06 - This tragic but precious son (06)
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06 - This tragic but precious son (06)

Xie Chenyang didn‘t reply.

Zhai Zhi didn't press him again: "Will you still eat?"

Xie Chenyang shook his head.

It was covered in spit, he couldn’t eat it anymore.

Zhai Zhi bowed his head to clean up the dishes and took the table away.

Xie Chenyang: "My phone..."

Zhai Zhi interrupted him: "Since you’re awake, let's go back."

Xie Chenyang: "?"

Zhai Zhi took out a mask, lowered his head to put it on him, and said softly, "There are reporters outside, put on this, let's go back first, hm?"


"Cen He's affair was exposed."


Xie Chenyang stopped talking immediately.

He followed Zhai Zhi out of the hospital, and he saw many reporters waiting outside with cameras.

Zhai Zhi reached out and drew him into his arms.

Xie Chenyang: "?"

"Keep your head down, don't let them spot you."

"Oh oh."

Xie Chenyang bowed his head and walked to the parking lot in Zhai Zhi's arms.

After getting in the car, he took off his mask: "Your car, I parked at Mr.Yu’s..."

"It's okay," Zhai Zhi turned sideways to fasten Xie Chenyang’s seatbelt, "We’ll pick it up another day."

Xie Chenyang sighed again:【Zhai Zhi is really a king and gentle person. 】


The system said weirdly, "Don't you think he is a bit too close to you?"

【Too close? 】Xie Chenyang leaned back on his seat and said inexplicably, 【What kind of closeness is this? I recall having closer friends than this. 】

System: "..." Okay, I almost forgot, this host seems to be straight.

Wasn’t it just feeding you, hugging you, and fastening your seat belt.

This was nothing.

Ha ha.

After returning to the villa, Xie Chenyang reached out and touched Zhai Zhi's thigh.

Zhai Zhi froze in place, his eyes slightly widening.

Xie Chenyang then slipped his hand into his trouser pocket, took out his mobile phone. Then tapping it twice, he walked into the house: "Hey, why is it turned off? Is it dead?"

Zhai Zhi: "..."

He followed: "Maybe I accidentally pressed it."

"Oh, it's on, there's still charge."


As soon as the phone was turned on, Cen He called.

It was hard to say how long he’d been persevering.

Xie Chenyang looked at the phone in a daze.

Zhai Zhi frowned slightly, and reached out to take it.

Xie Chenyang avoided him subconsciously.

Zhai Zhi looked at him and said coldly: "He cheated on you, do you still feel nostalgic?"

Xie Chenyang didn’t know how to look heartbroken, so he just lowered his head and deliberately softened his voice: "No..."

"Then block his number."

"Why? It wasn't me who did the wrong thing. Won't that make it seem like I’m the one who is guilty? I want to make it clear to him."

As soon as Xie Chenyang's voice fell, the phone rang again.

Zhai Zhi pulled him onto the sofa and sat down, staring at him: "Take it, speak your mind, and tell him clearly."

Xie Chenyang: "..."

I really want to speak my mind.

Xie Chenyang answered the phone and turned it on speaker.

【System, why don't you come do this? 】

System: "No, Zhai Zhi isn’t an actor, you can play it as you please, there’s no need to panic."

Xie Chenyang: "..."

Cen He's voice sounded tired: "Ah Yang, I was wrong, come home, I’ll wait for you at home."

Xie Chenyang: "?" Is there something wrong with this person?

After everything he’s done, why does he think Li Xuyang will return to him?

Oh, wait, Li Xuyang did go back in the original plot.

But he, Xie Chenyang, will not.

"Ah Yang, haven’t I treated you well when we were together? I love you, can’t you see, I can't bear to do anything to you in the end. Even when I angrily wanted you to leave me for a while I still gave you enough money..."

Xie Chenyang hung his head and squeezed the phone tightly, so strong that veins appeared.

System: "Relax, brew something up."

"I was deceived. I love you. You read Weibo, right? Those weren’t my intentions. I wanted to help my friend take care of her. I didn't expect that woman would seduce me..."

"Shut up, you trash," Xie Chenyang said in disgust, "Even as a child I never picked up things that others have already used."

Cen He choked up and said, "I was wrong, Ah Yang, I miss you so much, come back, let's talk face to face, okay?"

Xie Chenyang: "Okay."

Cen He breathed a sigh of relief: "I made your favorite..."

Xie Chenyang hung up the phone.

He was about to get up, but Zhai Zhi pushed him back on the sofa.


Zhai Zhi looked down at him: "That's it?"


"He just asks nicely and you go back?" Zhai Zhi's pale face was stained with coldness.

Xie Chenyang patted his arm: "It's not what you think, you let me go and I'll go clean him up."

Xie Chenyang understood him.

This was what is called hatred of iron that cannot become steel!

Even when he saw Li Xuyang forgiving Cen He in the original plot, he also found it absurd, it wasn’t hard to imagine what Zhai Zhi was thinking.

"You’re really going?"

"Well, I'll be back soon, remember to let me in."

Zhai Zhi let go of him.

Xie Chenyang quickly got up and left.

Zhai Zhi looked at his back and endured the day by smoking.

He lit a cigarette and laughed at himself.

Forget it, they haven’t even known each other for long, why bother with him.

Xie Chenyang went outside and walked a few steps to the door next door.

When ringing the doorbell, he laughed mockingly: "Look, you’re the owner but you even have to ring the doorbell when you go home."

System: "Ah, but with that agreement, once you divorce Cen He, this house will belong to him."

Not only the house, but all of his properties.

Once divorced, he’ll be both out of house and home.

Xie Chenyang: "He thinks it'll be easy."

