25 - This tragic Omega (04)
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25 - This tragic Omega (04)

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As they looked at each other, their gazes lingered for a moment longer, Xie Chenyand and Huo Qi were about to kiss.

Then Ah Huang came out and interrupted them: “Your security has been breached and the front door was kicked open.”

Xie Chenyang: “...”

Huo Qi: “I’ll go and see.”

Xie Chenyang followed him: “Let’s go together.”

Next door.

Melki rushed inside with a team of bodyguards.

Looking at the apparently vacant room, Melki said grumpily: “Smash it!”

He was about to explode.

The little Omega dared to hurt him!

The four bodyguards he sent last time were useless and they returned empty handed!

He was a mere civilian!

Regardless of the consequences, if he didn’t tortured him to death, Melki would never let this go.

“What are you doing?”

Huo Qi’s cold voice sounded.

The bodyguards all stood around Melki to form a shield.

Melki looked at Xie Chenyang, who was holding onto Huo Qi, with a mixture of love and hate: “Yan Chen, if you come here obediently, I might forgive you.”

Xie Chenyand: “Moron.”

Melki: “What did you say!”

Huo Qi realised that the person in front of him was the one who tried to take Xie Chenyang by force.

He let go of Xie Chenyang’s hand and rolled up his sleeves.

Melki’s arrogance was trampled to pieces again and he said angrily: “Drag him over here!”

Two bodyguards stepped forward.

Huo Qi and Xie Chenyang sent them flying before they could take another step.

Melki sneered and released his pheromones in a vain attempt to suppress Xie Chenyang.

THe air smelt of bacon again.

Xie Chenyang frowned in disgust.

Although he wasn’t suppressed to the point of weakness like other Omegas, his own pheromones couldn’t help but react.

There was a sweet cucumber flavour.

These bodyguards lacked willpower and blushed, immediately rushed him even without Melki’s orders, then the pheromones of another Alpha appeared and stopped them in their tracks.

Melki, who had stayed behind also seemed affected.

Huo Qi’s face was dark.

The overwhelming scent of vegetation no longer carried a fresh tenderness, but was heady and strong.

Melki and the bodyguards were frozen in place, looking at Huo Qi in horror as they broke out in a cold sweat.

Huo Qi moved extremely fast, stepping forward to take them out one by one.

For the others he just immobilized them.

Melki was beaten the worst and his body was left broken.

Xie Chenyang let Huo Qi play, quietly licking his lips.

【I kind of feel horny again.】

Youhuang: “Your estrus period isn’t over.”

Although there was a temporary and Huo QI has played with him all over.

The location was wrong.

And there had been no permanent marking.

So he would still be affected by the pheromones from a pack of Alphas.

Youhuang felt a headache coming on.

Xie Chenyang: 【Don’t worry. I’ll just go back and make love with Ah Qi for a while, then I’ll feel better.】

Huo Qi had thrown them all to the ground and was sending a message to his men: “There’s a noble man here who broke into my wife’s house and attempted to attack my wife, I suspect they also had other intentions.”


“Understood, we will be there soon!”

Huo Qi strode to Xie Chenyang’s side: “Are you okay?”

There were a lot of Alpha pheromones lingering on him.

Xie Chenyang pulled his collar and kissed him, and said vaguely: “Use your pheromones to cover the rest, they smell unpleasant.”

Huo Qi grabbed his waist and deepened the kiss, then let go of him for a moment: “Go back to my place first, I’ll return soon.”

Xie Chenyang hugged his waist: “No, I want to stay with you.”

Huo Qi looked at him helplessly: “Okay.”

This coquettish appearance of his made him actually seem like an Omega.

Tonight...he’ll definitely mark him permanently!

Soon, an aircraft flew over the neighbourhood.

One after another soldiers in military uniforms landed, moving upstairs in unison.

“Vice commander!”

The one who entered looked at the people who had passed out on the ground and sighed in relief.

If Huo Qi was injured, they would have worried the issue was more complicated.

Huo Qi didn’t let go of Xie Chenyang and walked out with him: “Take them in to be interrogated.”

“Yes, vice commander!”

After they left, the soldiers came in to take the people away.

The captain touched his chin: “These people have a lot of guts, huh, daring to come after the vice commander’s wife. The pheromones here have not yet dispersed, I hope his wife wasn’t affected.”

“Yeah, I can smell it, cucumber.”

“Nice, he must be full of the vice commanders forestry pheromones, I can’t even smell it!”

“Smell what! You’re a Beta!”

“Ah true, actually I can’t even smell the pheromones of the vice commander, I was just guessing, haha.”

“Quit chattering, the vice commander’s wife is worried about him, we can at least deal with these guys on the floor.”

“Do you think the vice commander’s location has been exposed? Do we want to leave a squad to protect them?”

The captain glanced at them: “The vice commander needs your protection? We have our orders, don’t fuck around, take the people, let’s go.”

“Yes! Captain!”


Xie Chenyang dragged Huo Qi into the bathroom.

They washed down under the warm water of the shower.

Huo Qi pressed him against the wall and turned him around, looking at the exposed nape of his neck and swallowing.

Xie Chenyang lowered his head: “Bite.”

Let you vent first, then I will.

Huo Qi’s gaze deepened, and he hesitated, before lowering his head and biting down.


On the table of the living room where the light brain was left, Youhuang felt a strange data fluctuation. Seeing that its Ah Huang was currently inert it investigated it personally.

Youhuang: ...it’s data from the Sixth Brigade.

It should've been sent directly to Huo Qi but due to the data-sharing it had passed through Xie Chenyang’s system also.

