18 - This tragic but honest hero (06)
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18 - This tragic but honest hero (06)

"You have to think of a way. People from other sects will come soon. I'm afraid that these disciples will be too busy."

Xie Chenyang said sadly, "Should we go down the mountain to hire some people?"

Kui Jin didn’t answer his question, but touched the hilt of the sword: "Do you know of my circumstances?"

Xie Chenyang: "Ah? Are you an orphan?"

Kui Jin: "..."

【Is he not? 】

System: "I never said he was an orphan."

Fortunately, Kui Jin's muscle control was very good, and his complexion remained placid and calm, although that didn’t mean he wasn’t angry.

Xie Chenyang pulled his arm and sat down on the bed, then curiously asked: "Could it be that you are a disciple of a hermit sect?"

"No," Kui Jin took the sword off his waist and put it aside, "Xi Yang, do you trust me?"

"Of course I trust you."

Xie Chenyang answered without hesitation.

Kui Jin lowered his eyes: "Kui Jin is the name I gave to myself after I went out into the world. I have another name."

Xie Chenyang was curious.

Kui Jin said slowly: "Xia Zhangyi."

After he finished speaking, he stared at Xie Chenyang's face quietly.

Xie Chenyang's complexion was normal: "It’s a nice name..."

System: "This dynasty belongs to the Xia family, and Xia Zhangyi is the name of the second son of the current eldest princess. In this world, it’s a taboo to have the same name as the royal family."

Xie Chenyang paused.

【Isn't he a rogue swordsman? Part of a miserable band of swordsmen who only have a cabin on the hill?】

System: "……"

Kui Jin watched him as he suddenly stopped, his eyes flickered. Knowing that he had reacted, his voice said coldly, "Even if you regret it, it’s too late."

"Regret what?"

Meeting his blank eyes, Kui Jin slowed down: "My other identity is a member of the royal family."

The martial world and the imperial court seemed to be on good terms.

But he knew that, in fact, it wasn’t quite so peaceful.

Xie Chenyang directly threw him down: "I don't care what your status is. There is one thing you can't escape, and that is my love, my Second Master of Mingdao Shanzhuang."

System: "..." Haven’t you gotten pretty good at talking.

Kui Jin: "...get off me."

"I'm sorry," Xie Chenyang bowed his head and kissed his lips, flames burning in his affectionate eyes, "I want you."

Kui Jin was dumb.

When his belt was untied, he knew very well that he could easily push away this man without any cultivation.

But he didn't.

When that peaceful face gradually dyed red and his cold eyes gradually lost their focus, Kui Jin admitted that he had lost.


Xie Chenyang slept soundly in bed.

Kui Jin was already dressed when he went into his study, and wrote a letter.

He found Ling Yi: "Send someone to send this letter to the Chuchen Restaurant in Weicheng, Shanxia, and give it to the shopkeeper."

Ling Yi accepted the letter: "Okay, don't worry, second master."

Kui Jin responded indifferently.

Ling Yi hesitated: "Second master...are you unwell?"

"It’s nothing, go."


Kui Jin returned to the room looking calm and saw Xie Chenyang, who was sprawled across the bed. He pushed him over, before lying down.

When Xie Chenyang woke up, the sun had not yet set, he clutched his stomach:【Where is Ah Jin? 】

System: "Practicing swordplay outside."

Xie Chenyang's face suddenly turned black.

【He still has the strength to practice?】

System: "After all, he is very strong in martial arts..."

Xie Chenyang dressed violently, opened the door, and walked aggressively towards the man practicing in the courtyard.

The system persuaded: "He has strong martial arts, deep cultivation, and even stronger resistance. In fact, he also slept with you for an hour or two before going out to practice swordplay. You should calm down, don't be impulsive."

Hey, a man has his pride.

The irritability in Xie Chenyang's eyes disappeared when he saw Kui Jin lowering his sword and looking at him.

With a light throw, the sword was thrown onto the scabbard on the table.

Directly into the sheath.

"Woke up?"

"Yeah," Xie Chenyang touched his stomach, "I'm hungry."

【Wait until I'm full, then I’ll clean him up! 】

System: "...good luck?"

Kui Jin wiped off his sweat: "Sit down and wait, I'll do it."

"You cook?"


Xie Chenyang looked at his back slowly leaving, sat on the stone bench, and praised: "His cooking skills must be as good as ever."

Kui Jin simply cooked him a bowl of egg noodles.

Xie Chenyang smelled the delicious scent.

"You eat, I'll take a shower and change clothes."


Xie Chenyang picked up his chopsticks and ate his noodles.

After drinking the soup clean, he burped:【 The bowl of boiled noodles is so delicious, worthy of my love!】

System: "If you are hungry, everything will taste delicious."

【You don’t understand, as long as it passes your lover’s hand, it will be divine.】

The system went silent.

【Why aren’t you saying anything?】

【Eh? You shouldn’t be lonely, right? You aren’t the only system, are you?】

【Why don't I give you a vacation and you go get married? 】

System: "No need."

【Although you are a flute, you can’t do much, but it’s okay to just have a spiritual relationship.】

System: "Host, you should wash the dishes."

Xie Chenyang: "..."

System: "You won't wait for Kui Jin to wash it for you, will you?"

【No! I’m going to wash it myself.】

Xie Chenyang got up, picked up the bowl and chopsticks, and walked to the kitchen.

