97 - Because he met Yao Yao
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97 - Because he met Yao Yao

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When Baiju entered the sea this time, he wasn’t watching the fish and fluorescent creatures in the bottom of the sea with Xiao Yao. He wasn’t so affectionate and particular.

His slender body dived into the deep water, and went down like a torpedo into the rocky bottom of the sea.
Five fingers were buckled against the rock wall and scattered rubble fell steadily between his fingers. Baiju's gaze drifted to the bottom of the sea covered with rubble and his temples felt a little swollen for a while.

This wasn’t right.
The swelling at his temples only told him that what he saw was wrong, it could be an illusion or a disguise.

Baiju frowned, turned around and continued to break in.
Could it be that this sea wasn’t as shallow as it seemed?

His long hair seaweed swayed like seaweed in the water. In the blink of an eye, Baiju's figure appeared on the relatively flat seabed, leaving only a huge twisted bubble in his place that floated tremblingly to the sea surface, cracking half way up. It broke into countless small bubbles that were chased by many curious little fishes as they dispersed and disappeared.

Baiju knelt on the bottom of the sea, stretched out his hand and fumbled through the sand on the bottom of the sea, his palm turning up and down twice and a cloud of turbid water flowed out.
The sand was very deep and he couldn't touch the rock underneath with his fingers but Baiju subconsciously felt that there was something wrong with the rock.

Lifting his head, Baiju followed his strange sense of perception and looked to find a rock that was connected to what was buried under the sand grains. Without much effort, he found some stone pillars not far away, like stalagmites in the shape of fangs, protruding from a flat piece of sand.

Turning around and swimming towards the stalagmite coming out of that area, Baiju fell on the sand under the stalagmite, hesitantly raised his hand, and touched the rocky surface.
The texture under his hand was rough, he didn’t know how long the stalagmites had been on the bottom of the sea. They were covered with shells and coral remains and there were many tiny fish and insects hidden in the porous stone. .

Baiju twisted his fingers and the water flow passed between, carrying a trace of weak spiritual power.
His eyes condensed slightly. Baiju stretched his palms, his five fingers changed slightly, their joints stretched out, and the white claws protruded from the fingertips, like five cold sharp blades.

With five fingers close together, carefully covering the stone wall, the sharp blades easily broke through the calcium surface layer, making a slight noise. Baiju secretly swallowed his saliva, probably guessing what was wrapped under the stone shell.

A little bit of debris was peeled off, and quickly fell off one layer after another.
Baiju retracted his claws and wiped the remaining mottled stone shell with his fingers revealing the texture of white jade underneath.

He cleared bout two palm-sized gaps in the stalagmite, the thick stone shell was peeled off, and what was exposed underneath was a white jade-like skeleton.
The bones were disguised, and the swelling in his temples disappeared. The stone shell attached to the outside wasn’t simply naturally formed, the innermost layer probably contained a lot of wards around the bones that were buried here.

The power was wrapped by the jade bones, and the cool bone surface was shiny and smooth. With his fingers between the bones, he could feel the bone marrow inside...
It was a big yield. Baiju could even tell through the translucent bones that the marrow fluid inside was golden, like flowing honey.

As mentioned before, the bones of most demons weren’t retained in the end, and either used as magical weapons, or absorbed by enemies or descendants as tonics.

Baiju now judged it almost by instinct. If he broke the jade bone in front of him, the contents in it could become his lunch. The deliciousness of honey-like jade was secondary, the most important thing was the grade was much higher than the bones of this wild white dog. If he devoured it, the marrow fluid in this bone would be enough to fill his stomach for ten years.

It’s really……
The temptation was hard to refuse.

Baiju touched the jade bone, a trace of regret crossing his eyes.
Unfortunately, this wasn’t thousands of years ago. At that time, if he urgently needed to improve himself, he may just have collected it and claimed it as his own; but now, he had few opponents still alive in the world, and he had no ambitions for becoming a god, even though the bone marrow would be of great benefit to him, he wouldn’t use it.

