04 - This tragic but precious son (04)
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04 - This tragic but precious son (04)

Zhai Zhi added a new friend.

Xie Chenyang walked out the door, then backed back in: "Bro, can I borrow a car?"

Zhai Zhi took out a car key from the drawer of the bedside table and threw it over.

"Thanks, bro."

"..." Fuck your ‘bro’.

Zhai Zhi walked to the bed, opened the curtains and lit a cigarette.

After seeing his luxury car being driven out, he slowly went downstairs and took out the pile of materials from the drawer in front of the sofa. Resting them on his knees he slowly flicked through the pages.

Meanwhile Xie Chenyang drove out of the residential area in a luxury car.

System: "Host, you are speeding."

"Okay, I'll slow down."

"You are speeding up!"

"Okay, okay."

By the time he left the area, Xie Chenyang was driving very steadily.

"It's weird, in my memory I have driven all kinds of cars, why does it feel so unnatural now?"

System: "……"

Xie Chenyang picked up the memory again and opened the navigation.

The system calmly said: "It may be that the host doesn't drive very often, so it feels awkward."

"Must be."

Li Xuyang had always been driven around by others when he traveled, he rarely ever drove himself.

Xie Chenyang: "Xiao."

System: "?"

Xie Chenyang: "Xiaoxiao?"

System: "Are you calling me?"

"Obviously, or do you think I’m calling a ghost?" Xie Chenyang took it for granted, "Aren't you Zhixiao flute?"

System: "It's Dizi.

"I was close……"

"It's Dizi."

"Okay, de~ar..."

The system said indifferently: "Host can just call me System."

"Fine, fine, System," Xie Chenyang failed to deepen their relationship. He suppressed the irritability in his eyes, "Can you do me a favor?"

System: "Ask and I'll tell you."

"It shouldn't be difficult for a System, that's..."


About half an hour later, Xie Chenyang stopped outside a garden villa complex.

He parked the car, smoothed down his hair and looked in the mirror for a while, showing a simple and shy expression. Then he got out of the car.


After Xie Chenyang explained his intention, he was quickly greeted by an auntie.

Xie Chenyang had carefully pondered the plot and only then chose to visit Yu Chengfeng.

Yu Chengfeng was sixty-one years old, but he looked like a man in his forties. He had a healthy body and was an actor who won numerous awards when he was young. There were still many people who wanted him to return to the screen.

He was extremely prolific in the entertainment industry.

Also, he came from Feiyang Entertainment and had a good relationship with Li's father.

When Xie Chenyang entered the living room, Yu Chengfeng was sitting on the sofa teasing a big dog, a golden retriever that was raised by his son.

"Xiao Yang is here, come and sit down."

Yu Chengfeng let go and let the big dog go out to play. He beckoned gently to Xie Chenyang.

Xie Chenyang sat opposite him, a little embarrassed: "Uncle Yu..."

"My boy, why are you so thin? Look at this little face," Yu Chengfeng called without turning his head. "Xiao Xu, pour Xiao Yang a cup of hot milk and get some food."

Xie Chenyang waved his hand: "No, no need..."

Aunt Xu had already entered the kitchen in response.

"Xiao Yang," Yu Chengfeng sighed in a kind voice, "You call me uncle, don't be so polite, if you have any difficulties, just tell me directly. You know my relationship with your dad, I'll always treat you as my nephew."

Xie Chenyang lowered his head and rubbed his eyes, causing them to redden: "Uncle Yu, I'm so useless."

Thanks to the fever.

Yu Chengfeng knew of the difficulties he’d experienced, but if the child didn’t come to ask for help, he'd have no position to intervene. Now the boy was willing to come to him, Yu Chengfeng was relieved.

"Don't say that, you are smart, and everyone has their own areas of expertise."

Aunt Xu brought over a cup of hot milk and some desserts, placing them in front of Xie Chenyang: "Is there anything you want to eat? Auntie will make it for you."

Xie Chenyang shook his head and held the milk: "This is plenty."

Aunt Xu nodded and went upstairs to clean up the rooms.

"Uncle Yu..." Xie Chenyang held the warm milk cup and lowered his head slightly, "I, I don't know how to manage the company. Fortunately, I have Ah He to help me, but the people in the company aren’t satisfied with Ah He, and think he lacks integrity…”

Yu Chengfeng calmed down for a moment: "You’re already married. Now you are the only one in Li's family. He also has a position in the company. It’s not unusual for him to help you. I believe you will get started slowly and eventually take care of the company. "

Xie Chenyang whispered: "I thought Ah He was right, so I transferred the company's shares to him... with the shares, he won't be considered an outsider."

Yu Chengfeng frowned slightly: "All of them?"

Xie Chenyang nodded slowly: "But I’m still a little worried that people in the company will look down on him... Uncle Yu is highly respected, can you...can you help him?"

Yu Chengfeng was very respected in the entertainment circle, and he had a famous screenwriter for a wife and a famous director for a son.

If he speaks, others will give him some face.

Especially the restless artists in Feiyang.

Yu Chengfeng felt that something was wrong, but it was a matter between a couple so he couldn't clearly point out his doubts. He could only hint: "Since you trust him so much, if I can help and I’ll help."

"I trust him," Xie Chenyang raised the red eyes that he’d been concealing for a long time, and smiled shyly. "My parents and eldest brothers are gone, I only have Ah He. Just like Ah He said, I have everything. If there’s anything I don’t understand, I can just leave everything to him."

