21 - This tragic but honest hero (end)
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21 - This tragic but honest hero (end)

Xie Chenyang exhausted all his energy, and finally lay on the bed panting.

Kui Jin didn't ask any more questions.

Xie Chenyang: 【The method you gave is pretty easy to use, but it’s a bit painful.】

System: "...oh."

At this moment, Kui Jin's voice sounded: "How did you play chess like that?"

Xie Chenyang: "..."

System: "……"

【What do I do!】

System: "Don't panic, listen to me..."

Kui Jin turned him over, pinched his chin to meet his gaze, his eyes showed his displeasure: "Don't want to say?"

Xie Chenyang:【He is really upset, isn't he meant to be a cold swordsman?】

System: "Don't worry, there’s no one else here." It isn’t surprising that he’d act out.

Kui Jin: "You won’t talk?"

Xie Chenyang grabbed his hand and kissed him, his voice low and mute: "I’ll admit that I can't beat you, actually, that was my father's style of chess."

Kui Jin: "..."

Xie Chenyang stretched out his hand to hug him and buried his face in his chest: "My parents like to play chess. I always watched them when I was a child, but I can't play. Although I can't play, I watched too much and remembered their games."

Kui Jin took his waist and sighed slightly.

"When we played today, I saw a lot of scenarios from when my father and mother played chess. My style of chess always changes, right? Sometimes it’s my father’s technique, sometimes my mother’s.” Xie Chenyang lowered his voice, "Ah Jin, my memory has always been very good."

The words were steady, but he was panicking internally.

【Will he believe it? 】

System: "I borrowed this technique."

【Who from? 】

System: "Don't be distracted, seriously dispel his doubts."

【Ah ah.】

Kui Jin rubbed his head: "I'll call for water, you can rest for a while."

Xie Chenyang replied dully.

Kui Jin left.

Xie Chenyang was unhappy and said:【Shouldn't he be exhausted in bed, so I have to pick him up and help him take a bath? 】

System: "He has cultivation."

"?" Xie Chenyang beat the bed,【Is cultivation so godly?】

System: "Although it isn’t exactly god-like, his cultivation circulates around in his body and quickly relieves any soreness."

Xie Chenyang: "..." I’m a little annoyed.

【Say, if I destroy his cultivation...】

System: "No."

【Just if it’s possible, how could I be willing?】

System: "……"

【Alas, I haven't worked hard enough. When he starts practicing swordplay tomorrow, I’ll practice and exercise with him. 】

The system sincerely said: "You’re already very strong, really, no matter what."

【I don't want you to think I’m strong, I want Ah Jin to think I’m strong.】

System: "..." I’m gone, goodbye.

A few days later, Xia Yuanyi, the eldest son of the Second Princess’ Mansion, visited.

Xia Yuanyi was gentle and elegant, with a strong bookish air. Not like a general at all, but more like a scholar.

He looked at Xie Chenyang, who was standing with Kui Jin, and said with a gentle expression in his eyes: "This must be my brother."

Kui Jin: "..."

Xie Chenyang happily stepped forward and shook Xia Yuanyi's hand, hooked his shoulder and walked him into the hall to sit down: "Dage, you must be tired, come here, drink some water and eat something."

Xia Yuanyi also smiled, "Thank you, difu."

Kui Jin noticed his veiled gaze, and sat beside them blankly.

"Dage, don't call me difu, it's ugly, call me Xiao Yang."

"...okay, Xiao Yang."

When Kui Jin sent those letters to his family, he bluntly mentioned his relationship with Xie Chenyang.

They had always thought that Kui Jin would spend his life alone, and be a lone swordsman for the rest of his life, so when they found out that he had a loved one, gender wasn’t something they cared about.

Isn't a man better than a sword?

After some greetings, Xia Yuanyi became serious, and his gentle eyebrows also became sharp: "My brother sent word, saying that Mingdao Shanzhuang intends to cooperate with the imperial court?"

Xie Chenyang: "Yes."

Xia Yuanyi: "Can I know what Xiao Yang is planning?"

Xie Chenyang simply said: "Mingdao Shanzhuang will forge weapons for the court, and the court will send soldiers to defeat Demon Gate with us."

Xia Yuanyi said meaningfully: "Is it for revenge?"

"The Demon Gate has repeatedly persecuted the common people. The imperial court already has plans against them. The timing is right, so there is no need to delay."

"I can lead my troops to destroy the demonic sect, but...as a result, the status of Mingdao Shanzhuang in the martial arts world will be affected."

"Status?" Xie Chenyang said "Ah, you mean they’ll think I'm the imperial court's dog?"