Cen He opened the door for him, his expression as gentle and affectionate as ever, as if he hadn't done anything or said those hateful things and words that had driven him out of the house on a stormy night.

"Ah Yang..."

He reached out to pull his hand.

Xie Chenyang avoided his hand and raised his chin: "Go in and talk."

Cen He's eyes flickered slightly.

This Li Xuyang... seemed to be a bit different from before?

Was it the excitement, the anticipation that things will be reversed? This matter hadn’t developed in the direction he’d expected, but had it run towards a path he hadn't known existed at all?

Xie Chenyang had already entered, Cen He thought about how to stabilize him for a while, and then followed in.

It would be okay if the matter between him and his lover could be cleaned up, but it was already quite damaged. First he needed to stabilize Li Xuyang, otherwise he wouldn't be able to maintain his good reputation and that would be detrimental to his future plans.

Not only was it detrimental, it may even cause his plans to fail.

After all, Feiyang was run by Father Li and Brother Li for many years.

If everything went according to his plan, when the last person of the Li family enters the nursing home due to a mental breakdown, he should have equity, the ability, and the reputation to make it all go smoothly. Otherwise, he will have difficulty in Feiyang.

Next door.

Zhai Zhi was smoking cigarettes, one after another, while telling himself not to be nosy. If Xie Chenyang was bullied again, then he’d asked for it.

Before he finished smoking his current cigarette, he put it out in the ashtray.

It is undeniable that although he’d only known the other for a short time, he was a little affected by him.

In so many years, he’d never met a person who could move his heart.

Even if it was only a tiny heartbeat...

Then he’ll have to win him first!

He stroked his bangs upwards and laughed softly: "Want to make up with him? You’re fucking dreaming!"

He ran over quickly and stood between the two courtyard walls. Then he did a run-up and jumped, steadily landing on the courtyard wall, and jumping over to the opposite side.


As promised, a spread of food was placed on the table.

Xie Chenyang gave is a rough sweep:【He cooked it?】

System: "He had a hotel deliver it."

Xie Chenyang:【I knew it.】

With the previous phone recording, Cen He was suspicious Xie Chenyang might wear a recording device.

The current development was different from what he’d planned.

He had to be cautious.

He walked to the dining table and deliberately tapped on the surface with his band-aided fingers: "Ah Yang, come, there are all your favorites."

Xie Chenyang turned a blind eye to his hands, his face was no longer delicate and pure, but his eyes looked at him as though seeking warmth.

This calmed Cen He's somewhat uncertain heart.

He really did like him.

Even at this point, his eyes still held affection for him.

"Ah Yang, I know that I have caused you harm, but I promise not to anymore. Please let me use the rest of my life to compensate, let’s go back to the good old days, okay?"

Different from his eyes, when Xie Chenyang spoke, his tone was harsh and fierce: "Go back in time? You mean, can my father, mother and brother resurrect?"

"Ah Yang, the dead are dead," Cen He said with pain and regret, "I’ll give you my unreserved love for the rest of my life..."

Xie Chenyang clenched his fist slightly, really wanting to do something, when a cold voice came from behind him.

"It's not necessary," Zhai Zhi walked in and held Xie Chenyang's hand, his eyes softened slightly, "Ah Yang has me, that's enough."

Cen He's expression changed: "Ah Yang, who is he?"

Xie Chenyang:【I get it now.】

System: "You finally understand."

【He wanted to help me piss off Cen He, he really deserves to be my bro! 】

System: "???"

【Didn't Cen He cheat and still thinks I love him to death? With Zhai Zhi's help, Cen He now knows that what he thinks is in his hands, may in fact, go find someone else. Isn't that to piss him off? 】

System: "...ah."

【This is more cost-effective than beating him.】

The system said indifferently: "Ah."

Xie Chenyang didn’t answer, nor did he shake off Zhai Zhi's hand, as if it was a tacit acquiescence.

A real smile floated in Zhai Zhi's eyes: "Mr.Cen should first take care of your lover and illegitimate child. Ah Yang will naturally be taken care of by me, right, Ah Yang?"

Xie Chenyang cooperated and said: "Mm."

Cen He didn't believe it.

Li Xuyang's love for him was something he never doubted.

He worked every step of the way, weaving a love net, and he had already caught Li Xuyang in it.

Even if Li Xuyang didn’t react as expected under pressure, he would never fall out of love with him.

Most likely, he was just mad at him.

"Ah Yang... don't do this," he opened his hand, looking pained, "I can't live without you."

"What does that have to do with me?" Xie Chenyang sneered, holding Zhai Zhi's hand. "You’ve known me for so long. You should know my habits. If it’s dirty, I’ll just throw it away and not use it again. The same goes for people."

Cen He's face turned dark in an instant.


Who was he calling dirty?

He wanted to get angry.

But no, if Li Xuyang went with someone on an impulse, or did something rash, it would be hard to recover.

He still pushed his own agenda. Just interact with him a little, say he made a momentary mistake and had woken up. Li Xuyang should forgive him generously, then they can continue to show their love to outsiders!

He looked at him pleadingly: "Ah Yang..."

Li Xuyang released Zhai Zhi's hand and strode towards Cen He.

Cen He was overjoyed, but Zhai Zhi suddenly lost his smile.

The author has something to say:
Zhai Zhi feeds him.
Xie Chenyang: Gentle and good person! (Knowing that I have no strength)
Zhai Zhi embraced him.
Xie Chenyang: Good and careful man! (I'm worried about being discovered by the paparazzi)
Zhai Zhi gave him a thin seat belt.
Xie Chenyang: Good brother!
Zhai Zhi held his hand and swore his sovereignty in front of the scumbag.
Xie Chenyang: All acting to help me, so angry!
Zhai Zhi:...
System: Ha ha

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