Yu Chengfeng frowned: "If you don't understand company management, you have to try to learn. That was your father's company after all."

"I, I will, Ah He said, when he stabilizes the situation, he’ll teach me," Xie Chenyang put his cup down, a little uneasy, "Ah He asked me to sign the equity transfer and property transfer...I already signed both, he wouldn't lie to me."

That wasn’t even the worst of it.

Cen He took out a lot of documents and asked Li Xuyang to sign them when he was vulnerable.

Li Xuyang didn't take a closer look. There was also a divorce agreement which forfeited all his property unconditionally and left the house.

That was the backdoor Cen He left for himself.

If Li Xuyang isn’t successfully sent to the nursing home, he will let him divorce him.

"I’m confused!"

Is this a relationship?

Listening to him, Yu Chengfeng couldn’t help but speak for the sake of his own dignity: “You’re already legally married. Even if he doesn’t have equity, he can temporarily manage the company on your behalf. You gave him both equity and property. Haven’t you ever thought, what if he wrongs you?"

He hadn’t spoken much with Cen He.

Although he’d heard Father Li say that he had good character and talent, under such circumstances, he couldn't help but think poorly of others.

At this moment, Xie Chenyang's cell phone rang.

Xie Chenyang showed a reluctant smile to Yu Chengfeng and answered the phone awkwardly.

The system spoke mechanically: "Your husband's cheating was exposed and it made the headlines."

Xie Chenyang widened his eyes: "No...that’s impossible!"

The system quietly played along: "If you don't believe me, look online, idiot."

Xie Chenyang: "..."

【Why do I feel you’re taking this opportunity to scold me. 】

The system cut off the call: "Of course not, host, I’m acting with you according to your request."

Xie Chenyang looked down and opened Weibo, his phone fell to the ground.

He covered his face with his hands, lowered his head, his shoulders trembled.

【System, help, I can’t cry. 】

System: "The grief is too much for your dying heart. You cried yourself dry when your parents and brother died. It’s natural that you can't cry now, and Mr.Yu will understand."

【...No, he’s an actor, I can’t act. He may not doubt it  at first, but if I don’t carry the act well, he’ll figure it out. 】

System: "Then what do you want?"

【You do it. 】

System: "Our system can't occupy the host's body whenever we want to."

【Not whenever, I’m letting you, hurry up. 】

System: "……"

"Xiao Yang, what's wrong with you?"

Yu Chengfeng picked up the phone he had dropped and immediately saw the opened page, his face sank.

There are two photos on it, one is a photo of Cen He kissing a woman, and the other is a photo of Cen He holding a child.

#Shock! The new chairman of Feiyang involved in long term affair#

Yu Chengfeng only glanced quickly and didn’t look at the content carefully, but he understood what was happening.

He put his hand on Xie Chenyang's shoulder: "Xiao Yang..."

The system manipulated the host's body and raised his head, tears streaming down his face: "It must be... it must be a scandal... I, I don't believe it, woo..."

Xie Chenyang: 【Isn’t that a bit much? 】

System: 【You want to do it? 】

Xie Chenyang:【Please, continue.】

"Xiao Yang, calm down..."

"I, I only have Ah He... he wouldn't do this to me... I, I want to talk to him..."

The system panicked and took the cell phone from Yu Chengfeng. He pressed it with shaking hands for a long time before managing to dial Cen He's number.

Yu Chengfeng took his shoulders and helped him sit down, taking the phone from his trembling hand. He turned on the hands-free setting and placed it in front of Xie Chenyang.

He also wanted to hear how Cen He would explain himself.

Tears from the system kept overflowing, his vision blurred, and he pretended not to see Yu Chengfeng. His fingers brushing the record button as the phone was taken away.

Xie Chenyang:【Will it work? Does it make sense? 】

System:【Be quiet, don’t affect my performance, Cen He is alone now, there shouldn’t be a problem.】

Xie Chenyang: "..." Okay, he’ll just watch the play quietly.

The call connected.

Before Cen He could speak, the system cried: "It turns out that you did this to pave the way for your lover and illegitimate child..."

Cen He was getting annoyed by the hot search. He’d just been calling around making arrangements when he received yet another call from him. He spoke with a gloomy tone: "Yes, yes, so what?"

He’d already arranged the solution for this matter.

Soon he will be able to pick it apart and restore his good reputation.

While he’s at it, he might as well trigger Li Xuyang again, it would make his plan go smoother.

Thinking this, Cen He's irritable heart settled down.

It would be best if he could directly trigger a nervous breakdown.

"I gave you everything, I believe in you so much, Cen He, I won’t let you rest—"

The system really appeared to collapse.

Cen He took advantage of his victory and pursued: "Can you hurt me? What a pity, I will live a splendid life paid for by the blood of your family, Li Xuyang, do you know? They died because of you."

"No...not me..."

"Why not you? If it wasn't for you falling in love with me, if it wasn't for you taking me home, how could your parents and your eldest brother die? All of this is your fault. You led the wolf into the house, raised the tiger, and harmed your loved ones, how can you still bear to live?"

It must be said that Cen He was really too much.

If the real Li Xuyang was here, Cen He's words would have driven him crazy.

Xie Chenyang:【Dumbass.】

System:【Shhh, just watch. 】

The author has something to say:
Xie Chenyang: I’m a newcomer and I don’t know how to act, but one day I’ll become an actor!
System: Ha.

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