27 - This tragic Omega (06)
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27 - This tragic Omega (06)

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Mowei cheered: “Found it!”

Huo Qi put out his cigarette and looked up.

Mowei: “Look at the projection. The images of him in those two days were artificially erased, I’ve managed to recover them!”

Huo Qi: “Good work.”

“I’ll replay the missing days from images captured by civilian light brains…”

The plot arranged by Youhuang was actually very simple.

Yan Chen was on a normal outing that day, when he was kidnapped by someone, and dragged into a warehouse struggling.

Mowei: “The small warehouse had just transferred ownership. The cameras inside had been dismantled in preparation for some renovations, so there isn’t any footage from inside.”

They watched the closed door of the warehouse where Yan Chen was being held, neither speaking.

The time in the upper right corner kept ticking by.

Mowei fast-forwarded, until there was a movement, then slowly rewound, watching it again at a normal speed.

It was already the afternoon of the next day.

In the footage, the warehouse door was kicked open, and a disheveled ‘Yan Chen’ looking pissed off came out.

He was unlike the original Yan Chen, who had a pure and harmless nature.

The ‘Yan Chen’ that came out still had the same face and eyes, but he had a more grounded and affectionate aura and the expression on his face was cruel.

Like they were from different worlds.

Huo Qi’s heart jumped.

On the projection, ‘Yan Chen’ fell over after taking a few steps.

His eyes were closed and the knuckles of his hands were still stained with blood.

Mowei exclaimed: “Sister-in-law feels completely different from when he entered the building. He must’ve been hurt while inside! How is he so powerful that he can kick the door down…”

Huo Qi tugged at his collar: “Do you think an ordinary Omega can kick down a door?”

“Hey, how can you call sister-in-law ordinary...well, it is a bit strange, just like he was when he escaped and beat up Melki.”


“Split personality?”


The time was still running on the projection screen, but none of the people who’d dragged Yan Chen inside had emerged.

Mowei scratched his head and fast-forwarded.

It wasn’t until dark when Yan Chen woke up and got to his feet, his eyes were blank.

He held his injured fist and tears welled in his eyes.

He then went to a hotel, took a shower and took advantage of the basic first aid supplies provided by the hotel, before hurrying home.

The people in the warehouse didn’t come out until the next day.

Mowei: “Should I go and find these guys and ask them what happened?”

Huo Qi: “Yeah.”

He was sure that Xie Chenyang had never been marked.

Although he couldn’t say for sure what had happened in that warehouse.

Split personality…?

The doorbell rang.

Mowei checked the camera at the door and swallowed: “It’s my sister-in-law.”

Why is he here? Trying to catch a cheater?

Huo Qi got up: “Open the door.”


As Huo Qi walked towards the door it automatically opened.

Xie Chenyang glanced inside.

Huo Qi stepped to the side.

As soon as Xie Chenyang walked in, Huo Qi grabbed his arm.

The door closed slowly.

Huo Qi: “Ah Huang told you that I was here?”

Xie Chenyang: “Yeah”

Huo Qi looked down at him: “Are you worried about me?”

“Aren’t you the one worried about me?” Xie Chenyang looked back at him, he spoke impatiently, “I’m not jealous, I’ll give you Ah Huang, you can destroy it, or use it for research. Just don’t doubt me anymore.”

Hou Qi: “...” It seemed the system knew he was investigating it.

Xie Chenyang detached his light brain: “I’m giving Ah Huang to you, do what you want.”

Huo Qi: “Ah Chen, I…”

Xie Chenyang grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down, kissing him hard and only letting go to angrily say: “Don’t doubt me, I have no intentions other than loving you.”

Huo Qi’s indifferent expression fell: “Sorry, I…”

“Whatever you want to know, just ask me,” Xie Chenyang reached out and wiped his lips then said to Mowei, “You don’t need to investigate.”


Mowei quietly tapped open the door and watched the couple through a narrow crack.

Huo QI noticed him and glanced back coldly.

Mowei immediately backed and sat down.

Huo Qi put his arms around Xie Chenyang’s waist: “Do you remember what happened in those two missing days?”

Xie Chenyang:【He still actually asked!】

Youhaung: “...”

Xie Chenyang:【Usually, after saying something like that, he should say, ‘I won’t do it next time, I believe you’!】

Youhuang: “He is in the military after all, so he worries about these things.” It thought through the plot it created.

【Ah, this is so difficult.】

Huo Qi saw that he’d fallen silent again and didn’t continue to ask: “Let’s go home.”

“You don’t need to speak with your friend?”

“Wait for me a moment.”

Huo Qi let go of him and walked towards the other room, opening the door: “I’m heading back.”

Mowei winked: I’ll check on those people?

Huo Qi nodded slightly.

Youhuang interpreted: “He still wants to investigate.”

Xie Chenyang: 【Dog man!】

Youhuang: “...” Actually, I think you are more of a dog.

Huo Qi returned: “Let’s go.”

Mowei also popped his head out: “Sister-in-law, goodbye~”

Xie Chenyang smiled back: “Goodbye, feel free to come visit our house.”

Mowei: “I will.”

After they returned home.

Xie Chenyang:【How about I confess to him? Otherwise he;ll always be thinking about it, won’t that be annoying.】

Youhuang: “What are you going to confess?!”

【Just you watch.】

“...” Don’t mess around!

Xie Chenyang sat on the sofa holding Huo Qi and looked at him seriously: “Ah Qi, I know what you think.”

Huo Qi: “...” Isn’t this scene a bit wrong?

