08 - This tragic but precious son (08)
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08 - This tragic but precious son (08)

Seeing him drinking two glasses in a row, Zhai Zhi reminded: "This drink has a lot of alcohol."

Xie Chenyang put down the wine glass, wiped his mouth, and picked up his chopsticks: "Would you believe that I've had stronger wine."

System: "Let me remind you that this body is not used to drinking alcohol."

Xie Chenyang's hand holding the chopsticks stiffened.

【It’s okay, my soul is not afraid of meat and wine! 】

System: "..." Niubi.

"Well——the fish you made is so delicious!" There was no fishy smell at all!

"Then have some more."


Halfway through the meal, Xie Chenyang's hands were a little stiff and his head was getting hazy.

He shook his head.

Zhai Zhi: "...you're holding ginger slices."

"Huh? It's okay, I like ginger."


Zhai Zhi watched him eat the ginger slices in confusion, then watched his chopsticks stretch out over the fish-bone dish. He walked over and took his wrist.

Xie Chenyang raised his head: "What are you doing?"

Zhai Zhi took the chopsticks out of his hand: "You’re full."

Xie Chenyang was unhappy, and slapped his backhand on his shoulder: "Bro, you’re cruel! You say I'm full, how can I be full? I haven't eaten yet!"

"Ahem, ahem——"

Zhai Zhi's face was dark. When he finally pulled himself together, he gritted his teeth and said, "Can't you hit me lighter?"

What is this precious son shit? Obviously he’s as powerful as an ox!

"Are you all right?"

Zhai Zhi rubbed his shoulder, "Are you still eating?"

Xie Chenyang shook his head suddenly: "I’ll stop eating."

Ah, I shouldn’t have shook my head, the sky is full of stars.

He grabbed Zhai Zhi's arm and stood up swaying, his tongue curled a little: "Bro, bro, I'm a little dizzy, take me back so I can rest."

System: "Host, are you okay?"

Xie Chenyang: "Who? Who is talking?"

System: "..." Haven’t you been speaking with me for a while now? Why don't you even recognize my voice.

Zhai Zhi held his waist: "No one is speaking, behave. I'll send you back to your room."

"Good, good."

Zhai Zhi stretched out his hand to pick him up and Xie Chenyang also cooperated, hugging him by the neck. As a result, when Zhai Zhi tried to lift him, the weight made him stagger.

Xie Chenyang hadn’t found his balance yet, he was in a mess, and the two of them fell to the ground together.

Zhai Zhi was pressed to the ground: "Why are you... so heavy."

The system couldn't bear to look straight at them: "Maybe because I was added."

Xie Chenyang: "What you? What me?"

System: "……"

Zhai Zhi: "..."

Zhai Zhi pushed him: "Get up, you can lie on the sofa and sleep, I can't hold you up."

Xie Chenyang raised his head and squinted hard to make him out clearly from the double image: "Can't hold me?"

Zhai Zhi: "..." This is bad.

Xie Chenyang's naturally affectionate eyes looked at him clouded with drunkenness, it was absolutely charming.

As if... he was looking at his most beloved person.

"Can't hold me?" Xie Chenyang repeated it again.

Zhai Zhi closed his eyes and gave up on himself, "Yeah, I can't hold you. So get up quickly."

I really, really want to die.

"Then I will hold you."


Xie Chenyang got up abruptly, picked him up off the ground, and staggered towards the stairs.

Zhai Zhi's face turned pale: "Let me down, now."

"Don't, don't be afraid, I can hold a three-thousand-jin sword," Xie Chenyang squeezed him and laughed, "You’re as light as a spirit rabbit."

Zhai Zhi clasped his shoulders tightly, his cold eyebrows tense with anger: "What are you talking about, you’re drunk! Stop, don't go upstairs!"

System: "……"

Xie Chenyang hugged him tightly and said proudly: "Don't be afraid, I can fly, I’ll take you to fly and fly away."

"No flying!"

