12 - This tragic but precious son (end)
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12 - This tragic but precious son (end)

Zhai Zhi thought that Xie Chenyang would hurry him back to their room.

Who could predict he’d go straight to the kitchen.


"You take a break," Xie Chenyang pushed him out of the kitchen, "I'll cook a meal, when I’m full I’ll have the energy..."

Zhai Zhi smiled: "Okay."

In the kitchen.

Xie Chenyang immersed himself in cutting vegetables and said:【System, find me an educational video. 】

System: "?"

【I have no experience, let’s go. 】

The system couldn't help asking: "How do you know I have any?"

Xie Chenyang grinned:【My system is so talented, isn't it a trivial matter to find a movie? 】

"Heh," the system said happily, "I certainly can."

And so, Xie Chenyang was learning in his head while cooking.

Seeing that forty minutes had passed, and he still hadn’t left the kitchen, Zhai Zhi walked in: "You’re just cooking a meal..." Why is it taking so long?

He looked at what was nearly ten dishes sitting on the counter, dumbstruck.

"Why did you cook so many dishes?"

Xie Chenyang put the last dish on its plate, turned around and looked at him: "Ah, so we can have a feast."

"Why are your eyes red..."

Zhai Zhi lowered his gaze and saw the bulge in his pants, his lips twitched, "You..."

Xie Chenyang calmly picked up one of the dishes: "Help me bring the food out so we can eat."

Zhai Zhi looked at the row of dishes on the counter, he had a bad premonition.

This hunch deepened after the meal.

He pondered for a moment, and said, "The company has just been acquired and there’s still a lot to take care of. Why don't I go to the company to deal with it first, and then return tonight?"

Xie Chenyang pondered for a while: "Okay, let's go to the company and digest."

Zhai Zhi: "..." You’re agreeing so easily?

They walked around the company while Zou Hao handled things in an orderly manner.

In the chairman’s office.

"Feiyang went to Cen He, are you okay with that?"

Zhai Zhi knew from the investigation, Li Xuyang's brother was Li Xufei, and Feiyang Entertainment was obviously named after him.

"I’m just leaving him with an asset, it's fine," Xie Chenyang closed the document in his hand, "My dad and my brother left a lot of RVs and deposits, as well as some share dividends they invested. Cen He now only has Feiyang shares, no RV, no deposits, if next he wants to run the company and live well, he must borrow money."

Zhai Zhi: "..."

"Although the value of Feiyang shares has fallen a lot recently. In the end, if you go by market value, Feiyang still accounts for 40% of the property market. I’ve lost out, but otherwise he may stir up trouble and although it’s not very effective, this will buy some time."

"Very well."

Cen He posted an apology on Weibo. This time he didn’t try to wash himself clean, but instead made a play of the returning prodigal son, saying that his love for Li Xuyang was real before, and the mistakes were also real. Now the two have divorced and he hopes Li Xuyang will be well in the future.

In the end, he also said that his personal relationships have nothing to do with the company. He’ll manage Feiyang and Feiyang’s talented artists.

Feiyang's artists also forwarded the message.

Xie Chenyang only glanced at it briefly and didn't pay it much attention.

He took Zhai Zhi's hand: "Look, the company actually has nothing for us to do personally. It's getting late, shall we go home?"

You’ve recovered from lunch, right?

Seeing as he didn’t seem affected, Zhai Zhi nodded, "Let's go."

Xie Chenyang drove them back.

He drove smoothly and steadily, not as eagerly as he was before when they were coming out of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

While Zhai Zhi breathed a sigh of relief, there was also a touch of loss.

But when he got home, he realized that he was wrong.

As soon as he got out of the car, Xie Chenyang lifted him into his arms and strode into the house.

Zhai Zhi grabbed his shoulders and said speechlessly, "I can walk by myself."

"I know."


Xie Chenyang lowered his head: "Do you want me to put you down?"

Zhai Zhi: "Let me go."

Xie Chenyang: "I won’t let you go."

Zhai Zhi: "..."

Xie Chenyang kicked open the bathroom door, then put him down, and asked while undressing him: "Ah Zhi, we have only known each other for a short time, are you ready to fall in love with me?"

Zhai Zhi lowered his eyes and his eyebrows rose: "Why are you speaking in such an archaic manner?"

Moreover, when asking such things, should he really be undressing someone?

Xie Chenyang paused: "It was probably just some ancient dramas I watched some time ago, I lost track of my words."

"And if I'm not ready..."

"Then don't be ready, you’ll fall in love with me anyway."


Xie Chenyang turned on the shower and kissed his lips: "Because, you provoked me first."


