16 - This tragic but honest hero (04)
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16 - This tragic but honest hero (04)

The back of the mountain.

Ruan Zhou had already made the preparations. A grave had been dug, the tombstone was also ready, and the carving master was standing by.

Xie Chenyang led twenty-one disciples wearing the disciple uniforms of Mingdao Shanzhuang, as well as Kui Jin and Ah Fo.

Ruan Zhou: "We attempted to recover their bodies as much as possible."

"Thank you."

Cleaning up hundreds of corpses was not a simple task.

"Baihe Valley, my Mingdao Shanzhuang will remember."

Ruan Zhou looked at him softly: "These things need not be discussed between family."

Xie Chenyang: "..." After Ruan Zhou had done so much and there were so many people around, he couldn’t speak against him directly.

By the time all the corpses were gathered and the tombstones were engraved, it was already dusk.

Kui Jin and Ah Fo were left as guests at the villa.

The kitchen had prepared wine and food and when they came down from the mountain, a meal was on the table.

Ruan Zhou: "After this, what are Ah Yang's plans?"

Xie Chenyang didn't hesitate to say: "Post a call-to-arms and ask warriors from all over the world to fight the Demon Gate together."

If he wanted to destroy the Demon Gate, he couldn’t rely solely on the two dozen remaining people in Mingdao Shanzhuang.

"You can count on Baihe Valley."


After dinner, Xie Chenyang asked Ling Yi to arrange a place for Ah Fo, while he himself took Kui Jin back to his room.

Kui Jin: "My residence..."

Xie Chenyang said solemnly: "I have something to discuss with you, do you mind talking with me deep into the night then falling asleep?"

Kui Jin: "..." So, is it going to be talking all night long or falling asleep?

Xie Chenyang pulled him down and sat on the bed together: "Does Ah Jin have anyone he likes?"

"No," Kui Jin was a little uncomfortable when the two were close together, "What are the important things you said?"

"Do you know about Demon Gate?"

It's business.

Kui Jin has explored the Demon Gate several times and deliberately investigated them a bit.

"The current master of Demon Gate..."

Ah Fo didn't sleep either.

So he went looking for Ling Yi with a bottle of wine.

"Ling-xiong, come, let's have a few drinks."

Ling Yi: "?"

Ah Fo sat down with him at the stone table in the yard, and after drinking a few cups, he smiled and asked, "Tell me about your young master and that evil spy."

He had been with Kui Jin for many years, and he naturally saw that he behaved unusually towards Xie Chenyang.

For the sake of his xiongdi, he was going to investigate in advance.

Ling Yi's expression turned sour when he mentioned that person: "He’s a villain, there is nothing more to say."

"Actually, in prison, I heard a lot from your disciples." Ah Fo shook the glass in his hand. "Do you think Xi Yang still thinks about that person now? If he met him on the battlefield in the future, ..."

"My shixiong will never show mercy!"

Ling Yi squeezed the wine glass, his eyes were full of anger, "Shixiong was deceived by him. Now that he has shown his true face. So many disciples in Shanzhuang have died because of him, my shixiong would never forgive him!"

"Is that so...then is it possible for him to fall in love with others?"

"Until his vengeance is sated, my shixiong will never be in love!"


Kui Jin's face was expressionless as he spoke about everything he knew about the Demon Gate.

"And so……"

He was about to sum it up, when a heavy weight fell on his shoulder.

Kui Jin tilted his head and saw Xie Chenyang's sleeping face leaning on his shoulder.

He should be exhausted.

Kui Jin's eyes shifted slightly. He helped the man lie down, but when he was about to get up and leave, he was suddenly hugged.

"Don't go, sleep with me for a while."

Xie Chenyang's voice was a little low.

He was still asleep, these words seemed to be from his subconscious.

Kui Jin, who was held in his arms, looked at him icily.

So who is this subconsciously aimed at?

He moved, wanting to leave but Xie Chenyang's hands strengthened: "Don't move."

Kui Jin: "..."

He suspected that he was pretending to sleep.