Xia Yuanyi nodded: "The imperial court and the martial arts world have always kept their matters separate. You will break the balance between the two and they are bound to give you trouble for that."

Because, you started this.

And let the court have a chance to step in.

"The whole world is the Emperor’s home, and it shores the Emperor's rooms," Xie Chenyang sighed, "They are only large waves that have forgotten, they should be shocked."

Since martial arts practitioners had appeared, the martial arts world was founded and had many accomplishments.

With their ‘strength’, the people in the martial arts world had forgotten that they are ruled by the country.

They began to disregard the Emperor, thinking that he was a mere puppet.

Even if someone made a big mistake, the sects should take care of their own instead of handing it over to the government.

They are chivalrous and self-righteous, but they despise the Empire and its governance.

After hearing what he said, Xia Yuanyi was surprised: "I didn't expect you to think so."

Kui Jin didn't expect it either.

Xie Chen raised his eyebrows: "If they don't have the ability to plan to usurp the throne, then they are in this country and they are from this country, so they should abide by this country's laws."

Xia Yuanyi: "..." In other words, only if they have the ability to usurp the throne, are they qualified to rule themselves?

If Xie Chenyang could hear these words, he would nod his head heavily and pat his shoulders in respect of his strength.

Kui Jin said indifferently: "If you have the ability, do you plan to usurp the throne?"

Xie Chenyang looked at him in amazement: "Why would you think that? Isn't it nice to be free? Who would want to work so hard?"

Kui Jin: "..."

Xia Yuanyi: "..." Okay, I understand.

Xie Chenyang: "Let’s move on, dage, how many people are you going to bring? How many weapons do you need? By the way, I have a map of Demon Gate..."


Ten days later, the imperial court sent 50,000 soldiers and horses, led by Xia Yuanyi, and attacked Demon Gate with more than 500 disciples of Mingdao Shanzhuang.

In fact, destroying Demon Gate required far less than 50,000 soldiers.

Xia Yuanyi just wanted to use this to tell the people that no matter how powerful you are in martial arts, you’re no match for tens of thousands of troops.

They didn't interfere with the martial artists before, but only because they wanted to eliminate external threats first, and then solve their internal affairs.

Otherwise, they would be fighting on two fronts, which was a little troublesome.

Mingdao Shanzhuang returned to the imperial court, and the court led the troops to destroy the demonic sect.

Those from other sects were at a loss, and quickly gathered to discuss their plans.

The Lord of Lieyang Fort: "When this old man saw the deputy commander of the Imperial Guard, he knew that Mingdao Shanzhuang was bound to ally themselves to the court! He also wanted to pull us off the horse and bring shame to our martial arts."

The Palace Master of Ziyan Mansion: "I think it's because we didn't have the heart to form an alliance, so Mingdao Shanzhuang chose the court."

"Absurd! The world is in trouble. He went to the imperial court for revenge, so the court stepped into the martial arts world. No doubt soon..."

"Amitabha Buddha," the Fu'an Temple Master, Lingkong spoke slowly, "Our school is in Xia Yun country. We were born in Xia Yun. We are people of Xia Yun. Our martial arts is also Xia Yun's martial arts. We shouldn't despise the Empire."

The Lord of Lieyang Fortress: "Has Master Lingkong been sent by the court?"

The Master of Fo'an Temple: "Lingkong's words are very reasonable. We are all originally citizens of Xia Yun."

"Fo’an Temple is going to submit to the court?"

"Why should a citizen be aggressive."



Regardless of how they quarreled, Xia Yuanyi submitted Xie Chenyang's suggestion and got the Emperor's answer.

The imperial court distributed documents to various martial arts schools.

Stating that they must recognize themselves as citizens of Xia Yun, and act according to Xia Yun’s laws.

If they do not recognize themselves as citizens of Xia Yun, then they should leave Xia Yun, or be forcibly expelled.

Xie Chenyang's original words were: People who want to be Xia Yun citizens will be obedient, and those who don't want to should get out and go to other countries.

When a school said they would rather die than return to the imperial court and intended to fan the flames and lead others to resist the court together, Xia Yuanyi led an army in to arrest them all and threw them out of Xia Yun.

Ziyan Mansion was the first to say that they were part of Xia Yun and were willing to abide by the national law.

After that, all other sects ‘submitted’ to the court.

Xie Chenyang laughed unceremoniously after hearing this.

The court didn’t embarrass the martial arts schools.

It's just that they can no longer claim that things are as they were before.

If someone committed a crime, he must be sent to the governing courts, and was no longer protected as a martial artist.

As long as they didn’t violate national laws and paid taxes, they can do whatever they want.