Some people needed this bone marrow more than him, and he also needed something other than the bone marrow more, such as the core power of the same quality as Guihe Island.

No matter what kind of demon's bones and flesh, it would always be the direct parents and grandparents that were the best for the offspring.
This was also a point where demons differed from humans. The flesh and blood of the parents were absorbed by the children after their death. This was a matter of pride and celebration in the eyes of demons, because it proved that future generations had the ability to protect what they should from the hands of other coveters. It also proved the descendants had obtained the maximum inheritance power and inherited the best blood.

From the perspective of human beings, this way of absorption and inheritance was no different from eating the bones and flesh of one’s parents.

Although the old white dog was closer to humans, he still retained the instincts of a demon in this matter.
Now he seemed to be able to smell the fragrance of this bone along the current of the water...he swallowed secretly. Baiju felt that saliva was leaking from his teeth.

Calm down, calm down.
This thing was so well preserved, most of the owner was there; but its successor hadn’t come to fetch it for so many years, which proved that they should still be young, and the bones and marrow were actively protected and preserved by the parents to later care for their child.

Uninvited guests like Baiju should have appeared before, maybe A’Song and the others have had a history with it...it was just that no one could take the treasure from it.
Baiju looked at his paw, thinking that if he dug it out with this paw, he might have to break his hand.

After reining in his thoughts, Baiju bent down, picked up the broken pieces of the inner shell that had not been scattered among the gravel, and smeared it back in the small gap bit by bit, and then took a few more pieces of stone shell to put it back together.

It wasn’t for nothing.
Baiju held the stone shell and put a reinforced ward, thinking, if Guihe Island had a little awareness, then if he protected the bone, the other party should give him some face, at least let him touch a little bit of the core, instead of expelling him directly.

Baiju touched the bones under his hand, and then swam towards the connecting part of the base under Guihe Island.
These relics on Guihe Island were really bones, and most of the purpose of the existence of bones was to raise young children, so Baiju boldly guessed that the power core of Guihe Island should be the cub.

In other words, under this island, there may be an actual demon egg or cub hidden. It may be a Western dragon, but Baiju thought it was more likely to be a basalt turtle.

After all, the power of this island governed the water, and the island was actually not close to China’s mainland. There were no connections underneath, but the ownership of this island had always been with China, and there had never been a big dispute, as if it was born by the same territory of China.
It was assumed that this island originally came from China.

Among Chinese demons and sacred beasts, there were more than a few turtle-shaped demons with attributes that dominated the water. The most typical one was Xuanwu, which took on the shape of a turtle and snake in the northern part of China, it was a curious case.

At that moment, Baiju finally understood why the various strange demons came here.

It was obviously an island with no foundation, so why was the suppressive power of the mountains so strong, so strong that even the werewolves with unstable blood had to live on this island, were able to suppress themselves on the night of the full moon. Similarly, why did the vampires and their predecessors choose Guihe Island, an island that wasn’t lost to the west, to seal the inheritance. It was in order to use the suppressing power of this island and this demon to stabilise the inheritance.

Now it really seemed clear at a glance.

Baiju followed the current to find the foundation of the island, his heart pumping at a high speed. A kind of excitement was engraved in his veins, making him close his eyes.

The suppressing force of the world.
It was yin, calm, and extremely clean.

The people behind the vampires didn't necessarily want this kind of power, but he, Baiju needed it.

Back then, it took him so much effort to suppress what was left in his eye...
In the future, in order to illuminate Xiao Yao's emperor's fate, he knew that his existing power wasn’t enough, and at that time, he was bound to use some of the power that was isolated by him. That part was dangerous, violent, and might even erode his mind.

Baiju hated the thing left in his body, but he had to admit that the original injury was now a benefit, and it has become his own strength.

There was no reason to fear and escape from his own power, but it was too difficult to use, and he had to find a way to break through himself.

In the past, resisting became easier and he no longer desired to become a god because it was unnecessary.
And now...he still loved the world, still didn't want to be a god, but wanted to use the power he once hated.

It was because he met his Yao Yao.

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