01 - This tragic but precious son (01)
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01 - This tragic but precious son (01)

"Li Xuyang, you’re better off alone, I didn't want to kill them all. Take this credit card, don't show up in front of me in the future."

A young man was pulled out of the doorway, stuffed with a credit card and pushed outside.

He staggered before standing still.

It was storming outside.

Within moments, his whole body was soaked.

Xie Chenyang shrank inwards and walked under the eaves of the neighbouring house and huddled into a ball to try to hide from the rain.

"Now what, system, what do you want me to do?"

System: "Don't repay the scumbag with virtue, never forgive him, take back what you deserve, and if possible, serve the scumbag his comeuppance."

Xie Chenyang squatted on the corner: "That’s it?"

System: "That's it."

Xie Chenyang smiled with satisfaction.

For him, something so simple could be completed with his eyes closed.

"System, thank you for giving me a new life, rest assured, I’ll definitely have your performance rise sharply and have you promoted up the ranks."

System: "I’m grateful, but you should probably find a place to hide from the rain first. The rain won’t stop tonight. If you stay here I’m afraid you won’t survive long enough to complete the task."

Xie Chenyang: "I want to too, but this housing estate won’t let taxis in. If I try to leave now, I think I’ll be knocked stupid by the heavy rain. Let’s wait for the downpour to lessen."

At any rate, hiding here blocked most of the rain.

The rumble of an approaching car was concealed by the sound of wind and rain, and when the bright lights shone on him Xie Chenyang squinted.

Inside the car.

"Mr. Zhai, there is a person crouching next to your door," the driver looked at the rearview mirror and whispered, "Should I keep driving?"

Zhai Zhi, who was sitting in the back seat, looked out the car window.

The young man squatting under his eaves was dazzled by the car lights and rubbed his eyes.

Under heavy rain, it was hard to make out his appearance.

Zhai Zhi said coldly, "Give him an umbrella."

"Yes, Mr. Zhai."

The driver got out of the car with two umbrellas, holding one in his hand and the other overhead, and walked straight towards Xie Chenyang.

Xie Chenyang stood up, obviously embarrassed, but he smiled and took the umbrella, his curved eyes were tender: "Thank you, could I trouble you for a room for tonight?"

Driver: "..." This man has a lot of guts.

He refused: "My boss is already kind-hearted enough to give you an umbrella. Mister should leave as soon as possible."

Xie Chenyang nodded, then opened the umbrella and walked towards the car, knocking on the rear seat window.

The driver hurriedly followed after him: "Hey, you—"

Zhai Zhi looked at him coldly and impatiently as the car window rolled open a crack.

Xie Chenyang stood before him, just blocking the wind and rain, and preventing it from covering them both.

He smiled slightly: "Kind sir, you should help others until the end, since you’ve gone this far, lend me a place to stay? I'll leave as soon as the rain stops."

Zhai Zhi's eyes were cold, and he thought to himself, this man is delusional.

But before he refused, he was caught by the affection in the man’s eyes, and he swallowed his words.

He curled his fingers slightly, his face getting colder: "Get in the car."

"Thanks, friend."

Xie Chenyang pulled his lips into a smile and opened the door neatly and got in the car.

Zhai Zhi retreated back in time, but he still got a little wet.

His brows were knitted and appeared tense.

Xie Chenyang didn't notice. He sighed with relief as he watched the driver get back in the car with a strange expression on his face. "Fortunately, I met you.”

His manner was familiar.

Zhai Zhi glanced at him and searched for memories in his mind, and finally connected the young man in front of him with a youth he had seen before.

No wonder he agreed to his request after seeing his eyes just now.

It was because he felt familiar.

After all, since they were acquainted with each other, it wouldn’t be good to just leave him stranded.

The car stopped outside a house.

Xie Chenyang shivered and followed Zhai Zhi in through the door.

Zhai Zhi turned on the light, saw a puddle of water on the carpet being created by Xie Chenyang, his brow wrinkled again but he finally stifled his grievances.

He took off his suit jacket, draping it over his arm and walked upstairs.

Xie Chenyang conscientiously stayed behind.

Kneeling down on the spot, he twisted the water out of his clothes.

"Come up."

Xie Chenyang looked up and saw Zhai Zhi standing at the top of the stairs, holding the folded pyjamas: "No need to wring your clothes, just go to the guest room and take a shower."


Xie Chenyang smiled and went upstairs wet.

Zhai Zhi reached out and handed him the pyjamas.

Xie Chenyang spread his hands: "If I hold it, the clothes will get wet. If you don't mind, help me carry them to the guest room?"

Zhai Zhi: "..."

He carried the pyjamas with a cold face and led him into the guest room.

After turning on the light, he put the clothes on the bed.

"The Auntie cleans regularly, the toiletries are new, you can stay here tonight."

"Thanks, friend."


Zhai Zhi took a deep breath and returned to his room with a sullen face.

Who’s your friend?


Xie Chenyang rushed into the bathroom after he left, quickly turning on the shower and taking off his clothes.

He didn't feel alive until the hot water washed over his body.

"So good."

System: "……"

Xie Chenyang was taking a hot shower while singing a song that was out of tune, but in his mind he was receiving the original plot.

The original name of this body was Li Xuyang, a rich man.

