02 - This tragic but precious son (02)
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02 - This tragic but precious son (02)

"What are you doing?"

When Xie Chenyang turned his head, he saw Zhai Zhi with a hand on the banister of the stairs and looking at him coldly.

Zhai Zhi was wearing a cold gray nightgown, and his expression became frosty in the light.

Xie Chenyang's irritable mood abruptly disappeared and he put his hands behind his back: "I sleepwalk..."

"Put it back."


Xie Chenyang silently put the knife back.

After returning the knife he dragged his slippers up the stairs, stopped in front of Zhai Zhi and stretched out his hand: "Thank you for your hospitality. My name is...Li Xuyang."

Zhai Zhi held his hand and released it as soon as they touched: "Zhai Zhi."

Holding a thermos in his other hand, he passed by Xie Chenyang and went down the stairs.

Xie Chenyang twisted his fingers and obediently returned to his guest room, lying on the bed: "System, why did you choose me?"

"Hmm..." The system said seriously, "Because you are determined and straight forward, you will definitely not forgive a scumbag!"

"Then you have found the right person," he buried his face on the pillow, his muffled voice couldn't hide his pride, "Forgive? There is no such word in my dictionary!"

The system exaggeratedly praised: "Wow~ Host, you’re awesome!"


Although he’d taken a hot bath, he had been caught in the downpour for a while.

He didn't continue to tease the system, and fell asleep feeling groggy.

Zhai Zhi downstairs made a pot of coffee, poured it into the thermos, and went back to his room.

He sat on the sofa, made a call on his phone in one hand and took a cigarette out of the case on the coffee table with the other. Lighting the cigarette, he breathed in the smoke.

The call connected.

"Mr. Zhai."

"Yes," Zhai Zhi ordered directly, "investigate the Li Xuyang who lives next door to me."

His assistant Zou Hao has answered.

Zou Hao's tone was calm: "If it's Li Xuyang next door to you, then I already know a bit, but if you want specifics, I’ll need to investigate further."

Zhai Zhi put the phone on speaker mode and placed it on the coffee table: "Tell me what you know."

"This Li Xuyang is quite miserable. He was originally a spoiled and innocent young master but his parents and elder brother passed away unexpectedly. Judging from his appearance, I’m afraid that he won’t be able to recover."

"An accident?"

"His father and elder brother were hit by a truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel, they died on the spot and his mother sank into depression and fell to her death."

Zhai Zhi lowered his eyes and took another drag: "Was it an accident?"

"It seems so. I didn't investigate the specifics. I just got a rough idea of the residents around you while preparing for your return." Zou Hao asked, wondering why he suddenly became interested in Li Xuyang. “Should I check?"

Zhai Zhi didn’t speak.

"Right," Zou Hao continued, "Although Li Xuyang has no talent, his husband is capable. With his husband, Feiyang Entertainment may be able to barely hold on."


Zhai Zhi looked at the wall unfocused, as if he could see into the guest room that was separated from him by several walls.

So, he just brought a married man home?

"Yes, Li Xuyang is gay, but I don't know the specific situation between him and his husband. Do I need to investigate?"



The next day.

Zhai Zhi was awakened by the ringing of his cell phone.

He closed his eyes, fumbled for the phone and connected the call impatiently: "Speak."

"Baby is still sleeping?"

A soft, watery voice rang in his ears.

Zhai Zhi opened his eyes, sat up slowly, glanced at the time, and lit a cigarette to dispel his sleepiness.

"Baby, are you smoking again? Smoke less, if you feel sleepy, you can sleep..."

"Not sleepy anymore," Zhai Zhi stepped barefoot on the ground, "you should know, if I’m woken up I can't sleep."

"Sorry, mummy didn't mean it..." She was very soft, "You haven't given me any news since you returned to China. I’m a little worried. It's ten o'clock, so I can't help but call you, baby... "

"I'm not angry, I sent you a message last night."


She turned her phone for a while before she said annoyed, "My fault. I didn't see your message. There are too many new messages. Yours was pushed to the bottom. I..."