All other citizens paid their taxes, yet the martial artists had not been paying.

And Mingdao Shanzhuang, was as it always was.

It's just that instead of only supplying weapons to the big sects, they were also supplying weapons to the court.

The five hundred guards didn’t leave, but stayed in the villa as disciples of Mingdao Shanzhuang, and learnt to forge.

Kui Jin still practiced swordplay every day, but when he was practicing, he was also surrounded by Xie Chenyang.

Year after year.

Once Ling Yi could stand on his own, Xie Chenyang expressed that he would pass on the position of the sect master.

Ling Yi immediately refused.

Xie Chenyang frowned: "You know the relationship between Ah Jin and I. I’ll definitely not marry a wife and have children. So, there will be no successors. You are my father's apprentice and my junior. It’s best for you to take over the villa."

Ling Yi blushed: "Master, I have failed your expectations... I will not marry a wife and have children either."

Xie Chenyang: "Huh? You...can't?"


Ling Yi gritted his teeth and said: "I can! But I'm just like master, I prefer men!"

Xie Chenyang: "Who?"

Ling Yi didn't answer, but just said: "If master wants an heir, I have someone I can recommend."


"He was originally a disciple of the zhudao elder, he loved forging and swordsmanship, so whether it was forging swords or fighting, he was very good at it, and he is very popular and well accomplished..."

"Okay, then I’ll pass it to him."


Ling Yi thought that his idea was successful and went to the future master to reveal the news.

After he left, Xie Chenyang winked at Kui Jin: "Let’s go and see, this kid Ling Yi mentioned he’d found a man, who is it exactly?"

Kui Jin: "You’re very curious?"

"Curious," Xie Chenyang snorted softly, "He’s cheated away my heir, can I not see who is so talented?"

Kui Jin said indifferently: "It's my friend."

"Your friend?"


Kui Jin had very few friends.

"That monk?"

"Yeah. Still curious?"

"Forget it."

Xie Chenyang met the person Ling Yi mentioned, and after the system and Kui Jin gave their approval, he handed him the position of sect master.

The next day he took Kui Jin and ran away.

System: "That...Wei Wenbin..."

【He isn’t dead yet? 】

System: "Not yet, although being locked in the dungeon of Shanzhuang, his life is no better than death."

【Oh, it doesn’t matter, don’t worry, I won’t forgive him even if I die, the task will definitely be completed.】

System: "Of course I’m not worried about you." Although things weren’t quite what it had imagined, it was true that he could definitely complete the task.

Xie Chenyang took Kui Jin's hand and said affectionately: "Do you know where I want to take you?"

Kui Jin: "Where?"

"To the end of the world." Xie Chenyang's eyes were filled with warmth, "I want every corner of the world to be stained with the taste of our love."

Kui Jin: "..."

【How good is this love story? 】

System: "..." I don't want to score.

Xie Chenyang and Kui Jin really travelled across all the mountains and lakes, playing all kinds of tricks, and they didn't return to the capital until their hair had turned grey.

Kui Jin: "I thought we were going back to Mingdao Shanzhuang."

Xie Chenyang: "Mingdao Shanzhuang has been restored for a long time now. We have to go and see your relatives in one or two years anyway. Now we are dying, so let’s just go back and let dage help us collect our bodies."

Kui Jin: "..." My dage is also dying.

He reluctantly went to the general's mansion with him.

Since the death of the second princess, Kui Jin's eldest brother and third brother had been separated.

Although Xia Yuanyi was no longer a general, his son was.

Therefore, the plaque on the General’s Mansion hadn’t been changed.

After hearing that they were here, Xia Yuanyi, who was dying in bed, suddenly became energetic.

Then he died the next day.

Xie Chenyang lowered his voice: "I didn't expect that dage would really go ahead of us, should we go to didi’s house instead?"

Kui Jin was speechless.

He just wants to say that they can just find a place where no one else is and die, why do they need to come back to make their relatives take care of them.

A girl who followed them heard Xie Chenyang's words, her eyes rounded: "Grandfather and grandmother, don't be afraid, we will collect your corpses!"

When Xia Yuanyi’s eldest son heard this from his daughter, he looked at the two elderly people who were very close and the sadness in his heart faded a little. "Uncles, just live in this mansion. Your nephew will take care of you."

Xie Chenyang: "Okay."

They said they were waiting for their bodies to be collected, but in fact they lived another year and teased the juniors in the general's house every day.

When Kui Jin had gone, Xie Chenyang held his heart.

【Let’s go, go to the next world and continue to linger with my love.】

System: "...with all due respect, he won't recognize you in the next world."

【Go, go, go.】

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