20 - This tragic but honest hero (08)
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20 - This tragic but honest hero (08)

"Master Xi..."

Xie Chenyang didn't listen to the voices calling him back, he handed the sword to the guard next to him, took Kui Jin's hand and walked out.

When no one was around Kui Jin said, "You really aren’t working with them?"

"No," Xie Chenyang snorted coldly, "I'm afraid I won’t be able to help but hack them all to death."

Although he was really trying to avenge the dead of Mingdao Shanzhuang, the Demon Gate has always been a threat to the martial arts world. People of all sects have been harmed by them and if everyone formed an alliance to destroy the Demon Gate, they wouldn’t stand to lose anything.

But they made him look like he was begging them.

If things developed according to the original plot, Demon Gate would evolve considerably, and the other schools, without the weapons supply from Mingdao Shanzhuang, would be defeated one by one by. In the end, they hurriedly attempted to form an alliance with Demon Gate and the righteous path died.

Finally, the imperial court took this opportunity to flush the martial artists.

"Hey, Ah Jin, Demon Gate not only harms martial artists, but also harms the common people. Does the imperial court intend to send troops?"

Kui Jin's eyes shifted: "Yes."

"Is it better to cooperate? I know that the imperial court has its own weapons manufacturing department, but to be honest, they’re not as good as the weapons of Mingdao Shanzhuang," Xie Chenyang squeezed his hand, "Mingdao Shanzhuang can provide the soldiers with weapons, then we can first take down Demon Gate, and then reign in the martial arts world?"

Kui Jin couldn't understand him.

"Mingdao Shanzhuang is also a martial arts school."

"I know," Xie Chen raised his lips, "The imperial court and the martial artists are going to meet sooner or later, let me make the first move."

Kui Jin: "Are you going to submit to the court?"

"Can Ah Jin represent the court?"

"I can send a letter to my elder brother, you can talk to him."

"Your brother?"

"He’s a general."



In the martial arts training field.

The Lord of Lieyang Fort stood up first: "This Xi Yang really thinks highly of himself! Compared to his father, he is insane!"

"Yes, he said that it was a negotiation and alliance, but it was over before it even started."

"Isn’t that because Lieyang Fort can't even control their own disciples...how can we know if they don’t have more spies mixed in their ranks."

"But Xi Yang was really too much, didn’t you hear him? He was clearly driving us away! There will be a charge if you don't leave...it's disgusting."

The Palace Master of Ziyan Mansion: "Is this not just a consequence of treating him as a junior and underestimating him since the beginning."

"He is a junior..."

The Lord of Lieyang Fort suddenly stood up: "I'm going to return to Lieyang Fort. I won’t be asked for food and accommodation fees!"

After speaking, he walked away.

As soon as he left the house, he gave his apprentice a kick: "How come the spy of Demon Gate got in!"


Each left one after another.

The Palace Master of Ziyan Mansion looked at the guards of Mingdao Shanzhuang who had not left, and whispered: "Could you please ask your master to come, let us..."

Chang Lu interrupted him: "No, the master has said his peace. Since he said that there is no alliance, there will be no alliance."


The Palace Master of Ziyan Mansion also got up and left.

Xi Yang was still his junior after all, and he could only suffer so much insult.

In the end, only Baihe Valley people remained in the martial arts training ground.

Baihe Valley disciple: "Young master, let's go too!"

They cleaned up for Mingdao Shanzhuang and tried their best. As a result, Xi Yang failed their young master and obviously didn't care for Baihe Valley, so he dumped their young master and strayed!

"If we don't leave, they will come to collect food and accommodation from us!"

Let’s not forget how much money they spent on the mourning gowns, coffins and stone tablets that they bought for those hundreds of people!

Ruan Zhou said helplessly: "Ah Yang is not targeting us."

Chang Lu stepped forward and gave a polite bow: "The words of the master were only for those other schools, Baihe Valley is not included. Mingdao Shanzhuang will forever remember Baihe Valley’s assistance. The kitchen is already preparing meals you are most welcome to stay."

Ruan Zhou nodded.

Chang Lu: "The two masters will visit the young master in person later."

Ruan Zhou got up: "Okay, then I'll go back to our courtyard first."

After they had all gone, Chang Lu went to the master's yard.

When he arrived, he was ordered inside.

Chang Lu stepped forward and explained the conversation between him and Ruan Zhou.

Xie Chenyang praised him: "Although I used my eyes to mention this when I left, I thought you may not be able to understand it, you did a good job."

Chang Lu bowed his head: "This is what a disciple should do."

Now he is a disciple of  Mingdao Shanzhuang, Baihe Valley has great favor with Mingdao Shanzhuang, so Baihe Valley is also his benefactor.

Naturally, people in Baihe Valley should not be led to any misunderstandings between them.

After Chang Lu left, Kui Jin went to practice with his sword again.

Xie Chenyang sat on the recliner, holding a fan in one hand and shook it slightly: 【Dear system, can you increase the credit?】

System: "What are you doing?"

【I want to exchange for something and give it to Baihe Valley as a gift.】

System: "Isn’t is okay to just cast a batch of weapons for them."

【It’s not enough.】

System: "What do you want to purchase?"

【A formation that is better than the best formation they have now, and a prescription that is better than the best prescription they currently have. 】

Baihe Valley was well-known for its formations and medical skills, so the two things he sent must be the things they want most.

Making a batch of weapons was just a gift.

System: "...that requires almost a hundred points, I won't charge you interest, but this world will gain you nothing."

【It’s okay, I don’t like to owe others kindness, I’ll give up the points of one life, it’s fine.】

System: "Okay."