"It's okay," Zhai Zhi walked to the floor-to-ceiling window with a cigarette in his mouth, and opened the curtains. "It's already past ten in the evening where you are. Go to sleep."

"Okay, good night, baby."

Zhai Zhi looked at the sun shining in, with a slight smile: "Good night."

Half of the cigarette was finished.

In the early morning, he went straight into the bathroom and took a cold shower.

After taking a shower, Zhai Zhi swept down the stairs and saw no one.

Before he took the last step, he drew his foot back and turned to the guest room where Xie Chenyang slept last night.

He knocked on the door a few times, no one answered.

Zhai Zhi stretched out his hand to open the door and saw a human-shaped silkworm pupae wrapped in a ball on the bed.

"Li Xuyang?"

No response.

Zhai Zhi suddenly remembered what Zou Hao told him last night.

Li Xuyang's house was next door. It was raining heavily last night. Why did he squat at the corner of his house?

All kinds of tragedies flashed through Zhai Zhi's mind.

This person wouldn’t... commit suicide in his house, right?

Zhai Zhi walked to the window, pinched the curtains with his long, white fingers, and opened it suddenly.

Xie Chenyang was curled up, feverish, his nose felt heavy.

Zhai Zhi: "..." So long as he isn’t dead.

He reached out and touched Xie Chenyang's forehead. It was so hot but when he was about to retract his hand he was caught.

His skin was cool since he’d just taken a cold shower.

Xie Chenyang was dreaming he was being roasted on a fire, when suddenly he felt a chill. He held it to his face tightly, it was not enough...

Looking at this body that was shrunken into the bed, Zhai Zhi's expression got colder and colder, he reached out and pushed, but couldn’t pull his hand away.

Xie Chenyang clasped his arm against his whole body, holding on tightly, and letting out a refreshed sigh.

Zhai Zhi sat on the bed with his eyes down. He couldn't pull him off so he simply let him hold on tightly, took out his mobile phone with difficulty and dialed Zou Hao's number. His voice was frigid, "Call the family doctor."

Before he’d returned to China, Zou Hao had already come back in advance to arrange everything.

The family doctor was naturally informed.

He hung up after speaking.

Xie Chenyang leaned against his clothes for a while, feeling that it wasn’t cool enough.

He groped dazedly with both hands, and felt a slight coolness through the shirt, his fingers paused.

Zhai Zhi said coldly, "Awake?"

The hands slipped into his clothes. Is this feverish person taking advantage of him?

Or treating him as his husband?

At that last thought, Zhai Zhi reached out to push him away.

"Get up."

Xie Chenyang was still dreaming.

There was a sea of fire in his dream, and he was about to be cooked.

Finally found a cool place, but it wanted to float away, how can he allow this?

Xie Chenyang quickly lifted up Zhai Zhi's shirt and slid inside, pressing his hot cheeks against his cool waist. It was so comfortable that he almost shed tears.

Zhai Zhi's scalp was numb, and he instantly attempted to escape but was firmly held in place.

Xie Chenyang clasped his waist tightly with his hands, turning his head to and fro, cooling his left cheek for a while, then cooling his right cheek for a while.

No matter how well-trained he was, Zhai Zhi couldn't resist cursing this guy to hell and back.

"Li Xuyang! Let me go!"

His grip was so strong that his waist was aching.

His slightly cool skin was warmed by Xie Chenyang’s face, and once the cool spot was gone he couldn't help but rub up and down, looking for a cooler patch...

Zhai Zhi took a deep breath and slapped Xie Chenyang on the back: "Let go."

Xie Chenyang was stunned for a moment.

The hand on his waist loosened a bit and Zhai Zhi took the opportunity to push him away quickly and escape.

Xie Chenyang slowly opened his eyes, his head feverish and groggy: "Why does it feel like...someone hit me..."

The system that had witnessed everything: "..."

It can't help but ponder.

Was this really a straight man?

Really really?

