My Demon King Plush
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My Demon King Plush

My Demon King Plush


Modern fantasy with daoist magic and demon hunting. This one isn't pure romance, there's a plot and the romance is more of a side-dish.

Our MC is a very old demon doggo who is a very good boy, and our ML is the head of the daoists in modern day society.

Two things I like about this novel so far:

  1. NO ONE MOLESTS THE DOG, I don't know why (well...I do know why) so many novels with animal transformations try to sexualise the animal. It's weird...and gross.....(never read anything off NovelUpdates with a hamster in it, I'm personally traumatised)
  2. The ML, Xiao Yao, is the shou/uke but he isn't like...'childified' like so many of the 'shou/uke' characters are. He also is gay. When he sees the demon dog turn into a fucking snack of a man right in his living room his immediate reaction is 'damn, would tap that if I wasn't so damned professional', which is 100% the correct response to Baiju transforming in your living room.

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