11 - This tragic but precious son (11)
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11 - This tragic but precious son (11)

Zhai Zhi walked slowly to Xie Chenyang.

According to his investigation, he should be a delicate and simple noble son.

After getting to know him, he was very strong, carefree, and occasionally irritable, although most of the time he was depressed.

He didn't hide anything in front of him.

From a scientific angle, he might have a split personality, or maybe the delicacy and simplicity of the past were a facade he made.

But if he considered things that were unscientific...

Xie Chenyang looked at the silent person standing in front of him, and demanded: "You, speak!"

Zhai Zhi hugged him and said softly, "I'm sorry, I’ll tell you where I’m going next time, or take you with me."

Xie Chenyang was immediately deflated: "..."

With that said, why did he feel like he was kicking up a fuss out of nowhere?

He explained: "I'm not angry, it's just that our relationship is different now, and you didn't say a word..."



Xie Chenyang gently pushed him away and stood up: "Don't do it next time."

Zhai Zhi: "Okay."

Xie Chenyang licked his lips: "I'm hungry."

The corners of Zhai Zhi's lips raised slightly: "Let me take you to dinner."


There was a restaurant downstairs.

Because Xie Chenyang still had a wound on his mouth, he didn’t want to eat anything spicy.

The system waited quietly for him to eat before saying: "Look online, Cen He accepted an interview."

Xie Chenyang:【Don’t panic, when Ah Zhi finishes eating, I’ll return to the company.】

System: "Okay, I’ll remind you then."

For the mission target, Xie Chenyang didn’t need to instruct the system, it would regularly observe his movements.

When they returned to the office, Xie Chenyang took out his mobile phone and went online, clicking on the video of Cen He's interview.

Faced with the aggression from the reporters, Cen He showed a forbearing expression: "I’m not sorry for Ah Yang, there are others around him now."


Zhai Zhi's voice condensed: "He is suggesting that you cheated first and wants to turn the press on you."

Xie Chenyang: "He’s looking for death."

Soon, a person called the Second Young Master of the Xu Family posted a video with the keywords, @CenHe and @LiXuyang's Weibo, and the Weibo of the entertainment big V.

With the text:

Unfortunately, I live opposite Li Xuyang's home. It rained a lot one day and I was planning to shoot a small video to complain about the stormy night. I didn't expect to capture this scene. Recently, I saw a lot of news on the Internet and couldn't help but post the video.

In the video, a male voice first sighed that the wind and rain were really heavy. Then he saw the door of the house opposite, and the scene of Xie Chenyang being pushed outside.

The male voice said: "Wow. Isn't this Young Master Li, did he quarrel with his husband?"

The video followed Xie Chenyang to where he shrank under the eaves of the neighbour to try to hide from the rain, and then was sent home by Zhai Zhi with an umbrella.

The second young master of the Xu family commented and added: As I said, that was the villa of the Li family, right? At least it was when I moved in eight years ago, the Li family owned that house. At that time, Cen He didn't know Li Xuyang, right? Cen He was now able to drive Li Xuyang out of his own house on such a stormy night. Seriously, I don't believe in this ‘whitewashing’ of his.

System: "I sent the video to Xu Ershao, and the dubbing was done by him and I edited it together. No one can trace it."

Xie Chenyang:【I’m lucky to have met you.】

System: "My hosts always give me good reviews."

Xie Chenyang:【I’ll give one too.】

The system smiled with satisfaction.

Li Xuyang's account was previously certified as a shareholder of Feiyang Entertainment, and the status still remained.

Xie Chenyang took a selfie with Zhai Zhi in the office and posted it on Weibo: @CenHe Is the other person you are referring to the neighbour I knew when I was a teenager? Garbage, don't talk nonsense, he is not the other man.

【This is the first time the Young Master has spoken after the incident, right? 】

【Cen He really has the heart of a villain, and everyone else is clearly gullible! 】

【To be honest, Cen He sucked the blood of the Li family, how shameless to kick the young master out now.】

【Are you blind? I think what Cen He said is also possible. Look at Li Xuyang’s mouth injury, he was obviously bitten by someone.】

【The neighbor of the young master must be rich too, right? Does anyone know?】

【That’s right, Cen He is a dirty thing. I hate cheating. If you don’t, leave. You can’t eat what’s in the bowl while looking at what’s in the pot.】

【Cen He is really a nightmare EX, and the women of good men don’t stray.】

【The young master was tricked into getting married, right? Cen He cheated on a woman... Doesn't he like men at all? Just want to cheat the young master of his money?】


The impact of the video of Xie Chenyang being kicked out of the house on a stormy night, coupled with Xie Chenyang's response, had caused the public relations operation that Cen He had just started to collapse again.

Under Xie Chenyang's orders, the system manipulated hundreds of virtual accounts and led the public opinion towards:  Li Xuyang was deceived into marriage, Cen He occupied the magpie's nest, took advantage of friends but wouldn’t take a wife, etc.

They strove to make Cen He blackened to the end.

That night.

Xie Chenyang was already asleep, Zhai Zhi was sitting in the study, holding a cigarette loosely in one hand and scrolling through the information sent by Zou Hao with the other.

The information wasn’t much different from before, but Zou Hao still racked his brains to dig out more details.

Zhai Zhi leaned back on the chair, wearing headphones, a video was playing on the computer.

It was a video taken by Li Xuyang in college.

The video was adjusted, and a sunny and handsome boy smiled at the camera: "Thank you everyone for coming to my birthday party, Xuyang, you said that you’ll write a song for me on my birthday, I want to record it. "

Li Xuyang was wearing a beige shirt, and even just sitting there showed his noble aura.