At the Sixth Brigade.

A young boy with green eyes scratched his head: “Ah, I was found.”

Theron: “You were counterattacked?”

Little Mowei: “No, but it found me.”

Youhuang: 【Can I help you?】

Mowei said: “It’s speaking style is a bit old-fashioned, it might have something to do with it’s maker.”

Mowei: 【Just passing by.】

Youhuang:【Ah, if you’re just passing by, please move quickly.】

Theron: “Wow, so polite. Do you want to test it directly?”

Mowei blinked:【Your defence is so good, can you tell me who made you?】

Theron: “.......too direct.”

Youhuang:【You cannot find him.】

Mowei:【I’m just curious, admiring, even want to go and worship him as a teacher.】

Theron: “He? He’s a man, write that down.”

Youhuang:【In this world, no one can find him.】

Mowei: “Is he so amazing?”

Youhuang:【He is not in this world.】

Mowei: “Does it mean he died?”

Mowei:【That’s unfortunate, did he pass away?】

Youhuang did not respond.

Mowei tentatively poked around Xie Chenyang’s light brain and was no longer hindered.

Theron: “How did you do that?”

Mowei: “It ignored me and didn’t stop me.”

Theron blinked: “Is it upset? Does this AI feel emotions? Or was it programmed to feel sorry for its owner?”

Mowei: “I don’t know, ah…”


Xie Chenyang and Huo Qi finally left the bathroom and lay on the bed under the quilt cover.

Huo Qi had his eyes closed, not asleep, but he didn’t want to open his eyes.

Xie Chenyang lay beside him and poked him in the face, “Ah Qi?”

Huo Qi ignored him.

Xie Chenyang squeezed his face.

Huo Qi waved his hand away, his voice was hoarse: “Don’t make trouble.”

Xie Chenyang: “Obviously you are upset with me.”

Ignoring him after finishing.

Huo Qi’s body was tense, he turned his back to him.

Xie Chenyang hugged him from behind and nuzzled against him.

Huo Qi thought to himself, it’s useless to act like a baby.

Who does this Omega think he is?

What Omega pushes down an Alpha?

He must be the first one in history!

Huo Qi spent a long time before he relaxed and turned around.

Xie Chenyang’s hands slipped away.

Huo Qi looked at him sleeping peacefully then kicked him out of the bed.


Xie Chenyang stood up from the ground with a dazed expression: “Why did you kick me!”

Huo Qi: “Get off, go sleep on the sofa.”


“Get out!”


Xie Chenyang looked back at him a few times, then started to leave obediently, so he could wait for him to calm down and come back.

Youhuang: “Ahem, coax him.”

【Why should I coax him?】

Youhuang: “He’s obviously waiting for you to comfort him, but you just sleep you M!”

Xie Chenyang was speechless: 【What do you mean? Are you swearing at me? You’re scolding me? Right?】

“No, wrong,” Youhuang’s voice grew quiet, “you toss him so hard but won’t let him do it, in the end won’t he feel like a fool?”

Xie Chenyang: “?”

Youhuang: “In the bathroom just now, he barely had a chance before you attacked him!”

【I didn’t attack....】

Xie Chenyang reacted and jumped onto the bed, reaching out to hug him: “I’m sorry, I won’t attack you next time.”

Huo Qi simply laughed, annoyed: “Don’t lie to me, are you an experiment? Did you change from Alpha to Omega? Or are you using a disguise? You aren’t an Omega at all!”

“I’m an Omega…” At least, this body is.

Huo Qi stretched out his hand to push him away, but he didn’t move so he pinched his waist cruelly: “Who did you learn this technique from?”

“Hiss——” Xie Chenyang inhaled quickly, “self-taught.”

Huo Qi didn’t want to speak with him anymore: “Get out.”

“Don’t say that, it’s my fault, I won’t attack you next time.” So long as you don’t try to permanently mark me.

Huo Qi closed his eyes.

Xie Chenyang saw that he was safe and hugged him gleefully, then fell asleep again.

Youhuang: “...”

Huo Qi didn’t kick him out this time, but left the room and put on his light brain. He contacted Mowei: 【How did you go?】

Mowei: 【Just starting to sort things out now, you should know that I’m awesome, and didn’t get locked out of the backend.】

Huo Qi:【Get any information?】

Mowei: 【It’s maker is a man, he may be dead.】

Huo Qi:【Is this info reliable?】

Mowei:【Not sure, the system took the initiative to disclose it, but I feel it’s probably true.】

Huo Qi no longer responded and picked up Xie Chenyang’s light brain, looking at it perplexed.

Youhaung: “...” Why do you have beef with me? I’m really not a bad guy.

Huo Qi caressed Xie Chenyang’s light brain then, after a long time, he sent a message to Mowei: 【Check Yan Chen, send his information to me, no one except me is allowed to see it.】

Mowei: 【Understood.】

Youhuang: “...” Oh Huo.

His host is shameless.

He never bothered about going OOC.

Not at all.

Youhuang pondered for a moment: Host, do you have a personality disorder?

His host was still asleep, but it wouldn’t harm him if it added a little information to Mowei’s investigation, creating some precedent.

Huo Qi returned to the bedroom and brought the light brain to Xie Chenyang.

Xie Chenyang felt his presence and stretched out his hands to fish him into his arms. He spoke in a daze, “Go to sleep, goodbye.”

Huo Qi: “...” Goodbye yourself!

This man who was indifferent and abstinent couldn’t hold himself back at all.

When he met with Xie Chenyang, he felt his character completely collapse.

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