10 - This tragic but precious son (10)
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10 - This tragic but precious son (10)

Zhai Zhi didn't panic when he was caught, and said lightly, "Seeing if it can be used."

Xie Chenyang said irritably: "Even if you use radical methods, I won't do anything to you before getting married!"

Zhai Zhi: "..."

Xie Chenyang stretched out his hand to pull him into his arms, and said forcefully: "Sleep."

Zhai Zhi said softly, "Bring your ID card tomorrow and we can officially put the shares in your name."

The share distribution discussed at the company was, after all, only verbal, and just to ensure the company’s management staff would be aware of his identity.

"I’ll resolve Cen He first."

"Okay," Zhai Zhi paused, "can you let go of my hand?"

Although Xie Chenyang had held down his hand, he didn’t remove it, so Zhai Zhi could clearly feel it move.

Xie Chenyang let go of his hand and the itching in his heart became even worse. He pulled away quickly: "I'll take a shower."

Zhai Zhi held him by his hand: "You don't have to wait until marriage."

Xie Chenyang said grimly: "Do you know what you’re saying?"

These words were like thunder to Zhai Zhi.

His impression of Xie Chenyang was, he’d never had such an experience and wasn’t enthusiastic about it. Even if a physiological reaction occurred, it would quickly pass.

But Zhai Zhi just touched it and he couldn’t hold it down.

Zhai Zhi rolled over and pressed him back, lowered his head and kissed his lips: "I know."

Xie Chenyang's eyes flashed with sparks, and his hands clasped his waist.

System: "I advise you not to."

Xie Chenyang: "?"

System: "You have no experience, you’ll hurt him."

And if really he has been holding back for tens of thousands of years, then...I’m afraid it will be a bit tragic.

Xie Chenyang obeyed the system's suggestion, exchanged a kiss with Zhai Zhi, and held him in his arms: "Wait a bit, let me deal with Cen He first."

Zhai Zhi: "..."

He struggled in his arms, but Xie Chenyang's strength was too great and he couldn't break away, his voice became a little cold: "Aren't you not interested in me?"

Xie Chenyang's voice was angry: "Whether or not I’m interested, can't you feel it!"

【This is silly, he’s the first person to make me…...I don't want to hurt him, I don't know how to be sensible, ah. 】

System: "... Then tell him, what's the use of telling me?"

【No, he would be overwhelmed if I said that. Maybe he’d even haunt me for the rest of my days, ugh, I didn’t expect him to look so cold but actually be so lascivious.】

System: "..." I understand, you won’t do it, you’re just trying to stimulate me.

I’ll withdraw.

"Then why are you hesitating?"

Zhai Zhi leaned in and kissed his Adam's apple softly.

Xie Chenyang subconsciously raised his head slightly, and lied: "I enjoy the sense of ritual, waiting for the wedding night in the bridal chamber..."

Zhai Zhi sneered in his heart.

A sense of ritual?

Then why didn't you and Cen He do it?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt wronged.

Even if Cen He was defective, was Li Xuyang also no good? They had been together for years, was it just pure spiritual love?

This...what is his problem?

Is he a quick shot or something.

"If you don’t want it, we won’t do anything, but I can still help you release, don't you feel uncomfortable?"

Hearing his usually indifferent voice filled with temptation, Xie Chenyang didn’t hesitate: "Okay."

Just don't hurt him.


After half an hour.

Zhai Zhi got up from the bed blankly, went to the bathroom to rinse his mouth, and washed his face while he was at it.

Xie Chenyang followed him into the bathroom.

Zhai Zhi thought he would comfort him and looked up to watch his figure approach in  the mirror. However, contrary to expectations, Xie Chenyang walked around him, stood under the shower and washed himself down.

Zhai Zhi: "..."

He walked out of the bathroom, walked to the bed, picked up a cigarette from the cabinet, and lit up. Then he called Zou Hao.

Zou Hao: "Mr.Zhai?" Why do you always call at night, alas.

"Double-check Li Xuyang's information, and be more detailed this time."

"The last investigation..."

