14 - This tragic but honest hero (02)
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14 - This tragic but honest hero (02)

Xie Chenyang woke up on a bed, his hands tied to the head of the bed with twine.

He tugged hard and pulled the rope off, and said while rubbing his red wrists: "What's going on in this world?"

System: "I’ll show you the plot."

The original soul was Xi Yang, the only son of the owner of the famous Mingdao Shanzhuang.

Mingdao Shanzhuang occupies a very important position as a forthright martial arts sect.

Mingdao Shanzhuang was home to a group of outstanding craftsmen, and most weapons used by the surrounding schools came from Mingdao Shanzhuang.

The disciples of the Mingdao Shanzhuang were also skilled swordsmen. They used two types of swords, one was rigid and the other was soft. Rigidity was overcome with softness and softness was overcome with rigidity.

Xi Yang's swordsmanship was superb, chivalrous and ardent.

He was such a talent, his only mistake in life was encountering a scumbag.

Wei Wenbin, the scumbag in question, was a disciple of an elder in the Mingdao Shanzhuang sect, but in fact, he was actually a spy sent by a demonic sect.

When he was at Shanzhuang, he pretended to be sunny and kind. When Xi Yang drank too much at the sect head's birthday, he took the initiative to send him back to his room and then slept with him while he was drunk.

After waking up next to him, Xi Yang was flustered and confused.

But Xi Yang was an honourable man and took care of him from then on.

Wei Wenbin was laying the groundwork, making Xi Yang love him more and more, trust him more and more, in order to gain access to more secrets of the Shanzhuang.

Soon after, Wei Wenbin discovered all the secrets of the Shanzhuang. He sent a letter back to the Demon Gate and cooperated with the demons to defeat Mingdao Shanzhuang. Together they imprisoned the master swordsmen, and killed those who were unwilling to submit.

The sect leader was strong and upright, he desperately fought to the end, and lost his life.

Many disciples preferred death over submitting to the evil spirits.

Naturally, Xi Yang was also unwilling to succumb, and was determined to fight to the bitter end. But Wei Wenbin knocked him out and brought him back to the demonic sect.

After Xi Yang woke up, he realized that his misplaced trust in Wei Wenbin was what led to the destruction of the Shanzhuang. He was stripped of his pride but he did not want to be controlled by the Demon Gate.

However, Wei Wenbin threatened him with the arrested masters and young disciples, forced to carry on and give in to Wei Wenbin.

Wei Wenbin was born in a demonic sect, and knew many ways, both soft and hard, to tame Xi Yang little by little.

Tortured, Xi Yang didn’t participate in the demonic Sect, never stepping foot out of the courtyard, but he allowed Wei Wenbin in again.


Xie Chenyang tidied up his clothes and put on his boots. The delicate eyebrows that belonged to the original Xi Yang were knotted with aggression.

"Host? You may want to reign in your murderous aura a little."

"Why? Shanzhuang has been destroyed, I should be out for blood."

"...Xi Yang's cultivation was erased by Wei Wenbin."

"He has no cultivation, but there is still his swordsmanship," Xie Chenyang touched the sheath with his right hand, "Xi Yang's sword technique has been imprinted in my mind. Even without his cultivation, he is exceptionally strong."

System: "..." Confirmed, its host picked the knife as a child.

Just when it thought he was going to rush out and go on a murder-spree, Xie Chenyang sat back on the bed: "System, I want to smoke."

System: "Before when you were watching Zhai Zhi smoke cigarettes every day, you never wanted to try it. Why do you suddenly want to smoke?"

Xie Chenyang recalled Zhai Zhi's face shrouded in white smoke in his mind, and said: "I want to smoke."

System: "You went into debt in the last world. Even though you’ve completed the task, you still aren’t in the black yet..."

Xie Chenyang bowed his head.

System: "...Forget it, I’ll give you a pack of cigarettes, no interest."

Xie Chenyang raised his head and smiled: "Thank you, system, hahaha."

System: "……"

Xie Chenyang watched Zhai Zhi smoke every day, but he didn't know how to smoke himself.

Under the guidance of the system, he finally mastered the correct smoking posture.

System: "How do you feel?"

Xie Chenyang blew out a puff of cigarette smoke: "It feels like every time I breathe in, there is the smell of Ah Zhi in my mouth."

System: "..." If you experience a few more worlds, you’ll know that even a life long relationship with you is just passing scenery in your long existence.


Xie Chenyang smoked two cigarettes before he got up: "How many people are there outside?"

"There are two people guarding the door of the room, and there are two others outside the courtyard."

"What time is it right now?"

"It's dusk, dinner time."

Xie Chenyang looked around, trying to find something that could be used as a weapon.

System: "By the way, there is another person in the next room over."

Xie Chenyang paused a beat: "Which side?"


Xie Chenyang pressed himself to the wooden wall on the east side, and whispered: "Xiongdi next door, are you there? Were you also caught by the demons?"

System: "……"

There was no response from next door.

Xie Chenyang muttered: "Could it be that they passed out?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he quickly turned to his side.

A sword sliced through, the wooden wall cracking a little as the blade was twisted.

Xie Chenyang turned around, picked up a vase and smashed it against the door of the room, yelling: "Demon Gate are cowards! Bastards! If you have the ability, let me go and fight me face-to-face!"

The two guarding outside looked at each other, laughed sarcastically, and ignored him.

Xie Chenyang grabbed a few more vases in the room slamming them into the walls.

Until the wooden wall was finally broken open by the sword.