But his breathing and heartbeat were telling him that Xie Chenyang was really still asleep.

He was considerably stronger than a person who’s cultivation had been crippled and reduced to an ordinary person.

If Kui Jin used his own cultivation, he could easily shake him off.

But then Xie Chenyang would definitely wake up.

It was simply that this man had undergone tremendous trauma and had barely slept... nothing more.

Kui Jin closed his eyes.


After learning that Xie Chenyang and the imprisoned disciples of Mingdao Shanzhuang had been rescued, Wei Wenbin almost went mad.

Teng Xu, the master of Demon Gate, felt his pride had taken a hit.

Someone had snuck in, rescued dozens of people, and killed many of the disciples who were guarding the dungeon, but they didn't find out until everyone had escaped.

He immediately sent someone to take care of them.

But Wei Wenbin stopped him and said: "After the attack on Mingdao Shanzhuang, other martial arts sects will be prepared. If Xi Yang and the others really returned to Mingdao Shanzhuang, they must have relied on others. This subordinate recommends sending someone to explore first, before attacking."

Teng Xu looked at him quietly: "Then, you are responsible for this matter."

History has proven that Wei Wenbin's advice is often correct.

The people they sent out to investigate didn't even get into Mingdao Shanzhuang, before they were blocked by a formation outside.

The sole survivor returned and reported: "It's from Baihe Valley."


When he woke up the next day, Ruan Zhou received the news from his disciple, and smiled: "Did anyone escape?"

"Only one."

"Good, they will think twice before returning now."

The formations of Baihe Valley had been passed down and sublimated through generations, and it is difficult for just anyone to overcome them.

This was also the reason why Baihe Valley had been in the arena for so many years but no one dared to bully them lightly.


When Xie Chenyang woke up, he felt a person in his arms, and subconsciously moved to kiss his lips, and let out a lazy greeting: "Morning."

Kui Jin kicked him out of bed with a cold expression, and sat up: "Who does Master Xi think I am?"

Who else can it be? Other than that Demon Gate spy!

That relationship is over, how can he not remember?

No, it may just be a habit after being with someone all day and night.

Xie Chenyang got up a little dumbfounded, and when he met Kui Jin's indifferent gaze, he was stuck in his heart: "I didn’t mistake you for anyone, it's you."

【I'm so depressed, why am I stuck in this melodrama! 】

System: "..." I’ll just pretend that you don't exist.

Kui Jin got up, put on his boots, his lips tight: "If I remember correctly, we’ve only known each other a few days."

Xie Chenyang said sincerely: "It may be a few days for you, but it’s been a lifetime for me."

Kui Jin: "..."

He didn’t respond and walked straight past him.

"Ah Jin..."

"Master Xi should still call me my full name."


The door was slammed shut.

Xie Chenyang was a little frustrated: "Even if his memories disappear, love shouldn't disappear, right?"

System: "Ha."

Xie Chenyang: "Are you laughing at me?"

System: "No, host. In my opinion, he is in the right, treating you as a scumbag."

Xie Chenyang: "???"

System: "In his opinion, you may be using him as a replacement for Wei Wenbin. I suggest you proceed slowly."

Xie Chenyang asked in surprise: "Is he stupid? How can Wei Wenbin compare to him?"

System: "……"

What can it do? Wasn't he just complimenting him.

The system told Xie Chenyang about their current situation and what Kui Jin might think, and concluded: "The host has to find a way to repair your image, otherwise you may have work through a lot of ups and downs if you want to be together."

Xie Chenyang said annoyed: "Do you have any suggestions?"

"Yes, there are a few different ways to go about it, some are fast and some are slow. As the host said, although his memories are gone, the love is still there, he won’t be indifferent towards you, next..."

After listening to several suggestions, Xie Chenyang was very moved: "System, you are the best."

System: "Just have a good relationship."


When he packed up and went out for breakfast, he learned that Kui Jin had taken Ah Fo to leave.

He didn’t go after him right away, instead he took over as the sect master and arranged the remaining people and things.

