28 - This tragic Omega (end)
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28 - This tragic Omega (end)

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The next morning, the doctor was invited to their house.

Xie Chenyang:【I feel like this is abuse.】

Youhuang: “Play along, let him feel at ease.”

【Oh well.】

The man in the white uniform took off his hat and smiled: “Sister-in-law, my name is Nan Luo, I’m a colleague of Huo Qi’s.”

Xie Chenyang sat down impatiently: “Hello.”

Although very perfunctory, his naturally mellow eyes made people feel at ease.

Huo Qi watched them.

One’s face was full of charm while the other’s eyes were soft and tender.

It was really…

Nan Luo sat opposite Xie Chenyang and chatted with him about his daily life.

He spoke quickly, and even though Xie Chenyang was aware of his intentions and was unhappy at the start, he slowly eased up as they spoke.

Youhuang: “It’s about to begin.”

His words became nonsensical and some mental power was added behind them. Finally, he took out a prop and waved it before him.

Xie Chenyang’s consciousness was pulled into the system’s space.

He closed his eyes and slowly fell forward as Youhuang seamlessly took over, but didn’t open his eyes.

Nan Luo’s voice was not slow, but very clear: “Yan Chen, it’s time to get up.”

Youhuang opened his eyes, his gaze was pure and harmless, and a little dazed: “Where...is this?”

Huo QI walked in front of him, “You don’t remember anything?”

Youhuang’s face paled: “My parents…”

He stood up but was pushed back by Huo Qi.

Youhuang: “?” I’m in your lover’s body, I’d advise you to be gentle.

Huo Qi frowned and looked at Nan Luo: “Make him come back.”

Nan Luo smiled, his eyes curving: “What are you talking about? Isn’t he awake now?”

Youhuang: “What do you want from me?”

He stood up again and tried to go outside.

Huo Qi raised his foot and kicked him back.

Youhuang suppressed the urge to counterattack and fell to the ground, limp.

Huo Qi hadn’t used any force.

He frowned and looked at the person on the ground: “Nan Luo!”

Nan Luo raised his hands: “Okay, okay, don’t get so excited.”

Nan Luo walked over and picked up Youhuang, feeling him shrink backwards, helpless.

He really wasn’t anything like the person from before.

He took out a bottle from his pocket, grabbed Youhuang and injected it under his horrified gaze.

Youhuang fell softly into his arms.

Nan Luo lifted him and put him on the sofa.

Huo Qi looked at him with cold eyes.

Nan Luo said innocently: “He is just the primary persona, isn’t it okay if I use some special means to make him fall asleep?”

Huo Qi: “...”

“Although they have different personalities aren’t they the same person?” Nan Luo asked curiously. “I thought you’d have a good attitude towards the primary persona but you aren’t softhearted at all.”

Huo Qi: “I love Ah Chen, not him.”

When Youhaung woke up, Huo Qi knew clearly who he was, and didn’t care for him at all.

That wasn’t Ah Chen.

Nan Luo spoke sternly: “It seems that the primary persona isn’t aware of his sub-personas. The power of the sub-persona is very strong, if it can force the primary to become dormant for many days and stay by your side.”

Huo Qi: “Ah Chen said Yan Chen was dead.”

Fortunately he went to Nan Luo.

Otherwise...if the primary woke up one day and Ah Chen disappeared, then he...he didn’t know.

“How can Ah Chen take over? Can the primary persona be destroyed?”

“The primary persona is Yan Chen, and is the master of Yan Chen’s body. If you destroy him, it is likely the sub-personas will follow and also disappear,” Nan Luo sighed softly, “but technology has been improving recently, I can try.”

Huo Qi looked at the sleeping Yan Chen: “When he wakes up later, will he be my Ah Chen?”

Nan Luo nodded: “The medicine I gave him reset his consciousness, he should be your lover when he wakes.”

In the system space.

Xie Chenyang lay on the beach chair with his legs up, very dissatisfied: “When I go back, I’m going to teach him a lesson.”

Youhuang: “He’s worried about you.”

“You don’t need to speak for him,” Xie Chenyang snorted coldly, “he looks like he needs a spanking.”

Youhuang: “Domestic violence is bad.”

Xie Chenyang: “I’ll give him some educational @^%$.”

Youhuang: “Are you ready to go back?”

“No rush,” Xie Chenyang put his hands behind his head, “Ah Huang, that person you mentioned before is a very important person, right?”

Youhuang was silent for a while: “En, he’s important.”

“Where is he?”

“I can’t find him anymore.”

“You travelling between worlds with me, is it to find him?”

“No, it’s for the tasks.”

“Then he…”

Youhaung: “You should go back.”

As soon as it spoke, Xie Chenyang was sent out.

Xie Chenyang didn’t open his eyes immediately after returning to his body:【Ah Huang, don’t be sad. I can also be an important person to you.】

Youhuang: “Go away.”

Xie Chenyang: “...”


The smell of tobacco reached his nose.

Xie Chenyang slowly opened his eyes and saw Huo Qi sitting beside him, smoking a cigarette with his head down.

There were more than ten cigarettes already scrunched into the ashtray on the table.

Xingxing sat nearby, staring at the ashtray without blinking.

All thoughts of educating this man dissipated.

Xie Chenyang sat up, and reached out to hug him, leaning on his shoulder: “Why are you smoking so much?”

Huo Qi shook his hand and the cigarette butt fell to the ground.

Xingxing: “Master, can I clean it up?”

Xie Chenyang: “Come clean it.”

