26 - This tragic Omega (05)
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26 - This tragic Omega (05)

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By the time Xie Chenyang woke up it was the next day.

Huo Qi wasn’t in the room.

He yawned and wandered into the washroom.

Youhuang: This man is really too much.

When Xie Chenyang came out and was about to leave, Youhuang said, “Stay on your toes.”

Xie Chenyang: “?”


Youhuang told him about Huo Qi telling people to investigate him last night, and about the backstory it fabricated for him.

Xie Chenyang:【...so, I need to pretend to have a split personality?】

Youhuang: “I wasn’t counting on that. In the setting I made you can be considered a persona. You appeared only once before, nine years ago, and then never appeared again. That is, until he was kidnapped by Melki, he was targeted by the fiance and his parents died, Yan Chen fled inside himself and the sub-persona appeared.”

Xie Chenyang:【Understood, since the master is no longer at home, the persona Xie Chenyang is in charge!】

Youhuang: “If there is a need for the master to act in the future, just let me do it.”

Xie Chenyang was very moved:【Ah Huang, you are so kind! Actually, I could also...】

Youhuang: “No, you couldn’t.”

Xie Chenyang: “...”

“As far as your acting skills are concerned, Huo Qi will notice.”

【Fine, you do it.】

“Don’t go out yet, Huo Qi is looking at your information in the study.”

【Okay, okay.】

In the study.

Huo Qi leaned back on his chair and looked at the information on Yan Chen in front of him, his eyes cold.

According to the data, Yan Chen is a delicate Omega.

Although he is a commoner, his parents had only one child and loved him very much.

He’d been popular since he was a child due to his exquisite appearance.

His family was harmonious, he was well liked by teachers and had sincere friends.

The data went up to the day when he beat Melki and escaped from his villa.

That was the day Huo Qi and Melki met.

Since they barely separated after they met, Movie didn’t investigate after that.

From Mowei’s point of view, Xie Chenyang was stimulated by the news of his parents’ death before he broke out of Melki’s.

After escaping he was directly to the hospital and quickly dealt with his parents’ funeral affairs and went home in the dark.

Mowei listed his doubts:

First, even if he was stimulated into a frenzy, Yan Chen severely beat Melki and took out his subordinates along the way, which wasn’t in line with his hither to seen strength. (This doesn’t rule out the possibility that his mental power was elevated temporarily due to the stimulation and was able to take out the opponents who had underestimated him.)

Second, Yan Chen’s family situation would never allow him contact with supercars, but he easily drove Melki’s car. (This doesn’t rule out the possibility that he is a genius, and could drive it just after inspecting it a little. But the probability of this is not high.)

Third, Yan Chen disappeared briefly nine years ago and returned home by himself two days later. (It’s unknown where he was during this period, I’ll send you the information as soon I get it.)

Huo Qi turned off the projection and lit a cigarette.

“It was also that day, he got the system.”

He breathed in deeply.

It wasn’t a short burst of strength.

Even if he was currently recuperating due to mental trauma, it didn’t affect his physical strength.

Within the Legion, there were very few people who could match him with physical skill alone.

“But you, your strength is no worse than mine.”

The study door was knocked on twice.

Before Huo Qi could speak, the door was open.

Xie Chenyang poked in his head: “Ah Qi.”

Huo Qi stamped out the cigarette, got up and walked towards him: “Awake now?”

“Yeah, I’m hungry…”

Huo Qi rubbed his head: “Wait a bit, I’ll cook.”

Xie Chenyang: “Why don’t I bring Xingxing here, she cooks pretty nice food.”


Huo Qi actually had a robot here, but they were usually on standby.

Xie Chenyang walked outside with a smile on his face, and didn’t see Huo Qi watching his back with a complicated expression.

Xingxing carried in bags in both hands.

Xie Chenyang: “I bought over the things in the fridge!”

Huo Qi: “Ah.”

Xie Chenyang patted Xingxing on her arm: “From now on, this is your new home, you can scan the place then cook!”

Xingxing: “Okay, Master.”

It quickly scanned the layout of the apartment and went into the kitchen.

Xie Chenyang fell on the sofa and looked at the ceiling: “How is Melki?”

Huo QI walked up to him and sat down: “Assaulting officers, insulting the military, trespassing, altogether he can be put away for life.”

Xie Chenyang moved a pillow onto his lap, took his hand and said happily: “That’s great.”

Huo Qi looked down at him: “I’ve already sent people to investigate your parents’ death, no one related to their deaths will be let go.”


“Melki and his fiance’s family will be destroyed.”

“So handsome!”

“Whatever you want, just tell me. If you can ask for it, I can give it to you. So,” Huo Qi lowered his head and knocked their foreheads together, “don’t betray me.”

Otherwise, you will become a caged bird.

Xie Chenyang took advantage of his proximity and raised his head to kiss him: “I, no matter when, will never betray you.”



Huo Qi stroked his face, “I heard that you disappeared for two days nine years ago, where did you go?”

Xie Chenyang: Here it is!

He tilted his head slightly and buried his face in Huo QI’s neck: “No, I didn’t disappear.”

