05 - This tragic but precious son (05)
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05 - This tragic but precious son (05)

The system burst into tears: "I don’t believe you, you are lying to me, you clearly love me so much, you want to arouse my fighting spirit, right? I know, Ah He..."

Xie Chenyang's hair stood on end.

【You passed, passed. 】

Cen He and Li Xuyang had been together for so many years, he knows everything about Li Xuyang. Li Xuyang still loved him and would never deceive him.

He felt that no one knew Li Xuyang better than him.

According to his expectations, Li Xuyang would have a nervous breakdown and proclaim his crimes everywhere, crying like a foolish child.

Cen He never thought that Li Xuyang would have the wits to deceive him.

Of course, Li Xuyang wasn’t the one designing the deception.

Assuming that he thought he was in control of everything, after so many years of forbearing, Cen He felt like he was floating.

"Love? Even now, do you still think I love you? Li Xuyang, don't deceive yourself, you should have figured it out last night, I have only hatred for you and the Li family. There is no love. Your relatives are gone. Even the property they left for you, you have gifted it to your enemy."

"Ah He...ah, don't be like this... to me..."

"Whatever, don't bother me anymore, I spared your life, this is my only kindness left."

Cen He hung up the phone.

The system was clutching his heart, crying to the point of breathlessness, then he fainted.

"Xiao Yang!"

Yu Chengfeng put away the mobile phone, quickly supported Li Xuyang, and shouted, "Xiao Xu! Call an ambulance!"


Xie Chenyang lay on a beach chair, enjoying the sea breeze as he looked out at the endless sea: "In novels I’ve read, there were all kinds of spiritual demneses in people’s systems. Like in space, or an inn, or a supermarket, why is yours here? The sea and the sand?"

A jade flute was suspended in the air.

The system's voice was a bit misty: "You can leave if you want."

"Outside my body is still lying on a hospital bed, don't wanna go," Xie Chenyang stretched out his hand, "Come here and play for me."

The system drifted away.

"Hey, stingy."


Xie Chenyang shook his legs and said, "Is this your system space? Can I come here anytime?"

System: "If I don’t allow it, you can't come in."

Xie Chenyang asked again: "When I’m outside, do you just hang around here?"

System: "No."

"Where do you go?"

"Host, you should go back now."

"Since you invited me here, let me stay a little longer."


The system kicked him out.

The system that had worried that he would be exposed while pretending to be in a coma and brought him back here, now felt a bit silly.


Xie Chenyang thought that when he opened his eyes, he would see Old Man Yu looking distressed.

Unexpectedly, when he took off the cold blindfold, he saw a pair of eyes that belonged to the cold and abstinent Zhai Zhi.

"Put it back on, your eyes are ugly swollen."


Xie Chenyang recalled the system crying like a bank burst, and silently put the blindfold back.

His eyes fell into darkness, but Xie Chenyang wasn’t anxious and his ears keenly heard the sound of Zhai Zhi approaching.

Zhai Zhi stretched out his hand to straighten the blindfold for him: "You just got over a high fever, and then you cry all the way to the hospital again, you’re really amazing."

Xie Chenyang was sure he could hear the ridicule in his cold tone.

He realised that since coming into this world, this man had extended him a helping hand, took him in, fed him porridge, and now, came to the hospital to see him...

Xie Chenyang graciously forgave his ridicule and ate the blame of crying all the way to the hospital.

"Thank you for coming to see me..."



"Then be hungry."


The gentle footsteps faded away.

When the sound of the door closing sounded, Xie Chenyang took off his blindfold, sat up, and looked around but couldn't find the phone.

"System, where is my phone?"

System: "In Zhai Zhi's pocket."

Xie Chenyang lay back: "How is the situation now?"

System: "Cen He is in a bad mood."

Xie Chenyang felt that he had been in the system space for a while, but no more than two hours had passed outside.

When Mr. Yu sent him to the hospital, Cen He's exposed lover came out to clarify their relationship.

She stated that the kissing photo was an angle problem. In fact, she had just tripped over her feet and Cen He hugged her to prevent her from falling.

Because of the angle, the person who secretly took the photo captured such a scene.

She said that, in fact, after she stood firm, Cen He quickly let go of her.

And that child wasn’t Cen He's illegitimate child.

Her boyfriend and Cen He were roommates when they were in college, and they had a good relationship.

When Xie Chenyang heard this, his eyes flashed in disgust: "What a good friend this woman is, trash."

The system paused: "Yes, her boyfriend doesn't know, they’re still very happy."

Her reasoning in whitewashing Cen He was that he only cared for the mother and son because of his good relationship with his friend.

System: "I’ll let you listen directly."

A female voice seemed to resound in Xie Chenyang's mind.

"My boyfriend is studying abroad. Of course I support him. We’ve already made a date and we’ll get married when he returns to China. After he left, I found out that I was pregnant...

"(Sobbing) I was very scared, and even wanted to call my boyfriend back to China directly, but when I called him, I heard that he was doing well there and was valued by the teachers. I didn’t want to ruin his studies.

"If he knew that I was pregnant, he would definitely come home immediately...

"I decided not to tell him, I’ll wait for him, he’ll graduate soon..."

Xie Chenyang's tone was a little irritable: "Stop, I'll just ask out right, is that child Cen He's?"

System: "Yes. She’s lying and crying that she is under pressure to improve her boyfriend's studies. She is also trying to give Cen He a reputation as a good brother."