Isn’t he an Alpha? Why is he being held on the lap of an Omega?

“You don’t think my personality matches your data, right?”


“Then I’ll tell you,” Xie Chenyang stared at him and said truthfully, “Yan Chen died, on the day his parents passed away, he just died.”

Youhuang: “Host!”

Huo Qi’s pupils narrowed slightly.

Unexpectedly, he confessed just like that.

Huo Qi: “Then...he won’t come out anymore?”

“He’s dead, of course he can’t come out,” Xie Chenyang was dissatisfied, “Do you like him better than me?”


“I didn’t think so.” Xie Chenyang lifted his chin.

If it were the original Yan Chen he wouldn’t have received such a ‘gift’.

There was a smile in Huo Qi’s eyes: “It’s really not a short term swap? You completely obliterated that persona?”

Youhuang: “...” You scared me.

Xie Chenyang: “Em, Yan Chen has disappeared. From now one, I’m the only one who can accompany you.”

Huo Qi: “I hear that personas usually have names, what’s your name?”

Youhuang hastily reminded him: “Don’t tell him your real name.”

Xie Chenyang: “I’m still Ah Chen, but it’s not Chen as in dust (尘), but Chen as in the stars (辰).”

“Are you the stars…”

“En, can you say it?”

“Ah Chen.”

Xie Chenyang sealed his lips.

Huo Qi was very cooperative.

The kiss ended.

Huo Qi held his face in one hand, his eyes deep: “I want to mark you. Mark you completely.”

Xie Chenyang: “...”

He put his chin on his shoulder, a little distressed.

【Omegas can give birth to children in this world, right?】

Youhuang: “Yes.”

Isn’t the original...no. Isn’t he then the kind of person who can give birth?

【Obviously he’s very happy with the current state of things, why is he so obsessed with marking me? I think he wants a baby.】

Youhuang: “I think it’s just the societal influence here. They feel safer when their Omega is marked.”

【No, he wants children.】

Youhuang: “...” Okay, whatever you say.

“Ah Chen,” Huo Qi stroked his back, “you’re my Omega.”

Xie Chenyang’s voice was muffled: “Do you want a child?”


Huo Qi frowned: “Why are you asking that?”

Well, he didn’t mind if they had a child.

But temporary marking only cured the symptoms, not the root cause.

He is his Omega, if he isn’t completely marked, what would happen if he went into estrus in the future?

It might hurt him.

XIe Chenyang: “I don’t want children.”

Even if he would spend the rest of his life here with him.

He still wasn’t someone of this world, and there will always be a day when he’ll have to return.

He didn’t want to leave any trace of himself in this place.

Huo Qi responded without hesitation: “Then you won’t have a child.”

“You’re so nice,” Xie Chenyang picked him up and walked into the bedroom, “I want to reward you.”

Huo Qi felt slightly moved,would he finally let him mark him completely?

Youhuang: “Calm down.”

【I don’t know why, but in this world I feel like I’m always full of energy.】

Youhuang: “...”

【It’s good to be young, hehehe.】

Youhuang: “...”

Will Huo Qi successfully mark his Omega today?

Huo Qi: No, get out!


In the evening, Huo QI received a message from Mowei.

【They remember Yan Chen, they coveted his beauty but didn’t have time to do anything to him. They said that when they were about to succeed, he suddenly broke out and subdued them all then tortured them severely. Want the details?】

Huo Qi:【No, check their details. If you commit a crime, you should be dealt with accordingly.】


Xie Chenyang tilted his head: “What are you doing?”

“Replying to a message,” Huo Qi went over and kissed his forehead, “I have some meetings, I’ll be in the study.”

“All right.”

Xie Chenyang looked at his back and though quietly:【Last time, he had to rest a while after we were done.】

Youhuang: “...he has better physical strength in this world.”

【In the last world wasn’t it also like this?】I think I still had better results.

Youhuang: “The energy system is different here.”


Youhuang: “...” Leave him alone.

【I want to exercise.】

Youhuang said dryly: “Good luck.”

In the study.

Huo Qi opened his address book, scanned through it before lingering on a person’s name. After a moment he dialed the number.

A projection of a disheveled person appeared.

Huo Qi spoke coldly: “Get dressed.”

The man sorted out his clothes and rebuttoned his buttons: “So, what is Huo Qi looking for me for?”

Huo Qi lit a cigarette: “ I recall you have some experience in psychology.”

The man smiled amorously: “Oh Huo Qi, did you finally drive yourself insane.”

“Split personalities, can a sub-persona obliterate the primary persona?”

“Explain it carefully.”

Huo Qi spoke generally about the situation.

The man squinted his eyes: “According to you, his sub-persona only appeared when he was stimulated and unable to break free. It was created by the primary persona’s desire to protect himself when he was powerless. The possibility of it destroying the primary persona isn’t high, I’d need to see it myself.”

Next door.

Xie Chenyang who was watching on: “...”

【My love, why are you so persistent.】

Youhuang: “I think he’s worried about you. It should be that he loves you and doesn’t want the primary persona to appear again, for fear that you’ll be suppressed. He’s afraid that you’ll disappear.”

Xie Chenyang buried his head: 【I feel like you’ve dug a big hole for me.】


【Don’t apologise, I know you’re trying to help me.】

Youhuang smiled: “Leave it to me, I’ll play it well.”

This host wasn’t bad.

Xie Chenyang:【I think he has too much time on his hands, if I never let him out of bed will he still have time to worry about this?】

Youhuang: “...”

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