Xingxing picked up the cigarettes and ashtray and took them away.

Huo QI grabbed his hand and turned his head.

Xie Chenyang leaned over and kissed him.

There was a faint taste of tobacco in his mouth, but he didn’t mind.

Huo Qi breathed lightly in his ear, his voice restrained: “Ah Chen, I love you.”

Xie Chenyang: “Are you still thinking about marking me?”

Huo Qi: “...”

He withdrew his head indifferently.

Xie Chenyang touched his face: “Don’t think about it, just let me love you.”

Huo Qi: “You are really…”

Xie Chenyang: “Where is Nan Luo?”

Huo Qi: “He went back.”


Huo Qi’s voice was low: “Don’t you want to ask me, why you fell asleep?”

Xie Chenyang touched his face again and met his eyes, he spoke fiercely: “I know you don’t believe me, Ah Qi. But I can make him never come out again, I can stay with you until death. You don’t have to do anything, okay?”

Huo Qi: “...”

Xie Chenyang: “Okay?”

Huo Qi closed his eyes: “Okay.”

Xie Chenyang was satisfied: “Okay then.”

Huo Qi relaxed his expression.

Huo Qi: “Melki and his fiance are gone, I sent them away together.”

Xie Chenyang pinched his face: “Oh? Using military power for personal affairs?”

Huo Qi knocked away his hand: “The two of them have broken a lot of laws, I didn’t need to make it personal.”

“Then I should thank you,”  Xie Chenyang laughed, “but I have nothing to give, I can only offer you my life. Now, let’s find out, can an Alpha get pregnant!”

“Ah Chen!”

“Don’t be angry, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.”


In the days that followed, Xie Chenyang devoted himself to keeping Huo Qi unable to get out of bed, lest he take him to see the doctor again.

Youhuang watched his host’s pillow talk rapidly improve to that point where looking back on the first world was a little painful.

What did it’s manager call him?

【Manager: The host assigned to you this time is a very straight and very irritable individual, follow him closely.】

Youhuang: Hehe, what very straight man? He bent in the first task!

HUman life in this world was generally longer than that of other worlds.

After Huo Qi recovered from his mental trauma, he returned to the Sixth Brigade and Xie Chenyang followed him as his deputy.

The people of the Brigade didn't know that he hadn’t been completely marked, but noticed that year after year they never had a child. Even the doctors had tentatively mentioned they should go in for a check up.

Xie Chenyang simply stated that he couldn’t get pregnant.

Huo Qi: “No, it’s more like I can’t get pregnant.”

He didn’t know when it had started, but Xie Chenyang now liked to touch his stomach after he was done and ask with a smile: Will there be a baby today?

Huo Qi was so mad he couldn’t help but get up and fight him.

Xie Chenyang didn’t fight back. Instead he would flirt and kiss him from time to time.

Until the fight could no longer be maintained.

Xie Chenyang watched him and smiled: “That’s right, we can’t have a baby.”

The doctors: “...”

The Brigade members also secretly mentioned adoption, but they both refused without hesitation.

Xie Chenyang accompanied Huo Qi in this world for more than a hundred years. When he left he whispered in his ear: “Don’t be sad, I”ll see you in the next life.”

Huo Qi only held his hand and comforted him: “Okay.”

Xie CHenyang touched his head.

Over the years, Huo Qi didn’t investigate him again, nor did he seek out any doctors to test him.

But he was worried, always worried that the primary persona would appear.

And worries that Xie Chenyang would disappear.

It took decades for Xie Chenyang to dispel his fears.

【Next time, lets pick a different play, I can’t do this again.】

Youhuang: “Then you should try to match the original’s persona as much as possible so you don’t make people so suspicious.”


Youhuang expressed doubt.

Xie Chenyang looked at Huo Qi and sighed:【Let’s go.】

In the system space.

Xie Chenyang jumped into the ocean and swam for a while: “I can’t wait to meet my love.”

Youhuang: “...” Then I can just send you off immediately, why do you have to take a swim?

Isn’t this host just thinking about love and ignoring the task completely?

Xie Chenyang appeared in an alley, stabilised himself then looked around, leaning against the alley wall.

【Where is my love?】

Youhuang: “What’s the hurry? Watch the plot first.”


Xie Chenyang reached into his pocket with one hand and touched the cigarette case and lighter. He took out a cigarette.

In the last three worlds his lover loved to smoke, so he’d also picked up the bait.

Youhuang: The good ones shouldn’t learn from the bad.

There were footsteps approaching.

Xie Chenyang lazily raised his head with the cigarette dangling from his hand.

The person who walked into the alley was carrying a light and his figure was hard to make out.

The man also had a cigarette in his mouth, obviously just looking for a place to smoke.

Xie Chenyang ignored him.

The man suddenly removed the cigarette from his mouth and walked towards him quickly.

Xie Chenyang looked at him calmly: “What? Want to rob me?”

The man stretched out his hand, as if to touch his face.

Xie Chenyang ignored the discomfort in his heart and waved his hand away, blowing smoke at him impatiently: “I’m not interested, go away.”

The hand continued to reach for him as if he didn’t hear him.

Xie Chenyang was so angry that he grabbed his hand, wanting to break it.

The man moved quickly, throwing away his cigarette and pushed against Xie Chenyang’s shoulders knocking him into the wall. The hand that he had grabbed also quickly broke free, persistently reaching out to touch his face.

A tyrannical looked overcame Xie Chenyang’s eyes: “Fuck you!”

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