Due to the excessive shock, Zhai Zhi’s voice almost broke.

Xie Chenyang was taken aback: "Oh, this isn’t flying."

After he finished speaking, he sped up the stairs.

Zhai Zhi closed his eyes in despair.

I’m going to fall and die.

Fortunately, although Xie Chenyang swayed, his hands were very stable.

He didn’t drop him, nor did he fall down while holding him.

Xie Chenyang kicked the door open and Zhai Zhi was thrown on the bed, lying on one side with a headache: "Go sleep, bro!"

Zhai Zhi reached out his hand and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, his voice hoarse: "In this life... I won't let you touch another drop of wine."

The system that looked on was filled with pity: "Poor guy." It was too quick.

Lying on the bed, Xie Chenyang succumbed to the alcohol, and fell asleep in a daze.

After a while, Zhai Zhi sat up and pulled down the neckline of his shirt. He looked melancholy when he saw the reddish palm prints on his shoulders.

Not only was he heavy enough to kill, but he was strong enough to kill too.

He turned his head to look at Xie Chenyang, who had fallen asleep, and began to consider whether all this was worth it?

Or...should he stop wasting time?

Xie Chenyang, who was asleep, had closed his charming eyes, and his delicate and cared for face finally carried the innocent and simple appearance mentioned in the documents.

Zhai Zhi leaned over slightly, and stretched out his hand to caress the corner of his eye, his cold voice carried a little helplessness: "I'm in too deep..."

Xie Chenyang twitched his nose, grabbed his hand and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Ah——what the fuck!"

Zhai Zhi withdrew his hand, looking at the tooth marks on it, his expression was gloomy: "You should just go torture Cen He!"

"A crane?" Xie Chenyang smacked his lips. "What crane? Did I eat a crane?"

Zhai Zhi: "..."

He got up and walked to the window, opened the latch and let the cold wind calm him down.

He took a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it in his mouth. The cool night breeze calmed his messy heart.

After smoking a cigarette, he went to the bathroom to wet a towel and wiped Xie Chenyang briefly, helping him change into comfortable pajamas with some difficulty.

By the time he’d finished his own bath, he was so tired that he collapsed on the bed and didn't want to move.

Drowsy, Zhai Zhi was suddenly kicked under the blanket.

Zhai Zhi: "!"

Feeling pain in his lower back, he moved over and turned on the bedside lamp. Then he took off his clothes and took out his phone to take a photo of his lower back.

There was a large bruise.

Zhai Zhi: "..."

Should he call...a doctor?

Xie Chenyang was still stretching his legs, like he was play-acting. His eyes were closed and he called out: "Continue, come on, fight!"

Zhai Zhi lifted his hand and covered his eyes: "I’m just...sooner or later, I’m going to die in the hands of this little idiot."

When Xie Chenyang finally calmed down and stopped ‘fighting’, Zhai Zhi took out his phone and made a call.

Zou Hao: "Mr.Zhai?"

Zhai Zhi: "Deduct your salary for half a year." What information was that, it was completely inconsistent!

Zou Hao: "???"

Zhai Zhi hung up the phone upset and wanted to just go to the next room to sleep, but when he caught sight of Xie Chenyang's sleeping posture, he was reluctant.


He sat on the bed, lowered his head and bit Xie Chenyang’s lip, hard.

If I’m in pain, let’s hurt together!

Xie Chenyang opened his eyes abruptly and gripped Zhai Zhi's arm with one hand, almost crushing his bones.

Zhai Zhi thought to himself, if I let go now, I’ll have lost.

He had already suffered so many injuries, he just wanted to bite this little idiot on the mouth, he won't stop!

A teardrop fell on Xie Chenyang's face.

Xie Chenyang was stunned, suppressing the subconscious reaction to twist his arm, and let go.


The next day.

Xie Chenyang woke up, his brows knitted at the tingling sensation in his mouth.


As soon as he sat up, he saw Zhai Zhi lying next to him, his brow tense and his already pale complexion seemed a bit paler, he didn't look good.

