22 - This tragic Omega (01)
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22 - This tragic Omega (01)

Xie Chenyang lay on the beach chair and squinted comfortably: "You should have coconuts here."

Floating in the air, the flute paused.

A shaved coconut with a straw suddenly appeared above Xie Chenyang, and dropped after a seconds pause.

Xie Chenyang stretched out his hand to catch it steadily, and took two sips: "Delicious!"

The system ignored him.

"You know," Xie Chenyang bit the straw, "always calling you system feels too impersonal, and you don't want me to call you Xiao, so I’ll give you a name."


"How about Ah Lu (绿, green)? Since you’re green coloured..."


"How about Ah Hai(海, sea)? Since you like the sea."


"Don't like that either? Then..."


Xie Chenyang squinted his eyes: "Huh?"

System: "My name."

"So you have a name..." Xie Chenyang swallowed the sweet coconut milk, "Which ‘you’ and ‘huang’ are you?"

Youhuang's voice was light: "When he named me, I only heard a few words...the rest is quiet (幽篁, youhuang)..."

"He?" Xie Chenyang curiously asked, "Someone else named you? Who?"

"The ‘you’ of spirit (幽灵, youling), ‘huang’ like bamboo forest (篁, huang), ‘youhuang’ is the deep silence within a bamboo forest." Youhuang's speech sped up, "Are you done?"

"Almost," Xie Chenyang sat up, drinking and looking at its form, "So, you are made of bamboo? Bamboo essence? A bamboo flute? Or are you just data and this is the form that you decided to take? Or..."

Youhuang: "Are you done? It's time to go to the new world, your lover is still waiting for you."

"Oh, yes."

Xie Chenyang skulled the remaining coconut milk: "I..."

Youhuang didn't let him finish,sending him directly to the next world.

Only the sound of the lapping waves remained, and a quiet voice whispered: "I did not know this name for a long time."

The silent grove that has never seen the sun.

The silent grove...where the sky is lost and the path is perilous.

"A song of loss..."

Was it because I didn’t understand it, that I lost you?


Xie Chenyang put his hands on the sink and looked up at the delicate but blushing face in the mirror. He reached out to wipe away the tears from his face.

【Ah Huang, the plot.】

Youhuang didn't say a word, but transmitted the plot to him very quickly.

Xie Chenyang: Hm? The name Ah Huang wasn’t shot down? Doesn’t it sound like Ah Huang (黄, yellow), though? He actually acquiesced in this nickname?

【Ah Huang, are you okay? 】

Youhuang: "Look at the plot."


Yan Chen was a delicate-looking Omega.

【Wait, isn’t there a problem with this world?】

Youhuang: "Oh, this is the ABO world that I mentioned. You can sleep around much as you please."

Xie Chenyang: "..."

Yan Chen looked exquisite, and his pheromones attracted the noble Melki, causing him to fall in love at first sight.

In contrast, Yan Chen was from an ordinary family and wanted to refuse but Melki disregarded his wishes and kidnapped him and dragged him home.

But Melki had a fiancee.

His fiance Kaya despised Yan Chen after he learnt that his fiance had been fascinated by an Omega, and bullied him.

Melki knew this, but he felt that Yan Chen's resistance was due to his ignorance of the world. He wanted to teach him a lesson and help him understand that only obedience would lead to a good life, so he didn’t care about Kaya making things difficult for Yan Chen.

Kaya felt that he was an insignificant being, just something that fascinated Melki, and so his methods were ruthless and bold.

It escalated to the point that he took a shot at Yan Chen's family, and indirectly led to their deaths.

Yan Chen fell into depression and collapsed.

This distressed Melki and he only then began to take action. He broke off his marriage contract with Kaya, and in turn suppressed and bullied him.

Yan Chen was given standing in his house, and he provided the burial for his family, caring for every little detail. He was tender and sweet, and finally Yan Chen slowly accepted him.

In the mirror, Xie Chenyang's red eyes were tender and red, but the depths of his soul was full of tyranny, and his voice was full of disgust: "Trash."

There was a knock on the door, followed by Melki’s gentle but arrogant voice: "Honey, don’t be sad, I promise, I will teach Kaya a lesson and seek justice for you, uncle and aunt still need you for the funeral..."

Xie Chenyang touched the corner of his eyes, swung open the door in a single stride, and kicked him in the face.

Melki could never have imagined that Yan Chen would attack him, he was simply a weak Omega and was practically defenseless.

This kick threw him a few metres away.

He was still a little confused when he stood up.

This was his baby Omega, was he so angry he limit broke?

Xie Chenyang grinned at him.

Melki felt hot in his heart but he tolerated him: "I know you don't—"

Xie Chenyang rushed over and knocked him down again, grabbing his hair and smashing his head hard into the ground, over and over.

Melkie was about to explode when his head was hit but he didn't react until the floor beneath him was about to crack. He furiously released the suppressive force of the pheromones belonging to an Alpha.

A strong smell of bacon exploded in the air.

But Xie Chenyang was unaffected, he stood up and stepped down on his head.

The floor finally cracked.

As Melki fell unconscious, the smell of bacon in the air gradually disappeared.

Youhuang: "Calm down. He’s a nobleman. It’ll be a lot of trouble if you kill him. You’ll have to prepare the funerals for Yan's parents and your lover..."