A young man dressed in indigo entered holding the sword.

Xie Chenyang stopped, his heart tightened.

The young man had narrow phoenix eyes and sharp eyebrows, which should make him appear fierce and eye catching.

But the expression in his eyes was faint, like he felt nothing when he saw him.

He looked nothing like Zhai Zhi.

Even his aura seemed different.

But Xie Chenyang covered his heart, intuition told him that he couldn’t be anyone else.

【System, system! 】

System: "What?"

【He’s Zhai Zhi! 】

System: "Don’t be stupid, it's not like..."

【It’s him! My instincts tell me he is! 】

System: "……"

When the youth saw him, his cold eyes fluctuated slightly: "Xi Yang?"

His voice was clear.

Xie Chenyang stepped forward and grabbed his hand: "Ah Zhi..."

The young man didn’t shake him off, but said lightly: "You have mistaken me, I am Kui Jin."

Xie Chenyang felt his hand slightly stiffen and withdrew his grasp.

Kui Jin held the hand he had shook behind his back: "I heard what happened to Mingdao Shanzhuang, but I was too late."

System: "Kui Jin, a swordsman who worked hard on the hill behind Mingdao Shanzhuang, he doesn’t have any deep connections with Mingdao Shanzhuang, but he is aware that the sword he wields is from Mingdao Shanzhuang."

Xie Chenyang never second guessed his instincts.

But the person in front of him clearly no longer recognized him.

He suppressed the urge to throw him down and looked at him with a grin: "Are you here to save me?"

Kui Jin saw his bright smile and stroked his finger on the hilt of his sword: "No."

Xie Chenyang: "..."

"But now that I’ve found you, I’ll save you." Kui Jin's hand held the hilt tightly.

This wasn’t the first time he had seen Xi Yang.

Although he didn't know why, he seemed to feel different from before.

Xie Chenyang: "Shall we break out together?"

Xie Chenyang didn’t look very good at this moment.

His cultivation had been destroyed, his injuries hadn’t healed, and his face looked deathly pale.

Kui Jin looked down: "Wait for dark."

It was almost dark.

Xie Chenyang raised the corners of his lips: "Then let's have a nice rest here."

Since there were people still guarding outside, their voices were suppressed very low.

Kui Jin didn't reply.

Xie Chenyang went back to the bed and sat down, clutching the sheets tightly:【System, tell me, is there a chance he might be Zhai Zhi.】

This didn’t phase the system at all.

It had cared for many hosts and had naturally seen many things.

It didn't hesitate long and simply said: "I don't know if he is Zhai Zhi, but if he pays a certain price, he can follow you through every world, but he will never remember you."

【What's the price?】

System: "I don't know what the cost is, and I don't know if he has paid it. I’m just letting you know that it is possible."

【So after he died, he also encountered a system and paid some price so, even though he wouldn’t remember me, no matter which world I went to, he could follow?】

System: "The only thing I can say with certainty is this, if he and Zhai Zhi are the same person, then he has no system to guide him, and he’ll have no other memories besides the ones belonging to this life."

【Last question.】

System: "Ask it."

【He...was he reborn as Kui Jin and started from scratch?】

System: "If he and Zhai Zhi are the same person, then he must have arrived after you arrived in this world, but he has no other memory, only the memory of Wei Jin, so he effectively is Wei Jin."

Xie Chenyang raised his head.

Kui Jin hugged his sword as he leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and slowed his breathing.

Xie Chenyang:【Will he really follow me to every world?】

The system said impatiently: "Yes."

Really, there are always ‘families’ like this that, after letting someone out into the world, become anxious and have to follow after them!

It remembered one of his hosts was followed by his father in every life, who had to intervene in all his experiences. He was not allowed to be like this, or he was not allowed to be like that. It almost forced his host to commit patricide.

He has no memories, and yet father forbids you to do this, and father forbids you to do that.

What kind of damned father is this?

【He really loves me. 】


【System, you’re really a great system, when all my tasks are completed, I’ll definitely give you a good review! 】

When binding, the system's sales pitch to Xie Chenyang was that if he completed all of the tasks, he would be given eternal life, and will never have to run around again. He could settle in a beautiful and peaceful fairyland.

System: "Thank you."

Night fell.

Outside the door.

Demonic disciple: "It's dark, go in and light up the building."

"It doesn't matter whether it's light or not."

"Do it, maybe Hall Master Wei will come to see him tonight."

"Doesn’t Hall Master Wei get bored of this, there are so many decent disciples, yet he has to pick a man to play with, really..."

"Shut up, go light the fires."

The demonic disciple took out the key and opened the door. As soon as he pushed the door open and entered, a silver light flashed in front of him. In the next moment, blood spurted out of his neck and he crashed to the ground.


The other disciple had just drawn his sword and rushed in, but was also cut down.

Kui Jin drew back his sword and walked out.

Xie Chenyang picked up a blade from the ground and followed him: "Ah Jin, did you have something you needed to do in Demon Gate?"

Regarding his intimate address, Kui Jin only frowned for a moment but didn’t object: "I’ll bring you out first."

Xie Chenyang lifted the blade in his hand: "Although cultivation has been destroyed, I’m not useless. If you have something you need to do, I also want to save the other captives from Shanzhuang."


Kui Jin stepped lightly on his toes and disappeared.

When Xie Chenyang walked out of the courtyard, the two guards that were there also fell to the ground.

Xie Chenyang looked at the man standing with his sword drawn and whistled.

【Worthy of my love, so cool.】

System: "..." Don't speak to me, thank you.

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