After washing the dishes and chopsticks, he cleaned up the kitchen.

When he returned to the yard, the sun had already set.

Before he got near, he saw Ling Yi and several people talking to Kui Jin.

He walked closer before stopping.

【System, do you think it’s a bad idea for me to go straight over? 】

System: "Aren't you here already?"

Xie Chenyang: "..." There are still a few more steps.

Kuijin raised his eyes to look at him, the coldness in his eyes dissipated quickly.

The people standing behind Ling Yi were shocked.

"Xi Yang, come here."

Xie Chenyang walked to him obediently.

Kui Jin said: "These are chefs I have invited. They will provide the meals in Shanzhuang in the future."

Xie Chenyang: "Okay."

The surrounding people recovered and paid their respects: "This subordinate greets the master!"

Xie Chenyang nodded with a smile.

The leader Xu Lao happened to meet his smile, his heart trembled, and he secretly said: No wonder the master can be moved, not to mention this face, just glancing at his eyes is unbearable.

The old man's heart couldn't help but tremble.

He was full of guilt.

He quickly lowered his head, avoiding those smiling eyes.

Kui Jin: "Ling Yi, you take them down to make arrangements."

Ling Yi: "Okay, master, second master, we’ll retreat first."

Kui Jin nodded.

When they left, Kui Jin sat down.

Xie Chenyang sat next to him.

Kui Jin said: "Shanzhuang has insufficient staff, do you mind if I arrange them?"

Xie Chenyang said without hesitation: "Of course, my villa is your villa!"

The corners of Kui Jin's lips conjured up an unnoticeable arc: "I’ve also found some guards."

Xie Chenyang's eyes lit up: "That's good, I was also worried that if ordinary people were hired they won't be able to handle any accidents."

Warriors with martial arts are not easy to recruit. He originally wanted to recruit a group of ordinary people to temporarily fill out the army.

Kui Jin smiled in his eyes: "You believe me so easily? Are you afraid that I will take this opportunity to rejoin the martial artists?"

Xie Chenyang covered his heart: "I’m dying."

Kui Jin: "?"

He quickly got up, grabbed his hand, and put his fingers on his pulse.

Xie Chenyang laughed: "Don't do that, I’m not sick, I’m just fascinated by your smile."

Kui Jin's hand stiffened.

Xie Chenyang hugged his waist and pressed his face up against him: "You have to laugh more, you’re really beautiful when you laugh."

Kui Jin put his hand on his head, with little smiles in his eyes.

Unfortunately he didn't see it.

Xie Chenyang rubbed against him, "What kind of fabric is your clothes? It's very comfortable."

Kui Jin: "...I'll give you a few."

"Wow, thanks!"


Xie Chenyang suddenly stood up and hugged him: "It's getting dark, let's go back to the room."

Kui Jin put his hand around his neck, his voice chilled, "I can walk by myself."

"But I want to hold you."

"...it’s fine for now, but the guards will come later, so don’t do it then."

"Then we don't need guards in our courtyard."


"Ah Jin, don't be a cold swordsman. You look good when you smile, don't keep looking so sullen, you know?"


"If you make me angry in the future, just smile. Seeing your smile, I will definitely stop being angry."


"Actually what I should say is, if you smile, I'm afraid I won’t even be afraid to die."

"Shut up."


Xie Chenyang carried him into their room and closed the door with his foot.

The system smacked: "Have you suddenly awakened?"

【What? What awakening?】

System: "Why are you such a flirt?"

【What flirt, what I said is from my heart. Hey, it's getting dark, go offline.】

System: "……"


Jingdu was several castles away from Mingdao Shanzhuang.

Princess’ House.

"Princess, your second son has written to you."

The princess who was sitting under the bright candlelight and embroidering lanterns put down her sewing hoop and stretched out her hand.

The maid handed her the letter respectfully.

The second princess opened the letter and read it word by word from beginning to end. She stood up suddenly: "Is my eldest son here?"

Maid: "The first son is with the third son."


When the second princess arrived in the yard, the eldest son and third son were still talking with each other.

The third son's delicate face was drunken red and he was full of tears: "Dage..."


The princess coughed softly, and the eldest son and the third son turned to look at her.

The eldest son looked calm: "Mother."

The third son wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, and said bashfully: "Mother, it’s late, why are you here?"

"I received the letter from my second son," she walked to sit down among them and handed it over. "After nine years, your brother, who has never returned home, has finally asked for help."

The eldest son and the third son were shocked, and quickly got together to read the letter.


Mingdao Shanzhuang

Xie Chenyang lay on the bed, letting Kui Jin bend over him to apply medicine to the scratch on his back, and then realized: "Even if you are the princess's son, can you call the guards?"

"I can."

"Hiss——" Xie Chenyang took a deep breath, "Do it lightly!"

Kui Jin let out an inexplicable grin.

Xie Chenyang puffed out his cheeks and said: "You’re a martial artist, don't you know how strong you are? Your grip is so hard."

Upon hearing this, Kui Jin's hand pressed the medicine heavily on his bloody wound, and he said coldly: "If you restrained yourself, I wouldn't have grabbed you like this."

Xie Chenyang felt guilty for a moment, but then became confident again: "I blame you for being so charming! Why did you laugh at me at that time!"

Kui Jin: "..."

"Ah——gently, ah—"


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