Those innocent eyes with a small smile made him seem like a young master who knew nothing of human suffering: "Okay, I’ll compose a song for you. Happy birthday to you."

Li Xuyang's voice wasn’t fast or slow, he kept an even tone and sounded very good.

Zhai Zhi watched Li Xuyang in the video indifferently as he walked to the piano and sat down, playing a cheerful song. His lips tightened, knocking the ashes from his cigarette from time to time.

He looked nothing like the man he liked.

After watching the video, he took off his headset and turned off the computer.

It wasn’t him.

Zhai Zhi returned to the room and was pulled into Xie Chenyang’s arms as soon as he got to the bed, with a hoarse voice like he’d just woke up: "Where did you go?"

Zhai Zhi pushed him away, lifted the quilt and climbed in: "Went out to smoke a cigarette."

Xie Chenyang lowered his head and brushed his lips, a faint smell of tobacco lingered, he kissed him, and no longer felt sleepy. He stroked his lips: "I changed my mind."

Zhai Zhi: "Huh?"

Xie Chenyang sat up slightly: "I want to marry you quickly, so we can enjoy the bridal room."

Feeling pressured, Zhai Zhi breathed tightly: "Then you have to divorce Cen He first."

"Okay," Xie Chenyang moved his hand to his waist and looped it around him, "go to sleep."

Zhai Zhi closed his eyes.

Xie Chenyang opened his eyes to confirm that he was asleep.

He walked gently to the wardrobe and said while changing his clothes:【System, are you asleep? 】

System: "...not sleeping."

Xie Chenyang:【Do you know where Cen He's divorce papers are? 】

System: "I do."

Xie Chenyang:【Let’s go next door, I don't want to take it slowly, I have a quick fix.】

System: "You want to destroy the divorce agreement directly?"


System:【You... don't you want to go to the bathroom first?】

【No, it will be fine in a while.】

System: "..." Okay.

Xie Chenyang changed his clothes, glanced at Zhai Zhi on the bed, and went out silently.

He went into the next room and sneered:【This house is still under my name, right? I'm not trespassing, am I?】

System: "It shouldn’t count."

Xie Chenyang climbed the window into the bathroom, walked to the bed and pulled the quilt over Cen He's face, covering his head, then beating him and knocking him out.

After the system saw him check to confirm that Cen He wasn’t seriously injured, he said: "The agreement is in the safe. Excluding the company's equity which is a foregone conclusion. If the divorce agreement is destroyed, it doesn't count."

Cen He's divorce agreement was only designed as a backup plan.

According to his understanding of Li Xuyang, he should’ve easily broken him and sent him to a nursing home. Then the divorce would be unnecessary as all the property could be used by Cen He as his partner.

The agreement was just padding.

The next morning, Xie Chenyang and Zhai Zhi were still eating breakfast, when the doorbell was rung.

Xie Chenyang ridiculed Cen He’s bruised nose unceremoniously: "Did you have too many mistresses and get beaten? Hahaha, that’s what you get."

Cen He said angrily: "Was it you? Li Xuyang, I didn't expect you to become so vulgar, you..."

"Don't talk nonsense," Xie Chenyang raised his eyebrows, "Or I’ll sue you for defamation. I was with Ah Zhi last night. Do you have any evidence? Or do you just want to pin the blame on me?"

Cen He's eyes glowered.

If there was evidence, would he even be here? He’d have called the police directly!

"You took those agreements, right? Besides you, who else would..."

"What agreement?"

"Don't pretend to be stupid, I..."

"Enough, I don't want to talk nonsense with you," Xie Chenyang said impatiently, "I’ll lend you my house for a few more days. Wait for the court summons. Find a good lawyer. Regarding your affair and the illegitimate child, you can figure out how to turn things around."

"Ah Yang, you can't..."

"Go away."

Xie Chenyang kicked him, took Zhai Zhi's hand and walked away.

Zhai Zhi looked back at Cen He, who had risen from the ground, his face covered with bruises and his eyes dark. He couldn't see any of the gentleness and determination from Zou Hao's research.

So, was this also a different person, or was it all a disguise before?

Did they both lie to each other?

The delicate son was actually irritable and reckless.

And the persevering underdog was actually vicious and sinister.

Zhai Zhi: "..." I’m lost.

In this world, if a partner cheats after marriage, he can be divorced immediately after the lawsuit is filed, and the total equity after marriage is 37%.

The court pronounced the verdict, and although Cen He wasn’t satisfied he could only follow the verdict.

In order to prevent Feiyang from falling into Xie Chenyang's hands, Cen He had to reach an agreement with him in court. Feiyang shares belonged to him and the rest of the property belonged to Xie Chenyang.

As soon as the divorce certificate was obtained, Xie Chenyang and Zhai Zhi went out and got their marriage certificate.

Zhai Zhi held the marriage certificate, his voice was a little brisk: "Then should we go to the company now?"

"No, go home," Xie Chenyang put him in the passenger seat and drove quickly, "bridal room."

Zhai Zhi: "..."

He tilted his head slightly, looked at Xie Chenyang's slightly eager face, and raised his head: "Don't be so anxious, okay?"

Xie Chenyang just looked ahead: "I dreamed of you last night."

Zhai Zhi: "?"

Xie Chenyang: "I want you today."

Zhai Zhi's complexion changed slightly, what kind of love story was this?

Xie Chenyang: "Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep." I’ll be constantly thinking about it.

Zhai Zhi: "..."

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