"Investigate again, take care of it personally."

"Yes, Mr. Zhai."

"Remember, I want you to personally oversee the investigation to ensure the authenticity of the information."

"I will," Zou Hao hesitated, "Mr.Zhai, have you caught a cold? Your voice is hoarse."

"Hm, get to it, I’m hanging up."

Zhai Zhi hung up.

Xie Chenyang came out of the shower, wrapped in a bath towel. He pulled the remaining half of the cigarette from his hand, displeased: "Don't smoke now."

Aren’t you afraid of hurting your throat.

Zhai Zhi: "Okay."

Xie Chenyang frowned as he extinguished the cigarette:【System, let's get a throat moisturizer.】

System: "Nothing is free. Since you haven’t completed a world, the points mall hasn’t been unlocked, but I can open it for you in advance."

Xie Chenyang:【Such a nice system.】

System: "You don't have any points yet, you can use credit. The interest is one point per annum."

Xie Chenyang: "..."

"Isn’t his throat just a little uncomfortable? Just take a nap," the system laughed, "You aren’t even thirty at the moment, and you’ll live a while longer. You earn one point a year, so you’ll earn a few dozen. Then there are one hundred points for completing a world. Are you sure you want to buy a throat lozenge on credit?"

Xie Chenyang turned his head to see Zhai Zhi who was already lying on the bed, and didn’t hesitate:【Buy! Put it under my pillow, thank you.】

System: "You don't want to ask the price?"

【Hurry up.】

System: "Bought it."

Xie Chenyang lowered his body, took out a tiny round bottle from under the pillow and opened it under Zhai Zhi's puzzled gaze. He pressed it to his lips: "Drink."

"What is it?"

Zhai Zhi was a little confused, how much stuff did this man hide under his pillow?

Xie Chen raised his eyebrows: "Poison, will you drink it?"

Zhai Zhi sat up slightly and drank the whole bottle.

It was sweet and cool.

After drinking it, his dry throat was immediately soothed.

Zhai Zhi raised his eyes: "Anything else?"

Xie Chenyang threw the bottle into the trash can: "All gone."

He lay beside him on the bed, reaching out he pulled him into his arms: "Don't be greedy, that bottle should be enough, go to sleep."


After Xie Chenyang fell asleep, Zhai Zhi quietly got out of bed, took out the small round bottle from the trash can, and put it together with the porcelain wound ointment bottle from before.

As he watched Xie Chenyang's sleeping face, he smoked another cigarette before falling asleep, tired.

The next day.

Xie Chenyang and Zhai Zhi went to the company after breakfast.

Xie Chenyang looked down at the binder of artists in his hand, checking them one by one, and said to Zou Hao who was following him: "I’ve checked the ones that are promising, the circled ones, have average talent, think of a way to pass them off to Feiyang Entertainment. "

Zou Hao took the binder: "Okay, President Li."

Xie Chenyang: "Collect the information of the current artists at Feiyang Entertainment for me."

Zou Hao: "Okay, President Li."

"Where is Ah Zhi?"

"Okay, Pres..." Zou Hao paused and coughed slightly, "Mr.Zhai will return soon. He had an appointment with a friend and will be back soon."

"Okay, you can head off."

"Okay, President Li."

After Zou Hao left, Xie Chenyang leaned back on his chair and closed his eyes:【System, how is Cen He's current situation? 】

System: "His exposed lover was dumped by her foreign boyfriend. Now she’s having a fight with Cen He over the child. She wants to take this opportunity to become Cen He's real wife."


"Feiyang has been affected by public opinion, and shareholders are dissatisfied but he is still the majority shareholder. Even if they are dissatisfied, they cannot shake his position in the company at the moment, but many artists have taken this opportunity to leave."

Xie Chenyang grinned:【That garbage.】

The system wondered: "Host, what do you want to do?"

Xie Chenyang:【Develop Zhiyang into a leader in the entertainment industry, and then completely suppress Feiyang.】

System: "...That's Li's company."

