03 - This tragic but precious son (03)
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03 - This tragic but precious son (03)

Xie Chenyang fell asleep again.

It wasn't until noon that he awoke again, feeling groggy.

"System, I'm hungry."

System: "...then I suggest you go out to eat."

Xie Chenyang stood up and swayed. When he opened the door he saw Zhai Zhi sitting in the living room speaking with someone.

He gripped the handrail of the stairs, hesitating.

Zou Hao, the one who was talking to Zhai Zhi, suddenly shut up.

Zhai Zhi glanced behind him.

Xie Chenyang met his indifferent gaze, and then fell as his legs collapsed underneath him.

Zou Hao: "!"

System: "!"

Zhai Zhi: "..."

The stairs in Zhai Zhi's house were covered with soft carpet.

Xie Chenyang rolled down and fell on the carpet beneath the stairs, a little confused.

The system euphemistically said: "I heard that your IQ was not bad..."

Xie Chenyang: "..."

The system comforted: "I understand, you are just stunned, you’ll be fine once the fever is gone."

Xie Chenyang didn't want to speak, and was unable to get up so he simply closed his eyes in desperation.

He’d slept all night and all morning and hadn’t eaten. He was dizzy and hungry.

【System, if you can give me something to eat now, I’ll kneel on the ground and call you daddy. 】

System: "..." I’m not associated with this guy.

IQ is high, and his fighting power is explosive?

The distribution department lied!

Zhai Zhi stood up: "Go to the kitchen and get the porridge."

Zou Hao quickly stood up: "Okay." He left for the kitchen.

Zhai Zhi stuffed the information he’d just been given into a drawer, got up and walked towards the stairs. He poked Xie Chenyang with his toes: "Get up."

Xie Chenyang stretched out his hand, trembling: "Big bro..."

Zhai Zhileng grabbed his hand coldly and pulled him up.

He couldn’t stand. Zhai Zhi closed his eyes then opened them again. Then he crouched down and looped his arm over his shoulder, carrying him to the sofa and helped him sit down.

Xie Chenyang leaned back on the sofa softly, and moved his hand to hold Zhai Zhi's hand: "Bro, I’ll never forget your kindness."

Zhai Zhi lowered his eyes, and didn’t pull his hand away.

Zou Hao brought over a pot of porridge and put it on the table. Seeing their hands entangled, his eyelids jumped: "I'll go get a bowl."

After bringing a bowl and spoon over, Zou Hao tentatively asked, "Should I... go?"

Zhai Zhi raised his eyes: "You can leave."

"Of course, Mr. Zhai."

Zou Hao breathed a sigh of relief and strode away.

Xie Chenyang had been staring at the porridge since it arrived.

The smell of lean meat and vegetable porridge made his empty stomach even more ravenous.

He let go of Zhai Zhi's hand and wanted to sit up and grab the porridge, but he was still weak in the knees and promptly fell down.

He didn't panic, so he knelt down and clutched the bowl of porridge.

System: "..." I can't bear to watch.

Zhai Zhi: "..." What a miserable sight.

He admired his posture for a while, taking in the view, then he walked over and took his hand.

Xie Chenyang raised his eyes, affectionately and appealing: "I haven't eaten enough yet."

Zhai Zhi held his wrist tightly, waited until he let go of the spoon, and then helped him to sit down again. He took the bowl of porridge and sat beside him with a cold expression, scooping a spoon and handing it over.

Xie Chenyang: "Hot, you haven't blown on it yet."

Zhai Zhi: "..."

Seeing that he wasn’t going to indulge him, Xie Chenyang blew on it himself, aggrieved. Then putting the spoon in his mouth he ate the porridge clean.

Seeing him spit out the spoon, Zhai Zhi scooped another spoonful mechanically.

The bowl of porridge soon reached the bottom.

Zhai Zhi served another half a bowl.

Xie Chenyang looked at the porridge left in the pot and said regretfully: "Let's eat it tonight."

Seeing this, Zhai Zhi took the bowls, spoons and pots to the kitchen silently.

A cool breeze blew by.

Xie Chenyang's complexion transformed after he had eaten his fill and his brain was finally awake.

【System, did that dumb little original soul return to this body just now? He’s too much! Someone kindly takes him in, how can he ask them to feed him! 】

Wasn’t it you who just fell down the stairs? It's all carpeted, it doesn't even hurt, don't you know how to get up?

You just wanted to hug him!

What do I know!

System: "...Host, do you mind doing an IQ test?"

Xie Chenyang's eyes were still tender and charming, but his tone became cold: 【Oh? Are you doubting my IQ? 】

System: "No." The host must still be feverish.

Xie Chenyang leaned back and closed his eyes.

There were footsteps behind him.

His eyelashes trembled but he didn’t open his eyes.

Until a phone rang.

System: "Host, it's your phone."

He opened his eyes.

A slender, white hand held out a mobile phone from behind him.

Xie Chenyang picked up the phone without looking at the screen, swiped it and put it to his ear.

"Xuyang, where have you been?"

System: "It's Cen He."

Xie Chenyang lifted his legs and said, his voice dark: "I'm out buying you a grave."

Cen He seemed extremely helpless, and said: "Don't be mad. There’s a lot going on in the company at the moment. People want to terminate their contracts and other companies are trying to snipe our company's artists, and our shares..."

Xie Chenyang snorted: "Cen He, listen, even if I destroy Feiyang in the process, I won't let it fall into your hands."

"Xuyang, don't be willful, my shareholders are listening..."