Censoring its vision, the system went silent and he went and asked the manager: 【Sir, can I ask, what is my host’s age? 】

Manager:【You need it for something? 】

System:【I am curious. 】

Team Leader:【18,721 years old. 】

System:【Okay.】He’s really...a ten-thousand year old virgin.

The system decided this battle was unlikely to stop any time soon. Especially considering the host had bought some useful things on credit after watching the educational films.

So it returned to its own space, looking out across the endless sea.


Later that night.

Zhai Zhi leaned against the soft pillow, decompressing, and heard Xie Chenyang's voice: "Open your mouth."

He opened his mouth as he was told, and a spoonful of warm porridge entered his mouth.

When the porridge was finished, Xie Chenyang put the bowl on the cabinet next to him and stroked the tears from the corners of his eyes with his fingers: "You just ate, why are you crying?"

Zhai Zhi recovered, with a faint trembling in his hoarse voice: "I want a divorce."


Xie Chenyang frowned, puzzled, "We’ve only been married one day, am I not good to you?"

Zhai Zhi’s lips were slightly swollen, his face was slightly flushed, and his eyes were red. The coldness in his eyebrows had turned to pain: "When did we get back?"

"Three in the afternoon."

"What time is it now?"

"One AM."


Xie Chenyang grabbed his hand with a fierce look in his eyes: "You just got me and now you want to throw me away?"

Zhai Zhi closed his eyes and said tiredly: "If we don't get a divorce, I'm afraid I will die in your hands."


Xie Chenyang laughed, "How could I kill you, stop joking, cheeky."

Zhai Zhi's eyelids twitched, who is joking!

"I'm older than you, and I don't have as much energy as you. Like tonight, if I come a few times, I'm gone."

He’d almost fainted several times but was dragged back abruptly by him.

Xie Chenyang: "..."

He reacted and said awkwardly: "Why didn’t you tell me not to continue?"


Zhai Zhi opened his eyes and looked at him coldly, "I said no, why didn't you listen? I begged you more than a dozen times! Cried and begged!"

"This..." in the educational films, aren’t they just being coy.

Zhai Zhi shifted his body and lay down on his side, closing his eyes and ignoring him.

Xie Chenyang hesitated to speak, but changed his mind and took the bowl out.


He called several times before the system responded: "Huh? It's over?"

【Well, Zhai Zhi he...】

Xie Chenyang told it what had just happened, and said sadly:【Is he angry?】

The system was shocked and said: "From the afternoon until now?"

【No, I stopped to cook for him for dinner, and he also rested for an hour or two. 】

System: "Even so, who can handle that? Host, you have to be careful, even if you’ve lived for thousands of years, and you are a little excited about your first time. You still have to understand, you’re both only □□ mortal."

Misguided fool.

It thought it would be six or seven times at most, but it didn't expect... Isn't he only possessing a mortal’s body? Can it handle it?

Xie Chenyang said irritably:【The educational films you gave me, didn’t they go all day and night? Besides, from what I can tell, one day is nothing.】

System: "...if the host was in a cultivation world, where dual-cultivation can take over ten months, or maybe an ABO world, but in this kind of thing, if you don't take a break, you’ll dry up."

【Got it. Gee, fake educational films are really misleading.】



Xie Chenyang returned to the room and felt Zhai Zhi’s body tremble as he drew him into his arms. He swallowed his grievances and said: "Ah Zhi, it was my fault, don't divorce me, I won’t do this again, okay?"

Zhai Zhi ignored him.

The system sighed: "If you hadn’t bought the medicine from me, he’d probably be traumatised now...ah."

How miserable, Mr. Zhai.

System: "Host, is your waist sore?"

Xie Chenyang: 【It’s bearable.】

System: "You’re terrifying."


After watching him fell asleep with Zhai Zhi in his arms, the system poked the manager again:【My host’s physical strength isn’t conforming to the original body, his strength is too great.】

Manager:【This isn’t the first time you’ve taken on a host, the system is old. We can completely seal off the spiritual power if the cultivation level is too high, but the body of his soul is too strong so it’s affecting the body he possesses. It’s nothing unusual. 】

System:【Maybe my previous hosts all had low cultivation bases. His is so high, why is he here?】

Manager:【Don’t ask, just do the tasks, don’t bother me if nothing is wrong.】


"Ah Zhi..."

Zhai Zhi finally opened his mouth and said hoarsely: "Next time I say no, I really mean it."


"I'm tired."

"Go to sleep."

After that, Xie Chenyang was really obedient, and did exactly as Zhai Zhi said, and the lives of the two husbands became harmonious.