Huo Qi pulled his face back: “Are you trying to hide? Look at me and answer. Nine years ago, November 6th and 7th, where did you go?”

Xie Chenyang didn’t hide anymore, he looked at him directly with warmth in his eyes, and said sincerely: “Seriously, how can I remember every day of my life so clearly? It wasn’t an important day.”

Huo Qi didn’t speak.

“In November, if I wasn’t at home, wouldn’t I just go out and play with friends? I don’t think I’ve even been missing.”

Although Youhuang had briefed him.

But he didn’t know what plot he’d arranged, and if he didn’t know, he didn’t know.

Huo Qi: “You have a guilty conscience.”

Xie Chenyang: “?”

Huo Qi: “That you’ve never gone missing, that’s a lie.”

Xie Chenyang: “...” Well, he knows that he went missing, but he really didn’t know what had happened while he was missing!

“Don’t want to tell me?”

Huo Qi retracted his hand.

“Forget it.”

Xie Chenyang said annoyed: “There was a time I went missing, but I don’t know what happened!”

This was true.

Huo Qi believed him.

Seeing Xie Chenyang gradually becoming irritable and impatient, Huo Qi lowered his head and kissed him lightly, then looked up after a while.

The voice that was usually indifferent was a bit tired: “We’re married, but you know, I’m also the vice commander of the Sixth Brigade.”

Xie Chenyang: “I know.”

“Sorry, Ah Chen.”

Youhaung said mercilessly: “See, this is acting…”

Xie Chenyang:【You taught me.】

He took Huo Qi’s hand: “It’s okay, I don’t blame you, but I really don’t know what happened.”

【Oh right, you said my persona first appeared nine years ago? Then I must have some memory of it.】

Youhuang: “You don’t remember.”

【What story did you invent?】

Youhuang: “I won’t tell you for now, so you won’t give anything away.”

Xie Chenyang: “...”

Xingxing quickly brought over food.

“Master, the meal is ready.”

Xie Chenyang sat up and said, “Wow, it smells so good. You’re awesome, Xingxing! By the way, update your information about the person next to me, he’s my partner, your other master.”

Xingxing walked to Huo Qi and opened her control panel.

Huo Qi raised his wrist and tapped his light brain.

Xingxing: “Update complete. Masters, when I scanned the premise I saw a robot in the study. Can I go find it and play with it?”

Xie Chenyang waved: “Go.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Xingxing trotted out. Da da da, oh oh, ~ I want a friend!

After they ate.

Huo Qi changed into a formal suit: “I’m going out, are you coming?”

Xie Chenyang waved his hand and stroked his bloated belly: “Not going, you can go by yourself.”

Huo Qi: “I’ll be back soon.”


Huo Qi left.

Xie Chenyang asked:【Where is he going?】

Youhuang: “To Mowei.”


“A member of the intel department in the army.”

【Ah, I’m really curious, what plot did you invent for nine years ago, can you tell me now?】


【I hate you.】


At Mowei’s house.

Mowei was on a holiday today.

When Huo Qi walked in the front door, he was still wet but he was completely unconcerned. He made two cups of coffee while yawning: “I stayed up late last night to investigate my sister-in-law. Couldn’t you let me sleep more?”

Huo Qi lit a cigarette: “Find anything?”

Movie drank a few sips of coffee: “I wanted to wake up and check out the missing two days again. Ah, it’s not like you’re in a rush.”

Huo Qi: “Check now.”

Mowei wailed, took a sip of coffee and said bitterly: “Why are you in such a hurry!”

“When I first met him, I was attracted to him,”  Huo Qi took a long drag, “Now just a few days later, I may have fallen in love with him.”

Movie envied him: “As expected of you, after so many years of abstinence, once you meet someone you like, you’ll go all out for them.”

“Stop stalling, check it out for me.”

“Yes, yes.”

Mowei shank into the sofa while operating his light brain, he asked: “Are you suspicious of him?”

Huo Qi said lightly: “I want to understand him.”

Actually, there were some doubts.

Mowei yawned again: “Actually, I don’t think he’s suspicious. It was originally his property, you chose to live next to him, he shouldn’t have approached you on purpose.”

Huo Qi: “In his circle, who could’ve created such a system for him? Even you can’t find its origin.”

Mowei: “...”

This was true.

He couldn’t find the root of the system named Ah Huang.

Ah Huang seemed to just appear on Xie Chenyang’s light brain.

He couldn’t find the channel it came from to reach his system.

According to his data, Xie Chenyang wasn’t close to anyone in a relevant field.

Huo Qi: “Perhaps he isn’t suspicious, but who knows if anyone is taking advantage of him. Without him knowing it himself.”

Mowei responded and sat upright, he began to get serious.


Xie Chenyang, who got a ‘rebroadcast’ from Youhuang, said angrily:【He actually suspected me!】

Youhuang: “Weren’t you listening? He didn’t doubt you, he suspected you were being used.”

【Then he’s doubting my IQ! How could I be used by others?】

Youhuang: “...”

Xie Chenyang rushed out.

Youhaung: “Where are you going?”

【I’m running away from home!】


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