Xie Chenyang stifled the killing intent in his heart, and the foot that was about to crush his throat suddenly moved down, stepped on his crotch, then he ran to the gate quickly.

After taking out a few other people, Xie Chenyang quickly ran to the garage and got into a car.

【This is too high-tech and modern, I can’t drive it.】

Youhuang: "Let me drive."

Youhuang didn't take over his body, but the sportscar started the moment he finished speaking, and drove out very quickly.

Sixteen minutes later.

It parked the sportscar at a hospital.

Xie Chenyang clung to the seat tightly:【So exciting! It’s like a racecar, at this speed.】

Youhuang: "..."

With the light computer on his wrist, Xie Chenyang quickly claimed the bodies of Yan's parents and settled the funeral.

The property of Yan's parents was automatically transferred to his name after they were confirmed dead.

Settling affairs in this era was very simple.

Xie Chenyang didn't prepare a banquet, but he held a funeral.

Yan's parents were sent to the cemetery on the same day.

Standing in front of the two tombstones that were side by side, Xie Chenyang whispered, "Don't worry."

It was already dark by the time Xie Chenyang returned home.

His home was in a very ordinary community, with two bedrooms and one living room. The master bedroom belonged to Yan's parents and the second bedroom belonged to Yan Chen.

As soon as he entered the door, the lights turned on.

A mechanical housework robot walked over: "Welcome back, Master."

This was the most common robot in the world. It was inexpensive and could be bought by all civilians.

Unlike those nobles who could buy bionic robots that impersonated humans and had many functions.

"En, I'm hungry."

This robot was called Xingxing.

Obviously it was a machine, but mother Yan wanted to call it star (星, xing).

Xingxing: "Okay, I'll cook for you."

Seeing that Xingxing walked into the kitchen, Xie Chenyang fell on the sofa and scratched his hair irritably: "I don't know if I beat him enough, ever since I left Melki's villa, I feel so restless, I've been holding back all day."

He really wanted to hit someone.

He was pent up and had no outlet.

Youhuang: "Oh, that. Didn't Melki release his pheromones before to stimulate you? Your estrus period is just around the corner. With this stimulus, you probably entered estrus early."

Xie Chenyang: "?"

"In order to prevent others from jumping you I covered up your pheromones, I’ll remove the block."

As soon as Youhuang spoke, the air suddenly filled with the scent of cucumber.

Xie Chenyang licked his lips:【This taste, it’s making me a little thirsty, makes me crave it a little.】

Youhuang: "..." Huh? You want to eat your own pheromone?

【Aren't Yan Chen's pheromones like a sweet orange? Why can I smell cucumbers? Do I have a nose problem?】

Youhuang: "Your soul has affected the taste."

【Ah Huang, I feel so unsettled, how are you doing? 】

Youhuang: "You... are hard."

【I really want to go for a fight and get rid of this dryness in my heart, I think I could go a hundred rounds like this.】

Youhuang: "I think you'd better take an inhibitor first."

Worthy of being my host, wandering outside for a day in estrus, and he’s still so active!

Bang, bang, bang—

There was a sound of violent kicking.

Youhuang: "It’s Melki's people."

Xie Chenyang stood up and made a fist:【Good timing, I was just looking for somewhere to vent.】

There were four strong alphas blocking the door, and one of them was attempting to kick the door in.

This violent sound caused the door next door to be opened, and a person stepped out and said coldly: "What are you doing?"

The Alpha who was kicking the door glared at him and said fiercely: "Don't be nosy, go back to your room!"

"Stop that and leave here immediately, otherwise don't blame me for being impolite." Huo Qi's eyes turned icy and his aura was no longer concealed.

At a glance you could tell he wasn’t someone worth messing with.

But the four Alphas were out for blood, and naturally they wouldn’t leave.

So in the next moment, Huo Qi confronted them.

Less than a minute later.

Xie Chenyang opened the door and saw the four alphas lying on the ground, and...Huo Qi who had just taken them out.

Huo Qi's features were cold, and the moment he looked back at him, the pheromones gushing out of Xie Chenyang's body became stronger.

"Are you in heat? Suppress..."

Before Huo Qi finished speaking, Xie Chenyang stretched out his hand and pulled him into the room, then closed the door, pressed him against, and kissed him.

This action caused the pheromones in Huo Qi's body to run out of control.

An indistinguishable fragrance of vegetation and cucumber entangled.

Huo Qi's eyes dimmed, he grabbed his clothes and pulled back. His intention was to push him away, but he didn’t expect that his clothes would be torn to shreds.

Huo Qi: "..."

Xie Chenyang didn't care that the clothes on his back were torn, and kissed him to death.

Huo Qi stayed sober sensibly, avoiding his lips with difficulty.

Since Xie Chenyang couldn't catch him, he took a bite of his neck.

At this moment, Xingxing came out carrying two dishes, and an inorganic voice sounded: "Master, the meal is ready, I have made two of your favorite dishes. Huh? We have guests?"

Huo Qi turned to the mechanical face of Xingxing, and said in a low voice: "Your master is in heat, go get the inhibitor."

The data in Xingxing's eyes flashed, analyzing, then it turned around and put the two dishes on the table before trotting away to get the inhibitor.

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