"Eat shit and die."

Xie Chenyang snapped and hung up the phone.

He covered his eyes with his hand, concealing his emotions.

In the original plot, Li Xuyang walked out of the villa area in the rain, and he fried his brain to the point of confusion. Fortunately, he met a kind person who sent him to the hospital before he died.

The next day, when he just woke up from the hospital, he received this same call from Cen He.

On the phone, Li Xuyang had a mental breakdown and yelled at Cen He hysterically, he was incoherent with anger.

The more persuasive and gentle and affectionate Cen He was, the more angry Li Xuyang became, he could barely speak.

And all of this was heard by the shareholders.

Cen He's call was deliberately made in front of shareholders and released to the public.

After hanging up the phone helplessly, he explained to the shareholders that Li Xuyang was disturbed after his family’s successive accidents. He was a little out of sorts and couldn’t be stimulated. He still felt that someone had harmed his family.

Later, Li Xuyang contacted people he once knew, wanting to tell everyone the truth about Cen He.

But no one believed it.

What Cen He did was obvious to all.

He had a deep love for Li Xuyang and dedicated himself to Feiyang Entertainment.

Both Li's parents’ and brother’s deaths had been classified as accidents.

They believed in Cen He and felt that Li Xuyang couldn't stand the blow and had gone crazy.

As Li Xuyang's partner and only guardian, Cen He resisted sending him to a mental hospital, so he reluctantly sent him to a nursing home instead.

Zhai Zhi stood behind him, unable to see his face, thinking he was crying, and said coldly, "What's the use of crying."

Xie Chenyang took his hand away, turned his head, and looked at him calmly: "I’m not crying."

Zhai Zhi looked at his red eyes and said nothing. He walked over and sat down, lighting a cigarette, his tone was flat: "Do you need my help?"

Xie Chenyang nodded.

The corner of Zhai Zhi's lips conjured up a faint arc, it was fleeting: "Speak."

"My clothes are still not washed in the bathroom of the guest room. Can you lend me some clothes?"


"Thank you! I will repay your kindness. Don't worry, I’ll definitely pay you back when I finish solving my personal affairs."

Zhai Zhi knocked the ashes into a tray and asked, "How will you repay it?"

Before Xie Chenyang could speak, he said: "I’m not short of money."

Xie Chenyang: "Then what are you missing?"

Zhai Zhi extinguished the cigarette and stood up: "Let's go, you can pick some clothes, as for the payment, let's talk about it after you solve your problem."


Master bedroom.

The closet was opened and Xie Chenyang chose some suitable clothes with a grin: "Hey, I’ve been free-balling, do you have any new underwear?"

Zhai Zhi sat in a chair and looked at him: "The bottom drawer."

Xie Chenyang opened the drawer, pulled out a pair and put it on: "Hm, it's a bit tight."

Zhai Zhi: "..."

Immediately afterwards, Xie Chenyang untied the nightgown, grabbed a pair of trousers and put them on.

Zhai Zhi frowned and said quietly, "Are you aware that you’re married?"

Xie Chenyang didn't care and said: "Who’s married, I’m about to get divorced."

He didn't mind him, so Zhai Zhi watched openly.

As he was a delicate young man, his figure was as such.

His trousers were put on his body, slim and fit.

Xie Chenyang pulled out a shirt and put it on, turning his head back while fastening the buttons, "Your name is Zhai Zhi, right? Which ‘zhi’ is it?"

Zhai Zhi looked at his exposed skin, and replied: "The ‘zhi’ from xizhi (meticulous), or zhiming (lethal)."


Xie Chenyang left the top three buttons unbuttoned, and fastened the rest, revealing his delicate collarbone, he picked up the phone and walked towards Zhai Zhi: "Leave me your number, I’ll find a place to live, and contact you after I resolve my personal affairs."

Zhai Zhi: "You’re looking for a place to live?"

"Yeah, I’ll just rent a house or something."

He couldn’t go back to the villa next door.

The locks had been changed by Cen He.

Zhai Zhi rubbed his fingers unconsciously, then said lightly, "I have a lot of rooms, do you want to rent one?"

Was there ever such luck?

Xie Chenyang was happy: "Aren't you not short of money?"

Zhai Zhi smiled slightly: "I’m happy to help others."

"Hey, you look pretty when you smile."

Since meeting him yesterday, this person had only looked cold and inaccessible. Xie Chenyang confirmed it again, "You’ll really rent one to me? I can't afford much."

All he had left was the bank card that Cen He threw at him.

Zhai Zhi put away his smile and nodded gently: "How should I say it, we also met when we were young, so I’ll definitely give you a discount."


"Don’t remember?"

Zhai Zhi put his hand in his pocket, searching for a cigarette, but he eventually held back and only gently rubbed his lighter, "About ten years ago, you hit a ball into my yard and wanted to climb the fence and pick it up. But in the end you fell on your face, and got covered in blood..."

Xie Chenyang's lips twitched.

It's not me that you are talking about, it's that stupid little Li Xuyang.

Zhai Zhi saw he looked uncomfortable, and didn’t continue. He also didn’t remember much more, he stood up and said: "You can stay in the guest room you were in last night. If you need anything, let the auntie know when she comes tomorrow."

Since there was one already prepared, Xie Chenyang didn't bother with finding a house.

Having now accrued a mountain of debt, he picked the dressing gown off the floor, opened WeChat and handed it over: "Add me as a friend, I’ll transfer the money to you later."

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