Xie Chenyang: "..."

System: "She said that Cen He respected her opinion after learning about her, and didn’t disclose it to his good friend who was studying abroad. Instead, he often took care of her and her child."

Xie Chenyang couldn't say anything: "Do they believe it?"

"Believe it," the system said quietly, "at least most people believe it, and they all say they wish they had such a good brother, but some people think something is wrong and are retorting."

Xie Chenyang squeezed his fist and wanted to hit someone.

System: "Then I sent out the high-definition photos and videos of them kissing."

Xie Chen was happy: "Good job! Do they still want such a good brother? Hahaha——"

The system couldn't help but smile: "Lao Yu immediately sent the recordings of you and Cen He speaking."

Xie Chenyang retorted: "It's you and Cen He."

It wasn’t him who was crying.

System: "Zhai Zhi is here, should I keep you posted?"

Xie Chenyang:【No need. 】

The heat was on and the current situation could be imagined.

The door was opened.

Zhai Zhi walked in carrying an insulation box.

Xie Chenyang: "Not takeaway?"

Did he cook it himself? So touching!

Zhai Zhi set up a small table for him and slowly opened the insulation box: "Aunt Yu made it."

Xie Chenyang: "..." Although he didn’t cook in person, he was still moved

Zhai Zhi: "Do you want me to feed you?"

Xie Chenyang thought of the bowl of porridge that he was fed on the sofa, and shook his head repeatedly: "No, I’ll eat it myself."

Before, it was because he had a fever and was so hungry, and his limbs felt weak.

This time he wasn’t so hard off.

The chicken soup stewed by Aunt Xu was delicious, he savoured the flavour as he ate.

A familiar ring sounded.

The system reminded: "Host, it's your phone."

Xie Chenyang looked at Zhai Zhi's trouser pocket.

Zhai Zhi calmly took a look, the word ‘husband’ flashed on the screen. He then turned off the phone completely unphased: "Spam call."

Xie Chenyang: "..." Shouldn't you explain why my phone is in your pocket first?

Forget it, eat first.

Zhai Zhishun put the phone back in his pocket and turned it off.

Seeing that Xie Chenyang was eating well, the system couldn't help but say: "You should be heartbroken and on the verge of collapse. Why are you eating so heartily?"

Xie Chenyang's hand holding the chopsticks stiffened.

System: "Give me some tears!"

Xie Chenyang:【I can't cry. 】

System: "Then don't eat!"

Xie Chenyang:【I’m hungry. 】

System: "..." I worked so hard to help you act, why are you dragging us down?

Zhai Zhi pulled up a chair and sat down, watching him bury his head in the meal, thinking of the recording he heard earlier, and rubbed his fingers slightly.

Was he crying?

Will his tears fall into the soup?

Unseen by Zhai Zhi, a jade flute suddenly appeared at Xie Chenyang's waist, poking him lightly.

Xie Chenyang's body trembled slightly, and he seemed uncomfortable.

【Don't poke! I'm ticklish! 】

System: If it didn't itch, I wouldn't poke it.

The scene of him trembling and laughing while holding back the itch, seemed to Zhai Zhi to be sobbing.

Zhai Zhi frowned slightly.

Xie Chenyang still had rice in his mouth, when he was about to swallow it and tear the system a new one, it slammed directly into his side.

Xie Chenyang's pupils shrank suddenly.

"Cough—cough cough cough—"

He choked up and coughed sharply.

As he choked on his food involuntary tears kept falling from his eye, his cough was heart-wrenching.

【System, I $%@^ you #&^$】

The system retracted into the depths of his consciousness, hiding smugly.

【You, couldn’t you wait for me to swallow my food! 】

【You &@!#】

While clutching his heart, he kept coughing and crying, while consciously cursing the system from head to toe.

The system censored any words that shouldn't appear, and said with peace of mind: "Sorry, I didn't expect you to choke."

【You did it on purpose! You just wanted to make me cry! 】

The system coughed softly: "Someone is watching, but you’re eating so heartily, is that fair? You were heartbroken and cried and passed out before you came to the hospital."

【You’re still trying to reason? 】

System: "I'm sorry.”


System: "I'm sorry, I was wrong, I won't be self-assertive again next time, host, please forgive me~ OK~"

Xie Chenyang's tone became weaker: 【Don't behave like a baby, be normal. 】

System: "Host, master~"

Xie Chenyang:【Damnit! 】

System: "..." Wow, turns out he’s kind of into this stuff.

A tissue was held before him.

Xie Chenyang reached out, took it and wiped his mouth: "Thanks...cough cough, thank you——"

Zhai Zhi handed him another glass of warm water.

Xie Chenyang drank the cup of warm water, finally feeling his throat soothe and his coughing gradually stop.

He wrapped the tissue into a ball and raised his head: "Is there another? Tissue?"

Looking at his red eyes and tears on his face, Zhai Zhi pulled him a few more tissues with a tight face.

Xie Chenyang wiped away his tears and looked at the chicken soup and rice left on the small table with heartache.

It was spat in just now!

Although it’s my spit, I can't eat it anymore!

Such a waste!

Seeing his heartbroken expression in his eyes, Zhai Zhi coldly said: "Such trash, is it worth your attention?"

The author has something to say:
Xie Chenyang: I choked.
Zhai Zhi: You are crying.
Xie Chenyang: This meal was too wasteful, my heart hurts!
Zhai Zhi: Are you heartbroken over trash?
System: Wow~

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