallout when the seal is broken, and the threat of energy blowout and explosion."

Baiju simply smoothed the whole problem, and his ears were reddened by Xiao Yao's pleasantly bright eyes. He coughed calmly, but Baiju didn't want to oversell it, "However, I may not be able to find the power centre of this island. Or, if the attribute difference is too much even if I find it, I'm afraid I can't use it...the formation on A'Song's side, could indeed still be used, if necessary, it could also make a hole in the seal."

Xiao Yao felt that Baiju was a miracle, and ideas that they hadn't thought of before were suddenly turning into possibilities.

Baiju was satisfied by his little boyfriend's gaze, and quietly straightened his body to make himself look a little bit lighter.

However, the old white dog was still a clingy white old dog. After not taking two steps, he hung on Xiao Yao's shoulder with little force. He hummed and listened to Xiao Yao's praise, shy and contented.


When they came to Eastern Bay, Baiju and Xiao Yao met Qu Lang head-on.

In the end, Qu Lang had settled Jing Xia with A'Song. Although the two seemed to be at odds, the relationship between the two of them wasn't fake after all. The two guys found a corner and talked for a long time.  Finally, the default was "reconciliation".

Captain Qu didn't want to worry about handing Jing Xia directly to A'Song, the shark, so he took a while to confirm the shark was credible, and then they were released.

Standing by the bay, Baiju squeezed Xiao Yao’s cheek, and then with Qu Lang confessed, “I’ve marked the place where the shark's formation is located with spiritual power; just don't break the formation."

"As for me, I'll dive to find the energy centre of Guihe Island. It will take a long time. Don't worry. If there is anything wrong, the mini-me on the island will remind me."

Xiao Yao raised his hand and shook Baiju's wrist, "Are you sure?"

Baiju nodded, his gaze fell on Xiao Yao's face, and he couldn't help but soften a little, "Yeah, there are still some certainties. This island hasn't been corrupted for a thousand years but has turned into fertile soil. Presumably, the original owner was also a character with benevolence during his lifetime. Such characters are generally not very aggressive, but they may have a strong sense of self-defense...If I find the right way, this defense will open up to me."

"I just can't take you together. After all, I want to explore the energy centre of the island. If Guihe Island itself is still conscious, the more people and the more complicated it is, the more difficult things will be."

Xiao Yao looked sideways at the dark sea in the distance. Although he knew that Baiju's power might be stronger than he thought, he was still a little worried. His old dog was such a cute and clingy guy who wanted to go to the dark bottom of the sea alone...
Xiao Yao's fingers twisted the smooth skin on Baiju's wrist, a little unwilling to let go.

Qu Lang on the side, "..."
These two, parting, you touch my little face, I pull your little hands...did he go to the wrong set? If he remembered correctly, they were just splitting up to get a formation and looking for the centre, and it wasn't going to separate them for years.

"Cough, cough." Qu Lang coughed very artificially and pulled Xiao Yao's gaze back, lest the two of them would get hot and heavy in front of him.
"Xiao'ge, he shouldn’t be too long. Let’s go and see the situation at the shark’s formation...If it can be used directly, we'll go back to the shore. If the White King needs any help, we can go directly to give it to him.” Qu Lang scratched his chin, not knowing where to put his gaze. Fortunately, his thoughts were quite clear, and what he said could be a good suggestion.

Baiju subtly sensed Qu Lang's uncomfortableness, and looked up with Xiao Yao, and was a little embarrassed, so he curled up his fingers and separated from Xiao Yao a bit. After a pause, he couldn't help but raise his hand again and press it to Xiao Yao's shoulder, "You and Qu Lang take care of each other, and just leave if there is any danger. Don't worry about Jing Xia. I have already sent him a subpoena about the law formation, and he will not object. If the formation cannot be used, it doesn't matter, it's just a few less methods, we don't have to spend a lot of time on this, in short, safety first."

Xiao Yao bent his eyes to listen to Baiju's chattering, and finally with Qu Lang's desperate look, he raised his head and kissed Baiju's lips, pressing the rest of his words back into his stomach.

"I know, don't patronize and explain to us, you should also pay attention to safety yourself." Xiao Yao licked his lips and recollected, raised his hand and patted Baiju's sturdy shoulder, "Go, go and come back."

Baiju glanced at Qu Lang and agreed with Xiao Yao, then turned and walked into the sea.

You can't look back every three steps.
Baiju did some psychological construction for himself, took a deep breath, and turned into an invisible white light, which flashed across the sea and dived to the bottom of the waters.

Xiao Yao turned around and gestured to Qu Lang, "Let's go, let's visit the shark's formation."

Qu Lang folded his arms and looked at Xiao Yao sadly, "Xiao'ge, you have changed."

Xiao Yao, "???"

Qu Lang's expression seemed to be full of envy, and he squeezed his throat and said, "You should also pay attention to your safety. Go and come back quickly~"

Xiao Yao "..." Come on, this guy has to be beat up.

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