Of the remaining twenty-one disciples of Mingdao Shanzhuang, only Ling Yi was a disciple of the former master, the other eleven were disciples of the wudao elder, and were good at swordsmanship, and the remaining nine were from the zhudao elder’s school.

Although the villa that had been looted was cleaned up by the people of Baihe Valley, the weapons and treasures that were stolen by Demon Gate could not be returned.

After resting, the nine zhudao disciples went to clean Mingdao Shanzhuang’s rear mountain, and started to forge blades with the materials purchased by the people of Baihe Valley.

Ling Yi and other disciples continued to practice the sword techniques every day.

On the second day, Xie Chenyang was about to go out to find Kui Jin.

Ruan Zhou, who had been informed, followed him to the gate.

"Ah Yang, there is a formation outside Shanzhuang. If you want to go out, I’ll take you out."

"No, I'll go and return soon."

"Ah Yang..."

Ruan Zhou watched him step directly out of the gate, and was just about to step forward to stop him, when he saw Xie Chenyang pass through the formation unhindered.

There was a strange flash in his eyes.

How can it be that he is so skilled?

Xie Chenyang: No, it's all due to the system.

Through the guidance of the system, Xie Chenyang travelled to the top of the mountain behind Shanzhuang.

In front of a wooden house, Kui Jin was practicing with swords wearing a training outfit.

His swordsmanship was exquisite, and the moves contained enough power to destroy any obstacle.

As Xie Chenyang approached, Kui Jin drew back the sword.

He stood holding the sword, with a nonchalant attitude: "I don't know why young master Xi is here, is it something important?"

Xie Chenyang opened his mouth: "I am the head of the sect now..."

Kui Jin's hand held the sword's hilt tightly: "Congratulations (gongxi, 恭喜)."

He almost blurted out ‘tongxi’ (同喜).

Xie Chenyang remembered the system’s advice, coughed lightly, and walked to Kui Jin’s side. He stood not too far in front of him, turned his back to him, and quietly said, "I have never done anything wrong in my life. But the one time I did make a mistake it brought disaster to Shanzhuang."

Kui Jin looked at his straight back, and the coldness in his eyes faded.

"I pride myself on being chivalrous and a responsible person, but I was schemed against for it."

Xie Chenyang looked up at the sky slightly.

【Is that forty-five degrees?】

System: "...don't worry too much about the details."

【Do you have it?】

System: "Yes."

Xie Chenyang used the pained tone that he had been practicing all night, "At my father's birthday that night, I drank too much, and the thief sent me back to my room. After waking up, we were in bed together. He was so scared that he cried. I had to take responsibility."

Kui Jin slowly inserted his sword back into the scabbard: "It's not your fault."

"It's my fault," Xie Chenyang said bitterly, "I knew that nothing happened to him, but I couldn't see through his clumsy acting skills, I believed him. And in the end I ushered in pain for my parents, for hundreds of people in Shanzhuang. They all became dead souls in this way."

Kui Jin approached him: "It was the treachery of a wicked man, not you."

Xie Chenyang felt him approach and took the system’s advice, if he couldn’t hold a straight face then he shouldn’t allow him to see his expression. He turned around and buried himself in Kui Jin’s arms, trembling slightly with excitement: "They must hate me so much, I’m a sinner in Shanzhuang.”

Kui Jin felt his body trembling in pain, and there was a touch of pity in his eyes. He stretched out his hand to caress his back: "They won’t blame you, you were also calculated against, and you will avenge them, right?"

Xie Chenyang felt his gentleness, and couldn't help but stretch out his hand to wrap around his waist and said hoarsely: "Don't you think it was me who let in the wolf..."

"No, even without you, wouldn't Wei Wenbin still have colluded with Demon Gate? I heard that he was already a disciple of a zhudao elder. Without you, he still had other methods. It was just a matter of time."

"Are you saying that Mingdao Shanzhuang was destined to be destroyed?"


Kui Jin had a headache.

He wasn’t good at comforting people, but now he seemed to have said something wrong?

Why does he make everything so awkward?

The author has something to say:
System: I feel omnipotent.
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