Xie Chenyang quickly put a palm to his face: "Zhai Zhi, wake up, what's the matter? Have a nightmare? Sick?"

Zhai Zhi: "..."

His face was cold: "Did you just forget what happened when you were sleeping, or will you beat me again now you’re awake?"

Xie Chenyang: "Huh?"

Zhai Zhi lifted the quilt, revealing his bruised arm: "Don't admit it?"

Xie Chenyang looked confused:【System, System...】

System: "That was you."

Xie Chenyang:【I don’t remember...】

System: "I reminded you that this body has never drunk alcohol, then you drank like crazy? Zhai Zhi was almost killed by you."

Xie Chenyang: "..."

Seeing his silence, Zhai Zhi turned around slightly, revealing the bruise of his back after being kicked: "This too, don't admit it?"

Xie Chenyang: "!"

"Then what," Xie Chenyang quickly got up, "Although I didn’t pull my punches, isn’t it normal for brothers to fight with each other. Wasn't the injury on my mouth caused by you?"

Zhai Zhi looked at him airily: "I took a few bites, but you kicked me and almost destroyed my arm. You really call this play fighting?"

Xie Chenyang said with a guilty conscience: "Then, I won't beat you next time?"

"You want to go again?"


Zhai Zhi covered himself with the quilt and covered his eyes with one hand, not wanting to look at him anymore.

Xie Chenyang: "Are you still sleeping? Not getting up?"

Zhai Zhiliang said: "Do you think I can still get up?"

"I’ll hold you?"

"...I have a backache."

Xie Chenyang frowned, opened the quilt, turned him over, and checked the injury on his back.

Zhai Zhi took a breath: "Be gentle."

Xie Chenyang patted his hip: "Don't move, let me see."

Zhai Zhi stiffened, and said in shame, "Li Xuyang!"

Xie Chenyang didn't care, he fumbled around for a moment then heaved a sigh of relief: "It didn't damage your bones, just wait until the swelling subsides."

Zhai Zhi trembled slightly with anger and buried his face in the pillow, not wanting to talk.

Zhai Zhi had a very good upbringing, he looked cold but he had a tough personality.

But as soon as Xie Chenyang was in front of him, everything collapsed.

The system couldn’t stand it anymore: "I’ll give you a bottle of medicine, wipe it on him, and it’ll take ten minutes.”

Xie Chenyang:【You can do that? Thank you! Will it work on my mouth? 】

System: "No."

It really sympathized with Zhai Zhi and exchanged his merit for a bottle of medicine.

Encountering this host, Zhai Zhi really has eight lifetime's worth of bad luck.

A small porcelain bottle suddenly appeared in Xie Chenyang's hand.

System: "Apply the medicine to the wound, massage the swelling area, then wipe it away, otherwise it won’t be effective."

Xie Chenyang:【Understood. 】

He opened the porcelain bottle and poured some on Zhai Zhi's waist.

Zhai Zhi felt a chill along his bruised lower back, and wanted to turn his head back: "What are you doing?"

Xie Chenyang put the porcelain bottle aside, and pressed his back with one hand to prevent him from turning around, then put his other hand on the swollen part of his back, gently rubbing: "Don't move, I’m applying medicine."

Zhai Zhi: "..." Where did the medicine come from?

The cool medicine made him more comfortable, and as Xie Chenyang increased his pressure, he grabbed the pillow with both hands and reluctantly said: "Do it lighter."

"It doesn't work if it's light, you can bear it."


Cold sweat appeared on Zhai Zhi's forehead.

Has he no idea how strong he is?

Xie Chenyang heard an occasionally overflowing muffled sound, his palms felt warm, it was a little strange.


System: "Yes."

Xie Chenyang:【Don't you think, his voice sounds weird? 】

System: "?"

Xie Chenyang:【It makes me feel uncomfortable, I want to cover his mouth. 】

System: "You do you."

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