With the original plot and his system, Xie Chenyang knew who would be popular and who was truly talented, so he pulled them into Zhiyang. Then any artists who had defects, character problems, etc. he found a way to send them to Feiyang.

In order to maintain the operation and life of the company, Cen He borrowed a lot of money.

However, there were frequent accidents, the artists broke away one by one, and the company's investment and self-made dramas became tanked one after another, causing him to be overwhelmed.

Some shareholders realised the situation and sold their shares hastily. Xie Chenyang, who was watching closely, bought them up under Zhai Zhi's name.

On their side, Zhiyang developed smoothly and its artists became popular one after another.

Cen He's debts were still unpaid, and the company was losing money bit by bit. He had to sell the shares in his hands.

When Xie Chenyang and Zhai Zhi came to the shareholders' meeting with the majority share, Cen He knew he had lost.

He tried to evoke the past, evoke the love that Li Xuyang once had for him.

The Xie Chenyang that approached him looked the same, but there was no love left for him, only indifference: "Are you worthy?"

"Look at the person standing next to me, then look at you, answer me, are you worthy?"


Cen He felt a chill in his heart: "Ah Yang, we..."

"Who is this we?" Xie Chenyang mocked, "Are you not still indebted to us? Can't you pay it off? What's the use of holding a few shares in your hand? If you sell them all to me now, then you can still leave with some skin on your back, otherwise, you’ll go broke."

"This is Li's company..."

"So what? I have Zhiyang, haven’t you been watching its development? Feiyang is ruined, even if it went bankrupt, I wouldn't care."


There were only three people in the shareholder meeting.

Cen He looked pitiful.

Xie Chenyang put a hand in his pocket: "Do you repent? My parents and my eldest brother weren’t killed by you directly, but you know, you let it happen, and even push it along from the shadows. Do you regret it?"

Cen He didn't expect that he already knew everything.

He looked up: "I didn't do anything."

Maybe he said some things inadvertently, but at the surface level, those words didn’t amount to anything substantial and his actions were within reason.

Xie Chenyang was too lazy to act the play with him: "Are you selling the shares? I can just wait for Feiyang to go bankrupt if you don't."

Cen He's expression was ugly.

He believed what he said was true.

Zhiyang's current development has soared into the sky, and many of Feiyang's artists have been pushed out, its future was uncertain.

"Don’t you seem different now?" Xie Chenyang sat next to Zhai Zhi and looked at him with a smile, "Look at you now, where is that gentle and determined appearance, like a sad dog with sharp eyes."

Cen He: "..."

Cen He didn't struggle for long, the play was over, he could only let the shares fall into Li Xuyang’s hands.

Although even after all that, he couldn’t cover his debts.

Cen He believed that with his talents he would definitely find a good job and could then look for opportunities to make a comeback.

But for reasons unknown, his resumes seemed to sink to the bottom of the deep sea, and he never received any responses.

He bumped into a wall everywhere he went. Someone who still held some past amity  told him that Lao Yu and Zhiyang had spread word of him in the circle.

Cen He had no doubt been blacklisted because of this.

Cen He could only leave the entertainment industry, find a job and hide away ever since.


After Feiyang merged into Zhiyang the relationship between Xie Chenyang and Zhai Zhi was also exposed.

After meeting Zhai Zhi, Mr. Yu was relieved. From his perspective, Zhai Zhi was one of the good ones.

He was really good.

In the days that followed, although Xie Chenyang flirted with him a lot and was very annoying, Zhai Zhi got used to it.

Zhai Zhi's body wasn’t as good as Xie Chenyang, and left this world earlier than him.

They had no descendants, and only recognized Lao Yu’s grandson as their godson.

Xie Chenyang handed Zhiyang and Feiyang to their godson, and donated the rest of his property. After he arranged everything, he followed after Zhai Zhi.

When he returned to the system space, Xie Chenyang looked out at the wide sea and couldn't hide his reticence.

System: "Host, are you okay?"

Xie Chenyang sat on the beach, alone: "Can I still see him?"

System: "He’s a person of that world, who will reincarnate in that world, while we will be going to another world."

In other words, you are unlikely to ever cross path again.

Xie Chenyang looked at the sea, his eyes blank for a moment: "We were together for decades, why does it only feel like a moment?"

System thought, don’t speak of decades, hundreds of years could pass in the blink of an eye for you.

System: "Host, shall we go to the next world now, or would you like to take a break here first?"

Xie Chenyang was silent.

System: "If the host can't adjust well, I can temporarily help you seal the memories or emotions of the previous world."

Xie Chenyang: "No need, just take me to the next world."

System: "Okay."

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