The so-called points were meant to help the host's experience progression, as long as his points weren’t negative in the end, it wasn’t a violation.

Even if it did go negative, it can use its own energy to make up the difference.

The system believed in the hosts and wasn’t afraid to make friends.

In doing so, it had never been troubled by its former hosts, and even received gifts.

System: As expected of me, this old system!

Kui Jin practiced swordplay for a while, and after washing up, walked with Xie Chenyang to the courtyard where Baihe Valley lived.

"After watching for an hour, aren’t you tired?"

Hearing Kui Jin's faint tone, Xie Chenyang almost blurted out that he hadn't been watching the whole time, but then he switched his tone: "As long as it is you, I won't get tired of watching."

【How was that? 】

System: "Ten points."

Kui Jin: "Oh? Didn't you sleep for half an hour in the middle though?"

Most of the time had been a daze, and the time spent focusing on the sword practice was actually less than half an hour.

Xie Chenyang: "..."

System: "Uh oh."

Xie Chenyang smothered his guilty conscience: "Even if I fall asleep, you are still in my dreams!"

System: "Really?"

【Although I don’t remember what I dream of, it’s mostly him.】

System: "……"

Kui Jin: "..."

When they arrived, Ruan Zhou was sitting up straight and playing chess with a disciple of Baihe Valley.

When Ruan Zhou saw him, his eyes were soft: "You’re here.”

The disciple sitting opposite him didn't make any extra moves and left the yard obediently.

Xie Chenyang: "..." I thought he didn't want to see me.

Xie Chenyang sat next to Ruan Zhou, took out two pieces of paper and handed it to Ruan Zhou: "Baihe Valley has helped us a lot, this is a gift."

Ruan Zhou stretched out his hand to take it and looked at it, the expression on his face dropped: "Ah Yang really wants to give these to me?"

Xie Chenyang: "Otherwise?"

Kui Jin sat between them silently, staring at the chessboard.

Ruan Zhou carefully folded them, put them in his sleeves, and bowed to Xie Chenyang: "This matter of helping, it is simply as my mother wishes. The formation and prescription given by Ah Yang are not a fair trade but I cannot resist the attraction. In the future, whenever Mingdao Shanzhuang needs help, Baihe Valley will not refuse."

He took out a token, "This is a Baihe Seal, with which you can enter Baihe Valley. As long as you do not violate the principles of Baihe Valley, you can move freely."

Xie Chenyang: "Ha, don't be so exaggerated, I’m saying thank you, this is a thank you gift. In addition, we will also forge a batch of weapons for you. Think about what weapons you want, you can make a list for Ling Yi."


"What about this and that? Think about the list. Ah Jin and I will help you finish this game."


Reluctantly, Ruan Zhou got up and went back to his room.

Xie Chenyang pushed Kui Jin: "Come on, play chess with me, I’ll show you my chess skills!"

Kui Jin glanced at him, turned the position of the chessboard, picked up a chess piece, and placed it down.

System: "Have you ever played chess?"

【No, hurry, tell me how to play.】

System: "..." Would it kill you to not be so confident?

Xie Chenyang squeezed a chess piece and grinned: "Ah Jin, let's make a bet, how about the loser has to unconditionally obey the winner tonight?"

Kui Jin: “Okay."

Xie Chenyang was happy:【System system! My good little system! Daddy system! 】

System: "I know, I know."

When Xie Chenyang had his second move, Kui Jin's eyes darkened slightly when he looked at him.

As time passed slowly, his eyes grew darker.

Xie Chenyang didn't notice and still urged: "Hurry up, hurry up, you’re going to lose."

After a few more turns, Kui Jin put down his hands: "I lost."

Xie Chenyang touched his chin: "Then you tonight...hehehe."

Seeing him laugh so stupidly, Kui Jin said coldly: "That was not your chess skill."

Xie Chenyang: "!"

Kui Jin gave him a cold look, got up and left.

Xie Chenyang hurried to catch up: "Hey Ah Jin, listen to my explanation!"

【What do I do, what do I do!】

System: "……"

When playing chess, it also thought that its style might be wrong. But it didn’t expect that he would directly point it out.

Until he returned to their yard, Kui Jin didn’t respond to Xie Chenyang.

Xie Chenyang rushed over and tackled him onto the ground: "Don't be angry, I lose, I lose!"

Kui Jin raised his eyelids, his eyes were extremely complicated: "Get up first, you’re a dignified master..."

Xie Chenyang buried his head in his shoulder and said shamelessly: "I won't get up unless you forgive me."

System: "..." I’m not watching.

Kui Jin lifted his head, his eyes swept over him with an extremely chilling gaze.

The disciple who had just entered the yard immediately turned and ran.

Kui Jin stretched out his hand to clasp Xie Chenyang's waist and stood up with some effort.

Xie Chenyang firmly wrapped his arms around his neck, and his feet around his waist, and changed his words: "If you don't forgive me, I won't get down!"

System: "...you are abnormal." Is this a reversable CP.

Kui Jin sneered and dragged him into the room.

When the door was closed, Xie Chenyang suddenly felt cold, and immediately wanted to jump off, but was held tightly by Kui Jin.


Xie Chenyang patted him on the back, "Let me down."

Kui Jin held him firmly, and his voice was slightly cool: "Tell me, how did you play chess like that?"

【System, he collapsed, you don’t care? 】

System: "……"

Xie Chenyang:【How should I answer?】

System: "Don't tell the truth, just..." lie.

【Understood. 】

System: "?"

Xie Chenyang held his face and kissed him deeply.

I understand, don't talk, just do him.

System: "……"

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