News aka My progress on hunt for 'sunny' love interest.
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News aka My progress on hunt for 'sunny' love interest.

So, I dropped You Sound Sleepy, the premise sounded fun but it just didn't really deliver. The female lead didn't actually have any trouble sleeping but rather was just incapable of giving up on a super old crush...

So, I tried Mr Perfect and Miss Almost, I'm about 8 chapters in and.....I can't translate it!! I'm sorry, it's not a bad novel, in fact I think it's really good, the female lead is quirky cool and male lead is ...high cold...but it's well written, very detailed and good fun.

But, it's too well written! The female lead is into 'cross-talk', which is improv stand up comedy, like the kind you see on weekend/late night variety shows, and much of the plot involves her making super witty jokes, doing essentially a stand-up show on live streams, and making subtle pokes and jabs at characters. The Chinese puns and idioms are frequent and I am just a ShittyMTLer... I struggled to read it in parts and I'd feel terrible butchering it for anyone who reads it here.

If you're interested in the novel, it's been adapted to a TV show, you can find it on Youtube and it even has subtitles. You can try to MTL it...I struggled...

【ENG SUB】《完美先生和差不多小姐》【24集全】斯文教授与佛系女孩的命中注定 Perfect And Casual【芒果TV青春剧场】
欢迎订阅【芒果TV青春剧场】: 下载芒果TV国际APP: 看斯文教书与佛系女孩的超甜爱情! #完美先生和差不多小姐 #perfectandcasual #魏哲鸣 #徐若晗

EDIT: I just watched the first episode, they changed the plot A LOT, the FL no longer has a rich family and is into art, not comedy shows, the ML is way more meticulous about everything (and way less...nice?), and they accidentally start co-habitating before the marriage thing comes up at all.
It's one of those 'oops! due to a misunderstanding we are now randomly living together' plots. It might get better? People in comments seem to like it, not my taste though, I won't be watching anymore.
Also, the FL doesn't have pink hair anymore, which is probably not a deal-breaker but I just thought it was kinda lame.
I now understand why some people want to read the novel and not watch the adaptations of it. I'll maybe have another whack at it if I get into the mood for a challenge.

Anyways, my current plan is to upload My Demon Plush, which is a modern day demon/ghost hunting BL. It may not be everyone's jam, it has a plot and the romance is slow but I've been wanting to read more and I haven't found another BG novel I've been interested in reading.

I'll start uploading over the coming weekend.

I'm currently on the hunt for a 'sunny boy' love interest. Everyone seems to be on the 'high cold CEO' bandwagon at the moment, which I can only handle in small doses. If anyone knows of any, chuck them my way, I'm super keen.

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