There was an entertainment group owned by the Li family which was one of the best in the industry.

Li Xuyang was born rich and had never lacked anything.

He had an older brother who could take care of his problems as well as shrewd and capable parents.

He is the youngest son in the family, and his parents and elder brother spoiled him.

Growing up spoiled, although a bit squeamish, Li Xuyang wasn’t arrogant and domineering, nor was he dull.

Just squeamish and simple.

When he was in college, he met Cen He, and never escaped ever since.

Cen He's life was tragic and inspirational.

He is the only child in his family, but his parents died when he was in junior high school.

None of his relatives took him in.

He studied hard, finished high school with scholarships and student subsidies, and was admitted to university.

His life was either part-time work or studying, without rest.

He also had a warm face.

Like a sunflower growing in adversity.

Li Xuyang thought Cen He really loved him.

After being together, Cen He didn’t want his money and didn't use him to get any benefits. Instead, he would use the money from his part-time jobs to buy him gifts and take him on dates.

Although they were ordinary, Li Xuyang felt deeply cherished.

Li Xuyang was not a person who could hide things.

He soon took the initiative to tell his family about his relationship with Cen He.

Although the Li family spoiled him, they wouldn’t let him do anything he wanted.

It was just that Cen He was really different from what they’d imagined.

Cen He, who was investigated, had a firm personality and wasn’t afraid of hardship.

He had excellent grades and a good character.

He was even better than Li Xuyang.

Under these circumstances, seeing that Li Xuyang really liked Cen He, the Li family who loved him didn't stop them.

On the contrary, they provided assistance in secret.

They ‘knew’ that if they gave it directly, Li Xuyang would definitely not want it.

Later, for Li Xuyang, Cen He entered Feiyang Entertainment after they got married.

He learnt very fast and with help from the elder Li brother, he quickly mastered his work, drawing inferences from one another, and slowly rising to fame.


Later, on the way to an important meeting between Father Li and Brother Li, their car was hit by a truck and they both died on the spot.

The truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and drove off after the accident. During his escape, he accidentally fell into the river and also died.

Li Xuyang was deeply saddened.

Mother Li also fell into a deep depression and fell to her death by accident.

In such a short time there was suddenly only Li Xuyang remaining in the entire Li family.

Cen He wholeheartedly took care of him, comforted him, helped him with the funeral, and took care of Feiyang Entertainment, he was so busy that he lost a noticeable amount of weight.

Everyone praised him for his affection and righteousness.

This was how a man should be.

No one knew that from the beginning, he’d deliberately approached Li Xuyang.

He indirectly contributed to the deaths of Father Li, Brother Li, and Mother Li.

He didn't make a direct shot, but without his help, his secret guidance, they would not have reached this point.

He coaxed Li Xuyang to transfer all the shares to him on the grounds that the shareholders didn’t believe in his work ethic.

Cen He showed his true colors after he secured his position as chairman and secretly deceived Li Xuyang into signing various property transfer procedures.

He directly told Li Xuyang what he did.

"Do you know why my parents died when I was in junior high school? It was all because of your Li family."

"Sparing you, is already a mercy."

Li Xuyang, who grew up sheltered and had never experienced the wind and rain, almost collapsed.

He wanted to tell everyone who Cen He was.

But no one believed him.

Cen He looked distressed, saying that he was unstable because of the hard blow to his psyche.

Everyone believed it.

After all, Cen He loved Li Xuyang deeply, this was obvious to all.

Li Xuyang was sent to a nursing home by him.

Cen He continued acting as his affectionate husband. Even when others tried to persuade him to find another company for himself, he refused them one by one, saying that he could not forsake Li Xuyang.

Even if he is crazy.

In fact, secretly, even he didn't know how many lovers and illegitimate children he’d had.

The story didn’t end here.

In the nursing home, Li Xuyang blamed himself and sunk into regret.

He found an opportunity to end his life, but was stopped by the nurse.

Cen He came to the hospital to see him.

When he saw Li Xuyang who had been torturing himself to death and had lost a lot of weight, Cen He suddenly remembered the years they’d had together.

He suddenly realized that, in fact, he had really fallen in love with Li Xuyang over the past few years.

That's why he was reluctant to retaliate against him directly, leaving him alive and maintaining their marriage.

Even if other women had given him children, he’d never thought of starting a family with them.

Because, the other person on his marriage certificate can only be Li Xuyang.

That was it, he felt it was enough.

The three of the Li family's lives were exchanged for his parents' two lives, he hadn’t lost out.

His beloved person should be delicate and simple, not looking like a dead husk.

He took Li Xuyang back home, patiently and tenderly, and gradually warmed Li Xuyang's battered heart. He spent his whole life of love in exchange for the harm he had caused him.


Xie Chenyang turned off the shower and slammed his fist on the wall enraged, his lips slightly opened: "Can I visit him!"

System: "...Host, please calm down."

"What the fuck is all this?" Xie Chenyang rubbed the drops of water off his face. "Everyone was ruining or killed, how big is this grudge? And then they can still get together? Love each other for a lifetime? Between me and him, I think my wrath is worse."

He wrapped his robe around him, then went downstairs to the kitchen and picked up a kitchen knife.

The system was shocked: "Host, what are you going to do!"

"Fuck him up!"

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