Did he not just deliberately molester someone while he was sick?

Xie Chenyang tried to get up, then fell back softly.

His body was limp and his head was heavy. It took him a long time before he remembered his identity: "System, am I going to die?"

The system comforted: "You aren’t dying, you just have a fever."

"I dreamt I was cooked over a fire..."

“That's because you had a fever and had covered yourself with a quilt."

"It was so hard to find a cool place, but then it ran away."

"...that was a human body, you climbed all over it."

"I was not only roasted, but also beaten."

His voice was dull, and his affectionate eyes seemed to drip.

I was so wronged.

System: "..." Forget it, wait until he wakes up.

This little fool was fried.

When Zhai Zhi brought the doctor in, Xie Chenyang had fallen asleep again.

He was lying on his side on the bed, his eyelashes wet.

Zhai Zhi took out a cigarette, walked over to the bed, lit it, and said lightly: "Let's see if he was fried stupid."

The doctor opened his medical supplies and took out a thermometer.

"Forty degrees... if you continue to cook him, he really will become stupid."

Zhai Zhi didn't look back: "Well, if you can help, help, if not, just leave him."

Doctor: "...I can fix a fever."


The doctor bowed his head and busied himself.

Zhai Zhi leaned against the window sill, fingers loosely pinching his cigarette, and looked outside with a frosty expression.

Looking through the window of this room, he could just see the door of the villa.

Not only for his house, but also of the house next door

He released a mouthful of smoke and watched as a luxury car drove out of the neighbouring villa and drove away.


"Mr. Zhai, I have given him a cooling patch. The anti-fever medicine is here. After taking the anti-fever medicine and sleeping well, his fever will subside."


"Do you need me to wake him up to take the medicine?"

"No, you can go."

"Very well."


Zhai Zhi walked to the bed and reached out and patted Xie Chenyang on the cheek.

Xie Chenyang opened his eyes, his eyes were a little glassy and unfocused.

"Get up and take your medicine."

Xie Chenyang finally regained his senses and stretched out his hand, his voice was a little hoarse: "I’m a little weak and can't get up. Bro, help."

Zhai Zhi: "..." Who’s your fucking bro?

He stretched out his hand blankly and pulled him up.

Xie Chenyang went limp and leaned in his arms.

Zhai Zhi said: "Are you like this on purpose?"

"Bro, don't misunderstand, I have no strength..."

Xie Chenyang had a sincere tone and his slightly flushed eyes looked at him tenderly.

Zhai Zhi looked down and out the anti-fever medicine to his mouth.

Xie Chenyang lowered his head, looked up at him blankly and said vaguely: "Water."

Zhai Zhi reached out and took the poured water on the bedside table and handed it to him.

After taking the medicine with water, Xie Chenyang returned the water cup to Zhai Zhi, and his mind became clearer.

He fell back on the bed softly and said harshly, "I won’t let him off!"

Had it not been for the scumbag driving him out, would he have been caught in the rain? If he wasn’t stuck outside in the rain for so long, would he have gotten sick? If he wasn’t sick, would he have dreamt of being roasted alive and been so uncomfortable?

Zhai Zhi looked down at him: "Who aren’t you letting off?"

"That scumbag," Xie Chenyang eyes turned red, "When I'm done with him, I’ll kill him!"


Zhai Zhi stood up: "Then hurry up, the rain stopped a long time ago, don't stay at my house."

Xie Chenyang then remembered that he was still under the weather, and his voice couldn't help but become sheepish: "Let me stay for another day and recuperate. I don't have the energy to find a place to live right now."

Zhai Zhi looked at him indifferently, without speaking.

Xie Chenyang whispered: "I can pay rent, there’s a card in my trouser pocket...the ones I wore yesterday, they’re in the bathroom."


Zhai Zhi turned and left.

The door was closed.

Xie Chenyang wiped the corners of his eyes: "I should have just rushed out and killed him last night."

System: "Host, this is a society ruled by law."

Xie Chenyang pretended not to hear, and closed his eyes.

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