Xie Chenyang:【Then, I’ll get Feiyang back and merge it with Zhiyang.】

System: "Oh."


A jade identification center.

Zhai Zhi looked patiently at the results of the tests on the small round bottle.

For a long time.

A middle-aged man with glasses stepped forward: "Mr.Zhai, I’ve kept you waiting."

Zhai Zhi: "What's the result?"

"There is no result."

"What do you mean?"

"The two bottles are of different materials, but they are not the same as any materials known on the market," the middle-aged man solemnly said. “Where did Mr. Zhai get them?"

Zhai Zhigang's hand on the armrest tightened slightly: "They’re not jade?"

"It looks like jade, but it’s not. The hardness doesn’t match at all. Does Mr.Zhai mind if we damage the items to demonstrate?"

"……I don’t mind."

Zhai Zhi watched them take a hammer to the small round bottle and slam it down.

It remained unblemished.

The middle-aged man's eyes warmed: "Mr. Zhai, did you see it? Our staff used all their strength, but the bottle is intact and there isn’t even a scratch."

Zhai Zhi: "..."

"Mr.Zhai, may I ask..."

Zhai Zhi stepped forward and put the small round bottle back into his pocket, and said lightly: "I got this bottle by chance. I believe in your company's confidentiality system. In your line of business, if you don't have credibility, then..."

Before he finished speaking, the middle-aged man understood what he meant.

But he was still a little bit reluctant: "Mr.Zhai, you really won’t sell it to us? We’re happy to negotiate the price..."

Zhai Zhi looked at him coldly.

The middle-aged man immediately regretted his actions: "I understand, Mr. Zhai, if..."

"There’s no if."

After Zhai Zhi finished speaking, he turned and left.

He didn't go back to the company, but went home first. After trying various methods, he couldn't destroy the small round bottle.

He sat on the sofa with a contemplative gaze and took a deep breath from his cigarette.

After smoking a few cigarettes, he took the car keys and went out to an official antiquities appraisal center.

"I found this at a stall before returning to China. It looked like our country’s craftsmanship, so I bought it. I thought it was just an ordinary jade bottle, but I accidentally dropped it on the ground last night and found that not only did it not break, there were no flaws at all. I was a little surprised," Zhai Zhi said, "I just went to a jade identification center to identify it and they couldn't come to a conclusion. I thought it might be an antique, so I came here.”

The staff had a look at it and found that ordinary external forces could not damage it.

Half an hour later, an old man came out: "Mr.Zhai, do you really want to give this bottle to us?"

Zhai Zhi said lightly: "It's just a bottle."

"It is just a bottle to you, but it may be a new material for exploration for us," the old man said kindly. "Mr. Zhai, we are very grateful for your contribution. May I take the liberty to ask, can you tell us the specific location where you found it?"

Zhai Zhi casually named a place: "There are often many people selling small things from different countries there. The one who sold it to me was an old foreign man. I was passing by and thought it was pretty and looked like our country’s craftsmanship. So, I bought it.”

He said goodbye after they spoke.

The old man didn't hold back and watched him leave.

"Lao Qin, do you think he is telling the truth?"

The old man retracted his gaze and looked at the person next to him: "Regardless of whether he spoke the truth or not, he gave us the bottle."

"Maybe it was bought by accident...do you think it's really an antique?"

"There is a pattern on the bottom of the bottle. Check the pattern first."

"Very well."


It was already noon by the time Zhai Zhi returned to the company.

Xie Chenyang sat on a chair in the office. When he saw him, the impatience in his eyes was undisguised: "You disappeared after you arrived at the company with me, Zhai Zhi, I’m not going to intervene in your date with a friend. But if you don't even say hello, aren’t you kind of neglecting me?"

He’d waited for him all morning at the company.

The key point was that Zhai Zhi came to the company with him that morning, but he had to hear about his whereabouts from Zou Hao's mouth.

System: "I could’ve checked..."

Xie Chenyang:【Don’t check on him! Don't watch him! 】

The system hummed: "Don't worry, if you don't take the initiative to mention it, I wouldn’t bother to do it either."

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